The Aerial Application Industry Aka Crop Dusting & Crop Dusters

The Aerial Application Industry aka Crop Dusting & Crop Dusters

Aerial application (aka crop dusting) is the process of spraying a crop with a pesticide or herbicide from an aircraft. Ag pilots may also spray seeds, conduct aerial surveys, or spray marshy areas to supress insect population e.g. mosquitos. The aerial application industry refers to the business of crop dusting and other aerial applications, such…

Can Aviation Go Green?  What’S The Future For Sustainable Aviation?

Can aviation go green? What’s the future for sustainable aviation?

Can aviation go green? This question has been asked many times over the past few years and the Coronavirus pandemic reset the clock in some ways. Predictions that were made only one or two years ago with regard to the aviation industry now have to be recalculated in light of the sudden drop in international air travel…

Electrically Powered Aviation

Electrically Powered Aviation

Electrically powered aviation is shaking up the aerospace industry. While the road transport industry has focused on the electric car (with varying amounts of success), attention has now turned to electrically powered aircraft. The driving force behind this development is the need to reduce global aviation’s level of greenhouse gas emissions. However, satisfying consumer demand…