By Chris Stonor It was revealed at this week’s launch of South Africa’s 2021 “Easter Road Safety” campaign, that the country’s Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) is investing in drone technology to help identify “road hazards”, reports South Africa’s Department of Transport explained that deploying drones will assist inContinue Reading

The Demand and Capacity Optimisation for U-space programme (DACUS project) has published its Concept of Operations for “Demand and Capacity Balancing” (DCB) for drones within an urban environment. As part of its studies, the DACUS consortium has estimated how many take off and landing areas (TOLAs) might be needed inContinue Reading

By Chris Stonor The link below takes you to two different and lengthy podcasts covering UAM around Europe from EIT Urban Mobility Innovation Hub East and partners. Professional and very informative, leading lights from the expanding industry are interviewed. The English language podcasts come highly recommended and are well worthContinue Reading

Northeast UAS Airspace Integration Research Alliance (NUAIR) is laying the groundwork to further develop NASA’s advanced air mobility (AAM) efforts. NUAIR manages the USD897,000 task order for AAM and vertiport development on behalf of the New York UAS Test Site at Griffiss International Airport. The project team includes Deloitte, Boeing,Continue Reading

By Chris Stonor As part of Revolution.Aero’s initial promotion for its three-day virtual extravaganza (June 29th-July 1st) entitled, The Fourth Aviation Revolution, highlighting key developments in the future of flight and bringing together leading lights from the nascent drone and eVTOL industry, the organiser has published an article featuring SkyportsContinue Reading

By Chris Stonor Here is another video highlighting, this time, five VTOLs to keep an eye on. While a majority may never make it to market as the leap between CGI and reality “is massive”, there may be one that breaks through. In this 10.47’ length video, the craft “aboveContinue Reading

By Chris Stonor Jetoptera announced recently two new contracts offered by the United States Air Force (USAF) concerning the company’s “revolutionary” propulsion system, reports a press release. These are Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) awards to further explore the noise of Jetoptera’s patented “Fluidic Propulsive System (FPS) in an anechoicContinue Reading