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Environmental Impact of Lock Down. Changes created by the Coronavirus

In this video talk about the environmental impact of lock down during the Coronavirus pandemic.

I’m going to mention some of the questions the Covid-19 outbreak forces us to ask and what changes may come about as a result.

In early March 2020, within days of Venice going into lockdown the canals throughout the city became clean again.

Fish were seen in the clear waters and a dolphin was spotted exploring the canals.

Around the world, wherever aircraft were grounded, roads emptied of vehicles, and oceans devoid of cruise ships the pollution levels dropped.

Within weeks of the near cessation of human activity the air and waters quickly recovered.

In Britain, the lockdown began on March 23rd and for several days the country enjoyed spring sunshine in clear blues skies devoid of all but minimal air traffic.

With the reduction of air and road noise and the rules of lock down, it was as if the relentless rat race was paused while people took stock; of food, toilet rolls, relationships, themselves, and life’s purpose.

But as always, these were the thoughts of the privileged – the people will all their immediate material needs met.

It’s easy to think philosophically when you’ve got a full belly and food in the fridge.

The pressing of the pause button on the economy was also the moment many others began to worry about how they would cope if the lockdown lasted as long as had been rumoured.

And for those who rely on travel, tourism, and air travel the turning off of the tap was immediate.

As flights were cancelled the impact on the aviation industry was of an intensity not seen since 9/11.

Small island economies watched their income dry up in a matter of days leaving thousands out of work with no prospect of alternative employment.

Meanwhile, social media was being used like never before.

Some expressed their joy and excitement at the situation, claiming that it was the fulfilment of prophecies about changing times, the end of days, and a new world.

Meanwhile, a tweet from an account calling itself ‘Extinction Rebellion East Midlands‘ suggested the true agenda of the Extinction Rebellion movement.

The tweet showed pictures of stickers on lamposts that read,“The Earth is healing. The air and water is clearing. Corona is the cure. Humans are the disease”.

Other Extinction Rebellion accounts were quick to distance themselves from this tweet claiming that it is not only contrary to their philosophy but also that the twitter account that posted was a fake account designed to discredit the genuine movement.

Continued in the video…

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