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Drone Aerial Photography Solar Parks Construction Sites – http://www.redspan.com

Drone aerial photography using the latest in UAV technology is an excellent way in which to showcase construction sites.

In the example shown in this video you can see how drone aerial films can show a site at various stages of project management and construction, from the first breaking of turf to the completed site.

Filming at various stages then editing it together to create a short video can become a marketing video for your company. It because a verstatile advert that can be shared on social media or embedded in websites.

It can be uploaded to YouTube or any other video based site and can stay there indefinitely, attracting the attention of potential clients.

However, in order for it to be found among all the many thousands of videos uploaded each week including those of your competitors it needs to be SEO (Search Engine Optimization) optimised in such a way that it stands the best chance of being found by anyone searching using keywords and phrases.

This optimisation will also increase the likelihood that YouTube’s algorithms will show it on the right hand side of the the YouTube screen among the suggested videos, thus giving a boost to your internet marketing efforts.

If you already know how to tweak and fine tune your videos for this purpose then good luck with your efforts.

If not please contact me at http://www.redspan.com for a competitive quote about this or any other aspect of marketing your business.

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