Flight Attendant Salary, Cabin Crew Pay Scales

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Flight Attendant Salary, Cabin Crew Pay Scales

In this video I talk about the salaries that Flight Attendants can expect in various countries around the globe.

I’ll describe the salary range you can expect from junior to senior positions in the countries where jobs are plentiful.

I also include a few words about Corporate and VIP Flight Attendant salaries and the perks you can expect in these coveted positions. Then I’ll conclude this video with a few tips on how to get started on your career, what training is available, and sources of further information. Flight Attendants or cabin crew are essential for the safety and comfort of passenger flights.

Flight Attendants are required on any commercial flight that has more than 19 passengers aboard.

One Flight Attendant is required for every 50 passengers. On large aircraft there is usually a hierarchy of cabin crew which, as well as the   Flight Attendants might include, a Purser, and a Chief Purser, sometimes also called In-flight Service Manager, Flight Service Manager, Customer Service Manager,  or Cabin Service Director.
The Flight Attendants’ primary role is the safety of the passengers. But as we all know they have many other responsibilities too. There’s a video in my channel with more information about this important job,

but here are a few basic details. Flight Attendants start their shifts with briefing given by the Captain of the flight in which he or she summarises the route, the aircraft, the weather, and any other relevant information relating to the aircraft and passengers. Onced briefed the Flight Attendants will start checking the equipment aboard the aircraft to ensure it is all present, serviceable, and re-supplied where necessary. During the flight they ensure the safety and comfort of passengers.

In the event of any type of emergency, minor or major, they are trained to respond.

As with most jobs, pay and benefits are commensurate with experience and responsibilities, and the role of Flight Attendant often includes additional perks.

The following figures are averages collected in the winter of 2018.

They are base salaries so they don’t include any bonuses, overtime, or profit shares that may be offered.

This is an important point to remember because such extras can make a significant difference to your take-home pay.

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Virgin Atlantic

American Airlines:


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