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Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind – Film Review

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In this post I give my review of the film Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind: Contact has Begun. This much anticipated film was released earlier this month (April 2020), several months after the originally intended release date.

If you’ve never heard of Dr Steven M Greer, the 2001 National Press Club event, the Disclosure project, or his 2017 film Unacknowledged, then I would just echo what Steven Tyler of Aerosomith said to Joe Rogan three times in a clip in this new film,”You’ve got to watch Unacknowledged.”

I’ve read and listened to the book and watched the film a few times. It lays the foundation for what you’ll see in this new film.

In October 2019, when the film’s release seemed imminent, I made a video entitled “Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind, CE-5 Protocols” in which I described the CE-5 Protocols.

My first reaction to this new film by Dr Steven M Greer and his team is that it’s a highly polished, professional, and well-edited work that covers a subject matter prone to sensationalism, and which manages to articulate the ideas in an atmosphere of sobriety, good humour, and optimism. The subject matter, human initiated contact with extraterrestrial intelligences, is obviously controversial, but one of the most revealing points Dr Greer makes is towards the end of the film.

At one point he says that of all the things for which he’s been ridiculed it’s the CE-5 Protocols, and yet this is the subject for which he earns him the most respect from the intelligence community. This, he explains, is because they know from their own research, experimentation, and fieldwork that the science of consciousness is real and remote viewing works.

Consequently, some in the intelligence community are envious of his success while those who want to maintain the status quo feel threatened by it. Those clinging on to power are concerned that if this raising of consciousness among us, the tax slaves, might reach critical mass at which point their oil based power base comes tumbling down.

The combat that idea they have, for decades and with the help of mainstream media and the entertainment industry (see my video about Operation Mockingbird), tried to instill the notion in our minds that aliens are frightening, that they are a threat. They want us to believe that aliens are the ultimate bogeyman and that we should support the military efforts to weaponize space in order to fight back against this new and terrifying enemy. 

But as Greer reminds us, any civilisation that is millions of years more advanced than we are would be able to enslave or annihilate us in an instant. If they wanted to kill and eat us they would have done so by now. Instead, they are trying to awaken us to the science of consciousness.

Close Encounters Of The Fifth Kind - Film Review

The Science of Consciousness

It is becoming increasingly clear that the mystics, occultists, and gurus are correct, and the physicists on the frontiers of science concur, in that matter is thought incarnate.

Nearly 50 years ago, as a young teenager, I began reading books that introduced me to concepts that included the Astral Plane, non-human intelligences, UFOs, and human potential. During that decade the Steven Spielberg film “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” was released. Greer describes that film as a docu-drama, citing the involvement of the head of Project Blue Book, Dr J Allen Hynek, who makes a cameo appearance in the film.

Today, “Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind” offers an explanation for some of  the UFOs seen for centuries and those in particular witnessed around the world since World War II. With their ability to appear and disappear many of them are, Dr Greer explains, astral ships or the astral version of a craft. They are responding to human initiated contact and manifest when the consciousness  of the humans conducting CE-5 Protocols resonates at the correct frequency. 

Dr Greer has his critics, that is to be expected.  If we all agreed about everything all of the time we would live in a fantasy world in which there is no independent thought.

The UFO community can often seem like less of a mutually supportive community and more like a group of political factions, each busily promoting their own views while sneering at those of others. There isn’t a person on this planet who has all the answers and if Dr Greer is wrong about anything, like the To The Stars Academy or anything else then, so what?

Dismissing someone because they hold one opinion with which you disagree, because they have ideas that are just too far out for you to consider, or because you don’t like the way they look or the sound of their voice, is a strong sign of intellectual immaturity. You only have to dip into the UFO and ET Facebook groups to see that there’s no shortage of debate and distraction on these subjects.

So maybe the time has come for you to spend less time online and more time meditating in order to raise your vibrational frequency to a sufficient level that you too can start using the CE-5 protocols.  

At some point, and the sooner the better, we are going to have to raise our collective consciousness and get an integrity upgrade in order to solve all those age-old problems of war, pollution, crime, and corruption.

If we can do that while trying to contact non-human intelligences from other star systems or dimensions then it’s an outcome with all kinds of advantages.

Enjoy the film.

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