Drone & UAV tenders & contracts: https://goo.gl/J1ZcRd Join SUAS Global: https://goo.gl/Bc4TLt ### Aviation News, Space Stories, Drone Dispatches, UFO Rumours #22 1. Gatwick Airport has spent £5m on anti drone countermeasures after last December’s flight cancellations caused by what was thought to be a drone or several drones, according toContinue Reading

Flight Attendant Guides: https://goo.gl/Sgi2GU Flight Attendant Agency: https://goo.gl/WzTLrE Cabin Crew Pay – What do airlines pay their Flight Attendants? In this video I list the pay averages that Flight Attendants & Cabin Crew can expect in various airlines around the world. In a previous video (https://youtu.be/LCwB5_n5xIc) I listed the salariesContinue Reading