Drone Business Course. How to Start & How To Market A Drone Business

Enroll on my Drone Business Course here: https://bit.ly/36XUXse

How to Start & How To Market A Drone Business

Are you looking for advice on how to turn your drone flying hobby into a business?
Are you looking for a way to take advantage of the many options in the drone industry?
Have you ever wondered if you too could become a professional drone pilot?
Are you curious about flying drones commercially but not sure where to start?

In 2013 I noticed that the Drone Age was just beginning, so I started to sell and fly drones, and soon launched an aerial photography business.

Now, I would like to pass on what I learned and I have written this course for the benefit of anyone who wants to get started in the drone industry.

Many people who have learned to fly a drone wonder if they could earn a living by doing so and the answer is yes, they can, but as we shall see there is a lot to consider and do in order to turn that dream into reality. Starting an aerial photography or any other type of drone business as a solo operator could be the first stage in business growth that could one day lead to expansion or to selling the business, as I did. It’s one thing to be a skilled drone pilot but quite another to start, run, and expand a business.

So in this course we’ll cover the foundations you need to set in order to build a business that will last and succeed. By the end of this course you should be much better informed and well equipped to begin your project.

Join me as I describe;

The benefits of being a drone pilot.
How to choose a specialisation in the drone industry.
How to gain experience before launching your business.
How to market your business successfully.
Other ways of making money from your drone skills and knowledge.

Throughout the course you’ll have direct access to me, so enroll today and I’ll see you on the inside!

Enroll on my Drone Business Course here: https://bit.ly/36XUXse

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