Confrontations Over Drones. How to deal with angry people.

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Confrontations Over Drones. How to deal with angry people when flying UAV

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In this video I describe some measures you can take as a drone pilot to deal with any unpleasant confrontations you may encounter when operating your UAV.

Over the past few years there have been a number of reports of UAV pilots being angrily confronted by members of the public.

Although these incidents are rare it is nevertheless important to be prepared in case you have to deal with such a situation.

Some drone pilots have been verbally harassed, some have had their property attacked and damaged, and a few have been physically assaulted.

The motives for these attacks often revolve around concerns about privacy, safety, and noise nuisance.

As we know there are those few rogue pilots who damage the reputation of the vast majority who operate their drones safely.

The media’s insatiable appetite for controversy inevitably focuses on any incident that shows UAV in a negative light.

Therefore, despite the obvious benefits of drones there remain those in the media and the general public who regard them with suspicion.

You may also be confronted by someone in uniform; security guards or even police officers who have erroneous understanding of the law.

If you’re unlucky enough to be confronted by a member of the public or an official while flying your drone, here are some steps you can take to defuse the situation.

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