By Arie Egozi Israeli drone delivery start-up, Flytrex, announced this week it has raised an additional USD8 million to help fund expansion of U.S operations, bringing the investment total to USD20 million, reports Flytrex founder and CEO Yariv Bash explained most of this investment came from previous backers, includingContinue Reading

By Chris Stonor After Aston Martin, Porsche, Cadillac and Roll-Royce, the latest car manufacturer to be “speculated over” for designing a flying car is Volkswagon, reports Still shrouded under the global scandal of its “rigging of diesel systems”, a VW all-electric flying car would be an excellent distraction andContinue Reading

By Chris Stonor Vermont-based eVTOL developer, Beta Technologies took another major development step this week when it successfully flew its Alia-250 prototype from a test location in Plattsburgh, New York, across Lake Champlain to the company’s HQ in nearby Burlington, Vermont, reports For any new eVTOL technology, this wasContinue Reading

By Chris Stonor  BrigkAIR is a start-up incubator with an accelerator program “designated to startups of vertical mobility solutions”, reports a press release. The company offers a new home for international start-ups in the fields of drones, air taxis, counter drone systems, drone related services and drone racing. It says, “Through a unique infrastructureContinue Reading

When the first lockdown was introduced in March 2020 I begain a series of daily posts about it. These updates faded out after about a month when the situation became routine and there was, for me at least, nothing more to be said or that I wanted to express. MuchContinue Reading

The ‘Great Reset’ and the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ are not phrases invented by tinfoil hat wearers joining dots to make any picture they please. They are terms used by the World Economic Forum, governments, politicians, royalty, and billionaire sponsors and others to describe ways of re-engineering societies and economies. ItContinue Reading

In this post I’m going to explain why I think UFOs and crop circles are our wake-up calls to consciousness. From the outset this idea is constrained within limits that include my ability to understand and explain these concepts, and the limits imposed by the translation of my explanation throughContinue Reading

The much anticipated article by the New York Times was published yesterday. #UFOTwitter had been circulating rumours for several days and sure enough the rumours were correct. The article is co-authored by Ralph Blumenthal and Leslie Kean (author of “UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go on the Record”). AsContinue Reading

What have aliens come to teach us?

People have been sniggering at anyone interested in the UFO phenomena for years and I can understand why.  The subject does indeed attract deluded fantasists, charlatans, and mischievous hoaxers but at its core are the dedicated researchers who have the education, persistence, and skills to carry out invaluable investigation.  UnlikeContinue Reading

Is disclosure imminent

Strong rumours are circulating that some big news is about to break in the form of any article in the New York Times. Once again the question is being asked, Is UFO disclosure imminent? That is to say is the US government about to admit that they are aware ofContinue Reading

To paraphrase Douglas Murray in the opening pages of his book how can you be against or indifferent towards social justice? That would mean your for social injustice, surely? How can you dare to question #BlackLivesMatter? Don’t you care about the lives of black people? Murray aptly describes the minefieldsContinue Reading

Regular readers (Are there any? Hello?) may have noticed that I’ve skipped two days (33 & 34). The previous post was on Day 32 and it was a late update. Lockdown has become normal life so daily updates are sometimes irrelevant or I’m just too busy or distracted to addContinue Reading

I’m a bit late with today’s post. That’s what happens after a month of lockdown – you become accustomed to it and every day seems like the day before and every day to come. This morning was the weekly supermarket visit. The spaced out queue (distance, not expanded consciousness) movedContinue Reading

Would you Adam and Eve it – the Swedes may have been right all along. A more relaxed lockdown may just have allowed their herd immunity to develop which means they have avoided the consequences to their economy and mental health of a full and strict lockdown. Britain on theContinue Reading

After the variations in the total number of deaths during the past few days there’s talk of the peak being passed but there’s no sign yet of any confidence in relaxing the lockdown. Far from it, they are now worried about a second wave of infections if they even hintContinue Reading