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Celebrity Pilots, Famous Faces In Aviation

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We have compiled this list of celebrity pilots in USA after the feedback received about our older post concerning celebrity pilots in the UK.

The geography and climate of the USA have been partly responsible for a more open and tolerant attitude towards General Aviation in contrast to the crowded airspace and nimby attitudes in the UK. With its wide open spaces and skies flying is the obvious choice and many people fly themselves from place to place, as well as enjoying the shear pleasure of recreational flying.

The USA’s abundance of land means that town planners are far less likely to build houses and industrial estates on airfields, recognising the amenities they provide to the local community. However, there have been some notable exceptions and one that springs to mind is Meigs Field airfield in Chicago that was lost to aviation in 2003 when the then mayor, Richard M. Daley, without warning ordered the runway to be bulldozed in violation of Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations

If you can add to this list of list of celebrity pilots in the USA or correct it in any way then please leave a comment beneath the post or let us know using this form. 

Celebrity Pilots USA

Dierks BentleyMusician
Zach BraffActor
George W. BushPolitican
Jimmy BuffettMusician
Gisele BundchenModel
Tom CruiseActor
Bruce DickinsonMusician
Clint EastwoodActor
Harrison FordActor
Morgan FreemanActor
Enrique IglesiasSinger
Alan JacksonSinger
Angelina JolieActress
John KerryPolitician
Kris KristoffersonSinger
Lorenzo LamasActor
Dr Phil McGrawTV Presenter
Tim McGrawSinger
Phil MickelsonGolfer
Chuck NorrisActor
Arnold PalmerGolfer
Dennis QuaidActor
Brad PittActor
David Lee RothMusician
Kurt RussellActor
Hilary SwankActress
John TravoltaActor
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