Origins of the virus:  While there are an abundance of conspiracy theories that suggest, we could have predicted a global pandemic such as Covid-19. There is also scientific evidence for such a view.  With a paper published in 2007 that described the combination of consumption of horseshoe bats in SouthernContinue Reading

The number of deaths in Britain from Coronvirus yesterday was lower that in previous days, but of course that’s of no consolation to the bereaved families. There’s been talk of us reaching the peak in 2-3 weeks, which seems a long way off given that this is only day 3.Continue Reading

It’s all about the numbers. Yesterday, during Day 1 of lockdown we were told that there had been a sharp rise in deaths in the UK but Italy had seen its second consecutive day in which the number of deaths declined. It’s too early to tell but perhaps the impactContinue Reading

Yesterday evening Boris Johnson addressed the nation at 8.30pm and announced new measures introduced to limit the spread of Covid-19, the Corona virus. Lockdown had been anticipated since it was the only way other countries were able to slow the infection rate and get it under control. Italy, which soContinue Reading

Brexit is now imminent yet despite all the debate and argument over the past few years those who voted to leave are still accused of being, in the main, xenophobic Little Englanders who have doomed our country to decades in the economic wilderness. So here is a post with aContinue Reading

This post is an appeal on behalf of all the missing American Indians, particularly the women. Before I explain in more detail, let’s have a brief summary of why the plight of American Indians, or Native Americans if you prefer, deserves special attention. In Europe, it’s often said that JewsContinue Reading

Cold Moon December 2019

The 2019 UK General Election is at last over and the country has breathed a sigh of relief (or despair, depending on how you voted). At least the tension has evaporated and decisions have been made. When I awoke to the results of the 2016 EU referendum I discovered, asContinue Reading

On both sides of the Atlantic millions of people have been asking the question, “How did this happen?  Why did we lose?”. How they laughed when it was first announced that Trump might run for President.  How they scoffed at the very idea the the United Kingdom of Great BritainContinue Reading

The Hunkpapa Lakota holy man Sitting Bull once said, “Let us put our minds together and see what life we can make for our children.”   Today we could paraphrase that and say, “Let us put our minds together and see how we can prevent our children being slaughtered by jihadis.” MyContinue Reading

Depending on the context, tribes and tribalism are sometimes something to be celebrated and at other times regarded as primitive and inferior. Sometimes when I can’t get to sleep I don’t count sheep but instead I go through an alphabetical list of Native American tribes.  It usually starts well; Apache, Arapaho,Continue Reading

Katie Hopkins Quotes

Katie Hopkins continues to provoke reactions with her controversial views, but in the final analysis the reactions she generates can teach us about how we respond to the world.  When you read a list of Katie Hopkins quotes focus on your reaction, not on the woman delivering the messages. If you can contain yourContinue Reading

Dalai Lama

The Dalai Lama is one of the world’s most popular spiritual leaders.  His compassion, wisdom, and humour have won him fans and friends all over the globe.  He is welcomed by both religious and political leaders who give him their time and attention.  When he speaks, people listen attentively. AsContinue Reading