Deep Prasad, Close Encounter, Data Download, Non Human Intelligences

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Deep Prasad, Close Encounter, Data Download, Non Human Intelligences

In this video I summarise the description of a close encounter of the third kind given by the scientist and CEO Deep Prasad.

This summary has been compiled from Deep’s own account as published by him online in 2019.

Deep Prasad is multi-talented multi-lingual engineer and scientist with an impressive list of awards and qualifications.

Since August 2018, he has been the CEO of ReactiveQ, a company which works “with supercomputers as well as quantum computers to provide major speedups for engineering simulations.”

In November 2019, Deep became the Vice President of Technology for UAP Expeditions, a non-profit group set up by one of the witnesses of the 2004 Nimitz incident.

Its mission is to “field a top-notch group of uber-experienced professionals providing the public service of field testing new UAP related technologies.”

In plain speaking, it seems they’re going to look for UFOs and learn how they work in order to benefit us all from the advanced technology.

Note that the assumption has shifted from “Do they exist?” to “We know they exist, so let’s find out how they work.”

Deep’s Twitter bio (@Deepneuron) reads, “Using Quantum Computing to change the world, one simulation at a time. Engineer, Physicist and UFOlogist.”

Now, you may be wondering why this brilliant young scientist suddenly became interested in UFOs.

The answer is provided by Deep himself in his account of a close encounter.

Deep published his account online in late November 2019 in a thread of tweets.

I recommend you read the full account in his own words, which you’ll find in his Twitter feed.

Here’s a brief summary.

One morning in February 2019 he found himself physically paralyzed and looking at three non-human entities.

As he looked, he sensed that these entities were projecting thousands of sentences and paragraphs into his mind, in a language that resembled a mix of Japanese and Egyptian hieroglyphics.

Note: If you’ve read Whitley Strieber’s book A New World you might be reminded of the similarities of his description of how The Visitors sometimes communicate.

Understandably, he wondered if he was having a seizure or a hallucination.

He said that the beings didn’t look like the conventional idea of extraterrestrials, but were more etheric in nature.

His initial feeling of deep shock was soon replaced with one of euphoria as one of three beings came closer to him.

In his own words, “It felt like the Universe was sentient and aware of my existence. The feeling was (one) of warmth and nostalgia.

It was like a reminder that space is teeming with life and that we’re all related to each other by virtue of existing.”

Continued in the video…

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