Goodwood Revival 2019 Vintage Clothes, Cars, Aircraft, Bikes, Music

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Goodwood Revival 2019 Vintage Clothes, Cars, Aircraft, Bikes, Music

In this video I describe some of the highlights of the 2019 Goodwood Revival.

If you attended this event then it needs no introduction but if you’ve never been, or if you want to know more about it then there are several other videos in my channel that may be of interest to you.

One is “Goodwood Revival 20 Glorious Years – Just a few of my recollections” published on 15th September 2018.

Another is “7 Tips For First Time Visitors To The Goodwood Revival”. You’ll find these and other videos about past Revivals in a playlist, a link to which is below this video.

The Goodwood Revival is many things to many people but one aspect of the 2019 Revival that surely everyone will agree on was that the weather was perfect.

The Saturday and Sunday in particular were ideal, with unbroken sunshine from dawn until dusk.

For any the thousands who dressed up for the occasion wearing tweed or the thick uniforms of the various branches of the armed forces it was perhaps too warm!

The gates opened at 7.30am each day, by which time a queue of several hundred had already built up outside.

There are all kinds of rewards for these early birds but for me it’s the Dawn Patrol.

This, and the evening flypast, were the only air displays this year. There is something very special about watching the pilots wiping the September dew off their aircraft, carrying out their pre-flight checks, and starting their engines.

After a few minutes to warm up the engines they take off and assemble into formation to the east of the airfield.

They then fly by several times giving all the onlookers the goosebump sensations as the Merlin engines roar past.

After some gentle aerobatics and a few more passes the aircraft land, taxi in, and shut down.

It’s a magical moment in the stillness of the early morning and once it’s over the day begins in earnest.

For anyone wanting to experience flight for themselves pleasure flights were available in helicopters and in the Goodwood Aero Club’s Piper Cub.
For aviation fans the Freddie March Spirit of Aviation Concours d’Elegance is always a treat.

The aircraft on display are immaculately restored and presented in the hope of winning the trophy.

This year’s winner was the 1939 Dakota C41A and it was richly deserved.

This unique aircraft has what was in 1939 a state of the art luxury interior.

As the sun rose and dried the dew on its polished surfaces it began to gleam.

Many other aircraft on display were winners in their own right and it must have been hard to pick just one.

The de Havilland Beaver was another that richly deserved recognition.

Away from the relative peace of the aircraft on display, the paddocks were a hive of activity throughout the weekend.

A good place to stand was beside the assembly area where drivers and mechanics prepared themselves and the cars for the next races.

Track officials gave instructions while photographers and the media captured the events.

There is a palpable sense of excitement and pre-race nerves as the drivers await the signal to drive out onto the track.

Another ideal location to stand in front of the Startline grandstand.

Continued in the video…

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