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FedEx Pilot Pay: How Much do Fedex Pilots Make? Salaries & Perks

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Fedex pilot pay is usually above average for pilots flying similar aircraft in the USA. FedEx, a global leader in cargo transportation, is renowned not only for its efficient delivery system but also for its competitive pilot salaries. If you’re an aspiring pilot or someone looking to switch airlines, this comprehensive guide on FedEx pilot salaries, benefits, and hiring requirements will provide you with all the insights you need.

My Personal Experience With FedEx

During the early 1990s I joined FedEx as a courier driver. I had previous experience having worked for several years for Elan International, a subsiduary of DHL. I had a Class I HGV licence and Private Pilots Licence, but I remained a courier with them for a few years until I was made redundant when the depot was closed.

While I was there, we were equipped with some of the first generation barcode scanners, and at the end of our runs we would dock them into a docking station which would download all the data and distribute it out over a very basic network. I could see then that computer networking was the future and after redundancy I retrained into IT.

When the film Castaway was released in 2000 it brought back fond memories of my time working at FedEx.

What Does a FedEx Pilot Make?

When it comes to pilot salaries, FedEx is known to offer competitive packages. In 2023, based on available data from sources like Glassdoor, the average FedEx pilot salary ranged significantly based on experience, aircraft, and hours flown. The national average for an airline pilot’s salary in the United States is substantial, but FedEx often surpasses this, especially for those with seniority such as captains and other senior pilots.  

At the time of writing pilot salaries in the United Sates were around $110,000 per year. This is made up of base pay and extras, which include things like the number of hours you fly, the airplane type, etc.

FedEx Captain vs. First Officer: Who Earns More?

As with most airlines, there’s a noticeable difference between the salaries of a captain and a first officer at FedEx. Captains, given their additional responsibilities and experience, typically earn more. The average FedEx captain salary, especially for those flying the larger jets like Boeing and Airbus, is notably higher than the national average for airline pilot salaries.

Benefits at FedEx: Beyond the Salary

Salary is just one aspect of the compensation package at FedEx. Pilots also enjoy benefits such as profit sharing, comprehensive health insurance, and an industry-leading contract. Additionally, FedEx’s benefits extend to retirement plans, ensuring that their pilots are well taken care of even post-retirement.

What Aircraft Do FedEx Pilots Operate?

FedEx operates a global cargo fleet, comprising a mix of aircraft ranging from smaller turbo-props to larger jets like the Boeing and Airbus. The type of plane a pilot flies and the number of hours they log in can significantly influence their salary. For instance, pilots operating the larger jets typically earn more due to the complexity and responsibility associated with these aircraft.

  • Boeing 737-200: A medium-range, twin-engine freighter.
  • Boeing 767-300F: A mid-sized, twin-engine freighter.
  • Boeing 757-200F: A narrow-body, twin-engine freighter.
  • Boeing 777F: A long-range, twin-engine freighter.
  • Boeing MD-11F: A long-range, trijet freighter.
  • Airbus A300-600F: A wide-body, twin-engine freighter.
  • Airbus A310-300F: A slightly smaller version of the A300.
  • Cessna 208B Super Cargomaster: A single-engine turboprop used for smaller deliveries.
  • ATR 42 and ATR 72: Twin-engine turboprops.
Fedex Pilot Pay: How Much Do Fedex Pilots Make And What Do They Fly

How Does FedEx Pilot Pay Compare to Other Airlines?

When compared to other cargo airlines and even some passenger airlines, FedEx often comes out on top. Their competitive salary, combined with the benefits and the reputation of being a part of a global leader in freight transportation, makes FedEx a sought-after employer for pilots.

What are the Minimum Qualifications to Become a FedEx Pilot?

To land your dream job as a pilot at FedEx, you need to meet specific qualifications. These include a minimum flight time, with a preference for those who have logged hours in jet aircraft or multi-engine turbo-prop. Additionally, qualifications listed by the FAA and TSA are mandatory. A clean record, both in terms of flying and background checks, is crucial.

FedEx Pilot Hiring: What’s the Process?

FedEx’s hiring process is rigorous, ensuring they get the best in the hiring pool. With many pilots retiring and the constant need for fresh talent, FedEx often has openings. However, the selection process, which includes interviews, simulator tests, and thorough background checks, ensures only the best get through.

Airline Pilot Central: Where Does FedEx Stand?

On platforms like Airline Pilot Central, FedEx often ranks high in terms of pilot satisfaction, pay, and overall work environment. Their commitment to ensuring their pilots have a good work-life balance, combined with the pay and benefits, makes them a top employer.

Hourly Pay vs. Per Year: Breaking Down the Numbers

Pilot pay can often be broken down into hourly rates or annual packages. At FedEx, both metrics are used, depending on the context. For instance, a first officer’s hourly rate might seem competitive, but when you factor in the number of hours they fly, the per year figure becomes even more attractive.

The Future of FedEx’s Hiring: What to Expect?

With the aviation industry constantly evolving and the demand for cargo transportation increasing, FedEx is poised for growth. This means more opportunities for pilots, both new and experienced. The future looks promising for those aspiring to fly for FedEx.


  • FedEx offers competitive pilot salaries, often surpassing the national average.
  • Captains typically earn more than first officers, especially those flying larger jets.
  • Benefits at FedEx extend beyond the salary, including profit sharing and retirement plans.
  • The type of aircraft a pilot operates can influence their salary.
  • FedEx’s hiring process is rigorous, ensuring they get the best talent.
  • Platforms like Airline Pilot Central often rank FedEx high in terms of pilot satisfaction.
  • The future of FedEx’s hiring looks promising, with many opportunities on the horizon.

In conclusion, if you’re an aspiring pilot or looking to switch airlines, FedEx offers a combination of competitive pay, benefits, and a promising future. It’s no wonder they’re often considered one of the top employers in the aviation industry.

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What Will Be The Fedex Pilot Salary In 2024?
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