Drone Pilot Jobs, Drone Business Contracts, Aerial, Marine, Land

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Drone Pilot Jobs, Drone Business Contracts, Aerial, Marine, Land

Are you looking for drone business tenders and contracts for your drone business?

Are you a marine or aerial drone pilot, software engineer, or designer looking for a change of employment or your first job?

Members of SUAS Global are already reaping the many benefits of their professional memberships.

These benefits include two key areas that bring together those with a need and those the means to fulfill that need.

These two are are the Opportunities section, which lists tenders and contracts awaiting applications from drone businesses.

And the Recruiter section, which lists job opportunities for drone pilots

across all environments; aerial, marine, and land. Let’s look at the Opportunities section first.

How would you like to secure a contract worth 60,000 Euros to supply the data processing of LiDAR data?

Are you up to the job of providing film, photography, print, and event management services for a government department?

These are the kind of tenders you can expect to see in the SUAS Global Opportunities section, open to members only.

But it’s not just a list. SUAS Global helps its members with their applications, so if you’re unfamiliar with the process or daunted by the scale of the tender then the SUAS Global team are there to provide advice and guidance.

Perhaps you have a contract of your own you would like to publicise?

Do you need the services of any kind of drone business? Then join SUAS Global and submit your tender for review and publication.

By all means continue to market and promote your drone business.

You’ll still need to develop your brand.

But there are contracts available right now so why wait? Join SUAS Global using the link below this video.

Now let’s look at the Recruiter section that lists jobs for drone operators, software engineers, and many other professions in the industy .

How about using your drone piloting skills to film seabirds and seals on an island off the Northumbrian coast?

Would you like something on dry land, capturing video footage for a property company?

Or could you operate marine drones for research and surveys? These are just three of the many jobs currently listed for members of SUAS Global, whose members include aerial drone pilots, marine drone operators, and land drone operators.

As a professional member you can not only view and apply but you can post your own vacancies too.

So if you’re a drone business that needs extra pilots for short or long term contracts then the obvious place to advertise is right in front of their noses as they peruse the vacancies listed in the Recruiter section of SUAS Global.

And don’t forget, global means global. These SUAS Global Professional Member benefits include opportunities from around the world.

SUAS Global actively sources opportunities and tenders for its members. Register as a professional member today using the link below this video.

Be the first to exploit these opportunities, to secure the position, and to win the business.


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