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Are you looking for the Best Gift Ever? Well, you may have just found it.

Flight Simulators Midlands have been showing members of the public what it’s like to fly a modern jet for over 5 years.

They are the only ‘public’ simulator centre to have 3 different types of real simulators on offer.

These are a Boeing 737, a 747, and an Airbus A320. The 737 and 747 were simulators used by airlines to train their pilots.

The Airbus A320 is the actual nose cone of a real aircraft (G-BUSF), back engineered into a simulator.

So you or the lucky recipient of your gift can sit where professional pilots have and been put through their paces.

All the instructors are professional pilots who have flown many thousands of hours all around the world on a variety of aircraft.

You can choose to fly from a myriad of airports and locations from Heathrow to Hong Kong or New York to San Francisco.

If you fancy a real challenge, try the ‘Sully Experience’ and see how Chesley Sullenberger handled his A320 and finally ditched into the Hudson River. If you’ve seen the film ‘Sully’ in which this event is immortalised you will have had a foretaste of what by involved.

This is the ideal gift for anyone who wants to see what it is like to handle a commercial jet aircraft.

We have nearly 800 five star reviews on Trip Advisor. Flight Simulators Midlands also proud to hold Trip Advisors Certificate of Excellence for the last 3 years, 2015, 2016, and 2017.

That’s quite a rare achievement and not many establishments can boast of such a level of excellence and customer satisfaction.

FSM also offer professional training for pilots who just want to practice and sharpen up their skills before that next simulator check. Contact us for details.

Gift voucher are available from our website http://www.flyfsm.co.uk

You’ll find FSM at the Coventry Aeroplane Club, Rowley Road, Bagington, Coventry.

Email [email protected] or call 08454 747 737.

Contact FSM today and you’ll be assured of a warm welcome by true aviation professionals.


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