Celebrity Pilots UK. Famous People Who Fly Light Aircraft

In this video we to list some of the more well known faces who have a UK Private Pilots Licence.

Celebrity Pilots UK. Famous People Who Fly Light Aircraft

If you find yourself doing a double take at someone who walks past you on the apron, or in the aero club café, it may be because you’re looking at someone out of context.

You may have seen them on TV, film, or media but then you see them carrying out a pre flight check on a Cessna one seven two.

In the UK, celebrities who are also pilots are not as rare as you might think, and in the world of General Aviation there is a strong chance you might see one or two familiar faces, as you frequent flying clubs, flight training schools, and the airfields and airports.

Of course, the thing about flying is that it doesn’t matter whether you’re famous or not.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve got millions in the bank, or if you’ve had to scrimp and save for an hour’s flying.

The thing that really counts is airmanship. In other words, your attitude and your skills as Pilot in Command.

Famous or not, it’s how you fly and communicate with other aviators that counts. The consequences of errors or poor judgement don’t discriminate between the wealthy and famous, and the less well-off.

The list includes people from the world of music, sport, and entertainment as well as other walks of life.

Although we’ve tried to make certain, it’s not known whether all those on this list are still current license holders.

There are a lot of musicians in this list and you’ll probably notice that there are very few women pilots.

This has long since begun to change as more women take up flying, having been inspired by other women pilots, and those who have championed women in aviation, like Carol Vorderman.

In the USA there are plenty of familiar faces to be seen at airfields; Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Gisele Bundchen, Harrison Ford, John Travolta, Tom Cruise, to name a few, but this list is specifically about the UK pilots.

If you can add to it or correct it in any way, then please leave a comment below the video.


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