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Earth Energy Healing – Repair, Replenish, Rejuvenate

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Sacred Geometry, Earth Energy Network Healing

Like all other networks the earth energy network requires monitoring, change, and maintenance.  It needs capacity planning, testing, and repairs to breakages caused by misuse through ignorance, accident, and even willful and malicious damage. Earth energy healing is an ongoing requirement.

Networks have a tendency to grow, to expand, and they need to be updated to cope with expanding demand.  They need to be resilient in the face of temporary outages so that traffic is re-routed when required.

If you are interested in participating in the repair and replenishment of the Earth’s Energy Network then here are a few methods.  There is a process to suit just about all character types.

Armed with this knowledge you too can be one of the Earth Energy Network Engineers, , or perhaps that should be GNE – Gaia Network Engineers

Earth Energy Healing Through Visualisation

Ascension 1568162 1920

This is something anyone can do at any time.  It’s a method that has been used for millennia and gained a resurgence in recent decades thanks to groups like Fountain International.

Visit for more information and to download copies of their free e-magazine.

The process is simple but effective.  Get into a meditative state and visualize a powerful channel of pure divine energy descending in column into a focal point your local community or into a node point in the planetary network.

Imagine that same light spreading through the various channels and connections within the network.  As it spread wider further afield its positive and beneficial effects are transferred into the surrounding areas.

Think of blood spreading through capillaries bringing life and energy, or pure cool water flowing into dried out and dusty pipes.

Imagine broken connections repaired in the network and light travelling through forgotten channels once again.

Best suited for: Introverts who like to meditate alone or anyone who likes to socialise and meditate with groups.

Earth Energy Healing Through Pilgrimage

British Pilgrimage

Walking Britain’s old straight tracks and winding pathways is another way of bringing them back to life.

Seek out the many footpaths and make use of them.  Go on longer walks along routes that have been used for thousands of years.

As you visit any ancient site or node in the network; henges and holy wells, churches and hillforts, standing stones and tumuli etc, approach with reverence and say a silent greeting the the spirit of the place.

Give thanks as you leave.  Pay your respects just as you would behave with appropriate decorum in a mighty cathedral or quiet small church.

The British Pilgrimage Trust has more information.

We aim to revive the British pilgrimage tradition of making journeys on foot to holy places.

The Gatekeeper Trust is another organisation that does very similar and complimentary work.

The Gatekeeper Trust is a Registered Educational Charity…founded in 1980 devoted to personal and planetary healing through pilgrimage.

Best suited for: Anyone.  Also, introverts who like to walk alone or in small groups.

Earth Energy Healing Through Fairs and Festivals

Morris Dancer, British Folklore

Fairs and festivals held on or near node points on the network are another way of renewing and replenishing the energy.  Many of them begin with or involve processions along a section of the network.

These often culminate in the main fair being held on or near a holy place in the landscape.

Many of these traditions have survived into the 21st Century so if one takes place near you then be sure to go along and participate (rather than merely spectating with phone in hand).

For example, here’s a list of folklore events in May.  The same site has a list for all the months of the year.

Warning:  You may be drawn into dancing and singing.  Your antics may be filmed and end up on YouTube.  You may experience fits of uncontrollable laughter.

Best suited for:  Extroverts.  Outgoing types who always dance as if no one is watching.

Other Methods

The Gaia Method

The Gaia Method is a method of healing the Feminine aspect of the Earth’s consciousness. It is primarily a way for humanity to reconnect with the consciousness which was once known and understood as the Great Mother.

Dowsing & Water Divining

Dowsing is a traditional method of finding underground water sources. Also known as water witching, dowsing is typically done with a forked stick or metal rod. The user walks across an area of land, holding the dowsing tool in front of them. When the tool comes in contact with water, it is said to move on its own accord.

Water divining is similar to dowsing, but it does not require any special equipment. Instead, the user simply walks across an area of land until they feel an unexplained tugging or pulling in a particular direction. This is thought to be a sign that there is an underground water source in that direction.

Though both methods are centuries old, their efficacy has been debated by scientists. Some believe that dowsing and water divining are nothing more than pseudoscience, while others believe that they may be based on a real phenomenon that has yet to be fully understood.

The fact is that water, oil, and mineral companies have all used dowsers to find new sources, even if they’re reluctant to talk about it, and dowsers can trace the subtle energy currents that make up the planet’s earth energy network.

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