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Fear Of Flying Course

Are you, or is someone you know, frightened of flying?

Do you long to visit relatives and friends abroad, perhaps your children or grandchildren, but you avoid making the booking because of your fear of air travel?

Is your fear of flying hampering your enjoyment of life and causing problems socially or in your career or business life?

Well, why not let Captain Chris Rigby help you to get on that plane to the holiday destination you’ve always wanted to fly to?

Chris has logged over 20,000 hours of flight time during which he has carried over a million people safely to their destinations.

He now runs a simulator experience company at Coventry Airport where members of the public can
come and see what it is like to fly a commercial aircraft.

At Flight Simulator Midlands Chris runs day-long fear of flying courses for anyone nervous or apprehensive about boarding an aircraft.

Courses are usually held on a Sunday and during the sessions Chris helps people to lose their fears by talking about all the areas which concern passengers.

These subjects include; what happens during take off and landing, air turbulence, aircraft maintenance, airport security, pilot training and any other subject you may wish to discuss.

Over the years Chris has been highly successful in getting people to conquer their fears.

Here are some recent testimonials from customers who are glad they booked a course with Chris.

“I attended your course a few weeks ago. Last week I was on holiday in the south of France. My return journey was to be by train on Eurostar but due to strikes and floods this was going to a very difficult journey.

So I did the only logical thing and booked a flight! I flew from Tarbes to Birmingham and had a very enjoyable trip. By the time we landed, everyone around me knew exactly what was going on
with the plane! I think I remembered everything you said. Thank you for your help and I will certainly recommend your course to others.”

Here is another comment from a recent attendee, and Chris has many more like it.

“These courses are ideal for everyone, from people who feel just a little apprehensive to those who are terrified about the prospect of getting into the air.“ Courses book up quickly so be sure to reserve a place on the next available date.

The day long course costs just £150 and that includes refreshments and a lunch.

Take this important step now and along with others who feel the same way you’ll soon realise why this is money well spent.

For further details email Chris on [email protected] or just call  him on 07831 161477.

He’s waiting for your call and he’s ready to help. Soon you’ll be putting your fears behind you and jetting off to the destination of your choice.

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