Flight Simulator Experience Near Me – Best Ways To Enjoy Simulated Flight

Flight Simulator Experience Near Me – Best ways to enjoy simulated flight

There is a flight simulator experience waiting for you in many places around the UK and elsewhere. You’ll find links to a full range of flight simulator experiences in the UK below. Modern flight simulators are so much better than the slow, unrealistic examples of the past. Many are full-motion simulators, so you get to…

Tiger Moth Flights. Vintage Biplane Flying Experiences

Tiger Moth Flights. Vintage Biplane Flying Experiences

Tiger Moth flights are wonderful flying experiences. They give you a taste of what it was like to fly during the 1930s when these aircraft first took to the skies, and as a trainee pilot during World War II when they were used to teach ab initio students how to fly. Step away from modern…

The Flight Bag – Essential Luggage For Pilots & Passengers

The Flight Bag – Essential Luggage For Pilots & Passengers

What is a flight bag? A flight bag is a piece of luggage designed specifically for air travel. Flight bags are typically smaller than traditional suitcases and often have multiple compartments and enough storage space to help keep everything organized. They also usually have a shoulder strap or carry handle, which can be helpful when…

How To Choose The Right Portable Urinal For Your Aviation Needs

How to choose the right portable urinal for your aviation needs

A portable urinal provides a convenient and discreet way for pilots to answer that call without leaving their seat or exposing themselves. No, it’s not the most glamorous subject. Portable urinals for aviators isn’t at the top of the list of suitable gifts for pilots, yet they are quite important, particularly for pilots who fly…

What Are The Best Aviation Headsets For Pilots And Passengers?

What Are The Best Aviation Headsets For Pilots And Passengers?

The best aviation headsets for pilots and their passengers can be determined by the type of aircraft and the budget available. Here are some of the best pilot headsets on the market. Whether you’re looking for a top-of-the-line noise canceling headset or something more affordable, read on to find the perfect aviation headset for your…

Learning How To Fly And Choosing A Flight School For Pilot Training

Learning how to fly and choosing a flight school for pilot training

Learning how to fly can be a life-changing experience, providing a sense of freedom and accomplishment that is unmatched by any other activity. For any aspiring aviator or those looking for a career in aviation, piot training can open up a whole new world. From the cockpit of a small airplane, you can not only…

Achieving The Goal Of A Private Pilots Licence

Achieving the goal of a Private Pilots Licence

I finally obtained a Private Pilots Licence in 1991 but learning to fly didn’t come easily to me. I was not a quick learner and took more than the average amount of hours to reach each milestone. I consoled myself with the thought that people who take longer to learn things learn them more deeply….

Flying Lesson Costs And How To Reduce Them

Flying Lesson Costs and how to reduce them

Learning to fly and obtaining a Private Pilot’s Licence isn’t cheap but you can avoid unnecessary expense with a little forward planning.  Flying lesson costs will vary but in the long run the cheaper hourly rate may not be your best option. In this post I discuss the cost of obtaining a fixed wing Pilot’s Licence for…

7 Essential Tips To Help You Through Ppl Ground School

7 Essential Tips To Help You Through PPL Ground School

For some students the prospect of studying the PPL Ground School subjects is just as daunting as learning to fly itself.  Perhaps you were not top of the class in Maths or English.  Maybe you doubt your own abilities, or is it the thought of speaking on the radio that worries you? The sheer amount…

Now You’Ve Got Your Pilot’S Licence, What Next?

Now you’ve got your Pilot’s Licence, what next?

You’ve finally done it. You’ve got your Private Pilot’s Licence (certificate). After months of study and hard work, you’ve earned it. Now you’re ready to take to the skies and enjoy the freedom of flight. But what comes next? Here are a few tips on how to make the most of your wings. First, be…

From Trial Flight To Ppl – Private Pilots Licence

From Trial Flight To PPL – Private Pilots Licence

For some the path from a trial flight to PPL i.e. the acquisition of a Private Pilots Licence is one that takes only a few months to complete, but for me it was to last a little longer. My first taste of flying was as a child in the 1960s.  My father had hired a helicopter to…