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A full flight simulator (FFS) is an advanced training device that replicates the environment, controls, and operation of a real aircraft to such a degree that it’s barely distinguishable from the real thing. 

These highly sophisticated machines are essential tools in the aviation industry, used not only by airlines to train their pilots, but also by the public for a thrilling and immersive experience. In this article, we will delve into the world of flight simulators, explore their importance in pilot training, and discover how you can experience a Boeing 737 simulator firsthand.

The Role of A Full Flight Simulator in Pilot Training

Full flight simulators play a crucial role in the aviation industry, providing pilots with invaluable training opportunities. They accurately reproduce the cockpit of an aircraft, complete with realistic controls, instrumentation, and visual systems. The simulator’s motion platform replicates the sensation of flight, giving pilots the chance to experience various scenarios, such as turbulence, crosswinds, and even emergency situations, without ever leaving the ground.

Airlines rely on these advanced simulators to train their pilots to the highest standards. The FFS allows pilots to familiarise themselves with the aircraft’s systems, procedures, and handling characteristics before they take the controls of a real plane. Furthermore, the simulators enable pilots to maintain their proficiency by practising complex manoeuvres, emergency procedures, and routine operations in a safe and controlled environment.

Full Flight Simulator - Flybe

Full Flight Simulators for Public Use

The excitement and challenge of piloting an aircraft are no longer exclusive to professional pilots. A growing number of flight simulation centres now offer the public an opportunity to experience the thrill of flying a commercial airliner. These centres utilise full flight simulators similar to those used by airlines, giving aviation enthusiasts and curious individuals the chance to experience flight from the captain’s seat.

These public flight simulators offer various experiences, ranging from brief introductory sessions to comprehensive courses that cover everything from take-off to landing. Participants can choose from a variety of aircraft types and even customise their flying conditions, allowing them to experience different weather scenarios or fly into famous airports around the world.

Th Crop Bristol And Wessex Flying Club Photo Nov2016 61

Full Motion Flight Simulator Bristol

• Simulated flight from Bristol International Airport
• This is a full motion flight simulator
• Based at a purpose-built training facility
• Lunch in the Flight Lounge add on available

Inside a Boeing 737 Flight Simulator

The Boeing 737 is one of the most popular commercial aircraft in the world’s airlines.  Consequently, there are a proportionally higher number of simulators in use that cater for this aircraft type. A typical Boeing 737 full flight simulator replicates the cockpit of the aircraft with meticulous detail, ensuring that every switch, gauge, and control is as close to the real thing as possible.

Upon entering the simulator, participants are greeted by a fully functional cockpit that includes not only a throttle quadrant, control column, and rudder pedals, but also a full array of cockpit instrumentation that one would see in the cockpit of the actual aircraft. 

The visual system surrounding the cockpit displays a highly realistic representation of the outside world, providing a 180-degree view of the environment. High-definition projectors or large LCD screens generate the visuals, allowing pilots to navigate through various weather conditions, landscapes, and airports with accuracy.

The motion platform beneath the simulator is responsible for creating the sensation of flight. Using hydraulic or electric actuators, the platform moves in response to the pilot’s inputs, simulating the feeling of acceleration, deceleration, and turbulence.

737 flight simulator
Th Crop Flightpad1600

737 Flight Simulator London

• Go on a Boeing 737-800 sim in central London!
• Exclusive Into The Blue package
• Visit the Heathrow Exhibition
• Fly circuits, full sectors & do all the procedures

Inside an Airbus A320 Flight Simulator

Similarly, the Airbus A320 full motion flight simulator is another state-of-the-art training aid that provides a highly realistic and immersive experience for pilots who need to type convert or refresh their skills. Enclosed in a life-sized replica cockpit, trainees can interact with authentic controls, instruments, and avionics, all of which have been meticulously recreated to match the A320’s specifications.

Not only does the Airbus A320 full motion flight simulator enable pilots to hone their skills in various flight scenarios, but it also allows them to practise critical procedures and emergency situations in a controlled environment. By simulating a wide range of conditions, such as adverse weather, system failures, or navigational challenges, pilots can gain valuable experience and confidence in their ability to handle potential issues. 

The simulator’s highly detailed visual system provides accurate depictions of airports, terrain, and weather patterns, further enhancing the training experience. As a result, the Airbus A320 full motion flight simulator has become an indispensable tool for airlines and flight training organisations, ensuring that pilots are well-prepared and competent to manage the complexities of flying this popular aircraft.

A320 flight simulator
Boeing 747 And Airbus A320 Flight Simulator

Motion Flight Simulators Coventry

• 737, 747 & A320 airliner simulators in Coventry
• Be wowed with latest 3D graphics on your flight
• Hydraulic Motion on 737 and A320 is included
• Trip Advisor ‘Certificate of Excellence’ 2017/16/15

Fully Immersive Full Flight Simulator

Full Flight Simulator FAQ

How accurate is a full flight simulator?

  1. Full flight simulators are highly accurate, replicating the flight dynamics, aircraft systems, and environmental conditions experienced in actual flight. They are designed to provide a realistic training experience for pilots, closely mimicking the performance and behavior of the aircraft they represent.

Do you fly in a flight simulator in real time?

  1. Yes, flight simulators generally operate in real time, providing users with an experience that closely matches the duration and conditions of a real flight.

What is the price of a full flight simulator?

  1. The price of a full flight simulator is proportional to the complexity of the system.  A high-quality full flight simulator for commercial aircraft can cost several million dollars because it’s a full motion simulator on a series of hydraulic jacks, while another type of simulator without the motion would cost considerably less.

What is the best real flight simulator?

  1. The “best” real flight simulator can be subjective, as it depends on the user’s preferences, requirements, and budget. For professional pilot training, full flight simulators from companies like CAE, L3Harris, or TRU Simulation + Training are highly regarded. For home use, Microsoft Flight Simulator is often considered one of the best options.

What is the most realistic free flight simulator?

  1. FlightGear is a popular and realistic free, open-source flight simulator that offers a wide range of aircraft and global scenery. It is available for multiple platforms and has an active community contributing to its development.

How much is a Boeing 737 full flight simulator?

  1. The price of a Boeing 737 full flight simulator runs into several million dollars for the full motion version.  

What flight simulator does NASA use?

  1. NASA uses a variety of flight simulators for astronaut training and mission simulations. Some examples include the Vertical Motion Simulator (VMS), the Space Shuttle Mission Simulator (SSMS), and the Crew Exploration Vehicle (CEV) simulator. The specific simulator used depends on the mission and the training objectives.

Can you really fly anywhere in a flight simulator?

  1. In many flight simulators, you can virtually fly anywhere in the world. Some simulators, like Microsoft Flight Simulator, feature highly detailed global scenery, allowing users to explore cities, landscapes, and landmarks. However, the level of detail and accuracy may vary depending on the simulator and the location.

Do real pilots use Microsoft Flight Simulator?

  1. While Microsoft Flight Simulator is primarily aimed at enthusiasts, some real pilots use it for casual flying, familiarizing themselves with new locations, or practicing specific flight maneuvers. However, professional pilots typically rely on certified full flight simulators or other advanced training devices for their formal training and currency requirements.
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