Aviation, Drones, and UFOs – How the biggest heads-up in history is happening

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The wall of denial and ridicule that has prevented the truth about what the world’s governments really knows about UFOs now contains large cracks and is likely to collapse at any moment.  It has been in place for about 80 years but the time has now come for it to be removed.

There is now a wealth of information and data from credible sources backed up by recordings on video, FLIR, thermal, and the best radar available.

A few years ago, the US Navy changed its guidance on the reporting of unidentified aerial phenomena to the extent that it now encourages pilots and weapons officers to report, without any risk of their careers being undermined by speaking up.

On Aug. 4, 2020, Deputy Secretary of Defense David L. Norquist approved the establishment of an Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) Task Force (UAPTF).  The Department of the Navy, under the cognizance of the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence and Security, will lead the UAPTF.  

US Navy press release, August 14 2020

The Congressional hearing of May 2022, the first on this subject in over 50 years, contained indicators that there was a lot more to be said about the phenomenon.  It was tantalisingly close but frustrating in that they didn’t discuss the best footage that is in the public domain and confined the really interesting discussions to private hearings. 

The legislation that is now being drafted and submitted for changes in the US laws, would not only protect whistleblowers and anyone else from testifying about their first hand accounts, but also compels them to do so.  These are highly significant indicators of the bipartisan push for full disclosure. 

Now That We Agree They Exist, What Next?

In the past couple of years we passed the point at which UFOs and other forms of UAP were accepted as a reality.  The question is no longer, “Do they exist?”.  The questions now are:

  • What are they?
  • What are they doing?
  • How do they work?
  • Are they a threat?
  • Who or what is operating them?
  • What can we learn from them?

None of these questions presupposes they are extraterrestrial but the possibility has not been ruled out.  It has also been suggested that they are from another time as opposed to another place other than Earth. The uninformed may scoff at these ideas but those at the forefront of physics and cosmology who at least appreciate what little is known of the quantum world are not so dismissive, even if most of them do remain silent to protect their positions and careers.

Distraction & Diversion

There is a strong possibility that you’re not aware of what’s going on and what’s about to happen in the world of UFOs and UAP.  Our lives are filled with distractions and it’s not getting any easier.  There is so much noise and mental or emotional clutter that just finding time for quiet contemplation of any subject is becoming increasingly difficult.

After your domestic, commercial/employment, and social responsibilities, you probably have little time left to think about anything else. The media pumps out one doom and gloom story after another.

The current and recent news stories keep everyone distracted and diverted. 

  • The Climate Crisis.  This is the evergreen scare of the modern age.  When we’re not being told that we’re going to burn, drown, or freeze to death, they’re telling us how we have to restrict our lives to ‘combat’ the ‘threat’. 
  • The Energy Crisis. This is the big topic of the moment and its knock-on effect on economies is generating most of the anxiety.
  • Health Scares.  Most recently Covid-19 but there will be another one soon, you can count on it. Monkeypox is lurking in the wings but won’t become the main scare without more scaremongering.
  • Wars.  Most recently Ukraine (though, have you noticed how it’s gradually fading from the news?  Syria and Yemen are barely mentioned.  Meanwhile, Afghanistan is once again under Sharia Law enforced by the Taliban.
  • Current Affairs. Political scandals, the trans debate and other ideologies competing for your attention. It goes on and on.
  • Social Media. Social media’s business model is to distract and addict, and it does it very well. How many hours do you spend scrolling each week?

After the international and domestic news channels have covered these subjects and depressed you, the local news is ready to take its moment to remind us of all the crime, corruption, and personal tragedies that have occurred, just in case you weren’t feeling demoralised enough after watching the main news.

But if you can look up at the skies, day or night, strange things are happening.  Drag your attention away from news and social media to watch and listen to what’s happening in the world of UFOs.

Aviation and UFOs

By definition, aviation and UFOs are inextricably linked. The pilots of World War II, both Axis and Allies, returned to base with reports of foo fighters, each believing the other side had developed some secret and superior new technology.

It was civilian pilot Kenneth Arnold who gave us the term ‘flying saucer’ after his close encounter in 1947, and ever since then it has been the recreational, commercial, and military pilots who have been at the forefront of the UFO phenomenon, as well as their colleagues and counterparts in air traffic control.

Countless airline pilots have witnessed UFO sightings but the vast majority remained silent for fear of the inevitable doubt cast upon their ability to fly safely.  The same can be said for air traffic controllers.

Military pilots have faced the same dilemma for years but now they are stepping forward and are being heard.  They have become the most reliable witnesses because their sightings are corroborated by the data from the aircraft carriers and support ships in their fleets. 

UFOs Through The Years

Aert de Gelder, The Baptism of Christ, circa 1710

In ancient history UFOs were described and depicted in the language and symbolism prevalent at the time.  From the Biblical depictions of Ezekiel’s wheel to the paintings of the Middle Ages showing circular disks shining down beams of light.

During the 19th Century, the accounts from eye-witnesses were of flying ships (airships), and in the latter half of the 20th Century the UFOs took on the appearance of disks and saucers that gleamed like the hubcaps on the white-walled wheels of shiny new cars.

In the first two decades of the 20th Century the UFOs and UAP have morphed again, and once again it is the pilots who are giving us the most vivid accounts, particularly the pilots of the US Navy.

The latest version of UAP are tic tac shaped, as reported by Cmdr David Fravor, Lt Cmdr Alex Dietrich and Lt Ryan Graves, among other US Navy personnel and other military personnel from other nations.

As human technology has evolved, more and more sightings and detections have occurred.  It begs the question, are there more UFOs appearing now or are we seeing what has already been there because we are better at detecting them?

To any newcomer to this fascinating subject it’s like pulling out into the traffic in Naples during the rush hour.  You can be carried along on a journey to a destination that wasn’t quite where you originally intended to go, and it can be an alarming experience.

The People To Follow

There are several people speaking publicly on this subject that are worth paying attention to due to either direct or indirect experience of the phenomena, the investigations, and the whistleblowers who have stepped forward.

Below is a short list that is by no means exhaustive.  Others will have their own favourites but these are the people who have caught my attention. 

I tend to stick to people who post online using their own name and who are willing to be interviewed.  There may be good reasons why some need to remain anonymous but it’s just too much work trying to distinguish them from the wannabes and trolls who also post anonymously.  

Opinions among the #UFOTwitter and #UAPTwitter followers on Twitter will vary.  Personal likes and dislikes distract people from the ultimate goal of the truth.  Egos get in the way of it too, but these are people that seem to me to have the contacts and experience to speak knowledgeably on the subject.

People in the Know

Lue Elizondo – Former head of AATIP has since spent the last year or two giving countless interviews about what he knows.  He is still bound by NDAs which he adheres to rigidly but even so, his insights are compelling.  He is generally regarded as someone with principles and integrity. Follow him on Twitter.

Jeremy Corbell – Investigator, filmmaker, and confidante of numerous people who send him accounts and footage. He researches meticulously and doesn’t release footage until he’s as sure as he can be that it’s genuine. He has an enthusiasm for the subject that is infectious. Follow him on Twitter.

Bob Lazar – Engineer, whistleblower.  He revealed his recruitment and involvement in the reverse engineering of flying saucers in the S4 area of Area 51 during the 1980s.  Despite a great deal of effort to discredit him and erase him from the records his story remains solid.

George Knapp – Journalist and Broadcaster.  He broke the Bob Lazar story in 1989 and has been at the forefront of UFO investigations ever since. Follow him on Twitter.

Dr Gary Nolan – Professor at Stanford University School of Medicine. Held in high esteem by his peers. He was approached by the CIA in 2011 and asked to help with the investigations into the physical effects of personnel who had reported close encounters. Follow him on Twitter.

Chris Mellon – Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence | Former Minority Staff Director, Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. Follow him on Twitter.

Richard Dolan – Historian and author of several books on the history of UFO sightings from WWII to the 21st Century.  If you read one of Richard’s books, read “21st Century UFOs”.  His website also contains some interesting dialogues and analysis from the dissections of what has been announced by the military, NASA, etc. 

247 Reviews
UFOs for the 21st Century Mind: A Fresh Guide to an Ancient Mystery
  • Amazon Kindle Edition
  • Dolan, Richard (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 506 Pages – 01/23/2014 (Publication Date) – Richard Dolan Press (Publisher)

The Five Observables

The five observables were first mentioned publicly by Luis Elizondo.  They help to  distinguish UAP from other aerial phenomena.  

In plain English, if it can accelerate from nought to hypersonic speeds in the blink of an eye, fly from space, through the atmosphere, and into the water and back again, do all kinds of hard and instant turns, and do all that without showing any kind of propulsion system or exhaust when viewed on thermal or infrared cameras, then that’s a genuine UAP.

  • Anti-gravity: The UAP are able to fly without any visible means of propulsion i.e. jet engine, piston engine, rocket engine, or electric motor. 
  • Instant acceleration: They are able to accelerate from a fixed position to hypersonic speed instantaneously.
  • Hypersonic speed without signatures: They travel at hypersonic speeds with no heat signatures and no sonic booms.
  • Low observability: They are able to avoid detection.  They are sometimes visible on radar but not visible to the naked eye, for example.  
  • Transmedium travel: Some have been observed travelling into Earth’s atmosphere from space, through the atmosphere, and into the ocean with no apparent difficulty or change in movement when moving from one medium to another. 

The Interviews To Watch or Listen To

Cmdr David Fravor & Jeremy Corbell in conversation with Joe Rogan

This episode has had nearly 7 million views since it was aired in 2019.

Commander David Fravor is a retired US Navy pilot, who has a close encounter in 2004 with the so-called Tic Tac UFO, and Jeremy Corbell is a contemporary artist and documentary filmmaker.

Bob Lazar & Jeremy Corbell in conversation with Joe Rogan

This episode has had nearly 42 million views since it was first aired in 2019.

Bob Lazar is a physicist who worked at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, and also on reverse engineering extraterrestrial technology at a site called S-4 near the Area 51 Groom Lake operating location.

George Knapp & Jeremy Corbell in conversation with Joe Rogan

This episode has had over 14 million views since it was first aired in 2020.

George Knapp is an author, speaker, and the chief investigative reporter at KLAS TV in Las Vegas, NV. Jeremy Corbell is a contemporary artist and documentary filmmaker

Jerry Corbell in conversation with Joe Rogan, 4 August 2022

Cmdr David Fravor in conversation Lex Fridman

David Fravor is a navy pilot of 18 years and a primary witness in one of the most credible UFO sightings in history, video of which has been released by the Pentagon and reported on by the NY Times.

Dr Gary Nolan in conversation with Lex Fridman

Garry Nolan is a professor at Stanford University School of Medicine. His research is in microbiology, immunology, bio-computation, and analysis of UFO artifacts, materials, and reports of UFO encounters.

Dr Gary Nolan in conversation with Tucker Carlson

Ryan Graves in conversation with Lex Fridman

Lt. Ryan Graves is a former Navy fighter pilot, who has worked on advanced research and development programs for DARPA, Office of Naval Research, and Air Force Research Labs on topics of multi-agent collaborative autonomy, AI-assisted air-to-air combat, and manned-unmanned teaming technologies. Ryan and people in his squadron detected and engaged with UFOs on multiple occasions, and he has been one of the few people willing to speak publicly about these experiences.

Ross Coulthart and Bryce Zybel in conversation with each other

Ross and Bryce are back, explain where they’ve been, and dive into three deep subjects: First: new language from the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence that may grant immunity for potential witnesses not only in government but in private aerospace. Also: Is Gary Nolan the new Lue Elizondo? The Stanford professor has been raising his profile in the UAP community, and has granted Ross a wide-ranging and shocking interview (which we’ll play in a later episode). Finally, a discussion that only begins to tackle the subject: how will we change in a post-disclosure world — after most of the world acknowledges that we are not alone?

Why They Are Not Drones

Many people would like to easily explain away UAP as being ‘just drones, probably from a foreign power’. There are several problems with this argument:

  • Drones are comparatively slow in contrast to the speed of UAP.
  • Drones are not capable of transmedium travel.
  • Drones have a distinct signature when viewed on IR or radar.
  • Drones are not capable of cloaking themselves.
  • Drones are not capable of instant acceleration.

In other words, they don’t display any of the flying characteristics described in the five observables.

In Plain Sight: An investigation into UFOs and impossible science
UFOs for the 21st Century Mind: A Fresh Guide to an Ancient Mystery
The Day After Roswell
A.D. After Disclosure: When the Government Finally Reveals the Truth About Alien Contact
In Plain Sight: An investigation into UFOs and impossible science
UFOs for the 21st Century Mind: A Fresh Guide to an Ancient Mystery
The Day After Roswell
A.D. After Disclosure: When the Government Finally Reveals the Truth About Alien Contact

Footnote: The Abyss

Does James Cameron’s 1989 film The Abyss hold a clue as to the type of intelligence that may be at the bottom of our deepest oceans? It has been suggested that UFOs are not from out there in deep space (although they fly there) but orginate from here on Earth.

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What is channelling? Your ultimate guide

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What is channelling and does it have any meaning or relevance in the 21st Century? For those who already heed the messages of channellers this is a stupid question. “Of course it has!” will be their emphatic reply, but those unfamiliar with it or who perhaps have touched upon it and found it wanting will look on with a degree of scepticism and perhaps criticism. 

Thrity or so years ago I read a book called The Only Planet of Choice by Phyllis Schlemmer (see below).  I had met the editor, Palden Jenkins, at the Glastonbury Earth Mysteries Camps which were held in May, 1984 & 1985  in a field near Butleigh in the Vale of Avalon, Somerset, England.  The camp consisted of several days of workshops during which instructors and facilitators would lead a small group of people through the basic steps of various practices that included; dowsing, building and operating a sweat lodge, creating mazes (labyrinths) etc.  

Glastonbury Earth Mysteries Camp, May 1985

I don’t recall any channelling going on but there was a lot of magic in the air and the sweat lodge in particular was very intense, but that story will have to wait for another time.  On with the channelling…

A note about the spelling. I’ve opted for the American version channelling as opposed to the British version channeling as the former has a wider audience.

What is channelling?

Channelling has been known by various names over the centuries; spiritism, (trance) mediumship, and automatic writing to name a few.

Channelling is the process during which a human (the channeller) temporarily suppresses their mental activity and personality.  This is done willingly in order to allow another intelligence to use the channellr’s mind and body for the purpose of transmitting information and messages.  

It is the fact that the channeller does so willingly and in partnership with the other entity that distinguishes it from mere possession.  During possession the entity takes over the person’s mind and body without their permission and sometimes for malevolent reasons.  

The channelled information varies greatly. It can be about humanity’s current condition on Earth and what it has to do in order to lessen human suffering and evolve spiritually.  The channelled message may seem especially powerful and urgent, but they can also be surprisingly mundane or simply personal messages that are relevant to an individual.

Some channellers are very experienced and skilled, and consequently more convincing in their delivery. Others are less so and it is this difference in quality that is often seized upon by sceptics.

The channelled messages may come through verbatim or not in words the channellers would use normally, but perhaps transmitted as concepts that the channeller’s mind picks up on and translates into words of their own.

Limitations of a channeller’s mind

It has been suggested that the channeller’s mind may be the bottleneck that prevents information from flowing more freely or it may limit the nuance and meaning of the message due to the person’s vocabulary but one assumes that if an intelligent discarnate entity had an important message for mankind then they would choose someone who could broadcast it correctly.  

Some channelling sessions are conducted in private during which the information is written down or drawn by the channeller or another person present.  Others are conducted in front of an audience.  One wonders how much the collective energy of the audience contributes to the duration and depth of the session.  

It’s easy to scoff at such an idea but you only have to listen to actors and actresses describing how they can sense the mood of an audience during live theatre to realise that our innate sixth sense can pick up on these subtle energies.  Giving a speech or being a stand-up comedian in front of a hostile crowd can quickly undermine confidence while a supportive and keen audience has the opposite effect.   

The intelligences that send messages through human channels may be the spirits of the deceased, non-human spirit beings, or extraterrestrial intelligences.  Such a wide spectrum provides plenty of scope and that in turns provides material for all sorts of people seeking answers.

Channelled material has been produced in every medium available to us and when the internet arrived channelling soon found a home in the various forums that, for over three decades now, continue to discuss the latest output from a particular channel. Hundreds of volumes of channelled material have been published and now line the shelves of Mind, Body, and Spirit sections of bookshops.


If you’re a total sceptic then you’re unlike to believe anything that comes out of a channeller’s mouth. Similarly, if you trust in blind faith or you’re an ardent fan of the channeller then you may be the sort of person who places unreasonable and irrational trust in everything they say.

There has to be some discernment and some middle ground. Whatever is communicated needs to be considered, mulled over, and given some scrutiny while maintaing an open mind. If all you’re hearing or reading are vague ideas with no practical application then what is the real value of them?

  • What value does the message bring to the world?
  • Is there any practical application for the message?
  • How does what I’m being told make me feel? Inspired? Fearful?

What are trance mediums?

Trance mediums are also people who claim to be able to allow spirits of the dead or other non-physical entities to speak through them. Like channellrs their abilities vary greatly and are generally thought to be caused by a trance state during which they allow the entity to come through.  

Although many trance mediums maintain that their trance abilities are a gift from God, not all trance mediums have this belief but it’s generally accepted that what distinguishes trance mediums from channellers is that they are from a spiritualist background as opposed to a New Age or other source of inspiration.

Naturally, many trance mediums have been accused of being frauds. Through the years trance mediumship has been criticized for being pseudoscience and quackery because skeptics say that there is no way to prove the existence of spirits. They also criticize trance mediumship for being driven by the desire for personal recognition, financial gain, and notoriety.

There is some disagreement as to whether trance mediumship falls more under the umbrella of mental mediumship or spiritualism. Some say that trance mediums like Edgar Cayce were more like mental mediums while Eileen Garrett was more like a spiritualist since she claimed that her trance abilities were of divine origin.

Trance mediumship has been studied by the Society for Psychical Research (SPR). The SPR was founded in London in 1882 to study trance phenomena, particularly after the rise in popularity of spiritualism at the end of the 19th Century.

The most famous trance mediums have also been written about by psychical researchers to investigate and expose fraud. For example, Eusapia Palladino was caught on many occasions using trickery to move objects, such as producing “spirit hands” out of nowhere.

Examples of channellers and their spirit guides

  • Alice Bailey – Theosophist who channelled an entity know as Djwhal Kuhl.
  • Dr. George King (1919-1997) – channelled an entity known as Aetherius.
  • Ramtha – A spirit guide that channelled through J.Z. Knight who founded Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment which has branches worldwide and is infamous for charging attendees a “donation” to learn the secrets given by their channelled entity, Ramtha. Knight claims Ramtha lived in Atlantis and Lemuria over 35,000 years ago.
  • John Edward – Psychic Medium
  • The Pleiadians – channelled by Barbara Marciniak.
  • Patricia Diane Cota-Robles – Era of Peace.
  • Sylvia Browne Group Inc. – world renowned spiritual teacher, psychic, author, lecturer and researcher in the field of parapsychology.
  • Guy Ballard – In his book “Unveiled Mysteries” first published in 1934, he claimed that the spirit of an ascended master called “Saint Germain” told him to start The I AM Foundation where there are now centres worldwide and a membership of over 100,000.
  • Edgar Cayce – He was known as “The Sleeping Prophet” and he had the ability to enter into a trance where spirit guides would speak through him. The information he received was documented in more than 14,000 readings that are still available today.
  • Sally Morgan – Australia’s most well-known medium who is said to give messages from spirit guides on tv shows like “Sensing Murder” and “Celebrity Ghost Stories”.
  • Eileen Garrett – She was also known as the greatest trance medium in the world during her time.
  • Jerry Hicks – A spirit medium who along with his wife Esther was channelled by an energy called Abraham which dictated a series of books to them including “The Law of Attraction”.
  • Matthew Manning – A psychic, medium, and trance channellr who was also known for having psychokinetic abilities which he used to bend spoons through thought alone. He is the author of many books on spirit communication including his book with Simon Marsden called “The Link: The Extraordinary Gifts Of A Teenage Psychic”.
  • Jasmuheen (Ellen Greve) – She claims to be the first female in the Western world who is able to live without food and she channelled Quan Yin who taught her breatharianism.
  • Erik Medhus – He began channeling his spirit guide, Steve after he committed suicide which then began dictating books to him.
  • Mafu – A channellers of archangel Micheal who claims to have incarnated into many forms including an American Indian, a Tibetan monk, and in Atlantis.
  • Nicki Scully – creator of a seven CD audio program, “Becoming An Oracle, Connecting with the Divine Source for Information and Healing“.
  • James Van Praagh – Well-known American psychic medium who, after each reading, he goes into a trance with spirit guides to deliver their messages.
  • Linda Howe – This new age author founded “Chakra Clearing” where she helps others unblock their chakras using spirit guides.
  • Seth – One of the first well-known entities of the modern era, Jane Roberts channelled  “Seth” for over 20 years before her death in 1984.
  • Kreskin/Sture Johannesson– He is a mentalist who began channeling an entity called “The Wizard” in the 1960s during his performances.

The Council of Nine – The Only Planet of Choice

The entities known as the Council of Nine channelled messages that were documented in the book “The Only Planet of Choice” written by Phyllis V. Schlemmer and Palden Jenkins. The names attributed to Nine are reported to be Sananda, Ramaku, Hatton, Nadlai, Harabec, Ashtar, Hatonn, Soltec and Nemo. In this channeling the Council of Nine claims to be from a Galactic Federation whose purpose is to guide all galactic civilizations towards a new level of spiritual awareness.

The information was originally channelled by Phyllis V. Schlemmer on February 13th through February 15th, 1975. The information channelled in this book is composed of 14 messages in total, each one is about 7 pages long. There are similarities in the messages to other channels work by entities such as Ashtar and Hatonn, who also claim to originate from the Galactic Federation.

Bashar channelled by Darryl Anka

Darryl Anka channels a spirit guide who comes through as a friendly, wise and humorous entity called Bashar.

Bashar is known for his sense of humour and practicality. He addresses real world problems and challenges with clear-sighted insight and honest love. He creates an open space where we can feel safe to explore any area of our lives from career and relationships to our spiritual quest. Bashar helps us understand the truth about who we are and why we are here so that we can relax into a deeper sense of peace and joy in day-to-day living while simultaneously creating a more positive future.

Ivo channelled by Sharon Stewart

Ivo is a spirit who wants to spread love and compassion to the world. He claims that through meditation, people can feel his energy.

Ivo shares messages of hope to mankind in his channelled messages. In one of his most important messages to humanity, Ivo emphasised how much every living loving all the others including their fellow human beings, nature and all living creatures. The reason why humanity doesn’t realise that is because of the veil created by fear, sorrow, and other negative emotions which obstruct our perception of love.

This spirit guide says that people have a huge potential inside but it’s not used yet. At this moment everyone on Earth has many limiting patterns in their mind, which prevent them from using that power. To make the best out of life, people have to realise their full potential by letting go of those limiting patterns. He says it’s possible to do because he will guide us through this process once we are willing to work on ourselves.

Peggy Black

Peggy Black is a New York-based channeller of spirit guides, who describes herself as a Multi-Dimensional Channel, Transducer, Witness, and Scribe. That is not all she does, however. She also offers support to people via her website Peggy Black Spiritual Services and her voice has been heard on radio stations worldwide.

The messages that Peggy Black channelled for her clients are available to read on the website. The site also contains information about Peggy Black’s other services including Spiritual Counseling Sessions, Sacred Sound Salutathons, and Holistic Coaching Programs.

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The Great UFO Investigation Funding Boost

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The bill was passed and within it is the Gillibrand Amendment which ensured that a new department would be formed for the purpose of UFO investigation. UFOs (or UAP to use the new stigma-free term) are acknowledged to exist so now we can move on to more pressing questions.

I doubt they’ve ever completely ceased to investigate since WWII’s Foo Fighters and Projects Grudge, Sign, and Blue Book which ran from 1947 to 1969. Over the decades projects have been launched and departments have been formed with the attention of uncovering the truth about UFOs.

They have concluded and the departments closed as funding priorities changed or perhaps when they had served their purpose which was to delay and obfuscate for another generation.

More recently we’ve seen the revelations about AAWSAP (Advanced Aerospace Weapon Systems Applications Program) (otherwise know as AATIP – Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program).

In light of all that has slipped in or has been placed into the public domain there is just too much data to hide now. Soon another department soon to be formed and it will either cease the narrative and explain away the phenomena or expand upon what’s been revealed recently.

The UFO Investigation Must Move On

Military technology has advanced to the point that sophisticated radar and IR data can be added to the many eyewitness accounts. The mood has changed from blanket denial to “OK, they exist. Gather data and log it“.

Time to turn off the X-Files theme music and get on with the job of answering these and other questions:

  • Who, or what, is operating them?
  • Where do they come from?
  • How do they fly?
  • What’s their power source?
  • Are they a threat?
  • What else can we learn from them?

Those tic-tac UFOs seen during the Nimitz incidents in 2004 and other similar encounters displayed these and other characteristics:

  • No heat signature
  • No aerodynamic flying surfaces
  • No discernible means of propulsion (jet, prop, or rocket)
  • Transmedium travel (flying into and out of the ocean)
  • Near immediate acceleration to high speed
  • Near immediate change of direction at high speed

Many will be thinking (and hoping) that they’re advanced Chinese drones because one of the alternative explanations is still too unpalatable, and yet the idea of that they are of non-human origin has not only been the matter of speculation but is the palusible theory that finds favour with many who work (or worked) in this field.

I think we are approaching a time when several frontiers of science and human experience are beginning to intersect; quantum physics, consciousness, UFOs, UAP, blue and other coloured orbs, paranormal activity, and non-human intelligences.

The UFO Stigma Clings On

I first posted a shortened version of this post on my LinkedIn profile and it had 70 views within less than 24 hours but not a single comment or reaction.

People are still wary of being associated with this subject, particularly if any interest in it might reflect on their profession or career. It still has a lot of stigma attached to it despite the seriousness with which it is now treated by the US Defense Department if nowhere else.

Meanwile, followers of #UFOtwitter and #UAPtwitter are well versed in the latest development. Some of the interviews conducted with former members of the CIA or ex military personnel are startling in their content.

Some of the men (and a few women) who have retired or left the service of the country with their reputation intact are willing to tell all they can up to the point of what may be a breach of their NDAs.

Your Own UFO Investigation

What have they’ve been hiding for 80 years? Well, you have to go down that rabbit hole yourself. If you do, prepare to have your flabber well and truly gasted. It will challenge everything you know and believe.

I first took a peek through the door in the early 1970s. Nearly 50 years later much has changed and as more people involved in the cover-ups and the cycle of denial, deceit, and misinformation come forward to tell their story the genie is well and truly out of the bottle.

The next generation will live in interesting times.

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Best UFO Book 2021? Two Contenders

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If there are two contenders for the award of Best UFO Book 2021 then they must be In Plain Sight by Ross Coulthart and Skinwalkers at the Pentagon: An Insiders’ Account of the Secret Government UFO Program by James Lacatski, Colm Kelleher, and George Knapp.

The two books coincide in a number of ways not least because In Plain Sight contains a chapter about the Skinwalker Ranch and they each contain valuable well-researched information and historical accounts.

Best UFO book 2021: In Plain Sight by Ross Coulthart

Ross Coulthart is an Australian investigative journalist and author.  His book In Plain Sight is a summary of the UFO story so far making it the ideal book for anyone approaching the subject of UFOs/UAP for the first time.  It’s also an excellent reminder of the key events of the past 70-80 years for the thousands of amateur UFO researchers and full time ufologists. 

Being a journalist, Coulthart’s book is written in a way that I would imagine would appeal to other journalists who are wary of dipping a toe into the UFO waters.  The fear of ridicule and of damaging one’s reputation still lingers over this subject but it’s time journalists started to do what the late Stanton Friedman advised them to do and it’s to his immense credit that Coulthart has done so.  

That plea was, “Do your job!” i.e. investigate with impartiality, do the research, interview the witnesses, write articles, and make the documentaries (without the cynicism and the lame jokes about little green men).  Coulthart is a journalist who has led the way and it’s time others followed in his footsteps.

Personally I would recommend the audio version of the book as it’s read by the author himself so we hear the emphases that he intended in the text.  Some reviewers have pointed out his habit of taking large breaths during the reading and his less than perfect American accent but these are minor criticisms. Once you follow the thread you’ll be astounded by where it leads and what has been discovered.  Even those who are already familiar with these topics should appreciate the reminders. 

Coulthart takes us through the early events and the subsequent cover-ups, the Black Triangles, The TR3B, and the Aurora Project, then the Disclosure Project, Skinwalker Ranch, and the Tic-Tac UAP story that ushered in a new era.  He does so in a way that is accurate but at the same time he adds a thin sheen of skepticism.  By doing so he avoids sounding like a ‘believer’ and retains his credibility as a journalist.

1,039 Reviews
In Plain Sight: An Investigation into UFOs and Impossible Science
  • Audible Audiobook
  • Ross Coulthart (Author) - Ross Coulthart (Narrator)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 07/28/2021 (Publication Date) - HarperAudio (Publisher)

Best UFO book 2021: Skinwalkers at the Pentagon by James Lacatski, Colm Kelleher, and George Knapp

Skinwalkers at the Pentagon on the other hand approaches the subject of UFOs & UAP from a different angle.  If you’re not familiar with the backstory concerning the Skinwalker ranch in Utah then prepare to be astounded.  

The book begins with a chapter about events in 2009 and then continues with explanations about the owners and investigations since then, right up to the present day. It covers the involvement of Robert Bigelow’s various companies and their relationship with the projects within the Pentagon.  By the time you’ve got a few chapters into this book you’ll be familiar with AAWSAP BAASS and AATIP.  

From the outset you will learn that the UFO phenomenon is only a small part of what has gone on at the ranch.  The paranormal events that have occurred and which continue to take place force us to broaden our view of the UFO phenomena and it’s my opinion that we have to do just that.  To fully understand what’s going on in our skies we cannot limit ourselves by looking only for ‘nuts and bolts’ craft while ignoring the other aspects, however metaphysical and unbelievable they may first appear.

1,480 Reviews
Skinwalkers at the Pentagon: An Insiders' Account of the Secret Government UFO Program
  • Lacatski D.Eng., James T (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 252 Pages - 10/10/2021 (Publication Date) - Independently published (Publisher)

It may be called anomalous phenomena and high strangeness but what these ambiguous terms refer to are sightings of interdimensional portals, blue orbs, strange otherworldly creatures, UFOs, and poltergeist activity.  Worryingly for the investigators is the ‘hitchhiker effect’ which refers to the disturbing reports that the high strangeness follows the investigator home where family members have experienced shadowy creatures in their homes, poltergeist activity, and more sightings of wolf-like creatures.  Not only that, but the effect seems to spread within a family.

The book contains four appendices which list some of the scientific methods used during the investigations on the ranch.  The scientific approach is one way of investigating anomalous phenomena but one wonders whether metaphysical phenomena needs to be investigated using metaphysical methods.  

Wouldn’t it be worth at least experimenting scientifically with traditional metaphysical techniques to see if any of them can counteract or control these unwelcome, frightening, and dangerous intrusions?

I’m thinking of space clearing and other forms of sanctifying space. Things like:

  • Exorcism
  • Smudging with sage
  • The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram
  • Bells, chants, and incantations
  • Visualisation (joint or individually) of an impermeable shield of white light forming an aura of protection around the house

Such methods are known in various forms among cultures all around the world.

There may be clues in the occult lore of the Western Mystery Tradition. The book Psychic Self-Defense 2 by the early 20th Century occultist Dion Fortune is available online in pdf format. Note pages 24 onwards where the author describes accidentally creating a wolf-like thoughform.

In occult lore so much depends on the Will and the Imagination. Perhaps these are the tools that should be used in similar circumstances today.

I asked this question on the Richard Dolan Members forum and one of the responses was this clip from the History channel’s docu-series about Skinwalker ranch. As you will see the arrival of a Rabbi and the mere intent to recite a particular prayer called “The Opening of the Gates” was enough to generate the appearance of a UFO.

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Beginner’s Guide To Ufology, UFO Studies, UAP

Reading Time: 5 minutes
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I’ve created a course called “Beginner’s Guide To Ufology, UFO Studies and UAP“.

  • Would you like to become a part-time or full-time researcher, blogger, or author on the subject of UFOs, UAP, and associated subjects?
  • Are you interested in the subject of UFOs but bewildered by the amount of information online?
  • Would you like a quick crash course on the basics for an existing project, article, or book?
  • Are you curious about the UFO phenomena and eager to lay foundations for further research?

I’ve been interested in these subjects for over 40 years.  In that time much has happened and recent events have turned the spotlight onto these mysteries.  Over the past 20 years there have been multiple sightings of, for example, black triangles and countless other lights in the sky flying in ways that show signs of intelligent control.  The USS Nimitz and USS Roosevelt encounters with Tic Tac UFOs in 2004 and 2015 have been the subject of TV documentaries and continue to intrigue researchers and some of the more broad minded investigative journalists.

It remains a subject that attracts a high degree of skpeticism and denial  but things are changing fast and now is the time to start particpating in the discussion. In this course I explain in plain English how to distinguish between the natural, astronomical, and meteorological phenomena, man-made aircraft, spacecraft, and space junk, and genuine unidentified flying objects. 

It’s important that we all learn to discriminate between natural and other phenomena, to keep an open mind for all and any explanations, and to keep a sense of humour.  This course is designed to help you develop this mindset.

UFO Research, Ufology, UFO Studies

Research into the subject of UFOs can be fascinating and rewarding and to save yourself time and effort this course will give you a head start on recent events and commonly found viewpoints.

Why bother with a course?“, you might ask. “Why not just dive into all the information online?

Courses like this provide a structured introduction. They follow a theme without the distractions of adverts and other diversions. Ufology is a vast subject covering sightings that date back into antiquity and most people associate it with the appearance of the Foo Fighters of World War II and the Roswell crash of 1947, the same year that the private pilot Kenneth Arnold coined the term flying saucers.

In this course I provide you with a summary of the recent events over the past few decades and introduce you to some of the current people and theories.

By the end of this course you should be much better informed and well equipped to begin the next stage of your path towards being a researcher, blogger, or author.

Join me as I describe;

  • How to identify real UFOs and how to rule out other explanations.
  • How the media treats the subject and why this must change.
  • A selection of key events and sightings in recent years.
  • Possible explanations for the phenomenon.
  • Possible links between consciousness and UFOs.

As time passes I’ll be updating this course with new material as fresh news becomes available. Throughout the course you’ll have direct access to me and you can ask any questions you may have, so enroll today and I’ll see you on the inside!

What is ufology?

Ufology is the study of unidentified flying objects, or UFOs. While the term is often used to refer to alien spacecraft, it can also refer to any kind of unexplained aerial phenomena. Ufologists typically collect and analyze data about sightings in an effort to explain them. Common explanations for UFOs include natural phenomena such as meteors or weather balloons, hoaxes, and mistaken sightings of known objects such as aircraft.

However, some ufologists believe that some UFOs may be extraterrestrial spacecraft or the appearance of interdimensional beings or craft, and they continue to investigate sightings in hopes of finding evidence to support this theory. Whatever their beliefs, ufologists share a common interest in studying one of the most enduring mysteries of the modern age.

UFO Studies

The study of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) has a long and controversial history. In the late 1940s, a spate of reports of unusual aerial sightings led to the creation of the first scientific organization dedicated to investigating UFOs, the private UFO research group known as Project Sign.

However, the US military’s involvement in UFO investigations began in earnest in 1948 with the establishment of Project Grudge, which was tasked with debunking or explaining away UFO reports. In 1952, Project Grudge was replaced by Project Blue Book, which operated until it was shut down in 1969.

During its two decades of operation, Project Blue Book compiled more than 12,000 UFO reports, and in the majority of cases they were unable to find any evidence that UFOs were anything other than natural phenomena or human-made objects, but that still left a minority of unexplained sightings. Besides, many people believed that this project, like those before and since, were a cover designed to explain away the phenomenon and to distract public attention.

The US government’s official position is that all UFO sightings can be explained by known phenomena; however, this has not stopped private individuals and organizations from continuing to investigate reports of unexplained aerial sightings.

The Congressional UAP Hearings, May 2022

The first Congressional UAP hearings in over 50 years have begun.  Reactions have been mixed.  Some are focusing on the positives while others seem disappointed.

Some, like Ross Coulthart in the Need To Know podcast, expressed his disappointment, but his guest, Lue Elizondo, was much more upbeat – fired up, you might say.

I strongly recommend that you listen to or watch the discussion between Ross, Lue, and Bruce Zybel.

I guess it’s inevitable that the obfuscation, denial, and prevarication would continue.  It would be too much to expect everyone to to simply confess all, unlock all the doors, and open all the files in the first hearing.

As they say, paraphrasing Winston Churchill, “It is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”

The hearings we’ve seen on TV and in the news were the unclassified ones.  They were followed by the classified hearings and we’ve yet to see if anything emerges from those.

One thing that was noted by many is that the Wilson/Davis memo/documents were entered into the record.  That was a major achievement and highly significant.

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Ufology Courses for UFO Studies & UFO Research

Reading Time: 7 minutes
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There are several courses in Ufology that might be suitable to kickstart your UFO studies and UFO research. In this post I list those currently available.

In the interests of transparency it’s only fair to point out that the first in this list is one that I created myself and published early in 2021. The second is one that I completed in 2019 and which I promote on UfologyWeb.com on behalf of Richard Dolan. The rest of those listed are ones that are advertised online and to which I have no connection.

Critics of Courses in UFO Studies

Some people are suspicious of courses in these subjects and see them as a means for the course publishers to make a fast buck out of what they assume is the gullibility of those who enroll. Some also say courses are not only necessary but a time-wasting diversion from the apprenticeship that should be served in the form of months spent reading books, journals, and articles, watching hour after hour of videos and films, and scrolling through countless posts on #UFOtwitter and online forums.

My answer to these criticism is to point out that:

  1. Some people prefer the gradual and structured approach of and online course during which they complete lessons, lectures, and segments, communicate with an instructor, and finish with a sense of satisfaction of a task completed with diligence. It’s not for everyone but there’s no single right way to approach the subject.
  2. Online courses in UFO studies can save time by introducing the candidate to subjects and by teaching the salient points of the history of UFO sightings and close encounters, without the distractions so often found online in the form of advertising and other diversions.
  3. Courses that include quizzes and assignments can test the candidates knowledge and reinforce the learning.
  4. The completion of a structured course can provide the motivation that leads to fresh UFO research that in turn generates new insights that, when published in a website, blog, journal, or video, add to the collective pool of knowledge.
  5. It’s a bit patronising to assume that candidates for courses in UFO studies are gullible and it’s also cynical to assume that the publishers of courses are not acting with integrity. Let people make up their own minds and review them accordingly.

With all that said, here is the list.

Beginner’s Guide To Ufology, UFO Studies, UAP

Author: Ben Lovegrove
Platform: Udemy
Content: 4+ hours of video plus additional resources
Link: Beginner’s Guide To Ufology – free preview of first three videos
Price: £24.99

This course is designed to be an introduction to the subject for anyone with little or no prior knowledge. They may have seen the reports in the mainstream media and developed an interest but haven’t taken the urge any further than reading a few books. The videos in this course cover contemporary events that have occurred in the past few decades.

Introduction to Ufology

Author: Richard Dolan
Platform: UfologyWeb.com
Content: 12 lectures given by Richard Dolan each lasting about 45-60minutes, reading assignments, quizzes.
Link: Introduction to Ufology
Price: $119.99

Richard Dolan is widely reguarded as one of the leading contemporary UFO researchers. He is the author of several books on the subject and provides ongoing up to date commentary on developments through this RichardDolanMembers.com website.

Course Contents:

Lecture 1: What Are UFOs?
Lecture 2: Theories of Ancient Visitation
Lecture 3: Into Modernity: Airships, Foo Fighters, and Flying Saucers: 1896 to 1969
Lecture 4: The Early Cover-Up, and those who fought it
Lecture 5: Digging Deeper: The Breakaway Civilization
Lecture 6: High Strangeness: UFOs from 1970 till 1990
Lecture 7: UFOs from 1991-2012
Lecture 8: Contact and Abduction
Lecture 9: The Growth of Ufology, from the 1970s to today
Lecture 10: Who Are They? What Are They? What Do They Want?
Lecture 11: Weird Science: Propulsion, Energy, Space-time, and Consciousness
Lecture 12: Into the Future, Into Ourselves

Ufology Diploma Course

Author: Unknown
Platform: CentreofExcellence.com
Content: 10 modules each containing between 4 and 10 parts
Link: Ufology Diploma Course
Price: $157.92

The course description suggests that it will take 150 hours of home study to complete. Completion will gain the candidate 150 Continued Professional Development points (CPD).

This course guides you through the study of ufology – where it’s been, where it’s going and how you can get involved in UFO hunting yourself. You’ll explore the sightings, reports and evidence of UFOs and alien contact over the years, along with the cover-ups put in place to explain them away.


UFO Studies

Author: C. Michael Mckenna
Platform: UniversalClass.com
Content: 9 lessons and 15 exams & assigments
Link: UFO Studies
Price: $65 (no certificate) or $90 with certificate

  • Lesson 1: The UFO Controversy – What is a UFO and why is it such a controversy?
  • Lesson 2: The UFO Coverup – Are UFO sighting and evidence of intelligence life on other planets being covered up by world governments?
  • Lesson 3: UFO Congressional Hearings -UFO Congressional Hearings, United Nations UFO Agency, Vatican Files/Blue Book Connection.
  • Lesson 4: UFO Case Histories – Let’s investigate UFO case files throughout history and around the world.
  • Lesson 5: Roswell Incident and Area 51 -Let’s explore the myths and realities of the Roswell Incident and the legendary military base ‘Area 51’.
  • Lesson 6: Crop Circles – Exploring the myths, facts, and outright hoaxes regarding ‘crop circles’.
  • Lesson 7: UFO Abductions – The International Center for Abduction Research (ICAR) is an organization involved in investigating those who claim to have been abducted by aliens. ICAR provides accurate information to therapists and other individuals interested in abductions.
  • Lesson 8: UFO Sightings in Mexico and other Video Clips – In recent years, UFO sightings in Mexico are at an all-time high. Amateur videographers have captured hundreds of hours of unexplained UFO sightings.
  • Lesson 9: Additional UFO Resources – This course would be remiss if you weren’t steered toward the enormous amount of UFO resources available on the Internet.

Ufology Course

Author: Unknown
Platform: OpenCollege.info
Content: Unknown
Link: Ufology Course
Price: £225

Upon completion of this home learning programme, students should be able to understand the basics of many key areas within this subject. Participants of the course will have acquired an overall basic understanding of the subject matter and will have achieved a sound basis to summarize important topics and be reasonably competent to make further progress and educational development in this field with a range of theoretical skills and insights to assist with any short or long term goals.

SFTR Accredited Open College Diploma Course. Upon completion of this course you will be entitled to the use of these Designatory letters after your name: Dip.Ufology which will be printed upon your final Diploma Certificate under your name.


Ufology Online Certificate Course

Author: Unknown
Platform: CoursesforSuccess.com
Content: 10 modules each containing five parts and an assessment
link: Ufology Online Certificate Course
Price: $249

Module 1: Introduction to Ufology

  • Introduction
  • Part 1: What are UFOs?
  • Part 2: The Work of Donald Menzel on UFOs
  • Part 3: What is Ufology?
  • Part 4: Conclusion
  • Module 1 Assessment

Module 2: UFO Sightings and Phenomena

  • Part 1: UFO Sightings
  • Part 2: Some Common UFO Phenomena
  • Part 3: Conclusion
  • Module 2 Assessment

Module 3: UFO Cover Ups and Secrets Withheld

  • Part 1: UFO Cover Ups
  • Part 2: Case Histories
  • Part 3: Some UFO Cover-Ups
  • Part 4: Conclusion
  • Module 3 Assessment

Module 4: Alien Contact and Abduction

  • Part 1: Contact vs. Abduction
  • Part 2: Alien Abduction Cases
  • Part 3: The Herb Schirmer Abduction
  • Part 4: The Charles Moody Abduction
  • Part 5: Fire in the Sky: Travis Walton
  • Part 6: The Andreasson Affair
  • Part 7: Telepathic Contact: The Affa Case
  • Part 8: Alien Contactees and Abductees
  • Part 9: Is There Any Real Evidence to Show Alien Abduction or Contact?
  • Part 10: Alien Abduction Researchers
  • Part 11: Conclusion
  • Module 4 Assessment

Module 5: UFO Technology

  • Part 1: Basic Technological Principles Behind Field Propulsion and Electrogravitics
  • Part 2: Different Types of Crafts
  • Part 3: The Nazi Die Glocke
  • Part 4: Conclusion
  • Module 5 Assessment

Module 6: The Evolution of Ufology

  • Part 1: Historical Background
  • Part 2: Status of the Field
  • Part 3: Studies, Panels and Conferences
  • Part 4: UFO Organisations and Conspiracy Theories
  • Part 5: Conclusion
  • Module 6 Assessment

Module 7: Who or What Are UFOs and What Do They Want?

  • Part 1: Our Perception of Aliens
  • Part 2: Who Are These Alleged Extra-Terrestrial Beings?
  • Part 3: Human-Looking Aliens
  • Part 4: Other Types of Aliens
  • Part 5: Conclusion
  • Module 7 Assessment

Module 8: Implications of UFOs

  • Part 1: Implications: What If They Are Real?
  • Part 2: Religious Implications
  • Part 3: Scientific, Cultural and Global Implications
  • Part 4: Effects on Human Psychology
  • Part 5: Conclusion
  • Module 8 Assessment

Module 9: Challenges of Investigating UFOs

  • Part 1: Challenges
  • Part 2: Lack of Researchers and Commitment
  • Part 3: Studies in the Field of Ufology
  • Part 4: Associated UFO Claims
  • Part 5: Conclusion
  • Module 9 Assessment

Module 10: How to Become a UFO Investigator/Hunter

  • Part 1: Identification of UFOs
  • Part 2: Tips for Investigating a UFO
  • Part 3: How to Recognise a UFO Hoax
  • Part 4: Becoming a Ufologist
  • Part 5: Conclusion
  • Module 10 Assessment

Diploma in Ufology

Author: Unknown
Platform: TFUniversity.com
Content: 5 courses within the same TF University
Link: Diploma in Ufology
Price: $550

This diploma course is made up of five other courses:

  1. G240: Developing Your Innate Psychic and Intuitive Powers ($75)
  2. A90: Paranormal Science, Parapsychology, and Ufology Course 1 ($125)
  3. A91: Paranormal Science, Parapsychology, and Ufology Course 2 ($125)
  4. A110: Forensic Anomalous Evidence Analysis and Collection Course 1 ($125)
  5. A111: Forensic Anomalous Evidence Analysis and Collection Course 2 ($125)

Degree in Ufology

Author: Unknown
Platform: TFUniversity.com
Content: See below
Link: Degree in Ufology
Price: $1,165

Required courses for this degree are:

Bachelor’s Courses:

  1. G60: Advanced Metaphysical Concepts
  2. G61: The Metaphysics of Death and Dying
  3. G120: Critical Thinking Skills
  4. G140: Metaphysical Psychology
  5. G240: Developing Your Innate Psychic and Intuitive Powers

Master’s Courses:

  1. A90: Paranormal Science, Parapsychology, and Ufology Course 1
  2. A91: Paranormal Science, Parapsychology, and Ufology Course 2
  3. A110: Forensic Anomalous Evidence Analysis and Collection Course 1
  4. A111: Forensic Anomalous Evidence Analysis and Collection Course 2

Ufology Degree

Author: Unknown
Platform: MetaPhysicsInstitute.com
Link: Ufology Degree
Price: $1,325 (or $1,423 if paying by monthly instalments)

  1. MHs.B1: The Nature of Metaphysics
  2. MHs.B2: Metaphysical Self-Mastery
  3. MHs.B3: Metaphysical Intercommunication
  4. MHs.B5: Metaphysical Critical Thinking and Self-Direction
  5. MHs.M2-1: Advanced Metaphysical Concepts Course 1
  6. MHs.M2-2: Advanced Metaphysical Concepts Course 2
  7. MHs.M3: Metaphysical Psychology
  8. MHs.M7: Developing Your Innate Psychic and Intuitive Powers
  9. MHs.M16-1: Paranormal Science Course 1
  10. MHs.M16-2: Paranormal Science Course 2
  11. MHs.M18-1:Forensic Anomalous Evidence Analysis and Collection Course 1
  12. MHs.M18-2:Forensic Anomalous Evidence Analysis and Collection Course 2
  • MHs.D1: Doctoral Degree Assignment (review of what you learned in the program)

Additional Related Courses Available (students can choose these as additional courses if desired):

  • MHs.M19: Starting and Leading an Anomalous Research Team Courses 1 and 2
  • MHs.M29: Certified EVP Technician Course
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Is UFO Disclosure Imminent?

Reading Time: 3 minutes
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Strong rumours are circulating that some big news is about to break in the form of any article in the New York Times. Once again the question is being asked, Is UFO disclosure imminent? That is to say is the US government about to admit that they are aware of the existence of extraterrestrial craft visiting Earth for decades and have been keeping this secret with SAPs (Special Access Programs) since the Second World War?

The Evidence

There are have been so many false dawns that some will simply shrug this off as yet another build up to disappointment but there are some good reasons why we should sit up and pay attention this time.

Look at what has happened in recent years:

  • The New York Times publishes Bryan Bender’s article about the Nimitz Incident et al and that becomes the catalyst for a whole host of changes that have occurred in the last three years.
  • People learn of the existence of the Pentagon’s AATIP program and the fact that the US Department of Defense was or still is investigating UFO/UAP and other extraordinary phenomena.
  • The US Navy changes its guidelines with regard to the reporting of UFO/UAP by any of its personnel.
  • The US Navy confirms that the FLIR, GOFAST, and GIMBAL videos are real and not the fakes so many skeptics alleged.
  • The History channel makes Series 1 and 2 of Unidentified.
  • The Wilson/Davis documents provide the strongest evidence yet that there have been UFO crash retrievals and reverse engineering of alien spacecraft, as well as SAPs, MJ-12 etc.
  • The US Senator for Florida Marco Rubio goes on the record to request investigation into the objects that are entering US military airspace (see below).
  • Many researchers and others have been contacted by the New York Times to be asked questions on the whole UFO topic, as confirmed by veteran investigative journalist George Knapp, who broke the Bob Lazar story in 1989.

Is UFO disclosure imminent – a step nearer but not full disclosure?

With the world still gripped by the Coronavirus pandemic people and governments have other things to worry about. It may be that news of any past or recent extraterrestrial encounters may fall flat, or it may not be full admission but simply the fact that the US and the world’s military do investigate but the results are inconclusive.

They may simply repeat, as they have done so in light of the 2004 & 2015, that ‘yes, they exist, no, we don’t know what they are, and yes, we’re still investigating‘. That’s not disclosure and it’s not even news any more, although it’s still extraordinary that we’ve got this far in the story and yet so few people are talking about these events.

Joe Rogan with George Knapp and Jeremy Corbell

Listen to George Knapp and Jeremy Corbell explain the latest events to Joe Rogan. George Knapp also summarises the recent history of the Skinwalker Ranch.

Rogan admits that he was interested in the subject of UFOs but became disillusioned when he noticed the types theories and the people associated with it. This is not uncommon. It does generate some bizarre theories and some of the people who take part in the discussions, forums, groups etc may be willing or unwitting agents of disinformation and misinformation.

In a subject that has no limits and which is so startling in its implications, it’s inevitable that some may get carried away. Added to that we have the trolls and the deliberate hoaxers who have their own reasons for creating confusion and wasting everyone’s time.

There are also those who continue to mistake natural phenomena simply because they are unaware of the tools available to us for ruling out mundane explanations. These sightings form the vast majority of those reported and recorded.

How to see a UFO. how to identify a UFO, and what to do when you spot a UFO

305 Reviews
A.D. After Disclosure: When the Government Finally Reveals the Truth About Alien Contact
  • Richard M. Dolan (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 320 Pages - 05/15/2012 (Publication Date) - New Page (Publisher)
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Will 2020 be the year of Disclosure?

Reading Time: 6 minutes
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In this post I’m going to look ahead through 2020 and beyond to what we might expect from the world of ufology and alien contact.

Just as the sun rises each morning you can be sure that every new day will produce fresh reports of UFO sightings. Images will be uploaded, videos posted, and stories will be told. However, like the vast majority of UFO sightings in 2019 few of those that will be shared in 2020 will be convincing.

The problem with the majority of images and videos is the fact that too many continue to be obvious cases of misidentification, fakes, and false alarms. The daily deluge of data is spoilt by the trolls, the agents of disinformation, the mentally unstable, and the narcissists. Even if anyone has the time to check and dismiss the obvious crank claims, the possibly genuine reports fail the first test which is; corroboration.

  • Are there any corroborating witnesses with their own footage or images?
  • Do their accounts of the sighting bear any resemblance to the one published?
  • Is there any other corroborating evidence in the form of radar, infrared, or other forms of recording?

What makes the USS Nimitz UFO Incident and others like it so convincing and so irrefutable is the fact that there were multiple witnesses in the form of professional military aviators, corroborating testimonies from radar operators aboard ships and other aircraft, and infrared video footage that can be independently examined.

It may well be that occasionally someone uploads a genuine image or video clip of a UFO sighting to one of the dozens of alien or UFO Facebook groups but sooner or later people will just scroll on by, waiting for their next fix of news.

Social media, or weapons of mass distraction if you like, is a beast with an inexhaustible appetite that keeps on growling at us day after day. The mischievous, the ignorant, and the gullible continue to feed the beast, wasting everyone’s time.

Paranormal, Subjective Experiences

Meanwhile, any extraterrestrial or interdimensional being, any non-human intelligence picks and chooses where and how it will appear, and to whom.

“When I was a child, I caught a fleeting glimpse, out of the corner of my eye” .

Pink Floyd, Comfortably Numb

Millions of people have had paranormal experiences but without evidence that satisfies our limited knowledge of physics they remain unproven, no matter how convincing they may have seemed to the experiencer. For many, these experiences were when they were children, before the indoctrination of schooling and the disbelief of others shut down their high sensitivity methods of perception. They were all subjective personal experiences and some struggle even to find the right words to describe what they saw and felt in a way that conveys meaning to the listener.

Contact with extraterrestrial or interdimensional beings, or any non-human intelligence is almost always a personal experience. Those who have such close encounters are often left shocked, even traumatized. The time needed to come to terms with the experience is proportional to the intensity of the experience and the strength of character of the contactee. Some never fully recover. Others may be deeply frightened and yet another part of them wants to repeat the experience.

Even though some within the UFO community may be sympathetic and open minded, others are often skeptical, and this skepticism is often generated by frustration over the fact that it’s yet another story that no one can prove.

Astronauts and Extraterrestrials

Dr Helen Sharman made history in 1991 as the first British astronaut.

“There are so many billions of stars out there in the universe that there must be all sorts of different forms of life.”

The Observer Magazine

She added, “It’s possible they’re here right now and we simply can’t see them.”

Apollo astronaut Michael Collins replied in the affirmative when he was asked if he thought there was life elsewhere, other than on Earth.

And Apollo astronaut Dr Edgar Mitchell’s published works regarding non-human intelligences are widely known.

But of course scientists, and everyone else, want proof. The problem is that they seek proof within the boundaries of what they know and accept as science. If you want to prove metaphysical reality then you have to step over those boundaries into territory that we haven’t yet found the words or the science to describe and explain.

So people will continue to experience UFOs, non-human intelligences, and other paranormal events, while others listen to their accounts with nagging skepticism.

The real game change will occur when the number of scientists who have experienced close encounters reaches a critical mass and the fog of disbelief lifts and melts away. Then the world’s scientists will have no option but to admit that we exist in a multi dimensional universe in which we intermingle with non-human intelligences.

It’s only logical that intelligent beings wishing to pass on information of benefit to the human race would seek out the minds of those capable of processing and using that information. They would seek out the mathematicians, aerospace and other engineers, and the scientists, not the politicians or the military personnel, unless it were to negotiate, to avoid conflict.

For example, listen to Ed Belbruno’s own description of his close encounter as told to Whitley Strieber in his December 2019 podcast, or watch the video I made about Deep Prasad’s experience.

Alien Visitors

Aliens may arrive in physical craft or perhaps use portals that give them the ability to seemingly magically appear and disappear. The subject is further complicated by the fact that, according to some sources, Earth’s visitors include many races. Consequently, they differ in their attitudes to humans and their agenda for visiting Earth, not to mention their appearance.

Some may be benign and helpful, others may be indifferent, though I cling to the notion that none are totally hostile. If that were the case then we would be already annihilated or enslaved.

For more on this, go to UfologyWeb.com and read the posts in the Non-Human Intelligences category.

It’s bad enough giving thought to the idea that they are indifferent to the shock and fear that their appearance generates without thinking even gloomier thoughts.

Is 2020 the year of Disclosure?

So will 2020 be the year of Disclosure? Well, as I’ve mentioned in a previous video Disclosure is a process, not a single event. We are already in the process of Disclosure – it’s already happening. It’s up to all of us to stop getting distracted and pay attention to what’s going on.

Humans capture animals, remove them from their natural habitat, and separate them from their family groups for tests that may be for the greater good of the individual animal or the entire species. The emotional and mental impact on the animal may be very stressful but we do it anyway, even if later we bestow kindness. Humans rescue animals orphaned by the violence of other humans, demonstrating love and compassion in contrast to cruelty – two extremes found in the human species.

Visits by non-human intelligences at our current level of civilisation are an opportunity for us to lift ourselves out of the mire of barbarism, corruption, and wanton destruction. It’s a chance to use rapid growth in science to solve some of the fundamental problems we’ve created. We should embrace this opportunity but not with wild and unchecked enthusiasm.

We should proceed but do so with caution so that we fully understand the nature of the relationship, the repercussions, and the likely outcomes.

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The need for Ufologists. Will you study Ufology?

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According to the Google Adwords keyword tool, across the English speaking countries of the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and India, there are zero searches per month for the phrases ‘how to study ufology’ and ‘how to study ufos’.

Although there are about 720 searches per month for the phrases ‘ufo research’ and ‘ufo researcher’, those figures compare to 40,500 searches per month for the phrase “ufo sightings’.

So one could guess that perhaps plenty of people are interested in seeing UFOs but very few actually want to study the subject in any depth.

This is not surprising as it’s common to all forms of human activity.

Tens of millions watch sport, thousands participate at an amateur level, and only a few have the dedication and self discipline to devote most of their waking hours to become an expert, setting the standards to which others aspire.

But we’re not talking about sport.

We’re talking about a subject that has the potential to change everything we know about our place in the Universe, our religions, our economies, and all the other aspects of the current human civilisation on Earth.

Ufology – UFO Studies

Ufology has more similarities with a religion, or perhaps even a cult. A common statement by those joining one of the many Facebook groups centred around the subjects of UFO and extraterrestrials is, “I’m a believer.”

That statement begs the question,” Believer in what? UFOs? By definition, they exist. Aliens? Which ones?” and so on.

Ufology has been around for seven decades or more. There are current researchers, like Richard Dolan and Steven M. Greer, carrying the torch forward in this generation, and there are those now deceased, like Stanton Friedman, who have left us their rich legacy.

Each generation needs its researchers. Will you become one? Ufology has plenty of spectators but too few dedicated researchers.

Anyone can become a UFO researcher but to add value to the collective pool of information takes dedication and a considerable amount of time, not to mention money.

It takes humility to keep an open mind and to be prepared to change your mind if you later discover your assumptions or conclusions were wrong.

Errors and Truth

Errors, like lies and disinformation, repeated often enough become accepted as truth. Few people have the patience and dogged persistence to check so called facts and trace them back to their source.

For example, a piece of ancient text is mistranslated and the conclusions are printed in a book. Other researchers refer back to that book and that quote again and again. The translation is accepted as truth until someone qualified enough to read the original ancient text points out the errors in the translation.

You also need to develop a thick skin and the ability to shrug off ridicule and criticism. If you become a ufologist you will not attract the same prestige or respect as a biologist, a criminologist, or even a sociologist.

But you might gain some respect and followers from those seeking out the truth about UFOs.

Do you remember the 1988 UK TV advert for British Telecom featuring the actress Maureen Lipman as the character Beatie (BT, geddit?!), with her immortal line, “Anthony, you get an Ology – you’re a scientist!”

There’s a link below if you need a reminder or haven’t seen it before.

If you study Ufology and perhaps even become qualified in it then remember Beatie’s words, “You’re a scientist!”.

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UFO Studies or Ufology needs to move to the mainstream

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In this post I’m going to explain why I think it’s time that the subject of Ufology or UFO Studies moves from the fringes into the mainstream.

This post is aimed at everyone who has an interest in this subject, be they interested onlookers and amateur or professional researchers, but also those in the media, particularly journalists, who might have a professional interest but who are unaware of recent developments.

There are four points I’d like to cover; the importance of recent events, why journalists and the media need to up their game, ending ridicule and cynicism, and how we can all help to contribute to the pool of knowledge and understanding. 

 The Importance Of Recent Events

Two things occurred in 2019 which have changed forever the way we contemplate and investigate the UFO phenomena.

Phrases like ‘game-changer’, ‘paradigm shift’’, and ‘watershed moment’ spring to mind but none of these worn out cliches really capture the essence of what has happened.

The first event was when the US Navy announced a change of guidelines for all personnel with regard to the reporting of what it terms UAP, Unidentified Aerial Phenomena.

Prior to this change anyone reporting sightings risked losing flight status (being grounded), promotions, and career advancement, and possibly even psychiatric or psychological re-evaluation.

Previously, if you told your Commanding Officer that you’d seen a UFO it could ruin your career.

Now it seems, the US Navy wants its personnel to step forward and they’ll receive a sympathetic and open minded response.

One can only hope the world’s airlines soon follow suit and adopt the same attitude with regard to the sightings by airline pilots.

This complete change of attitude could be attributed to the fact that the number of sightings and the camera footage captured by some of the Navy’s elite pilots is so great that it can no longer be simply ignored or dismissed without investigation.

If UFOs are able to fly at will in and around your carrier groups and to follow your aircraft on missions then you need to find out what they are and who is operating them!

If these same objects demonstrate flying characteristics that not only out-perform the best technology that the USA can put in the air, but which defy the known laws of physics, then they are worthy of serious study, if only because of the threat they may pose to the aircraft and ships they follow.

The second significant event was the announcement, again from sources within the US Navy, that the videos widely circulated in the media of UFOs captured on the IR cameras of Navy aircraft in 2004 and 2015 are real videos.

It had been suggested that the videos were faked and therefore unworthy of any attention, but with these nods for the Navy everything about them was put into focus.

This means that the USS Nimitz UFO incident, the pilots’ and other Navy personnel’s  accounts of it, the tic-tac UFOs – all of it, became factual in that the sightings were real, even if the identification of the objects remains a mystery.

Why Journalists & The Media Need To Embrace UFO Studies

For 80 years ufologists have been investigating, interviewing, and publishing and yet the world still struggles with the idea that there are advanced forms of technology flying around in Earth’s atmosphere.

Of course, these announcements don’t prove every incident or sighting of the past eight decades is real but what they do show is that the time for scoffing and cynicism is past.

No one with any sense of reality and responsibility can simply dismiss the sightings of UFOs buzzing around battle groups and missile silos, unidentified and unchallenged.

We have to find out what they are, who is operating them, and why they seem so interested in the military.

The comfort of blissful ignorance is no longer an option.

Nor is the haughty, condescending laugh of a TV presenter who, when interviewing an eye-witness is disrespectful and chips in with inappropriate remarks.

Any eye-witnesses who have had close encounters of any type, who have seen black triangles flying silently through the still night air, or bright lights zig-zagging about in ways that are impossible for known aerial phenomena, will probably be thinking “What took you so long?”.

Journalists, in the words of the late Stanton Friedman, need to ‘do their job’.  They need to investigate as thoroughly and meticulously as they would any political scandal or financial impropriety, and to keep an open mind to any possibilities.

Journalists also need to study the history of Ufology that dates back to the Foo Fighters of World War II.

They need an overview that covers the main events, key characters, and accepted terminology, and which brings them up to date with the tic-tac UFOs of the 21st Century.

I’ve provided a link to such a short course at the end of this video.

An End To Ridicule, Denial, And Cynicism

Meanwhile, the current generation of researchers must surely have received a boost in confidence and optimism, particularly the To The Stars Academy Team who were the main channel for much of this year’s revelations.

Despite their efforts they attract criticism and cynicism. It seems no one who steps forward into the spotlight can escape the heckling and disparaging remarks from individuals in the audience.

We know that the internet is a medium for angry people who find an outlet for their ire and that anyone can become a target, even if they say or do nothing to which any otherwise reasonable person can object.

Beware the trolls.

We also know that social media has spawned a generation of people who have lost (or never learned) the basic norms of debate and discussion.

They are incapable of making a point and backing it up with evidence and instead resort to ad hominem attacks.

And even if the criticism is justified, if a researcher or author makes a mistake or draws the wrong conclusions and subsequent events prove them wrong, it doesn’t follow that all their other work is of no value. 

A small percentage of inaccuracies and errors in a career spanning several decades is understandable in any profession, let alone the subject of Ufology with its minefields of misinformation and disinformation.

Some researchers are even criticised for earning a living through their work.  

If a dogged and determined researcher gives up a lucrative career or the security of full time employment to devote themselves to Ufology research then it follows that they have to find another source of income.

There are various things they can do in order to earn some money but each method costs capital to get under way and the overheads are often underestimated by those who look on with suspicion.

A New Era Of UFO Studies

Embarking on UFO studies requires a mind that is open to all kinds of physical and metaphysical possibilities.  

It also requires discernment, humility, integrity, and respect for the viewpoints of others.

In any field of human study there are peer groups and personality clashes, and Ufology is no exception.  

If you think everyone is united in the quest to uncover the truth within a spirit of mutual support I’m afraid you’ll soon see your bubble burst.

On the one hand there is healthy debate and heated argument but there are also occasional accusations and personal attacks that are borderline defamation.

There’s no answer to the age old problems of rivalry among people on the same path.  You just have to be ready for sharp elbows. How you react is up to you.

In the meantime, we can at least check everything for accuracy ourselves and check our sources.

We can point out other possibilities without sneering or being dismissive. 

We can tolerate newcomers to the field of UFO studies without making their first steps into this bewildering world uncomfortable.

As ever, education and meticulous research is fundamental.  

Thanks for reading this far. Post a comment below with your thoughts.

Give this post a like, and share it with others who might be interested in these topics.

And don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel for more videos on this subject.

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Unacknowledged: An Expose of the World’s Greatest Secret – Review

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If the collective consciousness of humanity were an operating system it’s long overdue for an upgrade.  Not just a patch that fixes a few minor bugs but a major release that contains a new feature set.  The kind of upgrade that, once installed and running, leaves you feeling like you’ve changed from second to sixth gear and you’re now coasting along putting a lot of miles between you and those bad old habits of the past.

The frustrating thing is that the upgrade is available on demand.  With this realisation some have simply put in the request and downloaded it themselves.  We all have that connection and the bandwidth is unlimited.  All we have to do is ask.  Those have done so not only upgrade themselves but also have a beneficial effect on the collective consciousness.  At some point these upgrades might reach a point of critical mass when we, as a species, upgrade en masse.

For now, most of us go about our lives unaware, or we simply choose to ignore what is offered.   As a species we continue to create wars and all manner of other horrors.  We pollute our home planet to the point where we make ourselves ill, wiping out other species in the process.  The news of the availability of this major release goes unacknowledged.

914 Reviews
Unacknowledged: An Expose of the World's Greatest Secret
  • Hardcover Book
  • Greer, Steven M (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 352 Pages - 04/25/2017 (Publication Date) - A&m (Publisher)
718 Reviews
Unacknowledged: An Expose of the World's Greatest Secret
  • Amazon Prime Video (Video on Demand)
  • Steven M. Greer, Giancarlo Esposito, Richard Doty (Actors)
  • Michael Mazzola (Director) - Steven M. Greer (Writer) - Steven M. Greer (Producer)
  • English (Playback Language)
  • English (Subtitle)

Unacknowledged: An Expose of the World’s Greatest Secret

The internet is packed with information, misinformation, and disinformation.  The waters are muddied by the mischievous and the mundane.  Trying to spot something that is genuine and trustworthy is no easy task, particularly if you’re trying to expose secrets that have been deliberately hidden in the mud for decades by powerful amoral people with a strict agenda.

Now, thanks to hundreds of hours of witness testimony from (some very brave) people who have been directly involved in events over the past seventy years we have access to a secret that has been hidden in plain sight for decades.

Unacknowledged: An Expose of the World’s Greatest Secret is the work of Dr Steven M. Greer, MD.  If you haven’t heard of him before he is an ER doctor from North Carolina who has spent the past twenty years or so collecting, collating, and sharing the testimonies of those who have witnessed the activities of non human intelligences from other planets visiting Earth and interacting with the human race.

Are you still reading?  Good, because this is just the start.

Dr Greer’s work includes initiating several projects over the past two decades.  These include C-SETI, the Orion Project, and the Disclosure Project which culminated in a press conference on May 9th 2001 at the National Press Club in Washington, DC.

The event was live streamed though mysteriously jammed for the first hour of its broadcast.  However, despite this obvious attempt to block access to the event the recording of it has now been watched my millions of people around the world.

The Disclosure Project is a research project working to fully disclose the facts about UFOs, extraterrestrial intelligence, and classified advanced energy and propulsion systems. We have over 500 government, military, and intelligence community witnesses testifying to their direct, personal, first hand experience with UFOs, ETs, ET technology, and the cover-up that keeps this information secret.

These previous projects and events have lead to the creation of the Sirius Disclosure Project and website.  I recommend you visit that site and avail yourself of the content.

Secrets and Lies

Unacknowledged: An Expose of the World's Greatest Secret brings us up to date with what has been disclosed and why it has been hidden for so long.  It is a collection of commentaries by Dr Greer and testimonials from witnesses.  As well as the book there is a film on DVD, an unabridged audio book, and video on demand.  I have watched the film and listened to the entire book on audio.

Here is a sample of what is exposed by these whistleblower testimonies

  • Extraterrestrial intelligences have been interacting with the human race for decades.
  • Crashed ET vehicles have been backward engineered.
  • Top secret military complexes contain vehicles and bodies in storage.
  • Projects, funded with trillions of tax dollars, have been initiated with the purpose of recreating the ET craft.
  • These ARVs (Alien Reproduction Vehicles) account for some of the UFO sightings and abductions.
  • The ETs are deeply concerned about proliferation and use of nuclear weapons.
  • ET technology can give us unlimited and free clean energy, removing our reliance of oil, fossil fuels and even current renewable energy generating methods.
  • ETs also want to help us to raise our own consciousness to the next level.
  • Those in control of all this want to weaponise space so the next false flag event will be a staged/hoax alien invasion to justify huge expenditure on space weapons paid for by a world population united in fear.
  • Measures, which include denial, ridicule, and threats, were put in place to keep all this secret, partly in order to protect vested interests and partly justified on the grounds that to release such information would create turmoil in economies, religions, and society in general.

Still reading?  It’s mind-boggling, isn’t it?

“There is good out there.  We oppose deception.”

But it doesn’t have to be this way.  The Disclosure Project has given the momentum and things are moving.  Many of those involved in the secret projects and the deception that kept them under wraps have blown the whistle and disclosed what they know.

They realise that humanity is at a crossroads and there is too much at stake to maintain the status quo, to protect the sinister machinations of a degenerate self appointed elite.

914 Reviews
Unacknowledged: An Expose of the World's Greatest Secret
  • Hardcover Book
  • Greer, Steven M (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 352 Pages - 04/25/2017 (Publication Date) - A&m (Publisher)
718 Reviews
Unacknowledged: An Expose of the World's Greatest Secret
  • Amazon Prime Video (Video on Demand)
  • Steven M. Greer, Giancarlo Esposito, Richard Doty (Actors)
  • Michael Mazzola (Director) - Steven M. Greer (Writer) - Steven M. Greer (Producer)
  • English (Playback Language)
  • English (Subtitle)

They realise that we have a choice; to continue with war, pollution, and pillaging of the planet’s resources to the point of exhaustion and destruction, to keep us all as tax slaves feeding the war machine, or raise our consciousness to a level at which we begin to renounce the old ways and embrace the new.  The feeling is that we are now ready.  the Cold War has ended and people have grown use to the idea that visiting ETs are probably real.

The ETs are here to instruct us on how to download that long overdue upgrade.

Here’s one small example of the kind of testimonies we have available to us now.  It comes from none other than the late Ben Rich, the former director and CEO at Lockheed’s Skunkworks where the stealth fighter F-117a was developed.

“We now know how to travel to the stars. There is an error in the equations, and we have figured it out, and now know how to travel to the stars and it won’t take a lifetime to do it. It is time to end all the secrecy on this, as it no longer poses a national security threat, and make the technology available for use in the private sector. There are many in the intelligence community who would like to see this stay in the black and not see the light of day. We now have the technology to take ET home.”

Ben Rich made several statements about what he know about ET technology.  I recommend you google for the full statements and sources.  In the meantime, here is Jan Harzan, MUFON International Director, relating his account of a meeting with Ben Rich and what he told him at a meeting in 1993.


Finally, here is one witness testimony from the Sirius Disclosure Project’s archives.  This one is from Don Phillips, Contractor, USAF, CIA, Lockheed Skunkworks.

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Can you handle the the truth about extraterrestrials?

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The most common reaction to expect if you dare to report a sighting of a UFO, or if you should express the view that we are being visited by extraterrestrials, is ridicule.

Anyone foolish or brave enough to admit to either of these runs the risk of losing respect, credibility, and social standing.  You may even lose your job and many of your friends.

Ridicule persists because we tend to laugh in the face of fear and the potential existence of alien civilisations is a scary subject.  It is also a clever mechanism for hiding the truth.  Convince the majority to pillory the minority and you can enlist the public to keep your secret safe.

We mock those who raise this topic because for many the very idea that extraterrestrials visit and interact with us shakes them to the core.

This reaction is understandable for two main reasons:

  1. People like to belong, and the crowd is the comfort zone.  Far better to point and laugh along with everyone else than to stand shoulder to shoulder with an individual suggesting what to many, is heresy.
  2. If ETs exist then it throws so much into doubt; history and religion to name but two.  Reputations could ruined, books trashed, and religions debunked.

Trust me, I’m a scientist

We put our trust in scientists i.e. the people we like to think of as rational and sensible, who check the facts and carry out experiments to determine what is real, what is unproven theory, and what is fantasy.

Yet these same experts have pointed out that our galaxy is vast, and it is only one of billions of others.  They point to the mathematics of probability and, thanks to advances in technology, they have recently confidently announced the discovery of exoplanets capable of sustaining life.

[amazon_link asins=’0967323835′ template=’ProductAd’ store=’bensbookmar’ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’c9d1cba9-e560-11e7-bb70-bde3d267b7e2′]Experts in physics, astrophysics, and cosmology try to explain to us that the Universe is far weirder than we can imagine and that it may be one of many.

So far, so what?  What if there are intelligent lifeforms on some distant world?

What evidence is there that they could communicate with us, let alone drop by and pay a visit?

Well, there is ample evidence according to Dr Steven M. Greer and his team.

The Disclosure Project

The Disclosure Project 2001 National Press Club event was a milestone event.

On Wednesday, May 9th, 2001, over twenty military, intelligence, government, corporate and scientific witnesses came forward at the National Press Club in Washington, DC to establish the reality of UFOs or extraterrestrial vehicles, extraterrestrial life forms, and resulting advanced energy and propulsion technologies. The weight of this first-hand testimony, along with supporting government documentation and other evidence, will establish without any doubt the reality of these phenomena.

You can watch a video of the proceedings:

2001 National Press Club Event

Life on Earth carries on as before

Despite the event, the witnesses, and all the evidence collected and shared, life carries on as before.

It’s as if the momentum of the conference, all the YouTube videos of expert witness testimonies, the film, the book, and the lecture tours, were not enough to convince a large enough section of the population that there was anything significant to change their world view.

It was also not enough to convince many that know much, much more to step forward and expose what has been hidden.

Life has carried on as before and the status quo has been maintained.  The wars, pollution, religious fanaticism, and other mad and self destructive habits of the human race continue.

it seems the paradigm shift needs another push.

Is this finally the truth about extraterrestrials?

[amazon_link asins=’1943957045′ template=’ProductAd’ store=’bensbookmar’ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’98a17ac8-e560-11e7-9951-a38502fb573f’]Sixteen years have passed since the 2001 press conference and a new film is released. Unacknowledged class=”tco-ellipsis”>focuses on the files and testimonies that were collected during the Discloure Project.

It explains how the information about ETs and free energy technology has been suppressed by those shadowy and secret organisations that have a vested interested in keeping us slaves to fossil fuels.

If we had access to the technology inherent in crashed ET craft then we’d end our reliance on oil, coal, and gas.

There would be free energy for all with the knock-on effects of ending hunger, poverty, pollution, and many other ubiquitous problems that hold us back as a civilisation.

Access to this free energy technology would revolutionise life on Earth and we could concentrate our efforts on exploring the galaxy.

Unacknowledged – Watch and listen to the expert witnesses

Unacknowledged is the film and book that details many of the best expert witnesses testimonies.  It lays it all out page after page; the names, ranks, responsibilities of the men and women in the military, the NASA scientists and astronauts, the FAA Air Traffic Controllers, the members of the many government security organisations.

However far fetched things may seem, remember who is doing the talking.  Pay close attention to their experience, rank, and position in government, military, and commercial organisations.

Read, watch, keep an open mind but be alert for the lies, denial, and deceit.

If Dr Greer is right then in the next few years we’ll be told two more things. One is true, the other is a lie:

  • Yes, extraterrestrials exist and have been visiting Earth
  • Their motives are malign and we need to unite to fight them (so keep paying those taxes folks!)

False Flag Operation – The Aliens are invading!

We may see a hoax alien attack within the next few years or more.

We may see what appear to be ET craft attacking us but which are in fact ARV (Alien Reproduction Vehicles) i.e. spacecraft that have been created by humans usual alien technology with the purpose of  testing it and subsequently used to deceive the public.

The hope for the future is that we don’t get fooled and enough people bypass the conventional chains of command but making contact with ET through the CE5 Protocols – a series of meditative techniques that send out a signal to which ETs respond and in light of which they make an appearance.

To weird?  Too frightening?  Watch it yourself and make up your own mind.

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A.D. After Disclosure: When the Government Finally Reveals the Truth

Reading Time: 4 minutes
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[amazon_link asins=’1601632223′ template=’ProductAd’ store=’bensbookmar’ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’463c8d8c-6946-11e7-99e6-3b652100079b’]A review of the book [amazon_textlink asin=’1601632223′ text=’A.D. After Disclosure:’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’bensbookmar’ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’2f882cfb-6946-11e7-ae39-6959d8529868′] When the Government Finally Reveals the Truth About Alien Contact by Richard M. Dolan and Bryce Zabel.

Imagine that at some time in the very near future, probably on a Friday (for reasons that are explained in the book), the leaders of the USA, UK, France, and many other nations hold a press conference at various hours according to their respective time zones.

At these conferences it is announced that not only do non human extraterrestrial intelligences exist but that certain sections of the human race have been interacting with them for over sixty years.

Impact on Society

What would be the impact on society? This book examines the potential effects on people, the economy, religions, culture, art, technology, and many other aspects of human activity.

The initial effects would of course be enormous and without parallel in human history. As the book’s title suggests there would be the world before Disclosure and the world after Disclosure.

Life would never be the same again and in one afternoon all our lives would be changed forever. The repercussions would go on for decades.

What if this act of disclosure was carried out in stages with only a little information released at a time?

Would the Earth’s 7 billion inhabitants find it easier to digest the news or would they grow angry when they realise how much information had been withheld?

The book speculates on the immediate aftershocks in the first days and weeks. Then it extrapolates on this to wonder about the benefits and ramifications over months and years.

Civilian Response

Would there civil unrest?

If certain people couldn’t cope with this news would there be panic buying and stockpiling of food? Would religious leaders talk up the prospect of Armageddon and the Apocalypse?

Some might not be able to absorb the realisation that ET really is in the neighbourhood. There is likely to be a degree of fear as the collective mind of the human race undertakes a huge paradigm shift.

Scientists might be among those who find it hard to take in as they realise much of their understanding of physics has to be reviewed and adjusted.

Alien Technology

What if it was revealed that alien technology not only existed but was already in the hands of private contractors working for governments? And what if this technology was so advanced that it could provide free zero point energy that would empower every person on the planet to heat and provide light in every home? What would the impact be on those with a vested interest in the oil industry?

It is alleged that the secret of this interaction during the past six decades has been maintained with the two weapons of denial and ridicule and the process has worked. Try raising the subject now and you’ll still be regarded with at least wry amusement and possibly hostility by those fearful of even discussing it.

How would we react when we realise that our governments have not only kept us in the dark for 70 years but they have also colluded with private contractors and spent trillions of tax dollars on projects that involved reverse engineering spacecraft?

All aspects of the possible repercussions are considered. The book raises more questions than it answers but it does provide the reader with the ample food for thought.


[amazon_link asins=’1601632223′ template=’ProductAd’ store=’bensbookmar’ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’84a6a426-6946-11e7-925c-b546510646b4′]The sharing of information on the web combined with the acclimatization of the public mind (planned or by coincidence) by books, films, and TV programs has brought us to the point at which we may be just strong enough to be ready for Disclosure.

Many brave people within the government, military, commercial, and civilian world have come forward to provide their testimonies. The work of Dr Steven Greer and the Disclosure Project is mentioned and it is clear that we are approaching the point of change.

A.D. After Disclosure is a thought provoking read that will spark your imagination and stimulate your curiosity. That has to be a good thing in an age of fake news and misinformation.

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UFOs, Ufology, The Disclosure Project, The History of UFOs

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Ufology, the study of the history of UFOs and UFO sightings, is decades old, and years ago, before digital cameras, mobile phones, the Web, and camcorders, there weren’t many ways in which to capture stills and video of UFOs and it was a lot more slow and difficult to share any evidence or fresh information.

Today you can film some footage of a UFO on your phone and share it with the world within minutes.  You can broadcast your own theories, cut and splice footage to make your own documentaries and carry out hours of research in archives and record libraries now available online.  You can set up your own website, publish a book and make a DVD claiming that you have the real truth about UFOs.

At the very least ufology is a harmless hobby, but it’s tarnished with the reputation that it’s a field that’s populated by nerds, anoraks, and gullible New Agers who are waiting for some benevolent extraterrestrial angel-like beings to descend and transform our bodies and souls into models of perfection.   Not that there’s anything wrong with hoping, dreaming, and wishing for a better world and the advancement of human consciousness, but it has to be real, definite, and measurable.

“If your philosophy doesn’t grow corn, then I don’t want to hear it.”

Sun Bear, an Ojibway Indian medicine man

Then there’s the publicity seekers, conspiracy theorists, and ego-maniacs who use the subject as a vehicle for their own self aggrandizement, and often what begin as rational discussions can turn into back-biting arguments.

So what anyone who’s even mildly interested wants to to know is, “Is it all chaff or is there one grain of truth and reality in all this?”

UFO Sightings Through The Years

UFOs have been sighted in so many ways and by so many people over the past six decades that there’s no shortage of testimony.  Many sightings have been made by reliable witnesses like airline pilots who are trained professionals with expert knowledge of weather phenomena, astronomical bodies, and aircraft types.  Then, over the years there have been periods in which sightings seemed to have diminished in number and the subject has ceased to be newsworthy.

UFO sightings, like crop circles, remain commonplace but unexplained so people grow bored with the subject and simply lose interest.  “So you’ve filmed another UFO?  Let me see – oh yes, not bad, but still very unclear.  Any idea what it is?  No, I didn’t think so.

Every now and again the sightings and the interest they generate increase in frequency and quality, and ufologists suggest that we’re on the threshold of some new and profound revelation.  At the crest of this latest wave is Dr Steven M. Greer and the Disclosure Project. 

If his website is to be believed the world is soon to learn that the USA government has known about the reality of extraterrestrial intelligence for years but has covered it all up because of the anticipated panic such a disclosure might cause among the world’s population. 

They have also hidden knowledge about free energy technology in order to protect vested interests in the oil industry, the global financial markets and economies based upon oil.

Drip Feed of ET Knowledge

Before you condemn those in the know who may have withheld such knowledge, consider that it’s not just the bank balance of an elite that depend on oil.  Economies are fragile and the slightest change can have a very real and painful effect on ordinary people whose lives rely upon the status quo.

This theory has been around for at least two decades so it’s not exactly new.  I remember reading (when the X-Files was first on TV, so in the 1990s) of a suggestion that the US and other governments were drip feeding information about extraterrestrial intelligences into the public consciousness in preparation for the day when the full truth would be revealed. 

The idea being that they could prevent any mass panic by getting people so used to the idea that extraterrestrial exist that they just accepted it as fact anyway.

The suggestion was that this project started around the time of Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977) and has been going on ever since.  Thirty years have passed and it could take a generation or two before the time was judged to be right for all those revelations to be made public, for the X Files to be opened.

Perhaps part of the shift in popular consciousness that both the governments and the extraterrestrials are waiting for is  a move beyond an understanding basic Newtonian physics and grasping the fundamentals of General Relativity or the concept of parallel worlds as introduced in books by the likes of Michio Kaku

If half of what he writes about is true then truth is definitely stranger than fiction and it wouldn’t be at all far-fetched for things in the sky to appear and disappear seemingly into thin air.

Perhaps the time of the tipping point, of critical mass, or paradigm shift is soon, perhaps it won’t come for another thirty years, or never at all.  If you look around the world today you can see ample evidence of the barbarity of the human race so why would any advanced civilization want to associate with us anyway?  Besides, all the above is based on the assumption that the ETs are benevolent or at least beings open to negotiation.  What if they they’re not?

Life is very probably out there in the depths of the universe or in parallel worlds and I’m inclined to think that if they had designs on conquering, destroying, or harvesting us they would have done so by now.  With such advanced technology they have much to offer us that could solve many of world’s crises.  On the other hand, perhaps they’ve got better things to do and more interesting species with whom to do them.

ET may be in contact already, but perhaps we won’t know until enough of us calm down and do some thinking, or meditating., and if they don’t appear in your life time then at least we’ll have read some interesting books and enjoyed some moments of peace and relaxation while contemplating life in parallel worlds.

“We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.”

Oscar Wilde
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