Climate Alarmism & Making Air Travel Difficult and Expensive

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Are the G7 leaders deliberately making air travel difficult and expensive for most of us, or at least doing nothing to prevent that outcome because it suits their climate alarmism agenda?

In June 2020 I made a video entitled “Air Travel After Covid 19.  The impact of Coronavirus on aviation”. Watching it now it seems very naive as I explained that, with lockdowns coming to an end and travel restrictions lifted, air travel would bounce back stronger than ever and general aviation too would see a boost.

How wrong was I! A year later, in the summer of 2021, the aviation industry remained deeply wounded.  Tens of thousands of pilots, cabin crew, airport staff, and all manner of people in the ancillary industries were either still furloughed or had been made redundant with little prospect of returning to work in the industry they loved.

Summer 2022

Today, in the summer of 2022, the aviation industry is still under immense pressure. There have been chaotic scenes at international airports like Manchester and Heathrow where queues have built up at immigration or baggage reclaim. These have been blamed on staff shortages, with the airlines blaming the government for diverting too many of its Border Force staff to other duties (e.g. dealing with illegal immigration), and the government blaming the airlines for not re-hiring staff they laid off during the pandemic.

Flights have been missed as long queues into Departures have built up. People have fainted in the queues, children are distressed, and scuffles with staff have broken out

Meanwhile, airlines have cancelled dozens of flights leaving families and other travelers frustrated and out of pocket. Heathrow and Gatwick have told some airlines to cut their schedule by 10% to give them any hope of coping with the throughput of passengers.

As if that wasn’t enough there have also been more IT problems and now the threat of strike action by air crew, cabin crew, and baggage handlers during the peak summer season when the schools are off and families want to head off on holiday.

Threats to the Airline Industry

So we can summarise all these threats thus:

  • Staff shortages at airports e.g. immigration staff and baggage handlers
  • Staff shortage within airlines e.g. pilots and cabin crew
  • IT problems causing delays and cancellations
  • Lingering Covid restrictions deterring travel
  • Strikes by airline staff
  • Strikes by airport staff
  • Public perception of air travel as a climate threat
  • Rising prices due to demand remaining high while supply drops

Climate Change & Climate Scientists

You run the risk of being run out of town for being a heretic if you challenge the climate change narrative, but let me nail my colours firmly to the mast anyway.

Yes, the climate is changing and it will change again, but I don’t believe that there’s much we can do to stop it. If global average temperatures are rising then it’s probably more to do with our Sun than the burning of fossil fuels.

I do not subscribe to the idea that minutely supposedly reducing one’s carbon emissions by turning down the thermostat or not flying off on holiday is going to save the planet. Reducing energy consumption might save you some money, but it won’t prevent global warming.

Having said that, I do think we should switch to renewables and nuclear due to the average health and safety risks of fossil fuel mining.

When extreme weather and climate related disasters occur the media and those with a vested interest in promoting the alarmist agenda are quick to point to these events as if they provide more proof of their cause. “Give us your money and we can prevent heat deaths” is the sort of message we can see repeated in the years ahead.

I think climate alarmism is being used to generate wealth for a few, tax the many, and hinder our rights to free travel, and even free speech. Climate science has become an ideology, a new religion, and as such it has its zealots who won’t tolerate any questioning of the dogma.

No, I’m not a scientist but there are plenty who have spoken out but are rarely seen or quoted in the media. Take for example Dr. Judith A. Curry. She is an American climatologist and former chair of the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

The climate is going to change independent of what we do with emissions. People think climate change equals the CO2 control knob. With that kind of thinking, we’re bound to be surprised by what happens with the 21st century climate. I won’t even hazard a guess as to whether something really crazy will happen, or whether it could be relatively benign. A lot of people are talking about a solar minimum in the mid to late 21st century that could very well happen and have a significant impact. We just don’t know. Thinking that we can control the climate is misguided hubris.

Interview 30 January 2021

Priority Tasks for Planet Earth

Instead, I believe our time and other resources should be used to press on with these tasks:

  • Cleaning up the oceans (including removing an estimated 1.6 billion discarded face masks)
  • Plant millions of trees in those areas where they’ve been removed
  • Plant trees, shrubs, flowers, and herbs in our urban areas
  • Remove all the litter and fly tipping in our urban areas and countryside
  • Protect and preserve rare and endangered species of all types including plant life
  • Protect and preserve the remaining wilderness areas
  • Build more small scale, easier to produce nuclear power plants
  • Build more localised renewable energy systems
  • Encourage homes of all sizes to grow a small amount of food, from a few herbs in a window box to full scale vegetable and fruit gardens
  • Use technology and innovation to find ways to adapt to climate impacts

I could go on but you get the general idea. There are some areas where these ideas coincide with what the climate scientists and the latest intergovernmental panel are suggesting we do. The main difference is though there’s no need for catastrophising, doom-mongering, or scaring our children and teenagers.

An empty airport and empty skies delight some people
Photo by Jacques Le Gall on Unsplash

Impact of Travel Restrictions on Aviation

Here’s what I said in June 2020 in that video:

“It doesn’t take an expert to work out that the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on the aviation industry has been nothing short of catastrophic. The effect has been disastrous for General Aviation as well as the airline industry and holiday companies.

I’m not going to mention all the statistics about the percentage drop in flights, income and so on, and you’re probably already aware of how vital aviation is for the global economy. As I’ve explained in previous videos, there are many ancillary services that rely on airlines and air travel, from the taxi drivers to the hotel staff, from the caterers to the cleaners.

The extra fuel of government job retention schemes, grants, and loans have lessened the damage, but they all must be paid for by either higher taxation or more borrowing. For anyone with ambitions involving a future within the aviation industry, whether as a pilot, cabin crew, engineer, or ground staff, this must be a very worrying time.

For the aviation industry it has been far worse than 9/11 and it will take a long time for it to regain altitude. Grounded aircraft not only fail to generate any income, but they drain cash reserves due to the ongoing cost of the essential maintenance required to keep them airworthy and ready to return to service immediately when lockdown is lifted. 

Orders for new aircraft have been cancelled, thousands of jobs have been lost, and careers have been put on hold. Airbus has suggested that it may take as long as three to five years for the aviation industry to recover to pre-pandemic levels.”

Well, if things were bad then they were far worse by 2021.  Airlines were wound up and the industry was on its knees. But why?  Why was this being allowed to happen?  Why was the aviation industry not getting the level of support it needed?

Coercion and Social Engineering

In the Spring of 2021 I began to wonder at the reason the government had issued contracts to  behavioural scientists and tasked them to change our behaviour and habits in order to comply with what they believe to be the right response to the pandemic – a pandemic that is not only mild but now such a low risk that it makes all the restrictions on our lives seemed over-cautious, authoritarian, and sinister.

This coercion worked and those who refused to comply were shamed for being selfish and worse.  Anyone who expressed the wish to travel or live freely ran the risk of being called out as being selfish and irresponsible.

These same governments have taken the subject of climate change to heart and they have set themselves (or agreed to) ambitious targets to cut CO2 emissions by certain dates. That being the case, could it be that the government was quietly pleased that they had managed to ground so many aircraft (and keep cruise ships in port) because it suited the climate alarmist agenda?

Is relaxed, enjoyable, and affordable air travel become a rarity?
Image by Hands off my tags! Michael Gaida from Pixabay

The Traffic Light System

They allowed some travel but they made it difficult and expensive, putting it out of reach for those who scrimp and save all year for that two week holiday in the sun or anyone else who simply wants to visit another country but who can’t afford the extra fees for various tests.

Then, having established the traffic light system and opened up travel on May 17th 2021 they threw another spanner in the works in the first week of June by moving Portugal from the green to the amber list. These caused enormous frustration and stress for travellers, the air and tourism industries, and holidaymakers.

Later in June 2021, as leaders and their vast entourages flew by private aircraft into the UK for the G7 summit in Cornwall they trolled us by posing with facemasks and performing elbow-bumps for photos before mingling and partying in complete contradiction to all the restrictions we plebs are supposed to stick to.

The Climate Alarmism Agenda

It is my opinion the UK government is indifferent to the damage caused to the aviation industry because it suits their climate alarmist agenda. They are willing to allow at least some airlines to die.  They want to make flying an expensive luxury or a business necessity, out of reach of those on low incomes. 

It may be that the ongoing skyrocketing fuel prices are being used in the same way. “Wean them off air travel and using private transport by making both methods difficult and expensive!”

Just as they did for the pandemic they will employ the same methods coerce people into choosing not to travel abroad (by whatever means of transport). Meanwhile, the ‘climate justice activists’ will shame people who do so by portraying them as selfish and uncaring about the supposed impact on the environment.

I feel my opinion was vindicated when I spotted this article by Ross Clark in the Daily Telegraph on June 11th, 2021.

Are climate lobbyists behind the Government’s perverse determination to keep planes grounded?” Is the Government slyly using Covid as an opportunity to wean us off foreign holidays in the hope of achieving its net zero targets?

Ross Clark, The Daily Telegraph, 11 June 11th 2021

And another that appeared in August:

Is Covid being used as an excuse to stop cheap travel? From red list chaos to expensive tests and complicated rules, these new restrictions are unlikely to end when the pandemic does.

Ross Clark, The Daily Telegraph, 6 August 2021

Restrictions That Remain Enforced

Am I paranoid?  Look how much has changed since March 2020.  Look how many restrictions are still in place and how many times we were told that we just had to be patient. Just as 9/11 resulted in security restrictions that have never since been lifted, regardless of the actual threat level or how little impact they may make on mitigating any risk, so too will Covid restrictions remain enforced for a long time.

We are being conditioned and socially engineered to meet the next big scare story that will dominate our lives in the 2020s – climate alarmism.

When the pandemic alarmism eventually fades it will be replaced with climate alarmism. It’s already a subject that is ingrained into the public consciousness with few bothering to question the science behind it. 

We’ve seen the same kind of inaccurate modelling in which dire predictions are churned out, fail to materialise, and are quickly forgotten. Those who do speak out even if it’s only to ask questions or put forward alternative interpretations of the data are quickly de-platformed or censored for daring to question the narrative. The term ‘denier’ already carries the loaded implications that the person who questions climate change science is irrational and even dangerous.

2022 and beyond

If I’m wrong about this the worst that can happen is that I’ll end up with egg on my face and a year from now air travel will be buoyant again. But if I’m right then leaders within the aviation and other transport industries are going to need to mobilise and communicate in order to resist the sledgehammers being taken to their industries.

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How to sleep on a plane and get some quality rest

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How to sleep on a plane well enough to get some quality rest is a matter of some debate. What works for you might not work for someone else but there are some tried and tested methods that seem to work for almost everyone.

For many travelers, sleeping on a plane as well as they do in their own bed is a near impossibility. However, with a little foresight and planning, it can be made more comfortable.

Here are some tips for how to sleep on a plane and get some quality rest.

Choose your seat

If you’re flying First Class or Club Class you will probably choose your seat at your leisure. Even if you don’t and you leave it to chance, you’re guaranteed plenty of space in which to keep your legs straight in these seats.

For those flying in Premium Economy or Economy class, things are a little different. If your booking allows it and you’re prepared to pay the fee (or if you’re already able to choose your seat through your points in your frequent flier airline loyalty program) then you can increase your chances of getting some rest by choosing the right seat.

A window seat is a good choice because they are away from the aisle. If you’re sitting in an aisle seat trying to get some shut eye then you might find it difficult due to the number of people walking by, other passengers and flight attendants, and the occasional brush of your arm that often occurs in such situations.

As well as the sensation of a brush as a flight attendant passes by, there is also the risk of being knocked by a trolley or any passenger who might be unsteady on their feet.

On the other hand, one disadvantage of window seats is that you have to ask the other person next to you to move if you need to use the toilet.

Bulkhead seats are another option as they often have extra legroom. However, they may also be the location set aside for parents traveling with babies, particularly on long flights.

How not to do it
Photo by Zachary Kadolph on Unsplash

What to bring on a plane to help you sleep

There are a few key things you can pack into your carry on that may help you to rest comfortably and get to sleep.

A comfortable pillow and blanket may help, though of course you will be provided with both. However, having your own travel pillow and perhaps blanket too can create that extra layer of comfort.

An eye mask and earplugs can also help block out light and noise. A neck pillow can help support your head and neck, and finally, consider bringing along some warm socks to wear if your compression socks don’t do the job.

Seasoned travelers end the wear layers of comfortable clothing so that they take off or add a layer as required. They also bring noise canceling headphones, not just for sleep time but also for using the entertainment system. However, some airlines have greatly improved their own headsets over recent years.

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How to get comfortable on a plane

To get comfortable in an airplane seat, start by adjusting the seat to your ideal position. If you can recline, do so, though be courteous to the passenger in the seat behind you. There’s an unwritten etiquette for a long flight and that is to wait until after the meal has been served and cleared away before fully reclining a seat.

If you can’t wait until then recline your seat a little so that you can at least get comfortable. Use a small pillow to support your lower back. Place another pillow behind your head or neck, if needed.

Use a blanket to keep warm, but avoid putting it over your head as this can make you feel claustrophobic. Make sure the seat belt is fastened over the blanket so that the flight attendant doesn’t need to wake you to check that you have it fastened.

Put the tray table into the upright position so that you don’t knock against it while you’re getting comfortable.

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How to fall asleep on a plane

There are a few different techniques you can use that will soon have you falling asleep aboard the aircraft. One is to relax your whole body by tensing and releasing each muscle group, starting with your toes and working up to your head.

Another is to focus on your breath and count each inhale and exhale. Use a rhythmic pattern such as four counts in, pause, for counts out, pause. Abdominal breathing like this is proven to reduce the heart rate and is often used by people to settle their nerves before public speaking or some other stressful activity.

You can also try to distract yourself from any thoughts that are keeping you awake by focusing on a mantra or positive affirmation, or by listening to relaxing music through headphones. On an overnight flight or other long flights, the entertainment system may have such music available.

Tips for sleeping in a noisy environment

Noise can be a major distraction when trying to sleep. Here are a few tips for how to block it out:

  • Use earplugs or noise canceling headphones, or both.
  • Using a sleeping mask seems to help. It blocks out the blue light during an overnight flight or the cabin lights in the daytime. It also blocks the glare from the screens of people watching films.
  • Focus on relaxation techniques to calm your mind and drift off
Use a sleeping mask to stop the blue light, cabin lights, or screen lights
Photo by Wenhao Ryan on Unsplash

Air travel earplugs also help to alleviate earache experienced by some passengers during climb and descent.

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How to adjust to the time difference when traveling

When traveling to a different time zone, it can be difficult to adjust your body’s natural rhythm. Here are four tips for how to quickly and easily adapt to the new time zone.

What to do when you first arrive

When you first arrive in a new time zone, try to get as much rest as possible. This will help your body adjust more quickly. If it’s daytime, try to stay awake and active. Exposure to natural light will help regulate your body’s internal clock. Avoid caffeine and alcohol, as they can disrupt your sleep.

Start adjusting a few days before

If you know you’re going to be traveling to a different time zone, start adjusting a few days before your trip. Start by slowly shifting your bedtime earlier or later by 15-30 minutes each day. This will help your body get used to the new schedule.

Try to stick to a routine

When you’re in a new time zone, try to stick to a routine as much as possible. Go to bed and wake up at the same time each day. Eat meals at regular intervals. Get exposure to natural light during the day. And avoid napping, as this can make it harder to fall asleep at night.

Give yourself some time

It can take a few days or even a week for your body to fully adjust to a new time zone. Be patient and give yourself some time to adjust. If you’re finding sleeping elusive, try using some of the tips in this article.

How to deal with the dreaded jet lag

Jet lag can be a real pain when traveling. Here are four tips for how to deal with it and get back on track.

First, try to adjust your sleep schedule before you leave. Start going to bed and waking up at the time you’ll be on vacation. This will help your body get used to the new schedule.

Second, cut down the alcohol consumption and drink less caffeine before and during your flight. These can make it worse. Too much booze means you’ll have a hangover too.

Third, stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Start before the journey so that your full bladder doesn’t wake you from your deep slumber.

And finally, get some exercise. A light walk or jog can help improve your circulation and energy levels.


It is possible to catch some sleep using air travel, whether it’s on a short hop or long haul flight. Check through this article and gather together a few sleep aids before your next flight. Review the neck pillows that are currently available as some are better than others.

Choose your seat wisely, get a window seat, and gain more space if you can. Pull down the window shade and make yourself comfortable With a little planning and practice, you can sleep peacefully imagining that you are tucked up in First Class and arriving at your final destination refreshed and with no trace of the red eye.

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13 Tips For Flying Stress-Free & Relaxed

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Air travel can be stressful but it needn’t be if you plan and prepare in advance. Read through these tips for flying and see how you can reduce the stress and increase the enjoyment of your next long-haul or short-haul flight.

Everything gets easier with experience but unless you’re a frequent flyer or just one of the lucky few who can jet off whenever they want, you probably only fly once or twice a year. This post is aimed at those infrequent air travellers and first time flyers who need a little reminder of how the simplest things can make all the difference.

Consequently, you haven’t had the time to develop the confidence and experience that comes from flying often, and each year you may forget those great tips you learned on the previous journeys and which you resolved to use on your next trip.

These tips for flying will reduce the risk of things going wrong and give you the chance to enjoy the whole trip, right from the moment you leave home and head to the airport to when you reach your ultimate destination.

What could be simpler?“, you might ask. “Just book the flight, turn up at the airport, and go, right?”

Wrong! Your successful and enjoyable trip should begin with some planning and preparation.

Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

1. Check your luggage allowances

First of all, check the flight details and familiarise yourself with the luggage allowances for both your checked luggage and your carry on bags. These vary from airline to airline but generally speaking, the further you’re flying, the large and heavier the bags you’re allowed. The carry on bag dimensions are as important as the weight as they have to fit into the overhead bins in the cabin.

The seat class will also determine your luggage allowance. First class passengers will obviously have a much larger allowance than those in economy seats. Passengers in Premium Economy, Club, or First Class can have a carry on bag and a handbag.

2. Chose the best seat for you

Next, head over to and enter your flight details i.e. the airline, date of travel, and flight number, which you’ll find on your booking confirmation. Click the resulting link and you’ll see a seat plan of the specific aircraft for that flight. Note the seats to avoid. The same page will also contain tips and comments about the aircraft and the seats.

Having reviewed the seating situation on the aircraft, head back to your booking and choose a seat, if it allows you to do so. You may have to pay extra for the privilege but at least you can be certain of where you’ll be sitting and if you do so in time you’ll be able to choose one of the better seats. This is your chance to get a window seat, if you want it, or a middle seat if you want your friends and family around you.

The rows of seats just behind the bulkheads are often reserved for parents with small children, so if there is a screaming baby on your long haul flight, that’s probably where it will be. These seats have a fold down table for travel cots in front of them. Flight attendants will help parents position and strap in their infants securely.

3. Check in online

24 hours before the scheduled departure of your flight you should be able to check in online using wither the airline’s website or their app. Do this before you leave for the airport and print off a hard copy of your boarding pass and check to see whether you’re entitled to priority boarding.

4. Use the airline’s app

Download and install the airline’s app. Most airlines now provide one so that frequent travelers can use a digital boarding pass to speed up the processing of passengers through the airport security checkpoints and elsewhere. The app will send you notifications about airlines status updates, gate information at the airport when it’s been announced, reminders about the boarding time, and other useful information about your flight.

Photo by Max Delsid on Unsplash

5. Pack the carry on bag essentials

Pack your backpack or shoulder bag with whatever you need to make the flight more comfortable; your own snacks, neck pillow, eye drops, eye mask, contact lenses, earphones, any motion sickness medication you may need, hand sanitizer, and all your devices for the entire flight.

You might also want to pack pen, notepad, toothbrush and travel sized toothpaste, breath freshner, and any other toiletries that will help to keep you feeling refreshed.

If it’s a long haul flight then there should be some inflight entertainment for you. Short haul flight aircaft often don’t have any and sometimes the flights are up to 4 hours long, so you may want to bring your own entertainment for the optimum flight experience.

6. Plan your journey to the airport

When to set off to the airport will depend on several factors, including the distance, the time of the flight, the weather, the time of year, etc. It can be stressful to be stuck on the motorway due to an accident, incident, or eco protesters blocking the road, with the risk that you’ll miss your flight if the traffic doesn’t start moving soon.

So check the status of the roads along the route and allow enough time to reach the airport, park, and get to the check in desk in good time.

When you get to the airport, remember where you’ve parked. Take a photo of your vehicle in its parking spot. If you’re using valet parking or a meet & greet service then all you have to do is put the receipt somewhere safe so that you have it ready on your return.

7. Stay hydrated

Anyone who has ever flown knows that it can be a tiring experience. From the long lines at security to the narrow seats on a cramped plane and seemingly endless delays, it’s no wonder that many people find themselves feeling fatigued by the time they reach their destination.

One of the best ways to combat fatigue is to keep yourself hydrated. Although it may seem counterintuitive to drink water when you’re already feeling bloated from sitting in a small space for hours, the truth is that dehydration can actually make you feel even more tired.

Drinking water helps to keep your energy levels up and prevents your body from becoming overheated, both of which are important when you’re sitting in a stuffy recycled air of an airplane cabin in reduced air pressure. Hydration can help alleviate jet lag too.

The time to star the process of hydration is before the flight so that you just have to sip water to stay hydrated in the dry air of the aircraft’s cabin. So drink plenty before the flight.

8. Book a room at the airport hotel

Poor weather, traffic jams due to holiday weekends, and other factors can also add to the stress, so sometimes the best option, particularly for long haul flights, is to go to the airport the day before and stay overnight in one of the airport hotels.

Obviously this incurs more expense but a single night at an airport hotel is well worth it if your flight leaves at any time in the morning, or even early afternoon.

Being able to complete the journey to the airport, park your car, and knowing that all you have to do is walk over to the check in desk the following morning is one more stage completed and out of the way.

9. Dress for comfort

Air travel can be a cramped and uncomfortable experience, especially if you’re not dressed for the occasion and you’re stuck in coach. While there’s no need to break out your Sunday best, there are certain items of clothing that can help to make the experience more bearable.

Firstly, it’s important to wear something comfortable. Loose-fitting clothes made from natural fabrics are ideal, as they won’t cause you to overheat or become uncomfortable during the flight.

Secondly, it’s a good idea to wear layers. The temperature on an airplane can be unpredictable, so having a cardigan or scarf to hand can help you to stay comfortable.

10. Wear the flight socks

We can all agree that they’re a pain to put on and they don’t look cool, but DVT is a reality and they help to reduce the risk. They are difficult to put on if you’re already aboard so if you can, put them on before you reach the airport.

Deep vein thrombosis, or DVT, is a condition that can occur when blood clots form in the deep veins of the body, usually in the legs. These clots can be dangerous because they can break off and travel to the lungs, where they can cause a pulmonary embolism, or PE.

While DVT is most commonly seen in people who are immobile for long periods of time, such as those who are hospitalized or have limited mobility, it can also occur in healthy individuals during extended periods of travel, such as during a long flight.

Flight socks are designed to apply gentle pressure to the ankle and calf muscles, helping to keep the blood flowing and reduce the risk of clot formation.

11. Check for lounge access

Once you’ve dropped off your bags it’s time to join the security line. If you have a priority pass you might be able to reduce the waiting time and breeze through the security checkpoint.

Once through airport security, now is the time to make use of that lounge access if you have it. Many airlines have their own lounges and your app may guide you to this. There are also general lounges at some airports.

Most airports have at least one lounge for those who want to wait in peace and quiet rather than walk around the duty free shops. There they can enjoy free food and alcoholic beverages while they wait for the flight to be called. Lounges and seating areas in most airports now have power ports for recharging laptops and smartphones.

12. All aboard

Whether your relaxing in the lounge or out in the shops, eventually your flight’s gate number will appear on the departures board. Double check this number as gates can be a few minutes walk away.

There’s no point in killing more time in the shopping area now, so it’s a good idea to head straight for the gate. Besides, there will be more seats there and it’s a quieter place to sit until you hear the flight attendant call your group number or seat number for boarding.

13. Join the airline loyalty scheme

It’s no secret that airline loyalty schemes can be quite beneficial for travelers. After all, who doesn’t love a free upgrade or a discount on their next flight? But what exactly are the benefits of using an airline loyalty scheme?

First and foremost, loyalty schemes can help you save money on air travel. By accruing points or miles, you can often get discounts on future flights or upgrades to first or business class. In addition, loyalty schemes can make traveling more convenient.

For example, some schemes offer priority boarding or access to exclusive airport lounges. And of course, let’s not forget the most important benefit of all: free stuff!

Many airline loyalty programs offer perks like free checked bags, complimentary meals and drinks, and even free tickets after you reach a certain number of points. So next time you’re debating whether or not to join an airline loyalty scheme, remember all of the great benefits that come with being a member.

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Flights From Newquay Airport Cornwall – Destinations

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Flights from Newquay Airport Cornwall (aka Newquay Cornwall Airport, or, to give it its official name, Cornwall Airport Newquay) have increased in recent years due to the airport’s improvements and expansion. It’s now an international airport that serves the air travel needs of the city of Newquay and the surrounding area, making it Cornwall’s main airport.

The airport now has a single 2745m runway (13/31) capable of handling medium sized jet aircraft e.g. the Boeing 737.

It has a variety of shops, restaurants, car hire companies, and businesses. In total, Cornwall Airport Newquay provides jobs for over 300 people including over 180 directly working as part of the airport staff and ancillary services. The other jobs are provided by businesses that occupy the Aerohub Enterprise Zone.

Like other smaller airports in the UK, it’s an important regional hub that in this case keeps Cornwall connected with the larger airport hubs in London, Manchester, and elsewhere. It thus facilitates connections with international flights for Cornish travelers as well as bringing tourists into Cornwall.

Photo by Kevin Hackert on Unsplash

Direct Flights From Newquay Airport

There are direct flights to airports within the UK and popular routes within Europe, although not all flights depart all the year around. Some are scheduled for the summer months only.


  • Dublin Airport


  • Humberside Airport
  • Isles of Scilly
  • London Gatwick
  • London Heathrow
  • Manchester Airport
  • Newcastle Airport
  • Teesside International Airport


  • Aberdeen Airport
  • Edinburgh Airport
  • Glasgow Airport


  • Faro Airport


  • Alicante Airport


  • Düsseldorf Airport


  • Zurich Airport

Which airlines fly out of Newquay airport?

The airport is served by a number of budget airlines offering cheap flights that fly direct to popular destinations and to other airports for a connecting flight to far off places:

  • British Airways
  • Easyjet
  • Loganair
  • Eastern Airways
  • Blueislands
  • Eurowings
  • Aer Lingus
  • Edelweiss
  • SAS
  • Lufthansa
  • Ryanair
  • Skybus

What are the departure and arrival times?

For live flight information including departure and arrival times, visit

What’s the best way to get to the airport?

Take a train to Newquay Station and then use the airport’s only official taxi service, Coastline Travel Cornwall. Alternatively, take the No.56 bus from Padstow which stops at the airport terminal.

Photo by Ana Sousa on Unsplash

Is there a hotel on site?

The nearest hotel is The Smugglers Inn which is very close the the airport on the north side. Trevarrian Lodge is a four star hotel located about 1 mile away. Other than that, there are many more hotels in Newquay itself.

Airport Opening Hours

  • Monday 07:30 – 22:00
  • Tuesday 07:30 – 22:00
  • Wednesday 07:30 – 22:00
  • Thursday 07:30 – 22:00
  • Friday 07:30 – 22:00
  • Saturday 07:30 – 20:00
  • Sunday 07:30 – 20:00

Cornwall Airport – Aerohub

The Aerohub enterprize zone is home to all kinds of businesses and organisations, including the Cornwall Aviation Heritage centre located south of RAF St Mawgan, and the HQ for the Cornwall Air Ambulance Trust.

Flight Training at Newquay Airport

There are two businesses offering flight training at Newquay Airport:

Aircraft Maintenance Facilities

  • STS Aviation Group

History of Newquay Airport

The airfield dates back to 1933 when it was just a small grass runway, but it soon grew to include a terminal building and other facilities. During World War II, it was requisitioned by the Ministry of Defence and renamed RAF Trebelzue. As such, it was designated as a satellite airfield to RAF St Eval, a Coastal Command airfield south west of Padstow.

Then in 1943 it was renamed RAF St Mawgan and it became a base for the USAF who added an extension to the main runway and a new control tower. After the war, in 1947, it was placed under maintenance and then re-opened as a base for Coastal Command in 1951.

In recent years, the airport has undergone a number of expansion projects and it now offers regular flights to destinations across the UK and Europe. In 2008, control of the airfield was handed over to Cornwall County Council but the RAF still maintain a presence on the site.

With its stunning location on Cornwall’s north coast, Newquay Airport Cornwall is a small friendly airport that provides both a gateway for holiday departures as well as for visitors to Cornwall and Devon, making it the main commercial airport for the South West and reconnecting Cornwall with the wider world.

Image by InspiredImages from Pixabay

Places to visit in Cornwall

Cornwall is a county in the southwest of England known for its beautiful coastline, which features towering cliffs, secluded coves and sandy beaches. The county also has a rich history and culture, with many interesting places to visit. Here are just a few of the highlights:

Tintagel Castle is a ruined castle situated on a clifftop overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. The castle was built in the 12th century and is steeped in legend, being associated with the Arthurian stories of King Arthur and Merlin. Today, visitors can explore the ruins and enjoy stunning views of the coast.

The Eden Project is a unique attraction located in a former clay pit. Here, visitors can learn about different ecosystems and see a wide variety of plant life from all over the world. The Eden Project also has an educational programme, with workshops and lectures on topics such as sustainability and climate change.

 Bodmin Moor is an area of wild open space located in central Cornwall. The moor is popular with walkers and cyclists, and there are several marked trails to follow. Visitors can also explore Bodmin Moor’s Bronze Age history, with numerous archaeological sites to discover.

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The Sandpiper Hotel Barbados – Honest Review of this Fab Luxury Hotel

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The Sandpiper Hotel Barbados is a luxury hotel located on the west coast of the island in Holetown, in the Saint James parish. The hotel overlooks the Caribbean Sea and is situated on a beautiful stretch of white sand beach.

The Sandpiper is one of the oldest luxury hotels on the island and consequently it has time to mature over the years since it was built in the 1950s. It’s the sister hotel to the Coral Reef Club further up the coast. The first thing you may notice about it are the lush tropical gardens that give it the feeling of an oasis, away from the the rush of modern Barbados just outside.


The Sandpiper has a total of about 50 twin bedded rooms and suites, all of which have air conditioning and private balconies or patios.

The room types are; Garden Rooms, which have a patio or balcony, and contain a king sized bedroom suite with ample wardrobe space, all the usual amenities, and a fridge, and One Bedroom Suites, which have larger bedroom suites with the addition of a spacious living room with a sofa bed (thus turning them into two bedroom suites), two chairs, and coffee table. They also have a large patio or terrace and private bathroom.

The one bedroom suites also have a kitchen area containing fridge, two-ringed hob, toaster, kettle, and all the crockery and cutlery you might need. Both garden rooms and one-bedroom suite have en suite bathrooms with separate tub and shower. It should be noted that there are no TVs in the rooms and suites. However, there is a TV lounge and fitness room to the right of Reception.

It’s possible to combine a one bedroom suite with a garden room to create two bedroom suites. In this way a family can enjoy a stay at the hotel in a two bedroom suite, each with an en suite bathroom containing a bath and separate shower, a separate living room, and its own private terrace or patio.

All the room types have a view of at least the tropical gardens because each is surrounded by so much of the tropical flora. Every day you might see humming birds, a mongoose, and if you’re really lucky, a green monkey.

Rooms can be booked on a bed & breakfast or half board basis. They do not have tea and coffee facilties except in the one bedroom suites.

Tree Top and Beach House Suites

In addition to the rooms and suites there are three tree top suites. These are the Curlew tree top suite, the Wimbrel tree top suite, and the Sanderling tree top suite, each with its own private plunge pool. Tree top suite Curlew is the one that looks out onto the sea. Beneath it, on the ground floor, is the Beach House suite, Driftwood. These are the hotel’s top suites with a nightly price tag to match.

Pools & Beds

There are two pools in the hotel. The first is the original small pool right next to the bar. This has a few beds and umbrellas on one side only. The the other is the more recent pool situated to the left and to the back of the hotel gardens. This has beds and umbrellas on two sides. On one site the beds are on the tiles and on the other they sit in a few inches of water.

Most of the beds are in rows on the beach, right next to Harold’s beach bar. They are arraged in twos, each with a sturdy large blue shun shade and table. Each morning the staff fit a blue towelling cover to each and every bed. These are removed each evening.

As with most other hotels, guests tend to reserve beds by placing blue beach towels and a book or magazine on the beds early in the morning.

There are more beds on the boardwalk section adjoining Harold’s beach bar.

Hotel Features

The hotel is in Holetown and is a few minutes walk away from the Limegrove shopping area, cinemas, and cafes, as well as local restaurants like Tides, and the Beach House.

There are free transfers from Grantley Adams International Airport (depending on the booking package type) and free WiFi. While we stayed there the WiFi reception was excellent, in contrast to the poor internet services at other hotels on the island.

There are two tennis courts nearby and a large, airy restaurant and bar, fringed on one side by tranquil koi ponds. The dinner menus are extensive enough to satisfy most appetites and each Sunday there is a barbecue dinner.

The Sandpiper restaurant hosts live music in the dining/bar area on most evenings. The dinner menus are a mix of international cuisine and Caribbean flair and flavours.

The beach is not large and is part of a series of interconnected beaches, which include those of Mango Bay, Discovery Bay to the left, and Settlers’ Beach to the right. From time to time you’ll see the catamarans Stilleto or El Tigre arrive to disembark passengers or to take on more who have booked a few hours of sailing and snorkelling.

Waterports are available and these include the usual entertainment for adults and children of all ages; water skiing, paddleboarding, kayaking, sailing, snorkelling, etc.

This is a child-friendly hotel and families with children of all ages are welcome.

There is a salon and boutique at the sister hotel Coral Reef Club, which is a couple of minutes up the road by car.

Hotel Staff

The staff at The Sandpiper are excellent. They have the training and experience that sets the standard to which other hotels should aspire. Whether it’s the bar or room service, the garden, maintenance, or adminstration services, they were all faultless during our stay. I suspect this alone is one reason why many guests are repeat visitors. It is said that between 70-90% of the guests are returning guests, some of whom have their favourite rooms.

Hotel Bars

As well as the main hotel bar in the restaurant there is Harold’s Bar, which is located on the beach side of the hotel grounds. This bar is famous throughout the world as is its proprietor, Harold, who has been running this bar for over 30 years. He is a credit to the hotel and it wouldn’t be the same without him. A lunchtime session at Harold’s Bar is such a great atmosphere, with a menu that will keep you satisfied and refreshing cocktails to keep you amused.

Points to Note

This is a luxury hotel with prices that reflect its status, but the price of dining in this hotel and in many restaurants in Barbados has risen to such an extent that it’s become far too expensive, in my opinion. During an all-inclusive stay at the Treasure Beach Hotel we enjoyed food that was superior in quality than that of some of the west coast St James restaurants that charge huge amounts for lower quality fare.

The nearby Discovery Bay hotel has been demolished and is due to be replaced with a new four-storey hotel. This will involve some noisy construction work in the autumn of 2022. Once complete it’s almost certain that the adjoining beach will become busier in the not too distant future.

Probably the worst room is number 31 or 32 as these are closest to the main road which can be noisy at times. The hotel is located on Highway 1 opposite the junction of Highway C which means the sounds of acceleration and horns can be heard all too frequently.

Restaurants in Saint James Parish

If you do venture out to dine elsewhere then there’s no shortage of places to choose. Fusion, at the top of Limegrove, is within walking distance, as is Tides, further on in Holetown, but be aware that the price of fine dining in the west coast restaurants has reached record levels.

Tides has been there for years and was refurbished after a change of ownership during 2020/2021. It’s now much larger and has therefore lost some of its charm. The cocktail bar and the art displays are still there but the dining area has been greatly expanded. The food during our visit was not up to the standard suggested by the prices.

Further down the coast (and therefore a drive or taxi ride away) is the QP Bistro. This used to be The Cliff Beach Club and it is said that it will revert to this name soon and that the The Cliff itself will re-open. The food here was good but not excellent and again, very expensive. However, dining here on the terraced floors overlooking the sea, with a talented singer and band to set the mood, was a wonderful experience.

Sandpiper Barbados – Getting There

This is a lovely hotel and therefore very popular destination so it’s advisable to book early if you’re thinking of giving it a try for your next holiday. You can book directly with the hotel and make your own travel arrangements, or book a package with British Airways Holidays, Virgin Atlantic Holidays, or one of the many other holiday booking websites.

British Airways and Virgin Atlantic Airways each fly to Barbados from London Heathrow daily. Flights tend to arrive in mid to late afternoon with return flights leaving at early to mid evening. This means that flights returning to the UK are overnight and arrive early the following day.

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Nonsuch Bay Resort, Antigua – An Oasis of Calm and Tranquility

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The Nonsuch Bay Resort in Antigua offers guests a variety of accommodation options, including villas with private plunge pools, self-catering apartments, and beach cottages.

Nonsuch Bay Resort is the perfect place for a relaxing holiday. The first thing you notice as soon as you arrive is the tranquility. There’s the light breeze rustling the palms, the sound of a few voices on the beach below, and the call of birds. No jet skis, no passing road traffic, only the occasional outboard motor, and rarely any raised excited voices.

The resort is on the east side of the island, on the edge of Half Moon Bay, which itself blends into the larger Exchange Bay. The resort and its beach are sheltered from the Atlantic Ocean by the Friers Head promontory. Guests can also enjoy access to a private beach area and a complimentary shuttle service to nearby St. John’s.

The accommodations at the Escape at Nonsuch Bay are spacious and well-appointed, with each apartment or villa featuring a private balcony or terrace. The resort is located about 30 minutes drive from some of Antigua’s popular attractions, like Shirley Heights and English Harbour, making it the perfect base for exploring the island.

Escape at Nonsuch Bay

Escape at Nonsuch Bay is an all-inclusive adults-only resort comprised of 40 plunge pool suites, each with its own private plunge pool, and either garden view or ocean-view suites.

It’s a self-contained resort that’s separate from the Residences area, and it has its own reception, restaurant, bar, swimming pool, and other amenities. Guests can book tables at its own fine dining restaurant, Drift, or at the Seagrape Beach Bar and Panini Grill which is a short shuttle ride or walk away. Both are exclusive to Escape AI guests.

Residences at Nonsuch Bay

The Residences at Nonsuch Bay are a series of 1, 2, or 3 bedroom apartments, beachside cottages, and villas. The apartments are spacious and comfortable, a real treat after the small hotel rooms of Barbados and other islands in the Caribbean. If you prefer the villa life then the Residences might be ideal for you.

The bedroom in the apartment we stayed in had a large walk-in wardrobe, an en suite bathroom with separate shower, and double vanity basins. The kitchens are fully equipped and there is a small utility room in each apartment. There’s a large lounger area with TV and satellite channels.

Each apartment overlooks the bay, though of course, the upper floors have a better view. It’s wonderful to throw back the curtains at dawn to reveal that perfect view of the sea. And of course, each has its own air conditioning system. Each apartment has free parking for one car and there is free wifi, although like most resorts in the Caribbean it’s probably not as fast as your broadband at home..

Guests staying at one of the Residences have the option of dining at the independently owned Rokuni restaurant within the grounds, if they want a break from self-catering. Otherwise, it’s a drive to the nearest supermarket to stock up on food and drink for your stay.

Whichever accommodation option you choose, you’ll be staying at a resort that is set on an idyllic stretch of beach along the island’s east coast, where you can enjoy panoramic views of azure blue waters and pristine golden sands. Spend your time on the relaxing day beds overlooking the bay or stroll down to the beach for a few hours on the sand.

From this secluded bay, take a boat trip to Green Island to see the bird and marine life there and among other uninhabited islands. Alternatively, spend lazy days relaxing on sun loungers and only occasionally making use of the other resort facilities. While away your time with a good book until dusk and freshen up for a cocktail on your terrace in time to listen to the tree frogs singing in the evening among the many palm trees.

With a variety of amenities and dedicated staff, these stunning properties make for the perfect vacation retreat, providing the ultimate in comfort and pampering. Whether you’re looking to escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life or simply looking to indulge your love of island living, the Residences at Nonsuch Bay are sure to give you a taste of tranquility.

Scheduled Flights to Antigua

There are regular though infrequent international flights to Antigua from the UK and USA.

More than 1 flights every day, from 8h 35m

London, United KingdomAntigua, Antigua and Barbuda
Time and stopsAirlineFlight numberScheduleFind tickets
10:00 → 13:35
Select dates

More than 1 flights every day, from 3h 38m

Miami, United StatesAntigua, Antigua and Barbuda
Time and stopsAirlineFlight numberScheduleFind tickets
08:20 → 14:54
1 Stop
Select dates
10:00 → 17:05
1 Stop
Select dates
10:00 → 18:05
1 Stop
Select dates
11:33 → 17:20
1 Stop
Select dates
12:30 → 16:08
Select dates
12:34 → 20:05
1 Stop
Select dates
13:08 → 19:20
1 Stop
Select dates
13:08 → 20:05
1 Stop
Select dates

Airport Transfers

It takes about 30-40 minutes to get there from VC Bird International Airport. Leaving the airport along the Sir George Walter Highway you turn east and southeast to drive through villages and open country. As you get closer to the resort the roads become narrower until you reach a stretch of concrete road that leads to the resort and a few private villas nearby.

Nonsuch Bay Antigua is a remote location and that’s part of the draw. This is not St Lawrence Gap, Barbados.

Driving in Antigua

If you’re used to the comparative hustle and bustle of Barbados, particularly on the south and west coasts, then you’re in for a stark contrast when you reach Antigua. There are only a few stretches of main highway and the rest of the road network is rudimentary but sufficient.

Take is easy and slow along these rutted roads as a puncture could lead to a long delay. Always keep the car hire contact number on hand are remember that mobile phone reception is some areas is not guaranteed. By all means, make use of a satnav but study the road map as well.

With its beautiful beaches and luxurious accommodations, you’re sure to have a memorable stay. The on-site restaurant and bar offer delicious food and drinks, while the fitness center, tennis courts, and spa provide plenty of opportunities for exercise and relaxation. So whether you’re looking to relax or stay active, Nonsuch Bay Resort is the perfect destination.

Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda is a beautiful country located in the Caribbean Sea. This island nation has a fascinating and rich history, dating back to the time when the area was first inhabited by Amerindian people known as the “Archaic People”. Later, the islands became the home of the Arawaks and later still, the Caribs.

Antigua and Barbuda was ruled by the British from 1631 until 1981. The arrival of emancipation in 1834 resulted in freedom but those working the land remained economically dependent upon the landowners. Since independence in 1981, tourism and investment banking have become the mainstays of the economy.

Whether you are interested in exploring the country’s natural beauty or immersing yourself in its storied history, Antigua and Barbuda is truly a one-of-a-kind destination that is well worth visiting.

Flora and Fauna in Antigua

Antigua and Barbuda is a dazzling tropical paradise, brimming with vibrant flora and fauna. From coral reefs teeming with colorful fish to thick jungle forests inhabited by exotic birds and mammals, the natural environment of Antigua and Barbuda is truly a sight to behold.

Whether you’re marveling at the majesty of nesting sea turtles or walking up one of the tropical trails in search of stunning panoramic views, this island nation truly offers something for everyone. Whether you’re an avid nature lover or simply a curious tourist, Antigua and Barbuda can be counted on to provide endless opportunities for exploration and discovery.

English Harbour

English Harbour is a natural harbor on the south-eastern coast of Antigua. It is named after the 17th-century British settlement that was located there. The harbor is sheltered from the Atlantic Ocean by a chain of coral reefs, and it is home to a large number of yachts and other boats.

The dockyard is also the site of several historical buildings, including Fort Berkeley and Nelson’s Dockyard. These fortifications and dock areas were built by the British Royal navy in the 18th century to defend the harbor from enemy ships and to use as a base for the navy as it patrolled the rest of the Caribbean.

Today, English Harbour is a popular tourist destination, and its quaysides are worth exploring. There are many historic buildings in an excellent state of repair. There’s a museum in which you can learn all about the English presence during the 17th-18th Century, the day-to-day activities of life in the harbor in those times, and the recollections of Lord Nelson himself who was stationed there from 1784-1787.

A walk along the quayside will give you plenty to look at as you survey the ocean-class luxury yachts. The quayside is also the finishing point for many of those who row across the Atlantic. It was here that the British adventurer James Ketchell and many others before and since finished the ocean crossing.

Falmouth Harbour

Falmouth Harbour is one of the most popular marinas in Antigua for large sailing yachts and cruisers. Located at the eastern end of the island, you pass it if you’re on your way to English Harbor or Shirley Heights.

The calm waters make it a popular spot for sailors and other boaters, while its prime location makes it a must-visit spot for tourists and locals alike. Don’t miss Catherine’s Cafe Plage at Pigeon Point Beach, which is toward the end of the harbor as it reaches the sea.

Antigua Sailing Week

Antigua Sailing Week is one of the premier sailing competitions in the world, bringing together top sailors from across the globe to compete in a wide range of races and regattas. Each year, hundreds of boats take to the island’s picturesque waters in the hopes of claiming victory on this coveted racing circuit.

As with any competition, success in Antigua Sailing Week depends upon a combination of skill, preparation, and determination. But beyond these essential qualities, perhaps what sets Antigua Sailing Week apart from other races is its rich culture and community-driven spirit. From parties on the docks to volunteer events for local children, each day of this exciting week is filled with fun, fellowship, and celebration.

Shirley Heights

Shirley Heights is another popular spot in Antigua. Located in the southeast overlooking the naval dockyard, it’s famous for its Sunday barbeques during which tourists can eat a variety of Caribbean dishes washed down with beers and rum as they survey the view. From this vantage point, visitors can take in the full beauty of Antigua’s natural terrain, with majestic hills on one side and the romance of the sea on the other.

In addition to being a renowned site for outdoor recreation and sightseeing, Shirley Heights also has a long history as an important military stronghold for Antigua’s colonial rulers. Today, this historic site remains a popular destination for locals and tourists alike, offering guests an unparalleled opportunity to experience all that Antigua has to offer.

VC Bird International Airport

VC Bird International Airport is one of the most important transportation hubs in Antigua and Barbuda. As the only airport on the island nation, it serves as a gateway to both domestic and international destinations, connecting people from all corners of the world with this beautiful corner of the Caribbean.

With state-of-the-art facilities and easy access to stunning beaches, villas, and other local attractions, VC Bird International Airport caters to both business travelers and tourists looking for an exotic getaway. Whether you’re passing through or staying a while, this quiet island hub is sure to inspire your sense of wonder and adventure.

Other Hotels and Resorts in Antigua

St James Club & Villas

St. James’s Club & Villas is a luxury all-inclusive resort located on a secluded peninsula on Antigua’s southeast coast. The resort offers stunning views of the Caribbean Sea, and its amenities include three restaurants, bars, pools, a spa, a fitness center, a kids’ club, and a wide range of activities and entertainment.

The accommodations at St. James’s Club & Villas range from elegant oceanfront suites to spacious villas with private pools. Regardless of which room type you choose, you’ll enjoy premium bedding, deluxe bathrooms, 24-hour room service, and much more.

The Atlantic side beach is cooled by a breeze whereas the Menora Bay side of the peninsula can get rather hot. Refreshing drinks ar brought to guests by a small cart laden with beers and non-alcoholic drinks.

Carlisle Bay Resort

Nestled on the pristine sandy shores of Antigua, Carlisle Bay is a luxurious oasis that comprises 86 elegant suites. With its own private beach club, three restaurants, a world-class spa, and ample opportunities for watersports and land-based activities, the resort caters to every whim and fancy.

Whether it’s lounging by one of the three infinity pools, exploring the nearby rainforest, or simply savoring the stunning views of the azure Caribbean Sea, Carlisle Bay promises an unforgettable experience. Add to that the impeccable service and attention to detail, and it’s no wonder that this idyllic retreat has been voted one of the best resorts in the Caribbean.

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Where the Nord Wind Blows: Facts About Nordwind Airlines

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Nordwind Airlines (sometimes erroneously referred to as Nord Wind Airlines) is a low cost carrier that operates primarily in the Russian, Middle East, Far East, and European markets. It’s headquartered in Sheremetyevo International Airport (Sheremetyevo Alexander S. Pushkin International Airport) outside Moscow and was founded in 2008.

Nordwind Airlines flies to 75 cities in 17 countries, sending aircraft on over 500 flights per week to cities and destinations throughout Russia, the Far East, the Middle East, making it one of most popular airlines in Russia. They also fly to airports in the Mediterranean and Europe, though many of those routes are suspended at the moment (see below).

In addition, Nordwind Airlines fly to holiday destinations like Cuba, Jamaica, and the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean, and south east to the Maldives, India, and Thailand. There is also one route to Venezuela in South America. However, many of these holiday destinations are seasonal charter flights.

Nordwind Airlines Fleet

The Nordwind Airlines aircraft fleet currently consists of 46 aircraft:

  • Boeing 777-300ER – 4
  • Boeing 777-200ER – 3
  • Airbus A330-200 – 5
  • Airbus A330-300 – 5
  • Airbus A321 – 10
  • Airbus A321 neo – 2
  • Boeing 737-800 – 17

Cheap Flights & Flight Deals

Due to fluctuations in supply, demand, and other variables the cheapest airline tickets for any airline can only be found with a little peristent effort and patience. You may have noticed that the price changes dramatically when you query routes on an airline’s website from one day of the week to another.

Trying to save money on travel can be a frustrating experience. However, with a little patience and know-how, it is possible to find great deals on flights. One way to find cheap flights is to sign up for an email list with a travel website or airline. This way, you will be notified of any sales or promotions that they are running.

Nordwind Airlines flight deals, for example, can be found if you are willing to fly at less popular times or with a layover.

The prices in the table below and elsewhere on this site are updated dynamically so you’re always looking at the latest.

Cheap Nordwind Airlines Flights

To find cheap Nordwind Airlines flights, click on the links in this table and then change the search parameters you find on the page that loads.

Nordwind Airlines in the news

In 2013, during a flight from the Egyptian holiday resort of Sharm El Sheikh to Kazan, in the Republic of Tatarstan in Russia, the pilots took evasive action and avoided a catastrophe after surface to air missiles were fired at the aircraft when it was flying over Syria.

The missiles detonated close to the aircraft and it was reported that the quick reaction by the pilots ensured that the aircraft was undamaged and was able to land safely at its destination, no doubt much to the relief of the 160 passengers and crew aboard.

Nordwind Airlines flight attendants were voted among the best on the Skyservice international forum in 2018. Throughout that same year, its fleet continued to grow.

In 2020, Nordwind Airlines launched its frequent flyer reward program, Nordwind Club, and its network of routes continued to expand. In 2020 & 2021, the airline did not escape the downturn in air travel and the restrictions placed upon passengers.

Nordwind Airlines Routes Cancelled in 2022

Nordwind Airlines routes were expanding but just as airlines were recovering from the pandemic of 2020/2021 the war in Ukraine flared up. The Russian invasion of Ukraine resulted in economic sanctions against Russia including the barring of civilian aircraft in European airspace. On February 28th, Nordwind Airlines flights were cancelled on the following routes:

  • Krasnodar – Athens
  • Kaliningrad – Berlin
  • St. Petersburg – Frankfurt
  • Saint Petersburg – Berlin
  • Saint Petersburg – Dusseldorf
  • Saint Petersburg – Stuttgart
  • Saint Petersburg – Belgrad
  • Moscow – Skopje
  • Moscow – Belgrade
  • Moscow – Berlin
  • Moscow – Zagreb

Baggage Allowances

Hand Luggage Allowance

  • The Economy Class hand luggage allowance limit is 55 x 40 x 20 cms and weighing no more that 5kg
  • Business Class passengers are permitted a second piece of hand luggage of the same weight and dimensions.

Checked Baggage

  • Passengers flying under the Economy Light category have no free checked baggage allowance.
  • Passengers flying under the Economy Optimum category are permitted one 15kg bag.
  • Economy Premium passengers are allowed one 20kg and Business Class passengers flying Optimum or Premium are allowed a 30kg bag.

Sheremetyevo International Airport

Sheremetyevo International Airport is the busiest airport in Russia. It is located in the north-western part of Moscow, about 18 miles from the city center. The airport is home to many of Russia’s domestic and international airlines, including Aeroflot, Rossiya Airlines, and Nordwind Airlines. It has six terminals, four international, one domestic, and one private aviation terminal. Originally a Cold War military base, it was opened for civilian use in 1959.

Russian Aviation History

Russia has a long and proud history of aviation. In the early 20th century, Russian aviators were at the forefront of aircraft design and innovation. One of the most famous Russian aviators was Igor Sikorsky, who designed and built the world’s first successful helicopter.

Other notable Russian aviators include Valery Chkalov, who flew a Tupolev ANT-25 along a polar route to Canada and the USA in 1937, and Yuri Gagarin, who was the first human to venture into space.

Today, Russian aircraft are used by militaries and civilian airlines around the world, and Russia continues to be a major player in the aerospace industry, with innovative companies such as Sukhoi and Tupolev developing cutting-edge aircraft technologies.

Russian Airlines

Russia is a vast country with a diverse landscape, and traveling by air is often the best way to see everything it has to offer. The country is so big that it’s difficult to comprehend the distances involved. For example, a direct flight from Moscow to Vladivostok takes about 8 hours.

The Russian Federation is home to several civilian airlines, all of which are headquartered in Moscow. The largest and most well-known of these is Aeroflot, which is also the country’s flag carrier. Founded in 1923, Aeroflot is one of the oldest airlines in the world, and it currently operates a fleet of over 200 aircraft.

Other notable airlines operating in the Russian Federation include S7 Airlines, Red Wings Airlines, Ural Airlines, and of course Nord Wind Airlines. Together, these airlines provide service to dozens of domestic and international destinations.

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Treasure Beach Barbados – Honest Review

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I’m fortunate to have stayed at Treasure Beach Barbados on several occasions. Here’s my honest review of this popular location. This adults only boutique hotel sits at the southern end of the Paynes Bay beach, looking out onto the Caribbean Sea. It’s a small colonial style hotel built in the 1970s and was in private hands for several decades before becoming another of the Elegant hotels in recent years. It is adjacent to one of its west coast sister properties, The Tamarind.

From the outside, on Highway 1, the hotel has a humble entrance and you can easily miss it if you’re not familiar with the location. There’s a small car park in the front and a few rooms on the ground and upper floors overlooking the car park. These are mainly for adminstration and staff, although one room has been converted into a small gym containing a couple of treadmills and a few free weights.

As you pass through the entrance and into reception, this is where Treasure Beach comes into its own. To the right of the reception area are some rooms in which spa treatments are available. Then the path leads into the tropical garden and the pool area.

The hotel’s rooms are on two levels in a vague horseshoe shape with a small pool in between the two arms. Beyond the pool is a short area of grass then a paved area overlooking the sea with shade provided by a large mahogany tree, an memorable specimen that has been photographed thousands of times by the guests.

This tree is instantly recognisable for anyone who has stayed at Treasure Beach. It’s just part of the view wherever you’re sitting or lying, gazing out at the sea. A few limbs have been trimmed off over the years, sometimes due to storm damage, but this magnificent specimen is still very much intact and long may it be so. I don’t know how old that tree is but it was there a long, long time ago and it’ll still be there when we’re all long gone.

The tree casts some shade on the end of the paved area at the end of the garden. This used to be grass but was redesigned when the Elegant group took over the hotel. There is a low border wall and a short drop to the sea or the sand, depending on the tide. This wall has been repaired several times as the tides constantly wash against its foundations. If the wind is strong enough and the tide is in then the paved area of the garden will receive some spray from the Caribbean Sea. To the right there are some steps that give access to the Paynes Bay beach.

Treasure Beach Barbados Reviews – Suites

Each of the 35 rooms is a one bedroom suite containing a double ensuite bedroom (with bath tub and separate shower) and a separate living area containing a two-seat sofa, chair, and kitchenette area with an espresso machine and fridge.

The suites open out onto either a private balcony or a patio area, and all have air conditioning, and they either overlooking the tropical gardens or have an ocean view. There is one luxury deluxe suite at the end of each arm on the first floor, each with its own private plunge pool on a small balcony overlooking the end of the hotel garden and out to sea. Each has a retractable canopy for those hours when the sun is just too hot.

The rooms are small, but adequate. They are not the spacious suites seen in rental accommodation. This is a four star hotel and the limited size of the rooms may be the reason it will always miss gaining that extra star. However, a one bedroom suite for two people who have brought one suitcase each is all that’s needed for a relaxing holiday in this beautiful boutique hotel. Further up the coast in Holetown you’ll find five star luxury in The Sandpiper Hotel which I have reviewed in a separate post.

There are beds around the pool area and on the paved area by the sea wall. Staff will position beds wherever you prefer on request. As with most hotels you may see guests out early in the morning putting towels out onto beds to reserve them. In the etiquette of hotel life this is generally accepted as part of the normal routine, though reserving beds and not using them is usually frowned upon.

If you’re occupying one of the ground floor suites some of them have enough space for a bed or two on the patio, so you can request to have one put there for your exclusive use.

Once a week the staff prepare the garden for the Sunday night film. A projector screen is erected and a sound system is set up. Diners can watch from their tables and other guests can watch either from the garden or from seats on their balconies or patios.

Food and Drink

Treasure Beach is an all inclusive resort now that it’s part of the Elegant group. Before the change it was much like any other hotel in that you could stay in a bed and breakfast basis and leave your options open for a la carte dining elswhere among the many restaurants along the west coast. Breakfast is served in the hotel’s only eating area, the Tapestry restaurant, though for a supplement you can have it on your balcony or patio.

About mid morning the staff bring round trays of small fresh fruit sticks to refresh your appetite before lunch. The lunch menu is short but the club or flying fish sandwiches are tasty, and I have never had reason to complain, especially when washed down by a Banks beer or a cocktail for the Batik bar. Non alcoholic beverages, beer, and house wine are included in the all inclusive deal but any bottles from the wine cellar are extra.

Later in the day you may be offered some afternoon ice cream. As the day draws to a close and people return to their suites to freshen up for the evening, the staff switch on the garden lights and set the scene.

The Tapestry restaurant produces some amazing food and boasts an award winning chef. Being an AI (all inclusive) hotel you may not venture outside but I would suggest you try a few other places for your evening meal. I have written about restaurants in Barbados in another post but it needs updating since some no longer exist. Barbados’ economy relies heavily on tourism, so the pandemic of 2020/2021 put a lot of pressure on the restaurants and a few did not survive.

The Dine Around feature allows guests at an Elegant hotel to eat out at one of the other hotels in the group, so if you want a bit of variety then that’s an option. Remember to take your Treasure Beach ID card.

Paynes Bay Beach

Paynes Bay beach is an area of calm and tranquility at dawn and at dusk. If you’re up early you might see both local individuals and tourists doing some yoga on the beach. There’s likely to be someone raking the sand in front of the apartment block called Old Tree Villas, making it pristine again in readiness for the day.

During the day you can expect to see people enjoying all kinds of watersports; water skiing, banana boat rides, snorkelling, jet skiing, windsurfing, and paddle boarding. The catamarans that take tourists on trips up and own the coast sometimes moor up in the bay to collect their passengers or allow others to disembark. For the more adventurous, sailing and deep sea fishing can be arranged through the hotel.

There’s plenty of marine life to see if you’re in the water, snorkelling or just swimming, but even if you’re only walking by on the beach it’s not uncommon to see turtles and even the occasional stingray.

Once or twice a day you may see a small group of horse riders passing by lead by a man giving his description of the views and pointing out landmarks of interest.

If you walk north along the beach, with the sea on your left, you’ll reach the perimeter wall of One Sandy Lane. This is group of top-end luxury condominiums that marks the beginning of the Sandy Lane Estate. Rihanna, one of the most famous people from Barbados, owns one of these condos, as does the producer and promoter Simon Cowell. When you see snaps of him and his family in the tabloids back in the UK they are often photographed in Paynes Bay.

If you continue walking you’ll eventually reach the beach outside the Sandy Lane hotel. There are not private beaches in Barbados so they are all open to anyone who wants to stroll by. This is great news for local and tourists alike.

Things to do nearby

Treasure Beach is on Highway 1 which runs along the coast. it’s the original main road before the built the larger road a mile or two inland. Turn left out of the hotel and in a few minutes you’ll in Holetown where you can browse around the Limegrove shopping centre.

Along the way you’ll pass the Sandy Lane estate and beyond that is the Beach House and Tides restaurant, on the left just before you reach Holetown. Opposite Tides you’ll see the chattel house shops set back from the road. Park outside the main supermarket on the right to walk to these shops. Check out my other post containing more information about holidays in Barbados.


Holetown is a small town located on the west coast of Barbados. The town is renowned for being the site where the first English settlers arrived on the island in 1627. Since then, Holetown has played an important role in Barbadian history. The town was the capital of Barbados until 1639 when the capital was moved to Bridgetown.

In the 18th century, Holetown became a major sugar-producing region and was home to many large plantations. Today, Holetown is a popular tourist destination, known for its variety of shops and restaurants, as well as historical sites such as St. James Church and the Alleyne Sugar Museum.

Getting to Barbados

There are flights to Grantley Adams International Airport on a regular basis from the UK, USA, and Canada. Obviously you can arrange your own trip by booking direct with the hotel or buy one of the many flight inclusive holidays. Prices vary greatly according to the season and the day on which you fly. LIAT and other airlines operating in the Caribbean fly to Barbados from other islands in the region.

Grantley Adams is also the destination for many private jets and charter flights. If your budget is up there then you may want to investigate the possibility of empty leg flights to or from this Caribbean hot spot.

British Airways from the UK

American Airlines from Miami

Virgin Atlantic also fly to Barbados from the UK. Years ago they had Boeing 747s on this route and in those days Premium Economy was up the stairs in the ‘bubble’ of the Jumbo. It was a great flight up there, particularly on the return overnight flight, because there was so little footfall and all that back and forth by passengers and cabin crew alike. Up there you had your own loos and one or two flight attendants for that area only.

Sadly, the 747s have been retired. Their replacements may be modern, more fuel efficient, and quieter, but something has been lost in terms of the design of the interiors. Premium Economy used to feel a bit special but not so much today. Still, first world problems and all that.

Elegant Resorts

The Elegant Resorts group is comprised of properties all across the Caribbean, each offering its own unique style and amenities. Their properties in Barbados include The House, Waves, Tamarind, Cobblers Cove, Colony Club, Coral Reef, Fairmont Royal Pavilion, and at the highest price end, Sandy Lane. Whether you’re looking for a luxurious retreat or a lively beach vacation, there’s probably an Elegant hotel to suit your needs.

The Parish of St James

The parish of St James is located in the central-western region of Barbados. It is one of 11 parishes on the island and is home to approximately 27,000 people. The parish covers an area of about 21 square miles and includes the towns of Holetown and Mullins. The parish is known for its beautiful beaches, including Mullins Beach, which is considered one of the best in Barbados.

The parish also features several historic sites, such as the Holetown Monument, which commemorates the site of the first settlement on Barbados. St James is a popular tourist destination and welcomes visitors from all over the world.

Returning to Treasure Beach Barbados

I’ve stayed in other Elegant Hotels on the island but most often have preferred Treasure Beach. It’s the fact that it’s still small that has something to do with it, and it is also because there is some consistency and maturity among the staff. There have obviously been some changes over the years but it’s always good to return to a familiar welcoming face. They provide a more personalised service than that of the larger hotels.

To compare Treasure Beach to another of the Elegant hotels like Turtle Beach on the south coast is to illustrate the contrast. On the west coast there is a small colonial style hotel sitting in peace and tranquility. In the south coast hotel there is a more modern resort-type hotel for those who prefer more noise and activity.

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Thrive Aviation: Las Vegas Private Air Charter Company Profile

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Private jet operator Thrive Aviation is a growing charter operator based in Las Vegas. They have an expanding fleet of luxury bizjets and openings for type-rated pilots and other staff. They offer a personalized VIP flight charter service, concierge services, and aircraft management.

Thrive Aviation is a private aviation company that provides the highest level of luxury, safety, and service. They pay personal attention to their clients’ details and provide experiences that accommodate their needs. Their excellent service begins at their first interaction and continues throughout your flight, solidifying our commitment to their clients.

Their business address is 1410 Jet Stream Dr #200, Henderson, NV 89052 on the southern side of Las Vegas, at Henderson Executive Airport. Web:

Private Aviation Company

What does anyone want from a charter company if not an awesome experience flying aboard amazing aircraft flown by friendly pilots. In addition, an exemplary safety record is a must.

in addtion to the above and a prove safer experience, there are certain features that are expected of any PJ flight, and it is these on which air charter companies compete.

Whether you’re flying short or long distance you want the efficient, prompt, luxury service delivered by the nicest people, not the conventional air travel options which can all too often turn into an absolute nightmare of delays and frustration.

Thrive Aviation Aircraft Fleet

  • Longitude (1)
  • Falcon 2000 (1)
  • Citation Sovereign+ (4)
  • Citation M2 (2)
  • Citation CJ3+ (4)

Dassault Falcon 2000

The Dassault Falcon 2000 is a ten-passenger aircraft that can fly for 3,600 miles at 551 mph.

Cessna Citation Longitude

The Citation Longitude can accommodate up to nine (+1*) passengers and has a range of 3,682 statute miles at an average cruising speed of 529 miles per hour.

Cessna Citation Sovereign

The Citation Sovereign is a nine-passenger luxury plane that can fly you 4,027 statute miles at 555 mph on average.

Cessna Citation CJ3+

The Citation CJ3+ can accommodate up to six (+1*) passengers and has a range of 2,380 statute miles at an average cruising speed of 480 miles per hour.

Cessna Citation M2

The Citation M2 can accommodate up to five (+1*) passengers and has a range of 1,700 statute miles at an average cruising speed of 460 miles per hour.

*+1 indicates that there is a seat for an additional passenger in the cockpit.

Facilities aboard these aircraft include WiFI, an inflight entertainment system, noise-canceling headphones, USB ports, complimentary iPads, power outlets, and separate & enclosed lavatories.

In October 2021, Thrive Aviation placed an order with Textron Aviation for three more Cessna Citation Longitude business jets to augment its fleet.

Then, in February 2022, they announced that they had ordered their first Gulfstream G600, due for delivery in the summer of 2022.

Argus Gold Rated Charter Operator

Thrive Aviation has a Gold rating as a charter operator under the ARGUS rating system. This means that they have achieved at least these standards and milestones:

  • Operating certificate for a minimum of one year
  • At least one turbine aircraft on certificate
  • In-depth Historical Safety Analysis
  • Pilot background check
  • Aircraft operational control validation

The ARGUS rating system is a safety rating system that rates charter operators on a three-tiered scale of Gold, Gold Plus, and Platinum. The system was created to improve standards of safety, service, and professionalism within the air charter sector.

The rating is based on several factors, including the airline’s safety record, maintenance procedures, and training practices. Airlines are required to submit to an independent audit every two years to retain their rating. The Argus Rating System has been credited with improving safety on charter flights and has become the industry standard for rating charter airlines.

NBAA – National Business Aviation Association

Thrive Aviation is a member of the NBAA. The National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) is a nonprofit trade association that represents the interests of companies that use business aircraft for their operations. NBAA provides advocacy, education, and resources to support the continued growth and success of business aviation.

NBAA members include corporations, flying clubs, fractional ownership programs, aviation management companies, airports, and service providers. The organization also works closely with government officials and agencies to promote policies that will enable business aviation to continue to thrive. In addition, NBAA offers a variety of educational programs and resources for its members, including an annual convention and exhibition, the world’s largest business aviation trade show.

Henderson Executive Airport

Henderson Executive Airport is a city-owned public airport located seven miles southeast of downtown Las Vegas. The airport is home to more than 50 general aviation and corporate aircraft and offers a full range of services, including flight training, aircraft maintenance, and charters.

Henderson Executive Airport is also a popular gateway for tourists coming to the city, with many flight schools offering scenic tours of the city. In addition to its convenient location and array of services, Henderson Executive Airport is known for its high safety standards. The airport has an extensive surveillance system and rigorous security procedures, making it one of the safest airports in the country.

Luxury Hotels

Las Vegas is known for its luxury hotels, which offer visitors a chance to experience a taste of the high life. From opulent suites and lavish spas to world-class dining and casino action, these properties provide an unsurpassed level of service and amenities.

While there are many great luxury hotels in Vegas, some stand out above the rest. The Wynn is one of the most luxurious properties on the Strip, offering stunning accommodations, an award-winning spa, and a wide array of dining options.

The Bellagio is another top choice, with its elegant guest rooms, world-famous fountains, and AAA Five Diamond restaurants. For a truly unique experience, the Venetian offers visitors a taste of Venice, with its canals, gondolas, and superb shopping. No matter what your budget, there’s a luxury hotel in Las Vegas that’s perfect for you.

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The UK To Maldives Flight Time For Direct And Indirect Flights

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The UK to Maldives flight time is approximately 10-11 hours depending on which airline you choose and your departure airport. That’s for a direct flight.

Some flights stop in the Middle East in Doha, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, to pick up a connecting flight resulting in a flight times of approximately 12-13 hours. BA’s direct Maldives flights from Heathrow are an average flight time of about 9 hours.

You can get there from Heathrow Airport or London Gatwick, Manchester, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Newcastle, and Glasgow aboard Emirates, Etihad Airways, and Qatar Airways. British Airways provides flights to The Maldives through their partner airline, Qatar Airways. You would need to check with your travel agent whether or not you need change planes at these ME stopovers.

Most international flights arrive at Velana International Airport (aka Male International Airport – MLE) on Hulhulé Island in the North Malé Atoll and Gan International Airport, though as you can see in the list below, there are three other international airports capable of handling a commercial airliner that would fly directly from Sri Lanka, India, and the rest of the Asian region.

Are you looking for a cheap flight from the United Kingdom to Velana International Airport? Compare prices from all major airlines and travel agents to find the best deal. Don’t forget to check out our tips on how to save money on your next flight!

Where are The Maldives?

The Maldives is an island country located in the Indian Ocean. The archipelago of the Maldives is composed of 1,192 coral islands grouped in a double chain of 26 atolls, all of which have a total land area of 298 square kilometers and lie south-southwest of India and west-southwest of Sri Lanka.

The Maldives is the smallest Asian country by land area and population and is also one of the most densely populated countries in the world, with a population of over half a million and a density of 1,102 people per square kilometer. The majority of the islands are uninhabited and only about 200 of them are inhabited. The capital city Malé is located on an island in the central part of the archipelago.

It is a tropical country and the weather is generally hot and humid throughout the year. The best time to visit the Maldives is between November and April, which is the dry season in the country.

More than 27 flights every day, from 12h 45m

London, United KingdomMale, Maldives
Time and stopsAirlineFlight numberScheduleFind tickets
10:00 → 06:05+1
1 Stop
Select dates
11:55 → 07:50+1
1 Stop
Select dates
11:55 → 08:25+1
1 Stop
Select dates
12:30 → 06:05+1
1 Stop
Select dates
14:05 → 07:50+1
1 Stop
Select dates
14:05 → 08:25+1
1 Stop
Select dates
14:05 → 08:55+1
1 Stop
Select dates
14:05 → 10:15+1
1 Stop
Select dates
14:20 → 07:40+1
1 Stop
Select dates
14:20 → 09:30+1
1 Stop
Select dates
14:30 → 07:40+1
1 Stop
Select dates
14:30 → 09:30+1
1 Stop
Select dates
15:05 → 07:50+1
1 Stop
Select dates
15:05 → 08:25+1
1 Stop
Select dates
15:05 → 08:55+1
1 Stop
Select dates
16:30 → 12:00+1
1 Stop
Select dates
16:50 → 10:15+1
1 Stop
Select dates
17:05 → 12:00+1
1 Stop
Select dates
17:10 → 12:00+1
1 Stop
Select dates
17:40 → 12:00+1
1 Stop
Select dates
18:20 → 12:00+1
1 Stop
Select dates
19:00 → 14:35+1
1 Stop
Select dates
19:00 → 15:10+1
1 Stop
Select dates
19:00 → 15:20+1
1 Stop
Select dates
19:50 → 15:00+1
1 Stop
Select dates
20:05 → 15:45+1
1 Stop
Select dates
20:25 → 15:00+1
1 Stop
Select dates
20:25 → 15:30+1
1 Stop
Select dates
20:40 → 15:00+1
1 Stop
Select dates
20:40 → 15:30+1
1 Stop
Select dates
21:20 → 14:35+1
1 Stop
Select dates
21:20 → 15:10+1
1 Stop
Select dates
21:20 → 15:20+1
1 Stop
Select dates
21:20 → 15:50+1
1 Stop
Select dates
21:25 → 15:45+1
1 Stop
Select dates
21:30 → 14:25+1
1 Stop
Select dates
21:45 → 15:00+1
1 Stop
Select dates
21:45 → 15:30+1
1 Stop
Select dates
21:45 → 15:45+1
1 Stop
Select dates
22:10 → 16:20+1
1 Stop
Select dates
22:15 → 15:00+1
1 Stop
Select dates
22:15 → 15:30+1
1 Stop
Select dates

Cheapest Flights to The Maldives

Although a very desireable place to visit, the cost of flights can often be a barrier to entry. There are a few things that you can do in order to find cheap flights to The Maldives.

First, be flexible with your travel dates. If you are willing to fly during the off-season, you are more likely to find the cheapest flight then compared to high season. Second, be air travel savvy and compare prices between different airlines. Prices do vary depending on demand and the class of travel available. Third, sign up for fare alerts with a few of the flight ticket providers. This way, you will be notified as soon as there is a drop in prices.

Finally, compare the ticket prices to each destination within the country. The cheapest ticket might not be to one of the nearby airports and the transfer to your hotel might be less than the difference.

The cheapest round-trip tickets from London to Male

Departure atReturn atStopsAirlineFind tickets
3 January 202310 January 2023DirectTickets from GBP 851
9 July 202223 July 20221 StopTickets from GBP 797
28 July 20229 August 20221 StopTickets from GBP 784

Maldives Airports

International Airports

  • Malé Airport (Velana, MLE)
  • Gan Airport (GAN)
  • Villa Airport (Maamigili, VAM)
  • Hanimaadhoo Airport (HAQ)
  • Maafaru Airport (NMF)

Domestic Airports

  • Dharavandhoo Airport (DRV)
  • Dhaalu Airport (DDD)
  • Fuvahmulah Airport (FVM)
  • Ifuru Airport (IFU)
  • Kaadedhdhoo Airport (KDM)
  • Kadhdhoo Airport (KDO)
  • Kooddoo Airport (GKK)
  • Thimarafushi Airport (TMF)
  • Hoarafushi Airport (HRF)
  • Funadhoo Airport (FND)


Aircraft Fleet
Flyme20114 x ATR 72 Twin-engined turbo prop aircraft
Maldivian2000Airbus 320 & 321, Dash8-200 & 300, DHC-6 Twin Otters
Manta Air20163 x ATR 72 Twin-engined turbo prop aircraft
Trans Maldivian Airways1989De Havilland DHC-6 Twin Otter seaplanes

Hotel Transfers

Once you arrive and disembark from your international flight, get ready for the final leg of your journey. Connecting flights from Male airport to other islands are frequent, but not always in seaplanes. Depending on which hotel you’ve booked (and your budget) the final stage might be using seaplane transfers or speedboat transfers.

Some people opt for one or the other regardless of the cost as the prospect of flying in a De Havilland Twin Otter, taking off and landing on water, is the most exciting part of the trip. For others, the opposite is true and they opt for the water taxis.

UK to Maldives flight time

There are direct flights from London to Malé, the capital city of Maldives, with a flight time of approximately 9-10 hours.

The national carrier of Maldives is Maldivian and they operate direct flights from London Heathrow to Malé International Airport. The flight time is 11 hours and 30 minutes.

There are also indirect flights to the Maldives from the UK with a stopover in Abu Dhabi, Doha, Dubai or Kuala Lumpur. These flights are operated by Etihad Airways, Qatar Airways, Emirates and Malaysia Airlines.

  • The flight time from London to Malé via Abu Dhabi is 12 hours and 10 minutes with Etihad Airways.
  • The flight time from London to Malé via Doha is 12 hours and 20 minutes with Qatar Airways.
  • The flight time from London to Malé via Dubai is 12 hours and 30 minutes with Emirates.
  • The flight time from London to Malé via Kuala Lumpur is 13 hours and 50 minutes with Malaysia Airlines.

What is the time difference between the UK and The Maldives?

The Maldives is 4 hours ahead of the UK.

How to get around in The Maldives?

The best way to get around the Maldives is by boat. There are public ferries that operate between the islands and there are also private speedboats and dhoni boats that can be hired.

Public ferries in the Maldives are operated by the Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC) and they operate between the capital city Malé and other islands in the archipelago.

The fare for a one-way journey on a public ferry is usually between $2 and $5.

Private speedboats and dhoni boats can be hired from guesthouses, hotels and resorts. The fare for a private speedboat or dhoni boat is usually between $50 and $100 per day.

What is the currency in The Maldives?

The currency in the Maldives is the Maldivian rufiyaa (MVR).

  • 1 USD = 15.42 MVR
  • 1 GBP = 20.01 MVR
  • 1 EUR = 16.65 MVR

What is the voltage in The Maldives?

The voltage in the Maldives is 220-240 volts AC, 50Hz.

What is the language spoken in The Maldives?

The official and national language of the Maldives is Dhivehi. English is also widely spoken in the Maldives.

What is the religion practiced in The Maldives?

The majority of the population in the Maldives practice Islam of which there are two main denominations: Sunni and Shia. Sunni Islam is the more dominant of the two, making up around 80% of the Muslim population. Maldivians primarily practice a moderate form of Sunni Islam, which has been influenced by Sufism.

However, there is a small minority of Shia Muslims, who make up around 20% of the Muslim population. The Maldives also has a small number of Christian and Hindu residents, although these religions are not as widely practiced as Islam. In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of Maldivians converting to Christianity, although the overall number of Christians in the Maldives is still quite small.

What are the entry requirements for The Maldives?

All visitors to the Maldives must have a valid passport and a tourist visa, which can be obtained on arrival in the country.

Visitors from most countries, including the UK, can obtain a 30-day tourist visa on arrival in the Maldives.

Visas are free of charge for all nationalities and can be obtained either upon arrival at the airport, or in advance from a Maldivian embassy or consulate.

All visitors to the Maldives must have a return or onward ticket and enough money to support themselves during their stay in the country.

Always check your own country’s government website for the very latest entry regulations and required documents.

What is the food like in The Maldives?

The food in the Maldives is a mix of Indian, Sri Lankan and Middle Eastern cuisines. Fish is the main ingredient in most Maldivian dishes.

Rice is the staple food in the Maldives and it is usually served with fish curry. Other popular dishes include mas huni (tuna, coconut and chili paste), garudiya (turtle soup) and kiri batu (coconut milk and rice pudding).

Fruit and vegetables are also widely available in the Maldives. Some of the most popular fruits in the Maldives include coconuts, bananas, mangoes, pineapples and watermelons.

What is the climate like in The Maldives?

The climate in the Maldives is tropical and it is generally hot and humid throughout the year. The average temperature is around 30 degrees Celsius.

The rainy season in the Maldives is from May to November and the dry season is from December to April.

What is the best time to visit The Maldives?

The best time to visit the Maldives is between November and April, which is the dry season in the country.

If you’re looking for the cheapest flights to the Maldives, you’ll want to travel during the off-season. The cheapest month to fly is typically January, followed by February and March. As for the cheapest time of day to fly, that would be early morning or late at night.

Keep in mind that the time zone difference between the Maldives and your home country will also affect flight prices. For example, flights from Europe are typically cheaper during the summer months when there is less demand.

To get the best deal on your flight, be sure to compare prices from multiple airlines and book in advance. With a little planning, you can enjoy a tropical getaway without breaking the bank.

What is activities are popular among tourists?

The Maldives is one of the most popular destinations for its natural beauty, beautiful beaches, stunning coral reefs, marine life, and luxury resort islands. However, there are also several activities available for tourists looking to experience something more than just the typical beach vacation. One popular activity is snorkeling, as the Maldives is home to some of the most pristine coral reefs in the world.

Another popular activity is diving, as the clear waters offer visibility of up to 30 meters. For those interested in culture, there are several museums and temples located throughout the country. And for those who want to relax, there are plenty of spas offering treatments such as Ayurvedic massage and aromatherapy. With so many activities available, it’s no wonder why the Maldives is such a popular tourist destination.

What should I pack for a trip to The Maldives?

When packing for a trip to the Maldives, it’s important to remember that, being in the Indian Ocean, it has a tropical climate and it is therefore generally hot and humid throughout the year. As such, you’ll want to pack light clothing that is made of natural fabrics. Cotton and linen is ideal.

It’s also a good idea to pack a pair of flip-flops or sandals, as well as a hat or sunglasses to protect you from the sun. Other items you may want to pack include insect repellent (mosquitoes can be a problem in the Maldives), plenty of sunscreen, and plenty of room on your credit card as Maldives prices are high, at least they are for tourists.

Rubbish Dumps on The Maldives

Although The Maldives is an idyllic paradise, it is not immune to the problem of waste disposal. Landfill sites and waste dumps can be found on many of the islands, often in close proximity to tourist resorts. The Maldives government is aware of the problem and has implemented a number of initiatives to try to address it. In particular, they have introduced a mandatory waste segregation program in all resort hotels and are working with local NGOs to carry out regular beach clean-ups.

However, much more needs to be done in order to keep The Maldives clean and pristine. Moreover, with the increasing number of tourists visiting the island chain each year, the problem is likely to become worse before it gets better.

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Aerolite Luggage – 9 Tips For Buying, Packing, and Caring for your Suitcase

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Aerolite luggage is one of the best-selling brands among air travelers and it’s not hard to see why. If you’re a frequent flyer then you’re probably always on the lookout for ways to make air travel easier, especially when it comes to packing and lugging around luggage.

Traveling luggage needs to have a loading capacity for all your travel essential and enough clothes but without incurring any excess weight charges caused by exceeding weight restrictions. Carry on luggage needs to be the right size for the airline and route. These vary and you don’t want to use an oversized case that requires a flight attendant to help you put into the overhead locker.

One thing that might help is if you switch from your old suitcases to an Aerolite luggage set. These lightweight and easy to maneuver suitcases are popular because of their many benefits. Here are 9 tips for getting the most out of your Aerolite luggage.

1. Why Aerolite is the best luggage for travel

Several stockists including Travel Luggage & Cabin Bags

Aerolite is one of the most trusted names in luggage, and for good reason. Their products are built to last, with sturdy construction that can withstand the rigors of travel. Their products are also designed for maximum convenience, with features like removable wheels and an expandable frame that make packing a breeze.

The range of bag and suitcase options and their prices are guaranteed to be some of the most competitive in the market. So whether you’re looking for a new suitcase for your next business trip or a set of luggage for your next vacation, Aerolite probably got something that will fulfill all your requirements.

2. How to choose the right Aerolite suitcase for your needs

Lightweight and easy to move

When choosing luggage, it is important to consider what type of traveler you are. For instance, if you frequently take long trips or frequently fly, you will need a different type of suitcase than someone who only takes short trips.

One important factor to consider is the weight of the suitcase. If you prefer to travel light then consider the empty weight of one of the lighter suitcases. However, if you are someone who likes to take a lot of clothes and accessories on holiday, you will need a heavier suitcase that can accommodate all of your belongings.

Another important factor to consider is the size of the suitcase. The maximum size and weight of both hold and cabin luggage varies from one airline to another. You’ll need to check with our airline first as the sizes can vary within the same airline on different routes, too.

If you are traveling for business, you will need a smaller suitcase that can easily be stored in an overhead compartment. However, if you are traveling for leisure, you may want one or two larger suitcases for the hold.

3. The different types of Aerolite suitcases available

Choose Aerolite luggage for your routes

Aerolite makes a variety of different types of suitcases to accommodate the needs of different kinds of travelers. For example, any of their 4 Wheel Spinner luggage is perfect for those who need a suitcase that is easy to maneuver through busy airports.

The Expandable 8 Wheel Hard Shell luggage is ideal for those who need a little extra space, while the Hybrid 4 Wheel Soft Side luggage is perfect for those who need a combination of both.

If you want something a bit different from the standard black or grey hard shell suitcases then the Aerolite Vintage Classic Retro Style Lightweight ABS Hard Shell Luggage is worth a look.

4. How to pack your Aerolite suitcase like a pro

The Aerolite range of luggage is designed to be lightweight and easy to maneuver, but when it comes to packing there are a few things to bear in mind. Here are a few tips on how to get the most out of your Aerolite suitcase:

  • For longer trips, start packing early on. You don’t want to rush the task at the last minute.
  • Place your suitcase on a bed or any other raised surface. It’s a lot easier than bending down to arrange things in a suitcase on the floor.
  • Pack heavier items first, such as shoes and books. This will help to distribute the weight and prevent the crushing and creasing of lighter items.
  • Use packing cubes to keep your belongings organized. Aerolite makes a variety of different sizes and colors, so you can find the perfect ones for your needs.
  • Check the weight. Some gadgets make this task easier but if you don’t have anything else the bathroom scales will give you a rough idea. With experience, you’ll be able to judge if you’re suitcase is close to the limit.
  • Don’t forget to pack essential items like travel documents and medications in an easily accessible place in your cabin bag, not the suitcase that goes into the hold.
  • Take an inventory of what you’ve packed.

5. What to do if your luggage is lost or stolen

Losing your luggage can be a nightmare, but there are some things you can do to minimize the damage.

  • Make sure you have a good insurance policy that covers lost or stolen luggage.
  • Take an inventory of everything that was in your bags. If you remember to do this when packing it will make life a little easier in the event of a claim.
  • File claims with the airline and your insurance company.
  • You may also want to contact your credit card companies to cancel any cards that were in your lost luggage.
  • You may also want to wipe or block any laptops, tablets, or phones if they were in the luggage.

6. How to extend the life of your Aerolite suitcase

Much loved but impractical suitcase

Your Aerolite suitcase is built to last, but like any piece of luggage, it will eventually show signs of wear and tear. As you’ve seen at almost every airport, luggage is at risk of rough handling by both humans and machines. From the moment you hand it over at the check-in desk to the point at which it reappears on the carousel at your destination, it will have been through several manual and automated handling processes.

However, by following a few simple tips you can extend the life of your suitcase and keep it looking presentable for years to come.

One of the best ways to care for your suitcase is to avoid overpacking. Overloading your suitcase can put a strain on the zippers and fabric, leading to tears and prematurely worn-out components. Furthermore, it’s important to avoid packing sharp or pointy objects that could puncture or tear the fabric. When packing your suitcase, be sure to use soft items such as clothing and towels to cushion any fragile items.

7. The benefits of using an Aerolite suitcase

Aerolite suitcases are designed to be lightweight and durable, so on the one hand they add a minimal amount to the overall weight but at the same time, they are strong enough to withstand the rigors of air travel. The hard-shell construction protects your belongings from being damaged in transit, and the smooth-rolling four spinner wheels make it easy to navigate busy airports.

In addition, the Aerolite range includes a variety of different sizes and styles to suit every need. Whether you’re looking for a carry ons or a large checked bag for a holiday or business trip, you’ll be able to find the perfect option in the Aerolite range. For loyal fans they are part of their travel essentials.

8. How to care for your Aerolite suitcase

There are a few other ways in which you can extend the life of your luggage and keep your Aerolite suitcase in tip-top shape for years to come.

  • Avoid over-packing: Over-packing puts unnecessary strain on the zippers and fabric of your suitcase, which can lead to premature wear and tear. You may need to leave some things behind or pack another case.
  • Use a soft brush to remove dirt and dust: A soft-bristled brush is the best tool for removing dirt and dust from your Aerolite suitcase. Be sure to brush in the direction of the grain to avoid damaging the fabric.
  • Spot clean spills as soon as possible: If you spill something on your suitcase, remove the mark as soon as you can. Sometimes a little soap and warm water is enough so you can clean your case your hotel room
  • Store your suitcase in a cool, dry place: When you’re not using your suitcase, be sure to store it in a cool, dry place. Exposure to sunlight and humidity can cause the fabric to fade and the wheels to become brittle.
  • Replace missing or damaged components: If any of the components on your suitcase are damaged or missing, be sure to replace them as soon as possible if it’s possible to do so.

By following these simple tips, you can keep your Aerolite suitcase looking like new for years to come.

9. What not to pack in your Aerolite suitcase

When packing your Aerolite suitcase for your next trip, there are a few things you should leave behind. First, avoid packing any liquid items if at all possible, as they can leak and cause damage to your clothes. There will probably be some liquids among your toiletries and cosmetics, so make sure they are double wrapped so any leakages are contained.

Second, sharp objects such as knives or scissors can puncture the fabric of the suitcase, so it’s best to pack them in a separate bag too.

Third, heavy items such as books or laptops should be distributed evenly throughout the suitcase to avoid putting too much strain on one side.

Fourth, don’t be tempted to pack anything that contravenes either the airline’s regulations or the customs rules for the destination. As well as the more obvious things you may not be allowed to pack plants or certain types of food.

And finally, be sure to leave room in your suitcase for any shopping or souvenirs you may want to bring home with you!

Where to buy

Aerolite luggage is available from many stockists, both online and in your local shopping area. In the UK you can buy it direct from and from Travel Luggage & Cabin Bags. In the USA from

The aerolite brand produces some of the world’s lightest luggage sets and the most durable suitcases. They’ve considered all aspects of the journey and designed examples of travel luggage that’s designed to be the ideal business trip piece for modern transportation.

Their product descriptions contain accurate and reliable measurements on each page and even show which airlines approve of the specified dimensions. They offer free delivery on 2-5 day shipments.

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11 Facts About Airplanes, Airlines, Air Travel, and Tourism

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In this post I present you with 11 facts about airplanes, the aviation industry, and air travel. This post was originally a video I made while Britain was in its first lockdown in 2020 and has been updated to reflect the changes since.

The measures introduced in response to the coronavirus pandemic devastated economies and decimated the air, travel and tourism industries. Some airlines collapsed completely while others predicted it would take several years for them to restore their businesses to pre-pandemic levels. Airline staff have been made redundant with the inevitable impact on each individual and their families.

An empty airport and grounded aircraft spell trouble for may

On the other hand, some people rejoiced at the sight of aircraft parked, skies cleared, and airports quiet. Environmental zealots had a blind spot when it came to the impact of lockdowns and all the travel restrictions that were imposed when it came to not just the UK economy but also those abroad that depend on tourism.

To the extent that the only flights operating in the dark days of 2020 were air cargo and emergency services, others counted the cost in terms of loss of employment, career setbacks, training suspended, and a whole list of problems not least of which is the effect on their mental health.

Eventually the aircraft took to the skies again. At least some pilots, cabin crew, and other airline staff were called back to their former positions, but as events in the spring of 2022 showed us, the airlines and the airport operators failed to restore their headcounts to sufficient levels. The pointless continuation of testing and isolating for what by 2022 had become a minor bug no worse than a cold meant that staff absenteeism was high as people were either forced or chose to take another few days off because they tested positive.

Personally, summer isn’t summer without the odd Tiger Moth flying by overhead at 1,500 ft and the airliners leaving contrails at 36,000 ft. So whether you are one of the ones who rejoiced at the sound of aero engines overhead once more, or who secretly wished the grounding of airline fleets could be made permanent, here are a few few facts to mull over while you look skyward as another EasyJet 737 heads for Malaga.

11 Facts About Airplanes & Air Travel

The first ten statistics for our list of airplane facts were taken from in April 2022.

  1. Over 87.7 million jobs are supported worldwide in aviation and related tourism. Of that figure, 11.3 million people work directly in the aviation industry.

We tend to think of airline staff as being pilots and flight attendants, but the industry also supports the taxi driver that drives you from the airport to hotel and the cleaner who cleans your room while you’re at a meeting or lying on the beach.

  1. 478 airlines operate a fleet of 33,299 aircraft serving 3,780 airports throughout a network of several million kilometres, managed by 162 air navigation service providers.

That’s an awful lot of ancillary staff and technology keeping a vital global network alive. Just think of all the mechanics who have to replace airplane tires. Think of the engineers who have to maintain the equipment that can check the air pressure in every tire in every passenger plane.

  1. In 2019, 4.5 billion passengers were carried by the world’s airlines. That’s 4.5 billion people who found a reason to board an aircraft.

That’s a huge number of passengers and their reasons for flying are far more diverse than just the usual assumptions that it’s for business or tourism.

  1. Globally, flights produced 915 million tonnes of CO2 in 2019. In other words, that’s 2% of the total CO2 produced by human activity which produced over 43 billion tonnes of CO2 in that year. This includes things like shipping or the Internet, both of which also account for about 2% each.

Aviation attracts more criticism for its CO2 output because it’s more visible, yet shipping and and all the online activity of the world’s population produce similar ammounts. The passenger airplane of the future will produce far less due to the developments being made in aero engine technology.

  1. Commercial airplanes in service today are well over 80% more fuel efficient per seat kilometre than the first jets of the 1960s at the dawn of the Jet Age.

Aircraft and aerospace technology is evolving all the time. It’s in the best interest of the airline industry (as well as the planet) that aircraft become quieter, cleaner, and more fuel efficient. Aero engines that are more efficient help to reduce operating costs.

  1. Around 80% of the CO2 generated by aviation are emitted from flights of over 1500 kilometres for which there is no practical alternative mode of transport.

Sometimes road, rail, or sea isn’t a viable means of making the same journey. Besides, those methods have their own carbon footprint. The net carbon cost of a direct flight by air has to be compared to that of a the same journey by ship or overland.

  1. Since 2000, the retrofitting of winglets on aircraft has generated a saving of over 80 million tonnes of CO2. Sometimes small design changes to aircraft can have a significant cumulative effect.
  2. Deliveries of fresh produce from Africa to the UK support the livelihoods of 1.5 million people while producing less CO2 than similar produce grown in the UK, despite the energy used in the transportation of that produce. This just goes to show that there’s plenty of room for more efficiency and sustainable technology within agriculture in the UK and Europe.
  3. The Airbus A380 and A220, Boeing 787, ATR-600 and Embraer E2 aircraft use less than three litres of jet fuel per 100 passenger kilometres making them as fuel efficient as most modern compact cars. Yes, really.
  4. Globally, the average occupancy of aircraft is 82% greater than other forms of transport.

Airlines like to fly aircraft at full capacity so they tend to work harder at filling seats. They can’t afford to allow aircraft to fly half empty so they put a lot more effort into selling their seats than their counterparts in the rail and road sectors.

  1. Aviation is essential for conservation projects abroad. Tourists who fly to far off places to enjoy ecotourism are the lifeblood of conservation projects.

Without them, many of these projects that have taken years of painstaking effort to build are in danger of collapse, and rare species are at greater risk from poachers and habitat destruction. The vast majority of these ecoutourists arrive by air.

To deter slash-and-burn agriculture and to encourage the rural populations of developing countries to preserve the habitats and to live in close cooperation with the natural world they need to be incentivised by economic enrichment. Air travel can play a leading role in that process.

Q, How do ecotourists arrive? A. Mainly by air.

So rejoice when you see those airliners in the sky. It means that not only is our economy being strengthened, but also the economies of those countries and islands who depend on tourism to feed, clothe, and educate their children. It also means that eco tourists are returning to where they are needed and appreciated, and where their money sustains essential wildlife conservation projects.

When airlines return to profit it means there is more money to invest in research and design for cleaner, quieter, and even more sustainable aviation.

More Facts About Airplanes

Airplane Windows

Throughout the years, airplanes have advanced significantly since the Wright brothers first took flight in 1903. Today, airplane windows are made of thick, tempered glass that can withstand a tremendous amount of pressure. They are also coated with a UV-resistant material to protect passengers from harmful sun rays.

In addition to their strength and durability, they also provide passengers with stunning views of the world below. So next time you’re enjoying the view from your window seat, remember that you’re also looking at one of the airplane’s most important safety features.

Cabin Pressure & Humidity

The airplane cabin is pressurized to keep passengers comfortable and to prevent the detrimental effects of low pressure. The average airplane cabin pressure is the equivalent of spending time at an altitude lower than 8,000 feet.

Airplane cabins are not pressurized to sea level pressure because it would require too much energy to pump all of the air into the airplane. airplane cabins are also kept at a humidity level of 20%, which is lower than the typical humidity level found at ground level, to prevent any condensation from forming on the airplane windows.


As we all know, airplane toilets are small, cramped, and often full of things that you don’t want to think about. But they are also a necessary part of flying. Here are some facts about the airplane bathroom that you may not know:

  • airplane toilets flush with compressed air, not water. This means that they use far less water than traditional toilets.
  • airplane toilets are designed to empty into a holding tank below the plane. The tank is then emptied when the aircraft lands.
  • airplane toilets sometimes have a special device called a “piddle pack” that collects urine in a separate container. This helps to reduce odors and keep the toilet clean.
  • airplane toilets can be very loud when they flush. This is because the compressed air is released through a small hole in the toilet bowl.

So there you have it, some facts about airplane toilets that you may not have known. Although they may not be the most glamorous part of flying, they are an essential part of the experience.

Airbus A380

Airbus A380 is the world’s largest passenger airliner, with a standard seating capacity of 853 passengers. It was designed and manufactured by Airbus, a subsidiary of Airbus Group. The A380 made its maiden flight on 27 April 2005 and was introduced into service on 25 October 2007 with Singapore Airlines. The A380 is a double-deck, wide-body, four-engine jet airliner. It is the first airliner with more than two decks and the first to have a twin-deck configuration for part of its length.

The Wright Brothers

The Wright brothers are credited with inventing and building the world’s first successful airplane and making the first controlled powered flight, on December 17, 1903. Their work culminated in creating and flying the Wright Flyer, powered by their Wright Snow Engine. They gained the mechanical skills essential for their success by working for years in their shop with printing presses, bicycles, motors, and other machinery.

Orville was born near Dayton, Ohio; Wilbur was born near Richmond, Indiana. By 1901 they had designed and built a glider that could stay in the air for about 20 seconds. The Wrights conducted thousands of additional test flights over the next two years before succeeding with powered flight on December 17, 1903.

The first powered airplane was invented by the Wright brothers in 1903 who are credited with inventing and building the world’s first successful airplane and making the first controlled, powered, heavier-than-air flight on December 17, 1903.

The brothers conducted extensive tests and experiments with their invention before making their historic first flight. After years of development and testing, the Wright brothers’ first airplane was ready for its maiden voyage.

On that fateful day in December, Orville piloted the first airplane while Wilbur ran alongside to stabilize it. The plane flew for just 12 seconds and covered a distance of 120 feet (37 meters). Although it was a very short flight, it was a monumental achievement that changed the world forever.

It’s now over 100 years since the Wright Brothers flew that first plane and we now take commercial flights across continents for granted. Since that day the aviation industry has grown in leaps and bounds, and airplanes have become an essential part of our lives.

Boeing 747

The Boeing 747 is a wide-body passenger jet that was first introduced in 1969. Since then, it has become one of the most recognizable and widely-used airplanes in the world. The 747 is typically used for long-haul flights, and it can carry up to 660 passengers.

One of the most famous 747s is the “City of New York”, which was used by Pan American Airways for transatlantic flights between New York and London. The City of New York is now on display at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C.

Though it has been replaced by newer models in many cases, the Boeing 747 remains an iconic symbol of the jet age.

World’s Oldest Airline

Founded in 1909, KLM is the world’s oldest airline. Headquartered in Amsterdam, the airline flies to more than 145 destinations in more than 70 countries. KLM’s fleet consists of 110 aircraft, and the airline has a staff of more than 35,000+ employees.

KLM is a member of the SkyTeam alliance, which includes 20 airlines and serves more than 1,000 destinations worldwide. KLM’s main hub is Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, and the airline has a strong focus on providing excellent customer service. In fact, KLM was ranked as the world’s most punctual airline in 2017 and 2018.

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Which Cape Verde Airport will you be flying into this year?

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When you touch down at a Cape Verde airport for the first time you can be sure that you’re going to find much to interest you on these islands. There’s a lot to explore and island hopping by air is a great way to begin. But first, you have to get there. Listed below are the international airports on the larger islands and the domestic airports located on the smaller islands.

What are the names of the airports in Cape Verde?

There are seven Cape Verde airports, some international and some domestic.

The airports in Cape Verde are:

  1. Amílcar Cabral International Airport (also known as Sal International Airport) (IATA: SID), in Sal, on the island of Espargos
  2. Nelson Mandela International Airport (also known as Santiago/Praia International Airport) (IATA: RAI), in Praia on the island of Santiago
  3. Aristides Pereira International Airport (also known as Boa Vista International Airport) (IATA: BVC), in Rabil on the island of Boa Vista
  4. Cesária Évora Airport (IATA: VXE), in São Pedro on the island of São Vicente
  5. São Filipe Airport (IATA: SFL), in São Filipe on the island of Fogo
  6. São Nicolau Airport, (IATA: SNE), in Preguiça on the island of São Nicolau
  7. Maio Airport (IATA: MMO), in Porto Inglês on the island of Maio

The busiest airports are the first three, Sal International Airport, Cabral International Airport, Boa Vista International Airport which service the international flights as well as some domestic flights. The others are mainly domestic airports servicing the other islands.

Where is Cape Verde?

Cape Verde is an island country located in the central Atlantic Ocean, about 600 miles off the coast of Senegal. The archipelago consists of 10 islands, 9 of which are inhabited. The largest and most populous island is Santiago, where the capital city of Praia is located. The other islands are; Santo Antão, Boa Vista, Fogo, São Nicolau, Maio, São Vicente, Sal, Brava and the only uninhabited island, Santa Luiza.

The islands are known for their year-round warm weather and beautiful sandy beaches. Tourism is a major industry, and Cape Verde is a popular destination for windsurfing and kitesurfing.

Amilcar Cabral International Airport

Amilcar Cabral International Airport is the main airport in Cape Verde, located on the island of Sal. The airport has two runway and can handle up to 2.5 million passengers per year. In recent years, the airport has undergone a number of renovations, including the construction of a new terminal (now a two storey building) and the expansion of the parking area. Once you’ve been through passport control it’s a short walk to the car rental services.

The airport is named after Amilcar Cabral, a Cape Verdean independence leader. Cabral was born on the island of Santiago and later became involved in the liberation movement against Portuguese colonial rule.

Nelson Mandela International Airport

Nelson Mandela International Airport is the second largest airport in Cape Verde, located on the island of Santiago. The airport has one terminal and one runway, and can handle up to 1 million passengers per year. It is named after Nelson Mandela, the first democratically elected president of South Africa and a global icon for human rights.

Abandoned Cape Verde Airports

Several of the domestic airports in Cape Verde have been abandoned, mainly due to dangerously high and unpredictable winds that are beyond the operating limits of the smaller aircraft that used them. International flights using the international airports with heavier aircraft are not so adversely affected.

  • Agostinho Neto Airport (GVA)
  • Mosteiros Airport (MTI)
  • Esperadinha Airport (BVR)

What is the flight time to Cape Verde from the UK & USA?

The average flight time from the UK to Cape Verde is around 6 hours, making it a relatively easy trip to take. Flights from the UK depart from London, Manchester, Birmingham, and Bristol, though they are not frequent. You may find it easier to reach on the dates you require if you choose to stopover in one of the Portugese or European capitals first, e.g. Lisbon or Porto.

TUI Airways fly to Boa Vista and Sal airports from several UK international airports.

A direct flight to the Cape Verde islands from Miami, Florida would take under 8 hours (if you can find a direct flight). There are many other options if you’re prepare to stopover in Europe. Many passengers and travellers opt to fly to Europe, spend a night in a European capital, and fly out to the islands the next day, refreshed after their transatlantic trip.

Which airlines fly to Cape Verde?

Several airlines fly to Cape Verde, including TACV, TAP Air Portugal, and SATA. TACV is the national carrier of Cape Verde and offers direct flights from several destinations, including Lisbon, Madrid, and Boston. TAP Air Portugal also offers direct flights to Cape Verde from Lisbon, as well as indirect flights from some other cities.

SATA offers direct flights to Cape Verde from several cities in Europe, including Lisbon, Paris, and Frankfurt. In addition, many charter airlines offer seasonal services to Cape Verde. When planning your trip, be sure to check the schedules of all airlines to find the best flight options for your travel dates.

More than 2 flights, from 7h 25m

Porto, PortugalSal, Cape Verde
Time and stopsAirlineFlight numberScheduleFind tickets
18:00 → 23:25
1 Stop
Select dates

Flights between the domestic airports

The main carrier is BestFly Cabo Verde which has a fleet of two ATR72-600‘s. These carry a maximum of 70 passengers in economy seating, linking the domestic airports with the international flights in the hubs of Sal International Airport, Amílcar Cabral International Airport, and Boa Vista.

What is there to do in Cape Verde?

The ten islands that make up an archipelago that has something for everyone, whether you’re looking for a place to relax on the beach, go hiking or explore history. The islands are volcanic and there are some great hiking trails with stunning views.

Cape Verde was a Portuguese colony for centuries and there are many colonial buildings and ruins to explore. And of course, no trip to Cape Verde would be complete without spending some time on the beach. There are beautiful sandy beaches all around the islands as well as plenty of good restaurants and bars.

Boa Vista (Image by Matthias Lemm from Pixabay)

What are the names of the islands that make up Cape Verde?

Cape Verde is an archipelago made up of 10 islands and 8 islets, located off the coast of Senegal in West Africa. The islands are volcanic in origin, and range in size from the largest, Santiago, at 930 square kilometers, to the smallest, Branco, at just 5 square kilometers.

The landscape is diverse, with sandy beaches, rocky cliffs, and dry scrubland. The climate is also variable, from the arid conditions of Santo Antão to the subtropical climate of São Vicente. Despite its small size, Cape Verde has a population of over half a million people, who speak a Portuguese-based creole language.

Watersports and Wildlife

The islands are known for their beautiful beaches, clear waters, and excellent surfing conditions. There are several popular spots for surfing, windsurfing, and kitesurfing, scuba, diving and snorkeling. The warm water and abundant marine life make the Cape Verde islands a paradise for watersports enthusiasts. Whether you’re an experienced surfer or just getting started, you’re sure to find the perfect waves here.

The waters around the Islands are home to a diverse array of marine life. You can find everything from whales and dolphins to a variety of fish, sharks, and turtles. There are also many different types of coral, providing a colorful home for a wide range of small creatures. The ocean there is truly a wildlife paradise. Whether you’re snorkeling or scuba diving, you’re sure to see something new and exciting.

What is the national air carrier of Cape Verde?

The national air carrier is Cabo Verde Airlines (formerly TACV). The airline was established in the late 1958 and has since become the country’s leading air transporter. The airline provides service to a handful of destinations within Africa and Europe, with a focus on connecting Cape Verde to its island neighbors.

At the time of writing, the airline currently operates a single Boeing 757. In addition to regular passenger service, the airline also offers charter flights and cargo services. The airline is headquartered at Sal Island International Airport, with a secondary hub at Praia International Airport.

What is the population of Cape Verde?

The total population of the country is just over 565,000 people, making it one of the smallest countries in Africa. The majority of Cape Verdeans are of African descent, with significant minorities of European and Middle Eastern descent. The official language is Portuguese, although Cape Verdean Creole is also widely spoken.

Cape Verde has a long history of immigration and emigration, and as a result, its culture is highly diverse. Cape Verdeans have traditionally been a very welcoming people, and the country is known for its hospitality.

What is the history of Cape Verde?

Cape Verde’s history dates back to the 15th century when it was first settled by the Portuguese. Until that point, it was believed to be uninhabited. The islands were used as a staging ground for the slave trade and during the 16th and 17th centuries it was frequented by many pirates, privateers, and merchants.

With the abolition of the Atlantic Slave Trade, Cape Verde’s economy went into decline until it recovered again when it became an important waypoint for ships traveling between Europe and the Americas.

Today, Cape Verde is a popular tourist destination, known for its sandy beaches, warm weather, and vibrant culture. Despite its small size, Cape Verde has a rich history that has shaped its present-day identity. With direct flights into its international airports and onward flights to the domestic airports in Cape Verde, it’s now easy to explore its many attractions.

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The Flight Bag – Essential Luggage For Pilots & Passengers

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What is a flight bag?

A flight bag is a piece of luggage designed specifically for air travel. Flight bags are typically smaller than traditional suitcases and often have multiple compartments and enough storage space to help keep everything organized. They also usually have a shoulder strap or carry handle, which can be helpful when navigating through an airport.

In addition, many flight bags supplied to the US market are equipped with a TSA-approved lock, which helps to keep belongings secure during the journey. As an air travel passenger, whether you’re a frequent flyer or just taking a weekend getaway, a flight bag that has been designed for air travel can make life a little easier.

Who needs a flight bag?

As well as passengers, a flight bag is an extremely useful tool for pilots and any members of the aircrew, whether a private pilot or commercial airline captain. A sturdy flight bag will typically have several pockets and compartments to keep all essential items organized and within easy reach. This can include items such as aviation headsets, sectional charts, kneepads, checklists, fuel testers, and other items that may be needed during the flight.

In addition, a flight bag can also serve as a convenient place to store important personal items such as a passport or driver’s license (and more recently, additional health documentation).

For pilots who frequently fly into unfamiliar airports, a practical flight bag makes life just that little bit easier. It is essential to have quick and easy access to all of the necessary documents and resources, and a well-organized flight bag can make all the difference.

What makes a good flight bag?

A good flight bag should be spacious enough to fit everything you need, but not so large that it becomes cumbersome to carry or stow away, either in the cockpit or in the overhead lockers. The bag should also have several well-organized compartments to help keep everything in its place and it should be durable enough to withstand the rigors of travel.

For this reason, it should be made from high-quality materials that can resist wear and tear, and it should have strong straps and handles that won’t break under the weight of your belongings. With all of these features, a premium bag can make traveling easier and more enjoyable.

As a pilot, the best flight bag for you will have dedicated pockets and storage space for all the particular items you carry with you.

These pockets might include:

  • Two padded headset pockets
  • Fuel tester pockets
  • A large transceiver pocket
  • A zippered iPad pocket
  • A zippered rear pocket
  • Mesh pockets for easy access to items e.g. a water bottle
  • A zippered pocket or separate pockets for each or some of the following; sunglasses, spare batteries, flight plans, charging cords, and other gear

In addition to the exterior pockets you might want to consider these other bag features:

  • Padded laptop compartment
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Lined main compartment
  • Water resistant
  • J hook (to attach to other bags)

Pocket Cap Front

The pocket cap front is a large zippered pocket made up of a large flap that covers the entire front of the bag and it is secured with a snap closure or a zip, enabling quick access. The pocket cap front is typically used to store items such as an boarding pass, passport, or other documents. The pocket cap front is a feature you’ll see on almost every type of flight bag.

Choosing a flight bag suitable for passengers

When it comes to choosing a flight bag, there are a few things to take into account. First and foremost, you’ll want to make sure that the bag is the right size for your needs.

For air travelers, carry-on bags have strict size restrictions and these vary from one airline to another. Budget airlines and short-haul flights insist on smaller bags than long-haul flights, so be sure to check the dimensions of your bag before purchasing it.

Your decision will probably be based on the routes you most often fly. As a business traveler who makes several short-haul flights within the same country or continent each year, you might opt for a small bag than, for example, someone who travels long haul once a year to go on holiday.

Once you’ve found the perfect size, you can start to think about style. Do you want a bright and colorful bag that will stand out from the rest? Or are you looking for something more subdued? There are plenty of great options out there, so take your time and find the perfect bag for your travel requirements.

Ryanair non-priority carry-on bag limits are 25cm x 40cm x 20cm

The Student Pilot Flight Bag

During that initial rush of enthusiasm when student pilots start learning to fly there is the pleasure of buying all the gear needed for the weeks and months ahead. Some of this equipment may last well past the date of obtaining a pilot’s license. A battered flight bag may be a visible reminder of those early days of flight lesson nerves.

All this pilot gear could also be on a birthday or Christmas wishlist. However, your family and friends may not be familiar with the products and where to buy them, so you may have to send them a wishlist link or precise details if you’re to receive the flight bag and other pilot gear you have in mind.

The Pilot Flight Bag

A recreational pilot (PPL or similar) may simply continue using the flight bag that has served well during training, but commercial or airline pilots (CPL/ATPL, etc) may need something a bit more executive looking that befits the aircraft and the company image.

Wouldn’t that battered old flight bag from your student pilot days look a bit out of place in the cockpit of a Hawker 4000? Perhaps it’s time you treated yourself and upgraded to something a bit smarter, like a leather flight bag that matches the shine on your shoes and clean-cut of your uniform.

Pilot bags used by professional pilots will be by their side at all times and will not have to travel on a luggage cart at any point.

Where to buy your flight bag

Flight Outfitters

Flight Outfitters is an aviation apparel brand that is all about providing pilots and aviation enthusiasts with high-quality, stylish clothing. The brand offers a wide range of items, from T-shirts and hats to jackets and flight suits. In addition to their clothing line, Flight Outfitters also sells a variety of aviation-themed accessories, such as headphones, bags, and wallets.

Flight Outfitters bags can be inspected closely at about twenty retail locations in the USA, a few in Canada, and one in the UK. In addition, there are several in Europe. If you prefer to shop online then there are of course dozens of online retailers base in the USA, Germany, South Africa, Australia, and the UK. The Flight Outfitters lift bag is a popular choice.

Flight Outfitters Bush Pilot Bag
  • 2 padded headset pockets
  • Front organizer pocket
  • Felt Flight Outfitters signature orange interior
  • Canvas with leather accents
  • Metal hardware and padded shoulder strap

Frequent Flyer Flight Bags

For air travelers, the best flight bags don’t need to be quite as compartmentalized as those used by airline captains carrying assorted amounts of flying gear. An excellent bag for a passenger will be made from durable material and have enough space for all their essential gear. They may also want a padded iPad pocket, several external pockets, perhaps a padded laptop sleeve, and a padded shoulder strap.

Like aviator sungglasses, flight bags are often used by people who not only have no practical connection with aviation but may not share any interest in it. Their only interest is in aviation is a comfortable flight with punctual departure and arrival times.

For you, maybe flight bags are a stlyish accessory, a practical bag made perhaps out of oiled South American cowhide. You may not need a bush pilot bag but you like the style, it’s colour and its leather accents on the canvas edges, and you just want bag features such as an organizer pocket, rolling luggage handles, adjustable strap, and enough room for all your accessories.

Vancropak Travel Backpack, 40L Flight Approved Carry On Backpack

This spacious and stylish backpack is designed for both men and women and meets the maximum size allowed by IATA flights. The expandable design allows you to store everything from clothes to toiletries. Whether you’re hitting the road for a weekend getaway or taking a business trip, this carry-on backpack will make packing a breeze.

The Vancropak Travel Backpack has a spacious main compartment and separate mesh pocket, it has plenty of room to store all your travel gear. The internal compression elastic straps keep everything secure, while the front compartment with various pockets is perfect for storing notebooks, pens, earphones, and other small items.

And the anti-theft back pocket is ideal for keeping your valuables safe. The Vancropak Travel Backpack is large enough to hold everything you need for a comfortable trip, and its stylish design makes it a great choice for both men and women.

It features an air-mesh ventilated back panel, adjustable chest straps, and four exterior side compression buckles to help keep your belongings secure. Plus, the thickened sponge handles and shoulder straps provide extra comfort when you’re carrying your bag.

Travel Backpack, 40L Carry On Backpack for Men, TSA Flight Approved Weekender Backpack, Water Resistant Luggage Backpack for Outdoor,Black
  • Large Capacity : carry-on travel backpack offers a roomy and well-organized main compartment that's secured shut with double zippers and four external compression straps. Unzipped, the inside flap offers a full-width zippered mesh compartment—great for larger items or keeping contents separate from the main compartment. Inside the main compartment, there are two adjustable compression straps to help keep contents in place.
  • Expandable & Flight Approved Size: Weekender backpack's regular dimension : 20*14*7inch(Expandable size: 20*14*9inch) , You can created an extra room by zipper closure expansion according to your requirement . It's complies with the flight regulations that fit the allowed maximum size of an IATA flights. You can easily put it on airplane luggage rack as well as the under seat storage. And the 180 degree zipper closure help you go through the security check quickly and keep the inside items tight
  • Reduce Pressure Feature: Luggage backpack with adjustable anti-slip sternum strap that can be adjusted upward or downward by quick release buckle for distribute the weight from your shoulder. And 4 exterior compression buckle straps help to pack more compact for stabilization and maximum carry comfort, Also reduced stress on the zippers. Upgraded adjustable shoulder straps buckle for long lasting and durability. It's convenient for worldwide travelers
  • Convenient for Multi Occasion Use: Flight Approved backpack is easy to carry , Back pocket can hide its shoulder straps when not using. With two comfortable handles that set both on top and one side of the backpack make it even more convenient when you want to take it with your hand. This multiple pockets backpack allowing a more flexible carrying experience and easy to carry around for travelers and weekenders
  • Durable & Comfy Use: Expandable backpack made of durable polyester and anti-scratch material. Water-Resistant fabric feature can provide a protection against in drizzle day. This 40L luggage backpack with Ergonomic Design can decrease the pressure of shoulder and neck, Let you feel comfortable even withstand heavy package for your weekend daypack travel

Other Flight Bags

Headset Flight Bags

Your aviation headset may be an item that you want to carry for quick access in a compact bag specifically designed for the task, rather than in the zip pocket of a larger bag. You may need to make it easily accessible in a dark cockpit, for example.

The Simple Flyer Alpha Pilot Headset Flight Bag is the perfect bag for aviation professionals and student pilots. It has a large headset pocket, a protected iPad inner pocket, and pockets for pens, phone chargers, and everything else needed to be easily reached. The large side pockets are perfect for water bottles, sunglasses, view limiting devices, handheld radios, ADS-B receivers, etc. Simple Flyer’s Alpha Pilot Headset Flight Bag is made of durable rip-stop nylon fabric that will last in harsh environments.

Other Travel Bags

Messenger Bags

A messenger bag is a type of shoulder bag that was often used by bicycle messengers, hence the name. The design of the bag allows it to be worn across the body, leaving the hands free to ride a bike.

Messenger bags are often made from durable materials such as canvas or leather, and they often have several pockets to help keep everything organized. A messenger bag is are very often a sturdy bag and makes very good laptop bag.

Many people now use messenger bags as an alternative to a traditional briefcase, backpack, or flight bag, as they can be more comfortable to carry and offer easy access to the contents. However, messenger bags tend to have just one large compartment, so they don’t keep everything separated.

Bestseller No. 1
Aerolite New Summer 2022 Ryanair Cabin Bags 40x20x25 Maximum Size Foldable Carry On Premium Bag Holdall Small Lightweight Cabin Luggage Under seat Flight Travel Duffel Bag with 5 Year Guarantee
  • RYANAIR MAXIMUM CABIN LUGGAGE SIZE: We specifically designed our Aerolite holdall to measure 40x20x25cm; which is EXACTLY the maximum allowed size you can take for free in the cabin when flying with Ryanair. It is also accepted on virtually all major airlines world-wide; Including easyJet, British Airways, Etihad, Emirates, Delta, Flybe, Lufthansa, Norwegian, Jet2, KLM, Quatar, Wizz Air and Virgin Atlantic to name just a few!
  • UNDERSEAT FLIGHT BAG: This compact holdall is the perfect piece of cabin hand luggage for your travels. It is a convenient under seat flight bag that is made to fit within the guidelines and perfect for your travels. Dimensions: 40x20x25cm, Weight: 0.45kg, Capacity: 20L.
  • SAFE AND SECURE: No need to worry about the safety of your belongings. This holdall features a spacious and lockable main compartment to help keep your items safe. The convenient front zipped pocket is an ideal space for your travel documents and any items you need quick access to throughout your flight, such as books, headphones, snacks and electronic devices.
  • CARRY BY HAND, WEAR ON YOUR SHOULDER, OR MOUNT OVER LARGER LUGGAGE: The HOLD615 is highly adaptable. It features two handles on the top with a velcro clasp to carry by hand. If you prefer to wear your bag on your shoulder, it includes a length-adjustable shoulder strap for convenience. Or if you’re travelling with a larger cabin case or hold luggage, it features a dedicated mounting strap on the rear – allowing you to mount the bag over your extendable trolley handle.
  • 5 YEAR WARRANTY: Our durable holdall bags are designed to last but for peace of mind, Aerolite offer a 5 year guarantee replacement service covering all manufacturing defects.
Bestseller No. 2
AEROLITE 40x30x15 New and Improved 2022 British Airways, EasyJet, Virgin Atlantic, KLM Holdall, Cabin Luggage Under Seat Flight Bag, Black
  • BRITISH AIRWAYS, KLM & AIR FRANCE MAX SIZE: We specifically designed our flight bag to measure 40x30x15, allowing you to take our bag for free in the cabin when flying with these airlines. It is also the maximum free carry on/personal item size for Finnair, Iberia, Pegasus, Scandinavian SAS, TAP Portugal and Turkish Airlines. Plus, it is also accepted as carry on luggage on several other major airlines world-wide; including easyJet, Ryanair, LOT and many more!
  • LARGE MAIN COMPARTMENT: This large capacity holdall is the perfect piece of cabin hand luggage for your travels. It is a convenient under seat flight bag with a large main compartment - which provides plenty of storage space for anything that you need throughout your flight; such as books, headphones, snacks and electronic devices. Dimensions: 40x30x15cm, Weight: 0.55kg, Capacity: 18L.
  • SAFE AND SECURE: No need to worry about the safety of your belongings, as the holdall features a main compartment which is lockable using the loops in the zips to keep your belongings secure. The bag also features a convenient front zipped pocket which is ideal for any small items you need to access at a moment’s notice - including boarding passes, travel documents and your passport.
  • WEAR ON YOUR SHOULDER, OR MOUNT OVER LARGER LUGGAGE: Our holdall is highly adaptable. When wearing the bag on your shoulder, it includes a length-adjustable shoulder strap for convenience. Or if you’re travelling with a larger cabin case or hold luggage, it features a dedicated mounting strap on the rear – allowing you to mount the bag over your extendable trolley handle.
  • 2 YEAR WARRANTY: The bag also comes complete with a 2 Year Warranty covering all manufacturing defects for full peace of mind.
Bestseller No. 3
KEPLIN Cabin Approved Lightweight Travel Bag with Wheels, Hand Luggage Suitcase Trolley, Carry on Case, Flight Bag (Navy)
  • CABIN APPROVED - Designed to fit in most airlines overhead compartments. Dimensions: 52 cm x 34 cm x 18 cm, Weight (Approx.) 1.70 kg
  • STRONG WHEELS - Allows rolling in multiple directions with ease
  • LIGHTWEIGHT - Made from durable nylon & polyester material which maintains a good balance between lightweight and firmness
  • QUALITY DESIGN - Fully lined tear resistant material designed for comfort
  • PULL UP HANDLE - Making it easy to move and making your journey pleasant, comfortable and safe
Bestseller No. 4
Aerolite New Summer 2022 Ryanair 40x20x25 Maximum Size Hand Cabin Luggage Approved Travel Carry On Holdall Lightweight Shoulder Bag Backpack Rucksack Flight Bag with YKK Zippers 5 Year Warranty
  • PREMIUM FEATURES: The 3 in 1 multi-purpose design allows you to transport your items exactly the way you want. The bag features a padded mesh backrest and can be worn as a backpack for hands-free transportation. The straps can be stored when not in use in the handy zip pocket provided. The bag can also be carried on your shoulder using the detachable shoulder strap, or carried by hand as a holdall using the soft reinforced top or side carry handles.
  • RYANAIR MAXIMUM CABIN LUGGAGE SIZE: We specifically designed the BPMAX03 bag to measure 40x20x25cm; which is EXACTLY the maximum allowed size you can take for free in the cabin when flying with Ryanair. It is also accepted on virtually all major airlines world-wide; Including easyJet, British Airways, Etihad, Emirates, Delta, Flybe, Lufthansa, Norwegian, Jet2, KLM, Quatar, Wizz Air and Virgin Atlantic to name just a few! Weight: 0.95kg, Capacity: 18L.
  • ORGANISED: This backpack is ideal for those travelling light. It features three dedicated zipped compartments. The spacious main compartment features packing straps for your clothes and shoes. The middle pocket is for your tech; with a tablet pouch (fitting screens up to 10.1”), and smaller pockets for your accessories. It also has a waterproof pocket for toiletries. The smaller front pocket is perfect for stationery and smaller possessions. Plus, there’s even a water-bottle holder on the side.
  • USB CHARGING PORT: The bag features a built in USB charging port on the outside, so you can easily charge your mobile devices whilst on the go. Simply place your own powerpack into the internal powerpack pocket (fits powerpacks up to 18x8x2cm – powerpack not included) and use the USB cable supplied to wire it to the port. You can then use your own charger cable to charge your device, without having to lug a heavy powerpack around in your pockets.
  • SECRET RFID COMPARTMENT, YKK ZIPPERS & 5 YEAR WARRANTY: The bag features a special secret hidden compartment with an RFID-blocking lining – so your credit cards are safe from fraudsters while on the move. The YKK zippers have been precision engineered to pass the toughest of abrasion resistance tests and ensure that the contents of your luggage are well protected. The bag also comes complete with a 5 Year Warranty covering all manufacturing defects for full peace of mind.
Bestseller No. 5
MARKRYDEN Laptop Backpack Business Carry-on Travel Backpack, Lightweight Flight-Approved Expandable Bag with USB Charging Port fit 17.3 Laptop 26-38L
  • 【IATA Flights Size】40*30*17 CM (Normal 26L). 45*30*27 CM(Expanded 38L), Weight:1.3KG ,fits for 17.3 Inch laptop. Design to fit the allowed maximum size of an IATA flights, enough space for your personal stuff for a long journey.
  • 【180° opened & Multiple compartments】The travel backpack can open freely at 90 to 180 degree like a suitcase,Easy to take out and put in. Thickened PC layer ×1,iPad layer × 1,Large clothes layer × 2,front layer × 2 for books and little goods,WATER-PROOF compartment × 1 for Toiletries and wet clothes,There are also several compartments for bottle and small items (the detailed situation of the product may refer to the image).
  • 【Water-Repellent Material】This Business laptop backpack made of durable Nylon and Hydrophobic molecular materials,Can protect your backpack from rain erosion. With SBS metal zippers,Open your backpack smoothly.👍Comfortable and breathable sponge mesh design of the back and straps,meaning it's more comfortable carrying a heavy load, relieves the stress of your shoulder.
  • 【USB Charging Port】External USB charger port with built-in charging cable offers a more convenient way,Release your hands. *Please noted, Powerbank do not included.
  • 【Perfect Travel Companion】A good choice on the go - Fashion laptop bag with sturdy luggage belt lets you pull suitcase with one hand, great for school, university, weekend getaway, occasional travel, gyms, everyday work, business, trip, camping and hiking.
SaleBestseller No. 6
MOCOCITO 15Pcs Airport Security Liquid Bag Clear Toiletry Bag Flight Clear Liquid Bag 20cm x 20cm Airport Liquid Bags Reusable Bag Approved by EU & UK Hand Luggage Regulations
  • EU Regulation Dimensions: These clear bags are 20 X 20 cm which adhere to current EU liquid security check in regulations
  • COMPLETELY TRANSPARENT, no color and no logo to avoid repacking while waiting to go through airport security checks.
  • CONVENIENT HANDLE to carry liquid toiletries easily, it helps you speeds up Security Check at Airports.
  • 15 Packs: These come with 15 bags .
  • STRONG and REUSABLE - Made from strong materials, super flexible and durable. It provides a long-term using experience and protect your items from water, dust and sand.
Bestseller No. 7
DUA Lightweight Strong Cabin Sized Approved Hand Luggage/Flight Bag/Travel Bag/Over Night Bag Multi Box 5 Year Warranty
  • Cabin size approved hand luggage
  • Durable lightweight material
  • 1 Large main zipper compartment; 1 Front zipper pocket
  • Dimensions: H 47cm X W 30cm x D 20cm; Capacity: 28L; Weight: 670g
  • 5 Year Manufacturers Warranty
Bestseller No. 8
Ryanair Small Second Hand Luggage Travel Cabin Shoulder Flight Bag Fits 40x20x25 (Black)
  • Size: 40x20x25cm - Designed for the Ryanair Second Carry on Hand Luggage Allowance, measuring exactly 40x20x25
  • Capacity: 20L Capacity / Weighs only 300g!
  • It features a top carry handle, as well as an adjustable shoulder strap for comfortable wearing. A front zip is the ideal passport pocket for easy access.
  • Strong, tough and easy to open design makes this bag great for Hand Luggage, as well as the Gym, as a Sports Bag
Bestseller No. 9
5 Cities 40x20x25 Ryanair Maximum Sized 2022 Under Seat Cabin Holdall Travel Flight Bag – Take The Max on Board! (Navy)
  • RYANAIR MAXIMUM CABIN LUGGAGE SIZE: We specifically designed our 5 Cities holdall to measure 40x25x20cm; which is EXACTLY the maximum allowed size you can take for free in the cabin when flying with Ryanair. It is also accepted on virtually all major airlines world-wide; Including easyJet, British Airways, Etihad, Emirates, Delta, Flybe, Lufthansa, Norwegian, Jet2, KLM, Quatar, Wizz Air and Virgin Atlantic to name just a few!
  • RYANAIR MAXIMUM CABIN LUGGAGE SIZE: We specifically designed our 5 Cities holdall to measure 40x25x20cm; which is EXACTLY the maximum allowed size you can take for free in the cabin when flying with Ryanair. It is also accepted on virtually all major airlines world-wide; Including easyJet, British Airways, Etihad, Emirates, Delta, Flybe, Lufthansa, Norwegian, Jet2, KLM, Quatar, Wizz Air and Virgin Atlantic to name just a few!
  • RYANAIR MAXIMUM CABIN LUGGAGE SIZE: We specifically designed our 5 Cities holdall to measure 40x25x20cm; which is EXACTLY the maximum allowed size you can take for free in the cabin when flying with Ryanair. It is also accepted on virtually all major airlines world-wide; Including easyJet, British Airways, Etihad, Emirates, Delta, Flybe, Lufthansa, Norwegian, Jet2, KLM, Quatar, Wizz Air and Virgin Atlantic to name just a few!
  • UNDERSEAT FLIGHT BAG: This compact holdall is the perfect piece of cabin hand luggage for your travels. It is a convenient under seat flight bag which allows quick access to anything that you need throughout your flight, such as books, headphones, snacks and electronic devices. Dimensions: 40x20x25cm, Weight: 0.45kg, Capacity: 20L.
  • SAFE AND SECURE: No need to worry about the safety of your belongings, this holdall features a spacious and lockable main compartment to help keep your belongings safe on your travels. The convenient front zipped pocket is an ideal space for your travel documents and any items you need to quick access to.
Bestseller No. 10
Aerolite Ryanair Maximum Size 40x20x25cm Hand Cabin Luggage Hard Shell Travel Carry On Holdall Shoulder Under Seat Flight Bag 40x20x25 Charcoal
  • RYANAIR MAXIMUM CABIN LUGGAGE SIZE: We specifically designed the HOLD611-322 holdall to measure 40x25x20cm; which is EXACTLY the maximum allowed size you can take for free in the cabin when flying with Ryanair. It is also accepted on virtually all major airlines world-wide; Including easyJet, British Airways, Etihad, Emirates, Delta, Flybe, Lufthansa, Norwegian, Jet2, KLM, Quatar, Wizz Air and Virgin Atlantic to name just a few! Weight: 1.2kg, Capacity: 20L.
  • ABS HARD SHELL HYBRID PROTECTION: The side panels of the bag are made from scratch-resistant ABS hard shell plastic to protect the contents from bumps and scrapes from both sides. ABS is also extremely light. The central section is made from flexible yet rip-resistant polyester material for lightness; and also to allow you to pack as much as possible inside.
  • CARRY BY HAND, WEAR ON YOUR SHOULDER, OR MOUNT OVER LARGER LUGGAGE: The HOLD611-322 is highly adaptable. It features two handles on the top with a velcro clasp to carry by hand. If you prefer to wear your bag on your shoulder, it includes a detachable length-adjustable non-slip shoulder strap for convenience. Or if you’re travelling with a larger cabin case or hold luggage, it features a dedicated mounting strap on the rear – allowing you to mount the bag over your extendable trolley handle.
  • DUAL ZIP CLOSURE: The holdall features two openings for convenience. The main opening runs across the entire length of the bag; and can be used when packing/unpacking. It also features a handy U-Shaped opening on the top of the bag; which can be used to quickly access your essentials (such as passports, travel documents or other travel essentials), without having to open the bag up fully or items spilling out. Both feature dual-zip closure, which can be locked shut for security if required.
  • RIGID BASE, WATERPROOF INTERIOR POCKET & 2 YEAR WARRANTY: The interior features a fold-down rigid base liner for when the bag is in use. When not in use, you can fold the liner up to compress the bag for easier storage. The interior also features two elasticated pockets (perfect for toiletry bottles), and a clear waterproof pocket for toothbrushes or wet items. Finally, the holdall comes complete with a 2 Year Warranty covering all manufacturing defects, so you can buy with absolute confidence!
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Gifts For Flight Attendants – 15 Ideas That Will Be Appreciated

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The best gifts for flight attendants are often those that take into account their busy schedules, long shifts, and varying locations. Sometimes it’s the simple gifts that make all the difference and which are appreciated by the recipient. Others may prefer a more traditional gift that says it with flowers or chocolate.

Obviously, you’ll have to choose based on what you know about the flight attendant in your life. Better to put some thought into your gift ideas for your special someone. You want to make some impact and not just provide just another nice gesture, as welcome as that might be.

The best flight attendant gifts include items that any traveler would appreciate. For example, a nice piece of luggage or a travel pillow can make their trips more comfortable. A bottle of good wine or a gourmet food basket is also a great way to show your appreciation for their hard work.

Consider arranging to have a bouquet, flowers, extra special chocolates, or a bottle of champagne waiting for them in the hotel room when they arrive after a tiring flight. That would be a pleasant and welcome surprise. Whatever you choose, just be sure to pick something that will help show your appreciation for the work they do and the individual that they are.

Note: What follows are ideas for flight attendant gifts that assume you have some personal connection with the recipient. Flight attendants and the flight crew may also be given gifts from off-duty flight attendants among the other passengers.

A Spa Package Voucher

Flight attendants work long hours and usually don’t have a lot of time to themselves. A spa package would make a great gift for them. It would be a way for them to relax and rejuvenate after a long day or several days with patchy sleep. There are many different types of spa packages available, so you can find one that fits their preferences and needs.

For example, you could get them a package that includes a massage, facial, and manicure/pedicure. Or, you could get them a package that includes a day at the sauna or hot springs. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s something that will help them relax and feel refreshed.

Tip: If one is available, buy a voucher that can be used in various destinations around the world so that your flight attendant friend can choose the location and the date according to her or his schedule.

Travel Pillow

Look for a pillow that is specifically designed for airplane travel, as it will typically be smaller and more compact than a traditional pillow. It’s also important to find a pillow that is comfortable and supportive, as flight attendants often have to sleep in uncomfortable positions.

A neck pillow can be a good option, as it can help to prop up the head and prevent neck pain. Alternatively, an inflatable pillow can be easily packed into a carry-on bag and inflated when needed. Whichever type of pillow you choose, make sure to select one that is durable and easy to clean.

Destination Guidebook

When it comes to finding the perfect gift for flight attendants, a destination guide can be a great option. After all, they are always on the go and may appreciate having a handy reference to help them plan their travels. Plus, a destination guide can be personalized to include the recipient’s favorite places or even tailored to their preferred type of travel.

Whether you choose a traditional paper guidebook or an electronic one, make sure to include some tips on how to make the most of layovers and where to find the best food and drink options at each airport. With a thoughtful guide in hand, your favorite flight attendant will be able to make the most of every trip – no matter where their travels take them.

Check the date on which the guide was originally published and ensure that it’s the latest version. The Lonely Planet guides are a popular choice.

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

If you’re a frequent flyer, you will probably know how important it is to have a good pair of noise-canceling headphones. Not only do they help you to block out the endless chatter of your seatmates, but they also allow you to get some much-needed rest on long flights. That’s why noise-canceling headphones would make an excellent gift for flight attendants.

Not only would they appreciate the chance to catch up on some sleep on their days off, but they could also use them to tune out disruptive passengers during flights. In addition, noise-canceling headphones are relatively affordable, so you wouldn’t have to break the bank to give them as a gift. Whether you’re looking for a stocking stuffer or a more significant present, they would be sure to appreciate a pair of noise-canceling headphones.

Gourmet Food Basket

After a long day looking after the needs and whims of all the passengers, your tired flight attendant needs some downtime in the hotel. The trouble is, room service isn’t always a savory option. The menu might be brief, the options unappetizing, and the wait for over-priced food that may arrive lukewarm would be another big disappointment.

A gourmet food basket waiting for him or her on arrival in the hotel room is one possible solution. This can be filled with items like fresh fruit, artisan cheese, and gourmet chocolate.

Photo by Abby AR on Unsplash

Travel Size Toiletries

Air travel can be tough on the eyes, the face, the hair, and the rest of the body. It can be especially hard on those who have to fly for a living. Most airlines have strict rules about the appearance of their crews. An immaculate appearance every time they board the airplane is essential, so self care is part of the job, not just vanity.

That’s why a set of travel-sized toiletries makes an excellent gift for flight attendants. However, you’ll have to be a little bit clever in determining the right brands for her or him. Some people will only use one or two brands.

On the other hand, a novelty travel set might be appreciated for the surprise or because it’s a brand they’ve not heard of before. So next time you’re looking for a gift for your favorite flight attendant, consider a set of travel-size toiletries. It’s sure to be appreciated.

Travel Tote Bag

A busy flight attendant needs a bag that can keep up with her/his lifestyle. An all-purpose travel tote bag is another great gift idea. This bag should be roomy enough to hold all of the essentials, but also lightweight and easy to carry. Tote bags often feature multiple pockets and compartments or easy organization of items and have adjustable straps so that they can be worn as shoulder bag or crossbody bags. Always choose one that is stylish, taking into account the color and style of the flight attendant’s uniform.

Flight Attendant Autobiographies

Flight attendant autobiographies make great gifts for people who work in the same field. The cabin crew can relate to the stories written by other crew members. There are a lot of stories to be told about passenger air travel during recent years and past decades, and happily, some attendants have written tell-all books about their experiences (even if some names are left out for legal reasons!).

For anyone just starting out on a career with the airlines, these books offer an inside look at what it is really like to be a flight attendant, and they provide insight into the challenges and rewards of the job. If you know someone who is interested in this career or who simply wants to learn more about it, consider giving them one of these books as a gift. It will offer them a fascinating glimpse into the life of a flight attendant.

History of Flight Attendants Book

If you know a flight attendant who loves history, then the perfect gift for them is a book about the history of flight attendants. Such books chronicle the brave women who first took to the skies as part of the early aviation industry, as well as the challenges they faced in a male-dominated field.

They also highlight the important role that flight attendants have played in promoting safety and customer service, making it an essential read for anyone interested in the aviation industry. Best of all, such books are filled with fascinating stories and anecdotes from throughout the history of flight attendants, making it a a great gift idea for anyone who loves to learn about this era of aviation history.

Scratch-off World Map

Flight attendants are constantly crisscrossing the globe and exploring new places. So, what do you get them as a gift? Something that will help them keep track of all their travels, of course! A scratch-off world map is a perfect present for any jet-setting friend. They can use it to record where they’ve been and where they still want to go. Plus, it’s a fun way to visually share their adventures with friends and family, making it a great conversation piece. So, next time you need a gift for your favorite globetrotter, don’t forget the scratch-off world map!

Universal Travel Adapter

Traveling can be a stressful experience, especially if you’re constantly jumping between time zones. For flight attendants, it’s important to have a few key items on hand that can help make the transition a little bit smoother. A universal travel adapter is one of those items. With this handy device, they can easily charge their electronics no matter where they are in the world. Not only is it a useful gift, but it’s also something that will be appreciated and used often.

Hanging Toiletry Bag

From mini bottles of shampoo to full-sized containers of foundation, there are endless possibilities for spillage and leaks. A hanging toiletry bag is a perfect gift for any flight attendant on your list. These bags have multiple compartments and pockets that can be used to organize all of the different toiletries, and they can be hung up in a bathroom or closet to prevent spills.

In addition, many hanging toiletry bags come with hooks that can be used to hang towels or other items, making them even more versatile. Whether your flight attendant friend is looking for a way to stay organized or simply wants a gift that is both practical and stylish, a hanging toiletry bag is sure to fit the bill.

Luggage Shoe Bag

Among the least glamorous flight attendant gifts is a bag in which to put their dirty shoes. As a flight attendant you have limited luggage space. Everything you need is neatly packed into one small cabin sized suitcase, but what about your spare shoes? Suppose you want to take trainers for a run at your stopover? They may get dirty and stuffing them into your luggage risks marking your clothes.

This handy accessory is designed to hold up to two pairs of shoes, keeping them clean and organized while you travel. And best of all, it’s small enough to fit into any carry-on bag or suitcase.

Starbucks Vouchers

Starbucks gift cards are an excellent choice for flight attendants, as they can be used to purchase coffee, tea, or snacks before or after their shifts. Saving them the extra cost of buying food and refreshments at what are often higher prices in the airport arrivals areas will be appreciated. Flight attendant salaries are often not that high so anything that can save them some money as they pass through the airport is always very welcome.

Travel Cutlery Gift Set

The Travel Cutlery Gift Set is a great option for flight attendants who want a personal set that they can keep in their pocket or hand luggage. The set includes a knife, fork, and spoon that are durable and easy to clean. The carrying case is also designed to fit easily in a uniform pocket, making it convenient for flight attendants to grab when they need it. For example, on arrival at the hotel when they’re greeted by that gourmet food basket you bought (see above).

Rehydration & Electrolyte Replacement

Flight attendants are always on the go, and that can take a toll on their bodies. Rehydration and electrolyte replacement is essential for maintaining their health and energy levels. A good gift for a flight attendant would be something that helps them to stay hydrated and replenish their electrolytes. A water bottle with a filter is a great option, as it will help to remove impurities from the water they drink while also making it taste better.

A portable electrolyte powder or gel pack is also a good choice, as it can be easily added to water or other beverages. giving them the boost they need to get through a long shift. Helping a flight attendant stay healthy and hydrated is a thoughtful way to show you appreciate all they do.

Mini Hot Water Bottle

Flight attendants have to deal with a lot of stress on the job and as a result, it can be difficult for them to get a good night’s sleep. A mini hot water bottle might be a welcome sight at the end of a flight attendant’s day. It can be used to relax muscles and ease tension, and it can also be placed under the covers to provide extra warmth on a cold night.

Thanks to its small size, the water bottle can easily be packed in a carry-on bag, making it an ideal travel companion. So if you know a flight attendant who could use some extra relaxation, a mini hot water bottle is a great idea.


When it comes to flight attendant gift ideas it doesn’t have to be an expensive gift but it should be something of good quality. Take into account the recipient’s travel plans, the country they’re flying to, and the airline that employs them. Don’t buy anything too heavy as you don’t want to add extra weight to their luggage.

For most flight attendants the best gift ideas are those that make their travel experiences a little easier and more enjoyable during their free time. On the other hand, great gift ideas can be just a token of your affection and appreciation for them.

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The Best Flight Attendant Quotes From 90 Years Of Air Travel

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In this blog post, we will take a look at some of the best flight attendant quotes from the last 90 years. Submit your own to have them included.

Commercial air travel has been around for almost a century, and during that time flight attendants have become an essential part of the experience. They are responsible for ensuring the safety and comfort of passengers, and they often provide a much-needed sense of humor during long flights.

“The cabin crew is there to make sure you have a safe and comfortable flight. But if you’re looking for someone to hold your hand, you’re out of luck.”

This quote from a flight attendant sums up the job nicely. Cabin crew are responsible for the safety and well-being of passengers, but they’re not there to coddle or entertain (though it’s not uncommon to see a flight attendant helping with babies and infants).

The vast majority of the billions of passengers who have tasted flight since commercial aviation first become an affordable travel option have been looked after by one or more flight attendants that make up the cabin crew.

So if you’re looking for in-flight entertainment, you might want to bring your own. But if you need a firm hand to help you stay safe, the cabin crew is always happy to oblige.

Flight Attendants Quotes

“I have always believed that flight attendants are the real unsung heroes of the skies.” ~ Stephanie Adams

“A flight attendant is like a momma bear. We take care of our passengers and make sure they’re comfortable and safe.” ~ Barbara Foster

“Being a flight attendant is more than just serving drinks and providing pillows. It’s about making people feel at home even when they’re miles away from home.” ~ Dora Swanson

“You know you’re a flight attendant when you wear makeup and sensible shoes every day.”

“All women are created equal but only the finest become flight attendants.”

“For most people, the sky’s the limit. For flight attendants the sky is home.”

“Dear Sleep, I’m very sorry that I didn’t appreciate you when I was little. Now that I’m a Flight Attendant I can’t seem to get enough of you. Sincerely, Me.”

“Keep calm and date a flight attendant.”

“Keep calm and kiss a flight attendant.”

Cabin Crew Funny Quotes

Cabin crew members are known for their ability to keep passengers safe and comfortable during flights. But a few also have a reputation for being able to make people laugh with their clever quips and witty remarks. Here are some of the funniest things flight attendants have been known to say:

“In the event of an emergency, please make sure your seat belt is securely fastened. And if you really want to be safe, you can always try holding on to the person next to you.”

“Welcome aboard Flight 1313. Destination: Halloween Town.”

“Please make sure your tray tables and seat backs are in their full upright and locked positions. We wouldn’t want anyone getting a mouthful of airline food.”

“In case of an emergency, please refer to the inflight safety card located in the seat pocket in front of you. Or better yet, just ask the person sitting next to you.”

“The only time you have too much fuel is when you’re on fire.”

“No, we cannot turn the air conditioning up any higher…it will start raining.”

“There may be 50 ways to leave your lover…but there are only 4 ways out of this airplane.”

You know you’re a flight attendant when:

  • You never unpack
  • You look to the ceiling when the doorbell chimes
  • You always point with two fingers
  • You look for the “Crew Line” at the grocery store
  • You know a meaning for “crop dusting” that has nothing to do with agriculture
  • You can recognise pilots from the back of their heads but not by their faces
  • You can’t stand the frequent flyer guy who says, “I fly more than you do”
  • You know better not to date a pilot
  • You know cities by their three letter abbreviations

What a Flight Attendant Might Say Before Flight

“To operate your seat belt, insert the metal tab into the buckle and pull tight. It works just like every other seat belt, and if you don’t know how to operate on you probably shouldn’t be out in public unsupervised.”

“There are 50 ways to leave your lover but there are only 4 ways to leave this airplane.”

“In the event of a crash some of you will die over here and someo of you will die over there.”

What a Flight Attendant Might Say at Takeoff & Ascend

“Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve reached cruising altitude and will now be turning down the cabin lights. This is for your comfort and to enhance the appearance of the flight attendants.”

What a Flight Attendant Might Say During The Flight

“In the event of a sudden loss of cabin pressure masks will descend from the ceiling. Stop screaming, grab the mask, and pull it over your face. If you have a small child traveling with you secure your own mask before assisting them with theirs. If you are traveling with more than one child, pick your favorite first.”

What a Flight Attendant Might Say After Landing

“Please take care when opening the overhead lockers because after a landing like that we’re sure as hell everything has shifted.”

“Please be sure to take all your belongings with you before you leave the aircraft. If you are going to leave anything behind, please make sure it’s something we’d like to have.”

“Thank you for flying on our airline. We hope you enjoyed giving us the business as much as we enjoyed taking you for a ride.”

What Passengers Say About The Cabin Crew

Some passengers have said that the cabin crew are the glue that holds a flight together. They are the ones who make sure that everything runs smoothly, and they often go above and beyond to make sure that passengers have a good flight by introducing humor to alleviate stressful situations or to gain the attention of bored passengers.

“The flight attendants are like angels in the sky.”

This quote comes from an anonymous passenger who was interviewed by USA Today in 2015. The passenger was talking about his experience on a Virgin America flight from Los Angeles to San Francisco. He said that the flight attendant made him feel comfortable and at home and that she was always quick to help him in the event of an emergency.

Sometimes, the cabin crew members are not always complimented.

“I’m not sure what the flight attendant’s name was, but I think it was ‘No.'”

“I asked the flight attendant if she could turn off the air conditioning. She told me she couldn’t, but she turned off the passenger.”

“That must be strange, cheating on your wife with a flight attendant. They’re in bed and she says, ‘In the event that wife should come home early please notice the location of the nearest emergency exit.'” ~ Jay Leno

“It’s now possible for a flight attendant to get a pilot pregnant.” ~ Richard J. Ferris

“You don’t ever want to hear ‘pray’ from a flight attendant.” ~ David Sedaris

How to praise a Flight Attendant

There’s nothing like a cabin crew member who goes above and beyond to make your flight more comfortable. Whether it’s bringing you a pillow and blanket when you’re cold, getting you an extra drink when you’re thirsty, or just being friendly and attentive, they really do make the flying experience better. So, how can you let them know that you appreciate their efforts? Here are a few ideas:

  • Simply say “thank you.” A cabin crew member will appreciate hearing those two simple words.
  • Smile, be friendly and courteous. It’s amazing how much of a difference a smile can make.
  • If they go above and beyond, consider writing a positive review or filling out a customer feedback form. This is a great way to let their superiors know that they’re doing a good job.
  • Lastly, don’t forget to say goodbye and thank them again as you exit the plane. A kind word goes a long way!

Inflight Dramas involving Flight Attendants

The cabin crew may be called up to peform all kinds of activities at 36,000 feet. Examples ore events that have occurred include:

  • Delivering a baby
  • Giving CPR to a passenger
  • Dealing with drunk, drugged, or deranged passengers who try to open the aircraft door mid-flight
  • Dealing with similarly intoxicated passengers who verbally abuse other members of the crew or other passengers
  • Restraining physically violent passengers
  • Preparing passengers for a forced landing on land or water
  • Helping passengers to evacuate an aircraft before they can leave it themselves

Happily, most of these events are very rare and even the medical emergencies are not that common. Nevertheless, it just goes to show how resourceful and courages flight attendants need to be in stressful situations.

Famous Flight Attendants

Flight Attendant Ruth Carol Taylor

When flight attendant Ruth Carol Taylor walked into the cockpit of flight 719 on December 1, 1948, she made history. She was the first African American flight attendant in the United States. Ruth’s career as a flight attendant began in 1948, when she was hired by Trans World Airlines (TWA) as a stewardess.

She worked for TWA for two years before moving to Delta Air Lines, where she worked as a flight attendant for over 20 years. Ruth was an active member of the Association of Flight Attendants (AFA) and served on its Board of Directors. She also served on the boards of several other organizations, including the NAACP.

In retirement, Ruth remained active in the community, and was a frequent speaker at events honoring African American flight attendants. Ruth Carol Taylor passed away on February 21, 2016, at the age of 98. She will be remembered as a trailblazer in the field of flight attendant aviation.

Flight Attendant Betty Ong

Betty Ong was a flight attendant for American Airlines. On September 11th, 2001, she was working on Flight 11 from Boston to Los Angeles. When terrorists attacked the plane, Betty did everything she could to help her fellow passengers.

She called American Airlines to report the hijacking, and she provided them with vital information about what was happening on board. Thanks to Betty’s quick thinking, the authorities were able to track down and intercept the plane before it reached its destination.

Sadly, Betty Ong was one of the many people who lost their lives on September 11th. Her brave actions, however, helped to save countless other lives. She is a true hero, and she will never be forgotten.

Betty Riegel Pan Am Flight Attendant 1961-1968

Flight Attendant Ellen Church

“The best flight attendants are the ones who treat passengers like friends and make them feel comfortable.”

Ellen Church was one of the first flight attendants in history, and she made a big impact during her time working for United Airlines. She was born in 1904 in Iowa, and she always had a passion for aviation. After graduating from college, she applied to be a flight attendant with United Airlines.

At the time, flight attendants were expected to provide passengers with luxurious service. Ellen quickly stood out from the rest of the crew, however, because she was always willing to go above and beyond for her passengers. She was friendly and outgoing, and she loved making people feel comfortable and at home.

Ellen also had a strong sense of duty, and she was always looking out for the safety of her passengers. She was the first flight attendant to perform safety demonstrations, and she was always quick to respond in the event of an emergency.

In 1936, Ellen Church became the first woman to pilot a commercial airliner. She retired from United Airlines in 1945, but her legacy lives on. Today, flight attendants still use many of the techniques that Ellen pioneered all those years ago!

“If the airline industry had a mother, it would be Ellen Church.” ~ Neil Rey

Are these the funniest flight attendants?

Air Stewardess & Air Steward

The role of the flight attendant can be traced back to the early days of commercial air travel. As aero technology developed and passenger air travel became a reality, the industry borrowed terminology from the world of passenger ships. The terms ‘air steward’ and ‘air stewardess’ along with ‘cabin’, ‘boarding’ etc all harken back to these maritime origins.

Back then, air travel was a luxury that was only available to the wealthy. As a result, air stewardesses were often hired from high society backgrounds and they were expected to provide passengers with luxurious service.

More Inspirational Quotes

Looking for more inspiration? As you finally sit in your seat and that the airplane takes off, consider these quotes, which may or may not be repeated by the cabin crew and flight attendants:

The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease forever to be able to do it.

J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan

You can’t be a real country unless you have a beer and an airline- it helps if you have some kind of a football team, or some nuclear weapons, but at the very least you need a beer.

Frank Zappa

The sky is not the limit. It’s just the beginning.


We are all passengers on this plane called life.


They say that when you want something badly enough, the universe will conspire to make it happen. I’m not sure if that’s true, but I do know that when I set my eyes on something and put my mind to it, amazing things can happen. Case in point: my lifelong dream of becoming a pilot.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by aircraft and the idea of taking to the skies. As a child, I would spend hours watching planes take off and land at the airport, dreaming of the day when I could taste flight for myself. Finally, last year, I decided to stop dreaming and turn my aspiration into a reality.

With hard work and dedication, I earned my pilot’s license and have been living my dream ever since. So whether you’re looking to achieve a personal goal or conquer your fears, remember this: if you want something badly enough, the sky is no longer the limit.



After you pass through those last security checks and finally sit in your seat aboard the aircraft and the aircraft takes off, your job is to pay attention to the flight attendant. In the history of commercial aviation which now dates back 100 years, flight attendants have provided inspirational quotes and funny quotes. They’ve seen it all. We’ll be remembering great stewardess quotes for years to come.

Perhaps, with your eyes turned skyward or while you wait to complete the security checks, you too can come up with some witty, philosophical, or inspirational quotes.

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Empty Leg Flights – How to find and book Private Air Charter

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International air travel should be a timely, efficient, and a relaxing experience for all the passengers.  Empty leg flights can make that vision a reality.

For some there is also the need to remain in control of a schedule that could change at any time. Those for whom time, security, and flexibility are of the essence fly privately in order to fulfill these objectives. They have their own schedules and prefer to remain in complete control of their travel plans.

The Villiers network aggregates over 10,000 private aircraft across 40,000 destinations worldwide, directly connecting you with the best prices for your charter flight from options across the market.  Access the lowest prices from the largest global network of private aircraft, and benefit from the round-the-clock service & advice provided by their team of charter experts prior to booking.  

With no queues and no delays and with private VIP terminals you will save you hours, giving you more time to spend on the ground at your destination with the people you need to see, and leaving you able to fly at your own schedule. 

Safety is of course of paramount importance. Villiers work only with ARG/US certified operators so you are guaranteed industry leading safety every time you fly.

Sharing & Full Charter

You can share a private jet charter by the seat, or if you are the primary charterer, offset the cost of your flight by offering any unused capacity to other Villiers members.  There are no membership fees, just dedicated personal service.

Charter your private aircraft via text with direct access to your dedicated agent via a telephone number for your exclusive use. Your dedicated agent will deal with your exact requirement efficiently and without the need for an account number.  With real-time quotes, the largest global network of private aircraft, and direct operator pricing, Villiers makes it easier than ever before to access the most competitive charter flight prices in one place.

The Villiers network takes all of the hard work out of planning your next flight – whether it’s to find the winter sun in the Caribbean, for heli-skiing in Switzerland, or for a business trip to Hong Kong.

Use the link below or above this video to search for a flight that suits your requirements and to see what empty leg flights and seats are available to book now.

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11 Advantages of Private Air Charter

The are numerous advantages to private air charter, some of which you’ve probably considered and others that may be new to you. Here’s a list of eleven.

  1. Private aircraft charter saves time. If there’s one single reason why private air charter is so desirable it’s the time it saves. We all know we can’t create more time but we can spend what we have more economically and efficiently. For the frequent traveller private aircraft charter saves significant chunks of time over the course of a year.
  1. Private aviation is more flexible. You set the times for you departure and consequently your arrival. You have the option to change your mind at short notice as your needs and plans change.
  1. Private aviation is so much more comfortable. There is no comfort quite like flying in a private jet. There is ample space in which to hold meetings, do some creative work, or simple recharge your batteries.
  1. Private aviation creates a high level of privacy. The interior of your aircraft becomes your flying office. The only other person you’re likely to see apart from the air crew is the VIP Flight Attendant on medium to large private jets.
  1. Private air charter is very convenient for time sensitive people. You can fly from smaller, quieter, airfields that are closer to your points of departure and destination. You breeze through customs and security checks at short notice.
  1. Private aviation is surprisingly affordable. Frequent trips in First or Business Class can amount to a sizeable expenditure each year. Compare that cost with the time saved and the flexibility of private air charters and you may be surprised by the result.
  1. Private aviation is safe and secure. Private aircraft have an exemplary safety record. They are often crewed and maintained by dedicated teams. Air and Cabin Crew are carefully selected after thorough and detailed recruitment processes.
  1. Private flying provides a new level of quality. Let’s face it, the entire experience from start to finish is all about quality. Quality of time and quality of service. And this will not go unnoticed by your clients and contacts.
  2. Private flying takes the stress out of air travel. Short on time, deadlines to meet, delays and frustrations. Relax in the ample space of a private jet. Be assured that you’ll arrive on time and refreshed, ready for the next event.
  1. Private air charter includes top of the range cuisine options. With private aviation you can specify your own dietary and nutritional requirements. Whether it’s a burger and a beer or fine dining with appropriate wines, the choice is yours to make.
  1. And the pets come too. Finally, private aviation allows you to travel with your pets. No more confinement in the hold, your pet flies with you in the luxurious cabin.
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How to book a private plane for a vacation or business trip

Whether you need to travel for business or pleasure, chartering a private jet can be an attractive option. One reason you might opt for this type of flight is that it is one of the quickest ways to get to your destination. Unlike flying in a commercial airliner, time spent in queues is drastically reduced. You may even be able to fly from an airfield closer to home, thus saving you more time.

Some private jets are suitably equipped for family trips. They’re not just for business people or the super-rich. Booking a private plane for a family vacation is an option if time and convenience are more important to you than cost.

How to find private jet flights that suit your travel plans

One way you can use to find private jet flights is by using a website like This site shows the availabilities and prices for different private jets from location to location, be it round trip or one way flight. It provides all of the information you need to plan, price, and book a single seat or more on an empty leg flight, or to charter an entire jet.

Some people find seats by hunting on forums or sites where people are looking to sell their empty leg flights or dead heads are they are sometimes known. We advise against this as there are some risks. If you do find someone willing to sell a seat, make sure to find out as much information about them as possible before giving them any personal information. is another site offering empty leg flights, or you can try searching online. If you search for “Empty Leg Flights” or something similar, it will bring up private jet companies that are looking to fill empty seats on their jets. Most of the time these are new companies that are trying to build a reputation of flying safe private jets at reasonable costs.

How to book empty leg flights and secure the best deals

Private jet companies also offer empty leg flights because they are using private jets for staff travel to and from factories to HQs, or from head offices to meet with clients. They may offer staff the use of a private jet as a company perk or one-off reward which they can use for personal use. If the empty leg flights are not being filled with personal trips, then it is possible that you can book one instead.

How to buy a seat on a private jet, one way or round trip

If you’re looking to travel by private jet, but don’t want someone else’s schedule dictating your itinerary, you can opt for a private charter instead. However, that might not be the best option if the general availability is low or the cost is too high.

This is where empty seats on private jets are offered for purchase at a deeply discounted rate, sometimes as little as 10% of the normal charter price.

While the availability of empty leg flights are limited, they are more often available on private jets leaving during the late evening hours, and any other time when a plane leaves without its full capacity due to a variety of factors; location, local economics, etc.

Van Nuys to Saint Martin, Palm Beach to New York, Farnborough to Faro

The travel logistics of buying a seat on a private jet are pretty simple. In most cases, the customer simply books his flight with the empty leg broker, often called spot brokers. Then, once payment is made and confirmed by the spot broker, it’s taken care of by the marketing department of the flying private company – the trip is just as any other private charter flight, except that the price is greatly reduced.

In many cases, a customer can even benefit from empty leg flights without having to fly on the same plane twice if they do not want to. For example, if a buyer wants to fly from New York City to Chicago or Las Vegas to Salt Lake City and back, this flight will cost them less if they go up to Chicago (or Salt Lake City) on an empty leg flight and then fly back on a scheduled flight or a regular charter flight.

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Discounted Empty Legs Go Fast

Since these flights are so discounted, they are often booked up fast, so people often need to act quickly. This also means it’s more important than ever to use an empty seat search tool that offers multiple listings of all the private jets available throughout the country – otherwise, you might miss out on some great deals.

While there are many downsides to empty leg flights compared to regular private charter flights – the main one being that they are often in different planes, not with the same crew or at the same destination you started at – their biggest benefit is perhaps the sheer value of them.

For people who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford private jet travel, empty leg flights offer an opportunity like no other: a way to make your dreams of flying in private luxury come true.

Final thoughts on empty leg flights – ask questions!

Most private jet charters that you’ll come across will have a waiting list. Generally speaking, if someone books a flight on a plane and then cancels their trip, the company is going to keep that spot available for someone else. There’s always going to be an inherent risk involved with chartering planes because of this reason – people show up late, people flake out entirely, and so on.

Every now and again you’ll notice that there’s a flight that appears to have no one signed up for it. This is an “empty leg” because the plane will be flying without any passengers on board. Except this isn’t always because someone was a show-up-late-and-leave-early, or canceled outright. Rather, this is because there are always last-minute changes to private flights due to weather conditions, mechanical problems with the plane, and so on.

When you see an empty leg come up that’s near where you live or work, it can be a great opportunity for you to snag a really good deal. If the plane is flying to or from your local airport, there’s no reason you can’t take advantage of it. All you have to do is get in contact with the charter service and ask them what their policy is for taking last-minute seats on flights that are otherwise empty.

If you’re in the right place at the right time you may be able to secure a seat on one of the ferry flights i.e. when an aeroplane is being flown to a new base after being sold or when it’s being returned after servicing or refit. To find such opportunities you would need to contact those companies that operate aircraft and ferry flights at regional airports.

Empty legs usually go at a discounted price, but there’s no fixed rate for these flights. Rather, you should expect to pay a certain percentage of the normal price. For example, if a flying private costs normally $10,000 from Point A to Point B, you can probably expect to find an empty leg going in that direction at around 50% of this cost – or in this case, $5000.

Empty legs are a great way to save money on private jet charters if you can seize an opportunity when it comes up. If they’re near you and the price is right, just go ahead and book an empty leg!

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History of Private Air Charter

The history of private air charter for travelers dates back to the early days of aviation. Wealthy individuals and corporations were among the first to charter flights for their exclusive use, and the trend has continued to the present day. Private air charter offers travelers a more comfortable and convenient alternative to commercial air travel, with access to smaller airports and a wider range of aircraft options.

One especially popular use of private air charter is for so-called empty leg flights. An empty leg flight is a one-way trip that occurs when an aeroplane is making a return journey to its home base after completing a previously booked charter flight. The term empty leg refers to the fact that the jet is flying without any passengers on board.

The cost of an empty leg flight varies depending on the location and availability. However, it’s generally much cheaper than a full charter flight. This makes empty leg flights a great option for travelers who need to get somewhere quickly or who want to save money on their air travel expenses.

Private air travel is becoming more popular, not less. The emergence of new aircraft types that are designed for short trips has made it easier for individuals and families to fly private. A family of four or six can occupy the entire jet if they charter a light jet, for example.

The cost of private jet travel in the larger aircraft will inevitably increase in proportion to the size of the aircraft, but there are now more options at the smaller end of the spectrum in which light jets and very light jets have established a firm foothold. This makes such flights more affordable which is why you’ll see ‘flying on a private jet’ appearing on everyone’s bucket list.

Private Jet Charter Aircraft Types

Very Light Jets (VLJ)

Very light jets (VLJs) are a comparatively recent development within the aviation industry. They provide a convenient, efficient, and affordable way for business people and wealthy individuals to travel. VLJs are perfect for short trips, and they can save you a lot of time and money.

VLJs are made by companies like Embraer and Honda. These jets are perfect for small businesses or for executives who need to travel frequently over short distances. They offer a high level of comfort and convenience, and they can help you get where you need to go quickly and efficiently, bypassing the crowds and delays at major airports.

VLJs usually seat between four and 7 passengers with a range of just over 1,200 nautical miles.

Small Light Jets

Small light jets can accommodate 6-8 passengers and fly up to about 1,500 nautical miles. VLJ and SLJ are too small to require a flight attendant but both types do have a passenger toilet and storage for drinks and snacks.

Super Light Jets

Fly private in a super light jet and you’ll find it similar to a small light jet but with greater cabin space and longer range. They still only accommodate up to 8 people but some aircraft types in this category can fly up to 2,500 nm.

Midsize Cabin Jets

If you manage to secure an empty leg flight in a midsize cabin jet then you might traveling intercontinental. They are suitably for short haul and long haul with a range of about 2,200 nm (flight time of five hours), but in larger cabin space than a super light jet.

Super Midsize Cabin Jets

As we continue up the scale of these aircraft types the cabin space and range increase. A private flight in a super midsize cabin jet will reveal it can comfortably seat up to 10 people and fly for over 3,000 nautical miles.

Heavy Jets

Once we get to this category we’re looking at jets that can carry 9-19 people in executive luxury for a range of up to 3,800 nautical miles.

Ultra-Long-Range Heavy Jets

If you want to take up to 19 people on journeys over 6,000 nautical miles while enjoying all the luxury of separate living spaces and a full galley then you’re going to need a an ULR heavy jet.

Bizliners aka Executive Liners

Last but by no means least are the top-end aircraft often balled bizliners. These are the size of commercial airliners and consequently can be fitted out to satisfy every whim of the most demanding clients and owners.

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What is British Airways Club World?

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In this post we’ll try to answer the question, “What is British Airways Club World?” and a few others that are often asked about this service.

The Club World seats on British Airways are designed for relaxing, sleeping, or getting work done. With more space and privacy than standard economy class seating, Club World is the perfect option if you’re looking to get some rest on a long-haul flight.

Club World seats come in both domestic and international configurations. You can fly club Europe within the UK or Europe or club world internationally with more legroom and comfort.

For those flying business class only between London City and New York’s JFK airport, there’s also Club World London City which has just 32 seats onboard. With all of these great options, club world is the perfect way to travel in style and comfort.

What’s included in British Airways Club World?

Club World passengers can enjoy a delicious meal with fresh, local ingredients, stylish bedding and amenity kits designed by The White Company, and access to private lounges. Club World also offers dedicated check-in desks and priority boarding so you can get settled in quickly and start your trip off on the right foot.

If you’re looking for a luxurious and comfortable flying experience, Club World is a perfect choice.

What’s included in British Airways Club Suite?

Club World Club Suite includes everything you need for your comfort during a long-haul journey.

In Club Europe, passengers in Club Suites are offered: extra space and privacy with direct aisle access from every seat; refreshments throughout the flight; dinner on flights of six hours or more (available to all business class customers); luxury bedding by The White Company; and a 17” high-resolution screen with the latest films and music.

On Club World international flights, Club Suites include all of the above, as well as a larger 79” fully flatbed that can be converted into a sofa; an amenity kit by The White Company containing products for both men and women; and a Club World dedicated check-in desk.

Club Suite passengers also have access to the British Airways lounges, where they can enjoy complimentary food and drinks as well as Wi-Fi.

If you’re looking for extra privacy and space on your next long-haul flight, Club Suite is the perfect option. With all of the great amenities and services included, Club Suite passengers are sure to have a relaxing and comfortable journey.

Looking for more information on Club World or Club Suite? Check out British Airways’ website for detailed descriptions of all their cabins and services.

Airline's popular flights: British Airways

PlaceDirectionFind tickets
1Barcelona → LondonCheck Latest Prices
2Paris → LondonCheck Latest Prices
3Istanbul → LondonCheck Latest Prices
4London → AmsterdamCheck Latest Prices
5London → BarcelonaCheck Latest Prices
6London → ParisCheck Latest Prices
7London → IstanbulCheck Latest Prices
8London → New YorkCheck Latest Prices
9London → MadridCheck Latest Prices
10Madrid → LondonCheck Latest Prices

What’s the food like in BA Club World?

In Club World, you can choose your main course, served with starter, dessert, and cheese. Our signature afternoon tea features on some routes. During your flight, they serve you snacks and a choice of hot and cold drinks, wines, and spirits. There are also special meal options available for those traveling with allergies or religious restrictions.

Is access to the BA Airport Loungers included?

British Airways departure lounges and partner lounges can be accessed if you are flying on a scheduled British Airways flight in First, business (Club World) or business (Club Europe), a Silver or Gold Member* of the British Airways Executive Club on a scheduled flight operated by British Airways or one of our oneworld® partners, or an Emerald or Sapphire member* of any of the oneworld airline frequent flyer programs on a scheduled flight operated by British Airways or one of our oneworld partners.

All Club World and Club Suite passengers have access to the British Airways lounges, where they can enjoy complimentary food and drinks as well as Wi-Fi. Club World Club Suite passengers also have access to the British Airways Club Lounge and Terraces, which offer complimentary private facilities such as a shower spa area.

Access is subject to space availability in departure lounges; please ensure you arrive early enough for your lounge visit before your flight departs.

Will I receive any priority boarding? Yes, Club World passengers can board the aircraft first, so you can settle in quickly and start your trip off on the right foot. Club Europe passengers also have priority boarding. British Airways Club World means getting through the airport smoothly and efficiently, with dedicated check-in desks and fast-track security.

British Airways Club World & Club Europe FAQs

What are British Airways departure lounges?

British Airways offers two different types of lounge in the UK: Club Lounge – more exclusive than Terraces Lounges; they offer privacy as well as shower and spa facilities.

Terraces Lounges – offer a more relaxed environment, with complimentary food and drinks available. All Club World customers have access to the British Airways departure lounges.

What is British Airways’ Business Class lounge like?

The Club Lounge at London Heathrow Terminal Five offers a relaxing space with complimentary food and drinks. Club World Club Suite passengers have exclusive access to the British Airways Club Lounge, with shower facilities as well as private lounges on both sides of the lounge.

What is the difference between Club World and Club Europe?

Club World passengers receive all of the amenities included in Club Europe, plus a larger baggage allowance, more personal space onboard, and access to the British Airways lounges. Club Europe passengers receive complimentary food and drinks on all flights over six hours long, as well as priority boarding.

What is an amenity kit?

An amenity kit is a small bag filled with travel-sized toiletries and other essentials. Club World Club Suite passengers receive a complimentary amenity kit. Club World and Club Europe customers can purchase an amenity kit for GBP £15, which includes all of the essentials to freshen up before your flight.

What are some examples of special meal options?

Club World Business Class customers can choose from a menu that features sandwiches, salads, snacks, and desserts for lunch or dinner. Breakfast options include a continental or full English breakfast, as well as omelets, pancakes, and other hot items. Special meal requests can be made at the time of booking your flight, or up to 24 hours before departure.

Can I watch TV in Club Europe?

Subject to the flight and aircraft type, Club Europe passengers also receive in-flight movie options, as well as a selection of TV shows and movies to choose from on their device or tablet before take off.

What is Club World’s baggage allowance?

Club World customers can check two bags up to 23kg each for every international flight you take. Club Europe customers can check one bag up to 23kg for every international flight you take.

What is the difference between Club World and Euro Traveller?

Club World passengers receive a larger baggage allowance, more personal space onboard, and access to the British Airways lounges. Euro Traveller passengers do not have access to the British Airways Club Lounges or the larger baggage allowance.

What are Club World’s complimentary food and drink options?

Club Europe passengers receive complimentary refreshments on all flights over six hours long in their seatback pocket, including water, juice, and tea/coffee.

All Club World customers have access to a wide variety of drinks throughout the flight: Club World Club Suite customers have access to complimentary Champagne and caviar. Club Europe passengers are served a hot main course on all flights over six hours long, as well as continental breakfast or dinner depending on the time of day that your flight departs.

What is Club World’s entertainment system like?

Club World Business Class seats feature a personal 17″ inch LCD screen for watching movies and TV shows, as well as on-demand entertainment options. Club Europe Business Class seats offer personal 15/17″ inch screens to watch media content such as in-flight movie options, music playlists or games.

What is Club World’s signature scent?

The fragrance used throughout Club World cabins is Club No. One, a scent created exclusively for British Airways by perfumer Jacques Cavallier to evoke the feeling of club life.

What is Club Europe’s signature scent?

The fragrance used throughout Club Europe cabins is called Eau de Club Europe and was also crafted especially for British Airways, this time in collaboration with renowned fashion designers Julien Macdonald and Manolo Blahnik. It is a light, floral scent with woody base notes.

Note: the information contained in this post is to the best of our knowledge at the time of writing. Please always check the BA website or your travel agent for the latest information.

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Airports Close To Disneyland Florida, Anaheim, Paris

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If you’re looking for the airports close to Disneyland, whether it’s in the one in Florida, Anaheim, or Paris, then read on. We’ve also listed the airlines that operate out of these airports and some of the nearby hotels if you’re planning on staying the night before flying the next day.

Airports Close To Disneyland Florida

Orlando International Airport is located about 20 miles from the Disney World Resort. This airport has scheduled flights from all over the United States and Canada. Some airlines that fly into this airport include Delta, US Airways, American Airlines, AirTran Airways, and JetBlue. To get to the Disney World Resort, you can rent a car or take Florida Shuttle Service. Florida Shuttle Service provides shuttle service between Orlando airports and the Walt Disney World resort.

Hotels Near Orlando Airport

There are numerous hotels located at Orlando International Airport, and the Orlando World Center Marriott is one of the closest. It has over 300 rooms with bathrooms in every bedroom.

Orlando Airport Marriott Hotel & Executive Meeting Center is another hotel located close to Orlando International Airport. This hotel has 338 studio suites and room service available 24 hours a day.

Orlando Airport Days Inn is another option for visitors flying into Orlando International Airport. It has 164 guest rooms which include daily complimentary continental breakfast and high-speed internet access throughout the building.

Which airlines fly into Orlando Airport?

The most popular airlines that fly into Orlando (MCO) are American Airlines, Airtran Airways, Delta Air Lines, JetBlue Airways, and United Airlines.

The next closest airport is Orlando (SFB). Orlando Sanford International Airport has scheduled flights to the rest of Florida including Orlando, Daytona Beach, Saint Petersburg, and Jacksonville. There are over 130 passenger airlines that fly into Orlando (SFB) every day. Some airlines that fly into Orlando (SFB) include Southwest Airlines, Sun Country Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and US Airways.

Airports Close To Disneyland Anaheim

The closest airport to Disneyland is John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana, California. This airport has scheduled flights throughout the United States as well as some international flights, including flights to Canada. Some airlines that fly into this airport include Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and United Airlines. If you are staying in Anaheim it is possible to take a shuttle bus between the airport and your hotel.

Hotels Near John Wayne Airport

John Wayne Airport has a wide variety of hotels near the airport. There are over 10 hotels in the immediate vicinity that offer special rates for guests flying into John Wayne Airport. Many airlines also run package deals which include flights and hotel stays from airlines such as JetBlue airlines. Some of the most popular hotels with this feature are The Westin Long Beach Hotel & Resort, Doubletree Guest Suites Santa Ana/Orange County Airport, Renaissance Los Angeles Harbor Hotel.

Which airlines fly into John Wayne Airport?

Some airlines that fly into John Wayne include Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and United Airlines.

The next closest airport is Ontario International Airport (ONT). This is another option if you’re looking to fly into Southern California. It is located about 50 miles from Disneyland. This airport has over 200 passenger airlines that fly to and from the airport, including airlines such as Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Frontier Airlines, JetBlue Airways, and United Airlines.

Hotels Near Ontario International Airport

Ontario International Airport has several hotels with free shuttles from the airport. There are about 20 hotels that offer shuttle service from Ontario Airport, including some that provide 24-hour pick-up and drop-off services. Some of these hotels include JW Marriott Lax at the Wild Animal Park, Courtyard by Marriott Ontario Airport, and Hilton Garden Inn Ontario/Hillcrest

The next closest airport is Long Beach (LGB). It is a small regional airport with over 100 passenger airlines flying to and from the airport. Some airlines that fly into Long Beach (LGB) include Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and United Airlines.

Hotels Near Long Beach Airport

There are about 40 hotels near Long Beach airport with free shuttle service to the airport. These hotels offer special rates to guests flying into Long Beach (LGB). Some of these hotels include Best Western Plus Bayside Inn, The Waterfront Hotel & Suites, and Residence Inn Long Beach Downtown/Belmont Shore.

Airports Close To The Santa Monica Pier

The closest airport to Santa Monica Pier is Hollywood Burbank Airport (BUR). This airport has scheduled flights to all of California as well as to Albuquerque, Chicago O’Hare International Airport, and New York Newark Liberty International.

Some airlines that operate out of this airport include Alaska Airlines/Horizon Air, American Airlines/American Eagle, Delta Air Lines/Delta Connection and United Express. Nearby hotels include Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Los Angeles-Burbank, Doubletree Club Hotel At Universal City, and Comfort Inn & Suites Near Hollywood Walk Of Fame

The next closest airport is Bob Hope Airport in Burbank (BUR) and this would be another option if you’re looking to fly into California. Some airlines that operate out of this airport include Alaska Airlines/Horizon Air, American Airlines/American Eagle, Delta Air Lines/Delta Connection, and United Express.

Nearby hotels near Bob Hope Airport include Residence Inn Los Angeles-Media District Burbank, Hyatt Regency Orange County, and Holiday Inn Covina-Citrus

The Santa Monica Pier is located about 5 miles west of downtown Santa Monica and about 2 miles from Venice Beach. It is a popular landmark that offers many activities including fishing, arcade games, an old-fashioned carousel, and shops and restaurants.

Los Angeles International Airport – LAX

LAX, as Los Angeles International Airport is known for short, is one of the largest airports in California and therefore one of the busiest in the world.

Numerous airlines fly to and from LAX many of which have their home base there or a hub. Some airlines that fly into LAX include American Airlines, Air New Zealand, Air China, Qantas Airways, Delta Air Lines, Emirates Airlines, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, and United Airlines.

The airport has four terminals but only two airlines head offices on site: American Airlines and United Airlines. The airlines share a general use terminal named Tom Bradley International Terminal (TBIT). This huge terminal covers an area of about 5.4 million square feet and is one of the largest airline passenger terminals in the world. It has a customs area outfitted with eight international gates, eleven post-security departure gates and two pre-security screening airlines

Hotels Near LAX

A good option for people who plan to spend their night near the airport would be to stay at a hotel that offers free shuttle services.

There are several hotels located around LAX: Hotels like Airport Marina Inn, Best Western Plus Gateway Hotel Los Angeles International Airport, Four Points by Sheraton Los Angeles International Airport, Holiday Inn Express & Suites LAX Airport South, Hyatt Regency Orange County, and Quality Hotel & Suites Near LAX.

Airlines that fly out of Los Angeles International Airport

  • American Airlines
  • Air New Zealand
  • Air China
  • Qantas Airways
  • Delta Air Lines
  • Emirates Airlines
  • KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
  • United Airlines

Airports Close To Disneyland Paris

The closest airport to Disneyland Paris is Charles De Gaulle International Airport in Paris, France. This airport has scheduled flights from all over the world. Some airlines that fly into this airport include Air France, Lufthansa Airlines, British Airways, Delta Airlines, and Swiss International Airlines. It is possible to take a train between Charles De Gaulle Airport and Disneyland Paris. You can also rent a car or take a shuttle bus service.

Which airlines fly into Charles De Gaulle Airport?

Some airlines that fly into Charles De Gaulle include Air France, British Airways, Delta Airlines, and Lufthansa. The next closest airport is Paris Orly Airport (ORY). This is another option if you are looking to fly into Europe. It services all of Europe as well as New York City., The airlines that service this airport include Air Europa, Air France, CSA Czech Airlines, easyJet, Transavia France, and Volotea. Some nearby hotels include Kyriad HotelEUR 8;49 Avenue de Saxe 75013 Paris (0.1 miles away) and Hotel Ibis Budget(0.1 miles away).

Which airlines fly out of Paris Orly Airport?

Some airlines that fly out of Paris Orly include Air Europa, CSA Czech Airlines, and Transavia France.

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How To Beat Jet Lag: 5 Tips From Flight Attendants

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Have you ever found yourself googling for ‘How To Beat Jet Lag‘ at 3am? Perhaps this post will provide some answers.There’s no way to turn this around: jet lag is tough, and all pilots and flight attendants have been through it. From insomnia, exhaustion, dizziness and so many other more symptoms, jet lag can really get a grasp on your wellbeing and comfort.

Going through so many time zones on such short notice can be exhausting and make you dread long distance travelling, but there’s no need to get to this point because there are many valuable tricks on how to make sure you keep this jet lag far, far away from you.

If you’ve never understood what options are available to you, to keep yourself feeling good while passing through different time zones, there’s surely someone out there who has given it a lot of thought and trial: experienced aircrew members!!

Here is the most precious advice that the world’s most experienced jet lag fighters could give you!

How To Beat Jet Lag

  1. Check which way around the world you’ll be flying.

The first thing in efficiently addressing jet lag is knowing if you’re flying West or East.  Studies have shown that it’s easier to adjust to flying west rather than east, so if East is your direction, make an effort to wake up as early as possible in the days before your flight and try to stay away from light as much as you can. When you arrive, try to let as much light in – this will make your internal clock adjust faster. If instead you are heading west, you should do the opposite and try to stay up as late as possible for the days before your flight and soak as much light as you can.

  1. Exercise and drink a lot of water.

Another thing all experienced aircrew members advise you to do is to make sure you exercise and stay hydrated. Getting those endorphins flowing through your bloodstream is a good way to keep your body not only in a state of flow but also to enable it to restore its natural balance. So the next time you’re getting ready for a long distance flight, stick to a workout routine in the days before your trip and also, maintain that routine for a at least a short while after you land. Keeping your body active and hydrated are the basics for it to be able to adjust to such intense changes.

  1. Skip the caffeine.

This is a tough one for many. You might even ask, wait, doesn’t caffeine help me stay awake when I need to? It does, but when your body is under such stressful changes, caffeine only brings more turmoil to your system. If there’s anything you should give more consideration to instead of simply resorting to caffeine and ending up with headaches and even stronger discomfort, it’s making friends with supplements such as synthetic melatonin.  This hormone can really do wonders for resetting your body’s natural sleep cycle and to help you adapt to the time zone.

  1. Don’t forget your eye mask.

Aircrew members love eye masks, and the reason is a very simple one: when your body is confused about whether it’s time to sleep or not, you can simply push the switch button whenever you want. Another valuable insight? Give in to sleep whenever you body craves for it, regardless of whether it sounds like a reasonable idea or not. Remember, your body is going through some quite rough patches with all these changes, so it’s only fair you give it time to process everything and sleep through the exhaustion. After all, your body does know best.

  1. Stick to your meal times.

This one applies especially for short trips, as it assures that you won’t have to put your body through too many changes in such short notice. If everything else changes around you and your inner clock is turned upside down, you can give your body some comfort by allowing it to stick to its normal meal times, even if it means you’ll have to have lunch at midnight. This way, you won’t have to readjust to your body’s meal routine once you come back home.

When you’re just starting out in the aviation industry, jet lag can seem like a colossal challenge, but with the right tips you can learn how to beat it and stay fresh regardless of the time zones.

Do you have any tips? Share them in the comments below.

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Solent Airport, Lee-on-the-Solent, Hampshire

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In this post I’m going to introduce you to Solent Airport. This fast developing airfield is one to note for several types of aviators. It’s becoming the airfield of choice in the South of England due to its facilities, road links to surrounding cities and business areas, and its proximity to northern France. For business and commercial flyers it is close to the cities of Southampton and Portsmouth, with London only 20 minutes away by helicopter.

For leisure and recreational flyers it is close to the Isle of Wight and several other airfields in Hampshire and West Sussex. For student pilots on training flights in the south of England it makes an ideal destination. Being on the coast with several prominent landmarks and coastal features nearby, it’s easy to find.

Local Flying School

From spring until the autumn you’ll often see Spitfires land at the airport to conduct pleasure and training flights. They are based at Goodwood Airfield in West Sussex but this former RAF base (Westhampnet) has grass runways so they sometimes bring the aircraft up to Solent to take use the hard runway and the facilities. It also provides a convenient pick-up and dropping off point for customers and gives onlookers an opportunity to see the aircraft close up.

Solent Airport & Fareham Borough Council

Solent Airport is owned by Fareham Borough Council and they’ve invested millions into the development of this airfield. It is Fareham Borough Council’s vision that has resulted in the business growth and the community amenities the airport provides.

Unlike other airports in the region there are no slot limitations, making Solent Airport well placed to meet all your travel needs. Staffed by dedicated teams of professionals and with competitive fuel and handling fees, Solent Airport should be high on your list of next airfields to visit.

Solent Airport is within the Daedalus Enterprise Zone, the largest employment site within the area. The zone contains two new business parks, Faraday and Swordfish, providing businesses with room in which to grow and to develop.

Daedalus is set to become the premier location for aviation, aerospace engineering, and advanced manufacturing businesses in the South. With the public open spaces, proximity to the sea, walkways and picnic areas, staff and employees can enjoy an exceptional quality of life.

Formerly the Fleet Air Arm’s HMS Daedalus, Solent Airport is situated between the villages of Stubbington to the west and Lee-on-the-Solent to the east. To the south, a few hundred yards from the threshold of runway 05, is the shore of the Solent, the sea strait that separates the Isle of Wight from mainland England.

Having booked in, pilots and passengers can walk to the sea shore from the control tower in a matter of minutes. A few hundred yards from the threshold of runway 05 is the slipway from which the Fleet Air Arm’s seaplanes were launched and which later was in use by hovercraft, some of which can be seen in a museum nearby.

The airport is still being developed and recently the recreational area to the north of the airfield was constructed and landscaped. New hangars have been built to add to those already in place and events that would be of interest to both aviators and the wider community are being planned.

The airfield’s long history since 1917 is being preserved by its continuance and by a local association, the Daedalus Aviation & Heritage Group (an amalgamation of the Gosport Aviation Society and the Lee Flying Association).

For more information for visiting pilots and for details about busines potential please visit

To contact the airport Handling Team call 0044 (0)1329 824 749 or email

Have you visited Solent Airport? Post a comment below with your feedback about this airfield.

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