Vfr Weather Minimums: How To Remember The Distances And Heights

VFR Weather Minimums: How to remember the distances and heights

VFR weather minimums are a set of figures that quickly become ingrained into the memory of every student pilot, until they take a test in which case they mysteriously evaporate. Flying in CAVOK weather is fun and relaxing, but lacks challenges. At some point, every pilot will have to leave the nursery slopes and plan…

Arrow Aviation Acronym: Which 4 Documents Are Required?

ARROW Aviation Acronym: Which 4 Documents Are Required?

Since there has been some interest in the previous posts about ATOMATOFLAMES, FLAPS, and the GRABCARD, I have included this post about ARROW aviation acronym. If you’re an aviation enthusiast or a pilot, you’ve likely come across the ARROW acronym. It’s an aviation mnemonic that helps pilots remember the essential documents required for flight. Let’s…

An Aviator Pen For Pilots: The Right Tool For Writing At Altitude

An Aviator Pen for Pilots: The Right Tool for Writing at Altitude

A pen for pilots may not at first seem like the most important cockpit tool but don’t underestimate this humble implement.  When you consider the frequent necessity to jot down frequency numbers, carry out calculations, or otherwise write things down the last thing you want is a pen to run out or a broken pencil….

The Best New Pilot Headsets Of 2024. Lightweight Aviation Headsets

The Best New Pilot Headsets of 2024. Lightweight Aviation Headsets

Every year, the best new pilot headsets are reviewed for real improvements on those that are already established as firm favourites among pilots. Some are indeed better, while others don’t guite make the grade. A high-quality aviation headset is an essential tool for pilots, providing critical communications capability, noise attenuation, and comfort during long flights….

Lost Procedures For Pilots: A Guide To Navigating Uncertainty

Lost Procedures For Pilots: A Guide to Navigating Uncertainty

One of the commonest fears among student pilots during a solo navigation flight is getting lost, which is why it’s a good idea to memorise the lost procedures for pilots so that they are easy to recall when stress levels are high.    Thanks to GPS, it’s less easy to become lost than it used…

11 Of The Best Handheld Radios For Pilots:  All You Need To Know

11 of the Best Handheld Radios For Pilots:  All you need to know

Aside from trimming the aircraft perfectly, flying is largely about communication, so the best handheld radios for pilots are those that are reliable and easy to use. These compact devices are not just for backup; they can save you time and provide peace of mind. In this article, we’ll review the 11 best handheld radios…

Aviate Acronym Explained: Your Comprehensive Guide To Essential Aviation Inspections

AVIATE Acronym Explained: Your Comprehensive Guide to Essential Aviation Inspections

From day 1, lesson 1, every student pilot has to start getting used to aviation acronyms and in this post we’re going to get familiar with the AVIATE acronym.  As your training progresses you’ll soon be familiar with what is meant by flying VFR in VMC while you train for a PPL.  You’ll no doubt…

Best Apps For Aviation Enthusiasts: Your Ultimate Guide To Sky Gazing

Best Apps for Aviation Enthusiasts: Your Ultimate Guide to Sky Gazing

For aviation enthusiasts, plane spotters, and the whole avgeek community, there are all kinds of apps that make their hobby more enjoyable.  Here are some of the best apps for aviation enthusiasts who love aircraft, airports, and the worlds of commercial and general aviation.  Install just a few of these on your iPad or mobile…

Top 10 Best Apps For Flight Planning: Your Guide To Navigation &Amp; Weather

Top 10 Best Apps for Flight Planning: Your Guide to Navigation & Weather

It’s drummed into student pilots right from the start of their training that planning is key to any successful flight. And in this digital age, there’s an app for everything – including flight planning.  The aviation industry has seen a significant rise in the use of apps for pilots.  The increasing number available mean that…

Why Every Aviation Safety Briefing Should Include A Ufo Status Report

Why Every Aviation Safety Briefing Should Include a UFO Status Report

Isn’t it time we took UFOs seriously and included them in every aviation safety briefing? In light of recent events in the USA and Canada, not to mention hundreds of other such incidents over the years, reported by both civilian and military pilots, UFOs (or UAP if you prefer the less stigmatised term) are a…

Discover The Joy Of ‘Flying Lessons Near Me’

Discover the Joy of ‘Flying Lessons Near Me’

Are you ready to turn those dreams of flying into reality? If so, it’s time to start searching for “flying lessons near me“. Taking a lesson in an aircraft can be both exciting and rewarding. Not only do you get the thrill of piloting a aeroplane or helicopter, but it could also be the first…

Hire A Plane. Aircraft Rental At Flying Schools & Clubs

Hire A Plane. Aircraft Rental At Flying Schools & Clubs

Aircraft hire makes flying an affordable reality for many pilots. Let’s look at the pros and cons, and how to hire a plane. This post is about hiring light aircraft, not a private jet for domestic or international air travel. Pros & Cons of Aircraft Hire There are several advantages and disadvantages to hiring a…

Hurricane Vs Spitfire: The Difference Between Hurricane And Spitfire

Hurricane vs Spitfire: The Difference Between Hurricane and Spitfire

When it comes to the Hurricane vs Spitfire, there is no clear winner. Both contributed to the success of the RAF and both were the favourites of the pilots that flew them. Supermarine Spitfires tend to take most of the limelight due to their design and the fact that there are so many more of…

Flying Lessons Near Me: How To Find The Right Flying Schools

Flying Lessons Near Me: How To Find The Right Flying Schools

Those who feel the inspiration to learn to fly will very probably type ‘flying lessons near me‘ into their favourite search engine and begin a process that may last for months, if not years. While UK airfields are often under threat of closure for a variety of reasons; rising costs, demand for housing, planning restrictions,…

How Much Are Flying Lessons? Depends On Aircraft, Location, Duration

How much are flying lessons? Depends on aircraft, location, duration

A flight experience is often at the top of the wishlist for many, but how much are flying lessons? Some will ask for them in the form of a gift vouchers for birthdays and Christmas while others will simply set the goal of obtaining a private pilots licence and buy them one by one or…

Rod Machado Ground School And Other Products

Rod Machado Ground School And Other Products

Want to improve your flying skills? Check out Rod Machado’s aviation learning products. From online courses to books and DVDs, Rod offers a variety of resources to help you become a better pilot whether you’re a student, private, or simply rusty pilot. With years of experience teaching pilots of all levels, he knows what it…

Aviation Affiliate Programs. Could Your Pilot Blog Earn More Money?

Aviation Affiliate Programs. Could Your Pilot Blog Earn More Money?

Aviation affiliate programs enable anyone with a relevant blog or website to earn commission for products or services sold through their unique links. It sounds simple, but there’s quite a lot to it. If you’re a pilot or have a popular blog related to aviation in any of its many forms, this could be a…

Squawk 7500 Or Squawk 7700?  What’S Your Emergency?

Squawk 7500 or Squawk 7700? What’s your emergency?

Aircraft use transponder codes to identify themselves to air traffic controllers and, when the need arises, to indicate emergencies, such as squawk 7500. What are aircraft transponders? An aircraft transponder is a device installed on the flight deck that responds to interrogation by ground radar stations by transmitting an identification code and altitude or other…

Civil Air Support

Civil Air Support

Civil Air Support is a UK-registered charity comprising pilots, observers and supporters who are organised to provide complementary air support to agencies or individuals who would otherwise not have access to such support or whose own regular air support is not available.  All aircraft are privately owned and flights are privately operated on behalf of…

Everything You Need To Know About The Light Aircraft Pilot Licence

Everything You Need to Know About the Light Aircraft Pilot Licence

The Light Aircraft Pilot Licence (LAPL) is a licence that allows you to fly certain light aircraft. It is different from the more common Private Pilot Licence (PPL), as we shall see. The LAPL syllabus is shorter than the PPL, and it is, therefore, ideal for those who are just starting in aviation. In this…

How To Become A Pilot – 9 Steps To Getting Your Wings

How to become a pilot – 9 steps to getting your wings

If you’ve ever wondered how to become a pilot then these 9 steps sum up the process of obtaining a private pilot certificate. This is a guide to become a private pilot. The steps to becoming a professional pilot, either as a commercial pilot or as an airline pilot, are a little more complex, but…