DJI Phantom Drone Footage For Video Marketing Golf Clubs. Aerial Photography For Internet Marketing

Drone Aerial Photography For Promoting and Marketing Golf Clubs and Country Parks –

Drone aerial films are a great way to showcase golf clubs and country parks. In this example we see shots of the Skylark Golf and Country Club in Whiteley, Fareham, Hampshire, in England.

As you can see from this DJI Phantom drone footage shot in September 2014, early morning is an ideal time. It captures the dew on the grass and the long shadows cast by the trees.

Most photographers are aware of the two golden hours after dawn and before sunset, but it’s the morning when the dew gives this silver effect.

Golf courses are easy to film as the fairways are by design wide and long open spaces free of obstacles.

However, as tempting as it might be to film all 18 holes of your golf course it might be advisable to limit it to a selection. You can have too much of a good thing and the attention of the viewer is likely to wane after a few minutes.

You can of course film every fairway and hole, edit it into sections, and embed each into your golf and country club website. This will give the keen golfer a virtual tour of each hole which they can examine at their leisure.

So with a little imaginative editing you can create videos designed for various internet marketing purposes:

1. A general video, perhaps 3-4 minutes long, that introduces the golf club
2. A video of each fairway and hole, and perhaps another for the club’s amenities
3. Aerial photos and films of action, people, events

Once you’ve created all this yourselves or arrange to have it done for you, there is another step that needs to be completed so that people find your videos on YouTube.

The video needs certain tweaks and fine tuning in order for it to stand a good chance of being found on YouTube for any specific search terms.

Just like websites, YouTube need SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to get ahead of the competition or just to appear to those who are seeking the information it contains.

If you already know how to tweak and fine tune your videos for this purpose then good luck with your efforts.

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