Some Of The Best Ufo Documentaries: Your Gateways To The Unidentified

Some of the Best UFO Documentaries: Your Gateways to the Unidentified

Some of best UFO documentaries are those that spark your imagination and curiosity. They should challenge you to consider possibilities while leaving you hungry for more information. For this reason, what works for you won’t necessarily be ideal for someone else. It’s a purely subjective experience. In the past year I’ve noticed a significant change…

The Incredible Life And Claims Of Late Aviator John Lear

The Incredible Life and Claims of Late Aviator John Lear

Today, I heard the Weaponized podcast episode all about the aviator John Lear (the YouTube version of that episode is at the foot of this post). Lear’s career as a pilot and the information he acquired during his life are extraordinary so it seems fitting that his legacy should be more widely known and shared….

Ufo Hearings 2023: Uap Implications On Security, Safety, Transparency

UFO Hearings 2023: UAP Implications on Security, Safety, Transparency

The congressional UFO hearings of July 26th 2023 was the day on which we saw three of the most well known witnesses of the modern age of UFOs/UAP give their testimonies under oath. They were: In the front row, sitting directly behind the witnesses, were George Knapp and Jeremy Corbell who both paid rapt attention…

Aviation, Drones, And Ufos – How The Biggest Heads-Up In History Is Happening

Aviation, Drones, and UFOs – How the biggest heads-up in history is happening

The wall of denial and ridicule that has prevented the truth about what the world’s governments really knows about UFOs now contains large cracks and is likely to collapse at any moment.  It has been in place for about 80 years but the time has now come for it to be removed. There is now a…

Penetration By Ingo Swann.  A Remote Viewing Classic

Penetration by Ingo Swann. A Remote Viewing Classic

Penetration by Ingo Swann is a classic remote viewing book which details his experiences during the early days of the CIA’s paranormal research program. Swann’s account is one of the most fascinating and comprehensive first-hand descriptions of what it’s like to enter a trance state and explore distant places psychically. Who is Ingo Swann? Ingo…

Beginner’S Guide To Ufology, Ufo Studies, Uap

Beginner’s Guide To Ufology, UFO Studies, UAP

I’ve created a course called “Beginner’s Guide To Ufology, UFO Studies and UAP“. Would you like to become a part-time or full-time researcher, blogger, or author on the subject of UFOs, UAP, and associated subjects? Are you interested in the subject of UFOs but bewildered by the amount of information online? Would you like a…

Ufos And Crop Circles Are Calls To Consciousness

UFOs and Crop Circles are Calls to Consciousness

In this post I’m going to explain why I think UFOs and crop circles are our wake-up calls to consciousness. From the outset this idea is constrained within limits that include my ability to understand and explain these concepts, and the limits imposed by the translation of my explanation through language into an idea that…

What Have Aliens Come To Teach Us?

What have aliens come to teach us?

People have been sniggering at anyone interested in the UFO phenomena for years and I can understand why.  “What have aliens come to teach us?“, the ask in a cynical tones. The subject does indeed attract deluded fantasists, charlatans, and mischievous hoaxers but at its core are the dedicated researchers who have the education, persistence,…

Is Ufo Disclosure Imminent?

Is UFO Disclosure Imminent?

Strong rumours are circulating that some big news is about to break in the form of any article in the New York Times. Once again the question is being asked, Is UFO disclosure imminent? That is to say is the US government about to admit that they are aware of the existence of extraterrestrial craft…

Close Encounters Of The Fifth Kind – Film Review

Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind – Film Review

In this post I give my review of the film Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind: Contact has Begun. This much anticipated film was released earlier this month (April 2020), several months after the originally intended release date. If you’ve never heard of Dr Steven M Greer, the 2001 National Press Club event, the Disclosure…

Hellier’S Goblins In Appalachia

Hellier’s Goblins in Appalachia

I started watching Hellier a few weeks ago but soon found myself listening to it while getting on with something else. It’s a documentary about a small team of paranormal investigators following up on leads about three-toed goblins and UFOs in the town of Hellier and other locations in the Appalachian mountains. Think Deliverance. Imagine…

The Need For Ufologists. Will You Study Ufology?

The need for Ufologists. Will you study Ufology?

According to the Google Adwords keyword tool, across the English speaking countries of the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and India, there are zero searches per month for the phrases ‘how to study ufology’ and ‘how to study ufos’. Although there are about 720 searches per month for the phrases ‘ufo research’…

Ufo Studies Or Ufology Needs To Move To The Mainstream

UFO Studies or Ufology needs to move to the mainstream

In this post I’m going to explain why I think it’s time that the subject of Ufology or UFO Studies moves from the fringes into the mainstream. This post is aimed at everyone who has an interest in this subject, be they interested onlookers and amateur or professional researchers, but also those in the media,…

Unacknowledged: An Expose Of The World’S Greatest Secret – Review

Unacknowledged: An Expose of the World’s Greatest Secret – Review

If the collective consciousness of humanity were an operating system it’s long overdue for an upgrade.  Not just a patch that fixes a few minor bugs but a major release that contains a new feature set.  The kind of upgrade that, once installed and running, leaves you feeling like you’ve changed from second to sixth…

Can You Handle The The Truth About Extraterrestrials?

Can you handle the the truth about extraterrestrials?

The most common reaction to expect if you dare to report a sighting of a UFO, or if you should express the view that we are being visited by extraterrestrials, is ridicule. Anyone foolish or brave enough to admit to either of these runs the risk of losing respect, credibility, and social standing.  You may even…