The recounting has begun. It could be 7,500 dead in care homes, so the headlines say this morning. Meanwhile, China has revised its original estimate and increased the total dead by 50% but if you believe that you’ll believe anything. It could be ten times that many and we wouldn’tContinue Reading

The weather has changed drastically and the past three weeks of warm, almost summer-like weather have been replaced by grey clouds and rain, here on the south coast of England. Perhaps it’s just me or it’s the headlines, but the public mood has darkened too. The announcement by the governmentContinue Reading

Professor Neil Ferguson of Imperial College London has said that social distancing needs to remain in place until a vaccine is found, according to The Daily Telegraph today. The total has reached 12,686 with 100,000 confirmed cases. The government is coming in for more criticism about its handling of theContinue Reading

Yesterday things seemed a little brighter, as if we’d reached the plateau, or at least got our fingers on the edge of it. We’ve seen how Spain and Italy are beginning to relax some of their restrictions, but today the news is filled with even more gloom than ususal. AsContinue Reading

It seems we are in peak week The indications are that we’ll reach the apex in the coming days and the levelling off and descent will begin. Some have already suggested a date for the end of lockdown – May 7th. It’s a good guess, but the danger is thatContinue Reading

Boris is out of hospital and convalescing at Chequers. Yesterday the death toll passed the 10,000 mark. As bad as it is there are those who think it will get far worse, but the predictions by the University of Washington in Seattle of 66,000 deaths in the UK by AugustContinue Reading

Easter Sunday and the nom du jour is PPE and the shortage of it. Medical staff are complaining of shorages and the government is trying to source supplies (from China, of all places). It’s not every hospital that has run out but there is obviously a break in the supplyContinue Reading