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Empty Leg Flights – How to find and book Private Air Charter

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International air travel should be a timely, efficient, and a relaxing experience for all the passengers.  Empty leg flights can make that vision a reality.

For some there is also the need to remain in control of a schedule that could change at any time. Those for whom time, security, and flexibility are of the essence fly privately in order to fulfill these objectives. They have their own schedules and prefer to remain in complete control of their travel plans.

The Villiers network aggregates over 10,000 private aircraft across 40,000 destinations worldwide, directly connecting you with the best prices for your charter flight from options across the market.  Access the lowest prices from the largest global network of private aircraft, and benefit from the round-the-clock service & advice provided by their team of charter experts prior to booking.  

With no queues and no delays and with private VIP terminals you will save you hours, giving you more time to spend on the ground at your destination with the people you need to see, and leaving you able to fly at your own schedule. 

Safety is of course of paramount importance. Villiers work only with ARG/US certified operators so you are guaranteed industry leading safety every time you fly.

Sharing & Full Charter

You can book empty leg charter flights, or if you are the primary charterer, offset the cost of your flight by offering any unused capacity to other Villiers members.  There are no membership fees, just dedicated personal service.

Charter your private aircraft via text with direct access to your dedicated agent via a telephone number for your exclusive use. Your dedicated agent will deal with your exact requirement efficiently and without the need for an account number.  With real-time quotes, the largest global network of private aircraft, and direct operator pricing, Villiers makes it easier than ever before to access the most competitive charter flight prices in one place.

The Villiers network of private jet operators takes all of the hard work out of planning your next flight – whether it’s to find the winter sun in the Caribbean, for heli-skiing in Switzerland, or for a business trip to Hong Kong.

Use the link below or above this video to search for a flight that suits your requirements and to see what empty leg flights and seats are available to book now.

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11 Advantages of Private Air Charter

The are numerous advantages to private air charter, some of which you’ve probably considered and others that may be new to you. Here’s a list of eleven.

  1. Private aircraft charter saves time. If there’s one single reason why private air charter is so desirable it’s the time it saves. We all know we can’t create more time but we can spend what we have more economically and efficiently. For the frequent traveller private aircraft charter saves significant chunks of time over the course of a year.
  1. Private aviation is more flexible. You set the times for you departure and consequently your arrival. You have the option to change your mind at short notice as your needs and plans change.
  1. Private aviation is so much more comfortable. There is no comfort quite like flying in a private jet. There is ample space in which to hold meetings, do some creative work, or simple recharge your batteries.
  1. Private aviation creates a high level of privacy. The interior of your aircraft becomes your flying office. The only other person you’re likely to see apart from the air crew is the VIP Flight Attendant on medium to large private jets.
  1. Private air charter is very convenient for time sensitive people. You can fly from smaller, quieter, airfields that are closer to your points of departure and destination. You breeze through customs and security checks at short notice.
  1. Private aviation is surprisingly affordable. Frequent trips in First or Business Class can amount to a sizeable expenditure each year. Compare that cost with the time saved and the flexibility of private air charters and you may be surprised by the result.
  1. Private aviation is safe and secure. Private aircraft have an exemplary safety record. They are often crewed and maintained by dedicated teams. Air and Cabin Crew are carefully selected after thorough and detailed recruitment processes.
  1. Private flying provides a new level of quality. Let’s face it, the entire experience from start to finish is all about quality. Quality of time and quality of service. And this will not go unnoticed by your clients and contacts.
  2. Private flying takes the stress out of air travel. Short on time, deadlines to meet, delays and frustrations. Relax in the ample space of a private jet. Be assured that you’ll arrive on time and refreshed, ready for the next event.
  1. Private air charter includes top of the range cuisine options. With private aviation you can specify your own dietary and nutritional requirements. Whether it’s a burger and a beer or fine dining with appropriate wines, the choice is yours to make.
  1. And the pets come too. Finally, private aviation allows you to travel with your pets. No more confinement in the hold, your pet flies with you in the luxurious cabin.
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How to book a private plane for a vacation or business trip

Empty Leg Flights - How To Find And Book

Whether you need to travel for business or pleasure, chartering a private jet can be an attractive option. One reason you might opt for this type of flight is that it is one of the quickest ways to get to your destination. Unlike flying in a commercial airliner, time spent in queues is drastically reduced. You may even be able to fly from an airfield closer to home, thus saving you more time.

Some private jets are suitably equipped for family trips. They’re not just for business people or the super-rich. Booking a private plane for a family vacation is an option if time and convenience are more important to you than cost.

How to find private jet flights that suit your travel plans

One way you can use to find private jet flights is by using a website like This site shows the availabilities and prices for different private jets from location to location, be it round trip or one way flight. It provides all of the information you need to plan, price, and book a single seat or more on an empty leg flight, or to charter an entire jet.

Some people find seats by hunting on forums or sites where people are looking to sell their empty leg flights or dead heads are they are sometimes known. We advise against this as there are some risks. If you do find someone willing to sell a seat, make sure to find out as much information about them as possible before giving them any personal information. is another site offering empty leg flights, or you can try searching online. If you search for “Empty Leg Flights” or something similar, it will bring up private jet companies that are looking to fill empty seats on their jets. Most of the time these are new companies that are trying to build a reputation of flying safe private jets at reasonable costs.

Book empty leg flights and secure the best deals

Private jet companies also offer empty leg flights because they are using private jets for staff travel to and from factories to HQs, or from head offices to meet with clients. They may offer staff the use of a private jet as a company perk or one-off reward which they can use for personal use. If the empty leg flights are not being filled with personal trips, then it is possible that you can book one instead.

Obviously, the best emply leg flights are snapped up quickly, so you have to be subscribed to an alert service for empty leg notifications and able to respond quickly when an opportunity presents itself.

Empty leg flights offer travelers a unique opportunity to fly on a private jet for a fraction of the cost. By booking an empty leg flight, you can enjoy all the amenities and luxury of a private jet while spending less money.

The benefits of flying on an empty leg flight include:

  1. Reduced cost – Because the plane is flying with no passengers, you can enjoy a reduced rate.
  2. Convenience – There is no need to worry about connecting flights or making multiple stops. The plane will take you directly to your destination.
  3. Flexibility – You can choose your departure and arrival times, as well as the airport you would like to depart from or arrive at.
  4. Luxury – Enjoy all the perks of flying in a private jet, including spacious seating, elegant décor, and more legroom than on a commercial flight.

If you’re looking for an affordable and convenient way to fly privately, consider booking an empty leg flight. With so many benefits to offer, it’s the perfect option for anyone looking for a luxurious travel experience without breaking the bank.

Buy an empty leg seat on a private jet, one way or round trip

If you’re looking to travel by private jet, but don’t want someone else’s schedule dictating your itinerary, you can opt for a private charter instead. However, that might not be the best option if the general availability is low or the cost is too high.

This is where empty seats on private jets are offered for purchase at a deeply discounted rate, sometimes as little as 10% of the normal charter price.

While the availability of empty leg flights are limited, they are more often available on private jets leaving during the late evening hours, and any other time when a plane leaves without its full capacity due to a variety of factors; location, local economics, etc.

Van Nuys to Saint Martin, Palm Beach to New York, Farnborough to Faro

The travel logistics of buying a seat on a private jet are pretty simple. In most cases, the customer simply books his flight with the empty leg broker, often called spot brokers. Then, once payment is made and confirmed by the spot broker, it’s taken care of by the marketing department of the flying private company – the trip is just as any other private charter flight, except that the price is greatly reduced.

In many cases, a customer can even benefit from empty leg flights without having to fly on the same plane twice if they do not want to. For example, if a buyer wants to fly from New York City to Chicago or Las Vegas to Salt Lake City and back, this flight will cost them less if they go up to Chicago (or Salt Lake City) on an empty leg flight and then fly back on a scheduled flight or a regular charter flight.

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Discounted Empty Legs Go Fast

Since these flights are so discounted, they are often booked up fast, so people often need to act quickly. This also means it’s more important than ever to use an empty seat search tool that offers multiple listings of all the private jets available throughout the country – otherwise, you might miss out on some great deals.

While there are many downsides to empty leg flights compared to regular private charter flights – the main one being that they are often in different planes, not with the same crew or at the same destination you started at – their biggest benefit is perhaps the sheer value of them.

For people who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford private jet travel, empty leg flights offer an opportunity like no other: a way to make your dreams of flying in private luxury come true.

Final thoughts on empty leg flights – ask questions!

Most private jet charters that you’ll come across will have a waiting list. Generally speaking, if someone books a flight on a plane and then cancels their trip, the company is going to keep that spot available for someone else. There’s always going to be an inherent risk involved with chartering planes because of this reason – people show up late, people flake out entirely, and so on.

Every now and again you’ll notice that there’s a flight that appears to have no one signed up for it. This is an “empty leg” because the plane will be flying without any passengers on board. Except this isn’t always because someone was a show-up-late-and-leave-early, or canceled outright. Rather, this is because there are always last-minute changes to private flights due to weather conditions, mechanical problems with the plane, and so on.

When you see an empty leg come up that’s near where you live or work, it can be a great opportunity for you to snag a really good deal. If the plane is flying to or from your local airport, there’s no reason you can’t take advantage of it. All you have to do is get in contact with the charter service and ask them what their policy is for taking last-minute seats on flights that are otherwise empty.

If you’re in the right place at the right time you may be able to secure a seat on one of the ferry flights i.e. when an aeroplane is being flown to a new base after being sold or when it’s being returned after servicing or refit. To find such opportunities you would need to contact those companies that operate aircraft and ferry flights at regional airports.

Empty legs usually go at a discounted price, but there’s no fixed rate for these flights. Rather, you should expect to pay a certain percentage of the normal price. For example, if a flying private costs normally $10,000 from Point A to Point B, you can probably expect to find an empty leg going in that direction at around 50% of this cost – or in this case, $5000.

Empty legs are a great way to save money on private jet charters if you can seize an opportunity when it comes up. If they’re near you and the price is right, just go ahead and book an empty leg!

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History of Private Air Charter

The history of private air charter for travelers dates back to the early days of aviation. Wealthy individuals and corporations were among the first to charter flights for their exclusive use, and the trend has continued to the present day. Private air charter offers travelers a more comfortable and convenient alternative to commercial air travel, with access to smaller airports and a wider range of aircraft options.

One especially popular use of private air charter is for so-called empty leg flights. An empty leg flight is a one-way trip that occurs when an aeroplane is making a return journey to its home base after completing a previously booked charter flight. The term empty leg refers to the fact that the jet is flying without any passengers on board.

The cost of an empty leg flight varies depending on the location and availability. However, it’s generally much cheaper than a full charter flight. This makes empty leg flights a great option for travelers who need to get somewhere quickly or who want to save money on their air travel expenses.

Private air travel is becoming more popular, not less. The emergence of new aircraft types that are designed for short trips has made it easier for individuals and families to fly private. A family of four or six can occupy the entire jet if they charter a light jet, for example.

The cost of private jet travel in the larger aircraft will inevitably increase in proportion to the size of the aircraft, but there are now more options at the smaller end of the spectrum in which light jets and very light jets have established a firm foothold. This makes such flights more affordable which is why you’ll see ‘flying on a private jet’ appearing on everyone’s bucket list.

Private Jet Charter Aircraft Types

Very Light Jets (VLJ)

Very light jets (VLJs) are a comparatively recent development within the aviation industry. They provide a convenient, efficient, and affordable way for business people and wealthy individuals to travel. VLJs are perfect for short trips, and they can save you a lot of time and money.

VLJs are made by companies like Embraer and Honda. These jets are perfect for small businesses or for executives who need to travel frequently over short distances. They offer a high level of comfort and convenience, and they can help you get where you need to go quickly and efficiently, bypassing the crowds and delays at major airports.

VLJs usually seat between four and 7 passengers with a range of just over 1,200 nautical miles.

Small Light Jets

Small light jets can accommodate 6-8 passengers and fly up to about 1,500 nautical miles. VLJ and SLJ are too small to require a flight attendant but both types do have a passenger toilet and storage for drinks and snacks.

Super Light Jets

Fly private in a super light jet and you’ll find it similar to a small light jet but with greater cabin space and longer range. They still only accommodate up to 8 people but some aircraft types in this category can fly up to 2,500 nm.

Midsize Cabin Jets

If you manage to secure an empty leg flight in a midsize cabin jet then you might traveling intercontinental. They are suitably for short haul and long haul with a range of about 2,200 nm (flight time of five hours), but in larger cabin space than a super light jet.

Super Midsize Cabin Jets

As we continue up the scale of these aircraft types the cabin space and range increase. A private flight in a super midsize cabin jet will reveal it can comfortably seat up to 10 people and fly for over 3,000 nautical miles.

Heavy Jets

Once we get to this category we’re looking at jets that can carry 9-19 people in executive luxury for a range of up to 3,800 nautical miles.

Ultra-Long-Range Heavy Jets

If you want to take up to 19 people on journeys over 6,000 nautical miles while enjoying all the luxury of separate living spaces and a full galley then you’re going to need a an ULR heavy jet.

Bizliners aka Executive Liners

Last but by no means least are the top-end aircraft often balled bizliners. These are the size of commercial airliners and consequently can be fitted out to satisfy every whim of the most demanding clients and owners.

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