Online games need not be a total waste of time. It just depends on how long you spend playing them and which games you choose. About thirty years ago I borrowed an old PC and used to pass some time playing a text only turn based game. Make the rightContinue Reading

When you need to perform calculations which do you prefer?  Handheld desktop calculators or online calculators?  Personally I tend to use both; the former for the quick multiplication and division calculations and the latter for more complex calculations like mortgages. I suspect many do likewise because we never learned toContinue Reading

Man flu at Christmas

There’s no doubt now, I have full blown man flu. My gums and eyeballs ache and I awake at 3am with a mouth as dry as a vulture’s crotch. I sound like that famous Russian aviator Dimitri Chestikov. Despite my obvious distress Mrs Christmas is delegating various Countdown to ChristmasContinue Reading

iCloud Calendar

Do you wonder what goes through the minds of spammers?  No, me neither. All I was interested in earlier this week was how to stop iCloud Calendar spam. The latest hooks to arrive unwanted on my mobile devices are multiple invites in my calendar for fake RayBan sunglasses.   TheyContinue Reading