Best Ipad For Pilots: Overview, Best Features, Specs, And Price Points

Best iPad for Pilots: Overview, Best Features, Specs, and Price Points

Finding the best iPad for pilots involves matching the models available with the needs of the pilot in question.  A commercial pilot will need a higher spec iPad to that of a student.  having an Apple iPad in the cockpit has become almost indispensable. It’s hard to imagine flying without one, as it provides invaluable…

Private Pilot Course. Aviation Careers

Private Pilot Course. Aviation Careers

If you’re looking for a private pilot course to help with your studies then there are several available but this new course is about the inspiration and the motivation to learn to fly and to keep flying once you’re qualified. It’s also about the opportunities available to you in terms of aviation careers and the…

Bush Flying On A Ppl – Backwood Flying In A Beaver On Floats

Bush Flying on a PPL – Backwood Flying in a Beaver on floats

Bush flying is a big topic covering many diverse areas of aerial activity so for this post we’ll concentrate on fixed wing flying only. Bush flying refers to aviation that takes place away from conventional airfields and airports. It is the flying that occurs in untamed natural environments and consequently the aircraft involved will have…

Uav And Light Aircraft Sharing Airspace

UAV and Light Aircraft Sharing Airspace

UAV and light aircraft sharing airspace has led to concerns over risk on the one hand and innovation on the other. Every month in the UK new drone pilots are emerging to enter the commercial world from the growing number of unmanned aviation training centres. UAV (unmanned aviation vehicles) or RPAS (remotely piloted aircraft systems)…

Risks In Flying

Risks in Flying

Flying in an airliner is exceptionally safe. However, there are always potential risks in flying and some may be less obvious than others. The health and wellbeing of the flight crew is something that may pass through the minds of passengers, but its importance is probably considerably less than such issues as terrorism or the…