I’m returning to metal detecting after an absence of several years.  I first started metal detecting about eight years ago beginning with a Minelab X-Terra 505 which I later replaced with a 705.   There was much about this hobby that I enjoyed but it also had its drawbacks.  So oneContinue Reading

Like all other networks the earth energy network requires monitoring, change, and maintenance.  It needs capacity planning, testing, and repairs to breakages caused by misuse through ignorance, accident, and even willful and malicious damage. Networks have a tendency to grow, to expand, and they need to be updated to copeContinue Reading

About forty years ago I developed in interest in ley lines.  The interest was sparked by reading about them in various books on related subjects.  It wasn’t long before I had ordered a copy of by Alfred Watkins and other titles soon followed. Living on the outskirts of Winchester, theContinue Reading

Depending on the context, tribes and tribalism are sometimes something to be celebrated and at other times regarded as primitive and inferior. Sometimes when I can’t get to sleep I don’t count sheep but instead I go through an alphabetical list of Native American tribes.  It usually starts well; Apache, Arapaho,Continue Reading