Drone Major Group: Global Drone Industry Network Organisation

Join Drone Major Group: https://goo.gl/5r6Fr8

Drone Major Group: Global Drone Industry Network Organisation

The world of unmanned systems is evolving rapidly. All emerging new technologies bring with them a wave of information and ideas to absorb and digest.

They also create opportunities to be exploited by those who are primed and ready. Those who are prepared will catch the wave as it passes.

Membership of online information portals and networking sites is essential for anyone with a stake in any industry and the drone industry is no exception.

Drone Major Group is the world’s first global commercial organisation dedicated to connecting, supporting, and trading with all stakeholders in the global drone industry at every level and across every environment (surface, underwater, air & space).

Drone Major Group is uniquely structured to provide the focal point and centre of excellence for all stakeholders in the global drone industry including; buyers, investors, operators, manufacturers, service providers, standards bodies, regulators and governments.

Drone Major Group eco-system comprises: Drone Major Group: Drone Major, SUAS Global, The Voice

Interested in Unmanned Technology? Drones in the air, on the land, in the sea, and in space? Want to reach out to more clients & customers?

SUPPLIERS, manufacturers, etc – Join Drone Major Group: https://goo.gl/5r6Fr8

DRONE PILOTS, student pilots, solo operators etc – Join SUAS Global: https://goo.gl/rfnEJ7


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