Commercial Drone Pilot Training in India UK USA Part 107 PfCO UAOP

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Commercial Drone Pilot Training in India UK USA Part 107 PfCO UAOP

In this video I introduce the ABJ Drone Academy and why should consider this company for; Part 107 License preparation in the USA, PfCO License preparation in the UK, and professional drone pilot training in India.

Are you a hobby or amateur drone pilot wondering if you could train to a professional standard?
Do you want to start a business or career in this exciting and fast developing industry?
Are you wondering where to find online courses and simulator training, as well as one to one tuition?

ABJ Drone Academy offer a variety of courses for drone pilots in the USA, UK, and in India.

You’ll find links to all the courses I mention here in the description area below this video.

If you’re keen to get going you can start right away, wherever you live, using their online training.

This of course means you can start revising or learning the theory side of drones and unmanned aviation systems.

By doing so you’ll not only increase your knowledge but your confidence will also grow as you prepare for the practical training.

All the courses I’m about to mention are designed for people who want to earn money using their drone piloting skills or who want to start a business in the field of unmanned aviation, whether that’s a company offering aerial photography, aerial surveys, research, in agriculture, or in one of the many other applications of drones.

For USA based drone pilots the FAA Part 107 training comprises e-learning with practical training. Having completed the online course the aspiring UAS Pilot will spend typically two days with an instructor learning how to fly in various conditions and configurations.

For UK based drone pilots with similar aspirations there is a three day Full Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO) Course that will prepare you to pass the exam and test to the standards expected by the CAA.

This course includes three days of theory and a ground school test, compilation of the operations manual, the flight test itself, help with the submitting your application to the CAA, and follow up support.

Student drone pilots in India can enroll on the ABJ Drone Academy’s course specifically designed to meet the standards of both the US FAA Part 107 and the UK CAA PfCO.

Commercial drone pilots operating in India need an Unmanned Aircraft Operator Permit (UAOP). These are issued by any DGCA approved Flying Training Organization (FTO).

The ABJ Drone Simulator modules will help to fine tune your skills.

They provide a means to practice safely and when the weather prevents actual flight.

The drone simulator modules available are: Basic Training, Drone Racing Simulator, and Advanced Training.

Once you’ve mastered the basics and passed the primary tests and exams, you can add to your skills by completing one or more of the specialist training modules.
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