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5 of the Cheapest Helicopters: Affordable Rotary Aviation

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If you’ve ever daydreamed about having a helipad, no doubt you’ve also browsed online for the cheapest helicopters.  If you’re budget is big enough then you’ll just buy what you want, but others may need to set a ceiling to their dreams of rotary wing aviation.  Helicopters are often seen as the epitome of luxury and exclusivity, but they are more affordable than many imagine. This guide hovers over the 5 cheapest helicopters you can buy, making the dream of owning a helicopter more attainable than ever.

If, after reading this you’re still not convinced that they are worth the investment, then a closed-cockpit gyrocopter is another option. However, a gyrocopter (autogyro) is not the tiny helicopter that the uninititiated think.  It has a very different mechanical structure.  

Why Are Helicopters Generally More Expensive Than Light Aircraft?

The cost disparity between helicopters and light aircraft often raises eyebrows, especially among those new to aviation. At the core of this difference are the mechanical complexities and operational capabilities unique to helicopters.

Mechanical Complexities

Helicopters are marvels of mechanical engineering, featuring intricate systems that allow them to hover, move laterally, and even fly backward—capabilities not found in fixed-wing aircraft. The rotor system, which replaces the wings and propulsion system of an airplane, is a complex assembly requiring precision engineering. This complexity extends to the transmission and control systems, which must be meticulously designed to allow the pilot to control the helicopter’s multi-directional movements.

In contrast, light aircraft have simpler aerodynamics and mechanical systems. They rely on fixed wings for lift and straightforward propulsion systems for forward motion. These simpler systems are easier and less expensive to manufacture and maintain, contributing to the lower price tag of light aircraft.

Operational Capabilities

The ability of helicopters to take off and land vertically provides unparalleled operational flexibility. This makes them ideal for specialized roles, from medical evacuations to law enforcement and news reporting. However, these capabilities come at a cost. The engineering required to provide such versatility significantly drives up the manufacturing and maintenance costs.

Four-Seat Helicopter vs. Four-Seat Light Aircraft

When comparing a four-seat helicopter like the Robinson R44 to a four-seat light aircraft such as a Cessna 172, the helicopter is generally more expensive. The R44’s rotor system, transmission, and control mechanisms are far more complex than the fixed-wing and propulsion systems of the Cessna. Additionally, the R44 offers the operational flexibility of vertical takeoff and landing, which the Cessna cannot provide. These factors contribute to the higher manufacturing and maintenance costs of the helicopter, making it a more expensive option even when comparing similar seating capacities.

2020 r44

2020 Robinson R44 Raven II

A near new ROBINSON R44 RAVEN II – Private Owner / No renting / No school / No damage history / Loaded with all desirable accessories
Exterior: IMRON 6000 PEARL/METALLICS – Dark Continental Blue Met L0328 HL – Bright Silver Met L0183 HL – Metallized Upper Sheave
Interior: Tan laether seats
Observation Bubble windows (each doors)
Tinted windows
Five point Shoulder Harness System (Front Seats)
Bose A20 Headsets with bluetooth
Accessories: Support Bar with Power Plub and dual USB Ports (Pilot Side)
Bracket For Fire Extinguisher
Fire Extinguisher
Air Conditioning

Which are the Cheapest Helicopters?

When we talk about the cheapest helicopters, we’re often referring to lighter helicopters with simpler designs and fewer features. These helicopters are usually factory-built to be affordable, focusing on basic helicopter controls and functionality. They offer a lower price point for those looking to enter the world of aviation.

Robinson R22: The Student Pilot’s Choice

The Robinson R22 is one of the cheapest helicopters on the market, making it a popular choice among flight schools and new helicopter pilots. Manufactured by the Robinson Helicopter Company, this two-seat helicopter has a top speed of around 118 mph and is known for its simple yet effective design. With a price tag starting at around $300,000, it’s an excellent first helicopter for those on a budget.

Robinson R22 Helicopter
By Jeroen Stroes Aviation Photography – This file has been extracted from another file, CC BY 2.0,

Robinson R44: A Step Up in the Robinson Helicopter Company

The Robinson R44 is a four-seat version of the R22 and offers more space and features. With prices starting at about $480,000, it’s still one of the more affordable helicopters available. The R44 shares many of the same design elements as the R22 but offers the stability of a larger helicopter, making it a popular choice for families and small businesses. The fact that it can carry four people instead of just two is often the deciding factor. 

Cheapest Helicopters - Robinson R44
Robinson R44
Photo by Greg Wilson on Unsplash

Guimbal Cabri G2: Modern Design on a Budget

The Guimbal Cabri G2 is a modern two-seat helicopter with advanced features like a fenestron tail rotor and a high service ceiling. With prices starting at around $350,000, it’s another affordable option for those looking to buy a helicopter without sacrificing modern amenities.

Guimbal Cabri G2 Helicopter
By Bob Adams – commons.wikimedia, CC BY-SA 2.0,

Sikorsky Schweizer S333: The Affordable Sikorsky

Sikorsky is a name synonymous with high-quality helicopters, but the Sikorsky Schweizer S333 offers an affordable entry point. This light reconnaissance helicopter is used by law enforcement agencies and news crews, among others. With a price tag starting at around $700,000, it’s one of the cheapest Sikorsky helicopters you could buy.

Sikorsky Schweizer S333 Helicopter
By Jens – Flickr: DSC_7317.jpg, CC BY 2.0

Enstrom F28: Versatile 1960s Design

The Enstrom F-28 is a lightweight, single-engine helicopter, renowned for its reliability and cost-effectiveness, making it a compelling choice for those seeking entry into the world of rotorcraft ownership. First flown in the 1960s, this versatile helicopter has since established itself as a staple in the aviation community, appreciated for both its flight training capabilities and its utility in private, commercial, and light utility roles.

Enstrom F28
By Ian Creek –, GFDL,

The design of the Enstrom F-28 prioritizes safety and simplicity, featuring a three-bladed, fully articulated main rotor and a two-bladed tail rotor. This configuration enhances the aircraft’s stability and control, making it an ideal platform for novice pilots. The cabin comfortably accommodates a pilot and one or two passengers, with visibility and accessibility being key design considerations.

Operating costs are a critical factor for any aircraft owner, and the F-28 excels in this area. Its fuel efficiency and lower maintenance requirements, compared to other helicopters in its class, contribute to its reputation as an economical option. Additionally, its durable construction and ease of handling not only ensure a lower cost of ownership but also contribute to a longer operational lifespan.

Bell 206: The Low Price Tag of a Classic

The Bell 206 is a five-seat utility helicopter that has been a successful commercial helicopter for decades. Known for its reliability and low operating costs, it’s a favorite among general aviation helicopter pilots. Prices for a new Bell 206 start at around $1.3 million, but used models can be found for much less, making it a relatively cheap helicopter option.

Bell 206 Helicopter
By Mfield – Matthew Field, Own work, CC BY 2.5,

Rotor Blade: The Heart of Helicopter Design

The rotor blade is a critical component in any helicopter design. It’s also one of the most expensive parts to manufacture and maintain. Cheaper helicopters often use simpler rotor systems to keep costs down, but this can limit their capabilities compared to more expensive models.

Cheapest Helicopters - Complexity

Read this post for information about having a helipad on private land.

Kit Helicopters: DIY for the Aviation Enthusiast

For the true aviation enthusiast, kit helicopters offer the ultimate in customization and affordability. However, the trade-off is that you’ll need a good understanding of helicopter mechanics and a lot of time to put it together.  They tend to be single-seat helicopters owned and operated by enthusiasts who fly in VFR conditions only. 

RC Helicopters: Just For Fun

While discussing the cheapest helicopters for private flying, it’s worth mentioning the world of radio-controlled (RC) helicopters. These miniature marvels offer a fantastic and budget-friendly way for both adults and teenagers to experience the thrill of piloting. The skills acquired in maneuvering these tiny aircraft can provide a foundational understanding helpful for those aspiring to pilot full-sized helicopters. Whether you’re a hobbyist looking for a new challenge or a budding pilot seeking hands-on experience, RC helicopters offer an engaging and informative entry into the world of aviation.

Our Pick
Rc Helicopter

Remote Control Helicopter, S107H-E

Altitude Hold Function: Compared with other helicopters,SYMA S107H-R with this function but most of others without this be locked at a certain height when you release the throttle stick, which makes it easier to control the helicopter for beginner and kids.
One Key Take Off/Landing: with these functions,The helicopter will hover at certain altitude automatically after taking off/ is easy to operate for kids and beginers.

How to Buy a Helicopter: Tips and Tricks

Buying a helicopter is a significant investment, even if you’re looking at the cheapest options. It’s crucial to do thorough research, including test flights and mechanical inspections, before making a purchase. Look for helicopters that are well-maintained and have a transparent service history to ensure you’re getting a reliable machine.

Check The Life Left In Critical Components

The affordability of a used helicopter can initially seem appealing, yet the long-term financial implications hinge significantly on the remaining service life of its critical components. These components, which include the engine, rotor blades, and transmission, are the backbone of the helicopter’s operational integrity and safety. Their condition directly influences not only the performance and reliability of the aircraft but also its upkeep costs over time.

When purchasing a used helicopter at a lower price point, consider that such an aircraft may be nearing the end of its service life for one or more of these essential components. This means that although the upfront cost is reduced, the helicopter may soon require an extensive and costly overhaul. Overhauls involve thorough inspections, replacements, and possibly upgrades of these critical parts to meet safety and operational standards. The financial burden of these procedures can be substantial, often equating to, or surpassing, the investment in a newer model with a longer remaining service life.

This overhaul process not only entails a significant financial outlay but also results in operational downtime. During this period, the helicopter is unavailable for use, which can be particularly disruptive for commercial operations or private owners who rely on their aircraft for specific functions or activities.

Furthermore, the market value of the helicopter post-overhaul might not proportionately increase to offset the cost of these extensive maintenance activities, affecting the overall economic viability of purchasing a cheaper, older model. Prospective buyers must meticulously assess the aircraft’s maintenance records, understand the implications of imminent overhauls, and weigh these against the benefits of acquiring a helicopter with a higher initial price but lower anticipated maintenance costs in the near term.

Owning an Ex-Military Helicopter: A Unique Path to Affordable Aviation

For those who are intrigued by the allure of military-grade engineering and history, owning an ex-military helicopter offers a unique opportunity. These helicopters often come with advanced features and capabilities not found in civilian models, making them an exciting option for aviation enthusiasts.

Advantages of Ex-Military Helicopters

Ex-military helicopters are built to rigorous specifications, designed to withstand challenging conditions and demanding operations. This often translates to exceptional durability and robustness, even in a second-hand model. Additionally, these helicopters often come with advanced navigation and communication systems, offering a level of sophistication that can be expensive to install in a civilian helicopter.

Considerations and Challenges

While the prospect of owning an ex-military helicopter is exciting, it’s essential to be aware of the challenges involved. These helicopters may require specialized maintenance and parts that are not readily available in the civilian market. Moreover, some may have restrictions on their use, especially if they come equipped with features that are controlled under military or export regulations.

Cost Implications

Ex-military helicopters can be surprisingly affordable, especially when purchased at government auctions. However, the lower purchase price can be offset by higher operating and maintenance costs. It’s crucial to factor in the long-term costs, including specialized maintenance and potential modifications to meet civilian aviation standards.

Legal Requirements

Before making a purchase, it’s vital to understand the legal implications of owning an ex-military helicopter. Check for any restrictions on civilian ownership and ensure that the helicopter can be registered for civilian use. You may also need to demilitarize certain features to comply with regulations.

In conclusion, owning an ex-military helicopter offers a unique and thrilling avenue into the world of aviation. While there are challenges and considerations to be aware of, the benefits of advanced features and robust engineering can make it a rewarding experience for the right owner.

Summary: Key Takeaways

  • Helicopters are generally expensive due to their complex design and stringent safety regulations.
  • Cheaper helicopters often have simpler designs and fewer features but still offer a viable entry point into aviation.
  • Popular affordable models include the Robinson R22 and R44, Sikorsky Schweizer S333, and Bell 206.
  • Kit helicopters offer a DIY approach for those with mechanical skills and time.
  • Always do thorough research and inspections before making a purchase to ensure you’re getting a reliable and well-maintained helicopter.

Whether you’re a student pilot, an aviation enthusiast, or someone looking for a family helicopter, there are affordable options out there. By doing your research and understanding what drives the costs, you can find a helicopter that fits both your needs and your budget.

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