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London Gatwick Airport Lounges: Your Ultimate Guide

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London Gatwick Airport lounges have a reputation for their diverse offerings and excellent service, yet most people pass them by.  The majority of the air passengers passing through the Departures gate at Gatwick North or South spend the time between security checks and boarding milling about in the main shopping areas.  These areas, with their shops, fast food outlets, and bars, are little more than shopping malls. The prices within them reflect the fact that they have a captive market in an expensive retail area.  Surely, for reasons of comfort and value for money, an airport lounge pass is a better option


Gatwick Lounges: A Variety of Options

Gatwick lounges offer something for everyone. For a more laid-back experience, the My Lounge in the Gatwick North Terminal lets you enjoy lounging without the formality. Here, you can enjoy free drinks and snacks, and even pass the time with a selection of board games.

In contrast, the No.1 Gatwick lounge, a partnership between easyJet and No1 Lounges, offers a more premium experience. Located in both the North and South Terminals, these lounges offer hot and cold food, complimentary soft drinks and juices, and a fully tended bar included in the price of lounge entry.

Airport Lounge Pass: Your Ticket to Comfort

An Airport Lounge Pass or a Priority Pass membership could provide access to multiple lounges at London Gatwick South and North Terminals. This can be particularly handy if you’re a frequent flyer or if you’re facing a long layover.

The Clubrooms Lounge: A Touch of Luxury

Located both in the North and South Terminals, the Clubrooms lounges are the top-tier offering from No1 Lounges. They offer a tranquil environment with plush seating and a wide array of amenities. Here, you’ll find a complimentary à la carte menu, premium drinks, free high-speed Wi-Fi, and panoramic runway views. The lounges are open to all passengers for a fee, but certain cardholders and business-class travelers may have free access.

No1 Lounges: Comfort and Convenience

No1 Lounges are located in both terminals at Gatwick. They’re the mid-range option from the same company that runs the Clubrooms. Despite being more affordable, these lounges don’t skimp on comfort or amenities. You’ll find a self-service buffet with hot and cold options, a fully tended bar, comfortable seating areas, and even some private work pods. Again, access can be paid for, or may be complimentary depending on your airline or cardholder status.

My Lounge: Budget-friendly and Family-Friendly

Also run by the No1 Lounges company, My Lounge is the budget option located in the North Terminal. Despite its lower price point, this lounge still offers a relaxed environment and a good selection of amenities. There’s a buffet with simple, home-style food, a self-serve bar, games room, and even a mini cinema. Kids and families will appreciate the laid-back vibe and entertainment options.

British Airways Galleries Club Lounge: For BA Flyers

Exclusively for passengers flying with British Airways or its partner airlines, the Galleries Club Lounge in the South Terminal offers a range of amenities. Expect a well-stocked self-service buffet, a bar with a selection of drinks, free Wi-Fi, and plenty of power outlets. Access is typically available to those flying in business or first class, or with a certain status in the airline’s loyalty program.

Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse: Exclusive Elegance

The Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse, located in the North Terminal, provides an exclusive experience for Virgin Atlantic Upper Class passengers and Gold Card members. The lounge is known for its stylish interior, à la carte dining, cocktail bar, and even a spa offering complimentary treatments. 

The Club Aspire Lounge: An Oasis of Calm

Among Gatwick’s lounges, the Club Aspire lounge stands out. Located in the North Terminal, this lounge offers a premium experience for all types of travellers. The amenities include free WiFi, complimentary food and drink, and a selection of newspapers and magazines. Whether you’re looking to catch up on some work or simply unwind before you fly, the Club Aspire lounge at Gatwick offers the perfect setting.

Gatwick Airport Lounges
Would You Rather Be In A Lounge?

Navigating Airport Lounge Access

Access to each lounge can depend on several factors such as your airline, class of travel, and any membership in airline or credit card loyalty programs. Some lounges allow access for a fee, typically ranging from £20-£50. It’s worth checking the specifics before your trip, as pre-booking can often save you money compared to paying at the door.

Maximizing Your Lounge Experience

Before you decide on a lounge, consider what’s most important to you. If you want a quiet place to work, look for a lounge with dedicated workspaces, like the Clubrooms or No1 Lounges. If you’re traveling with kids, a lounge with family-friendly amenities, like My Lounge, might be the best fit.

Remember to check if your credit card offers lounge access benefits. Some premium travel cards, such as the American Express Platinum Card or certain Visa Infinite cards, provide complimentary access to airport lounges worldwide, including those at Gatwick.

Refresh, Recharge, and Relax

No matter which lounge you choose, remember that the goal is to make your travel experience better. Eat and drink, but not to excess – not for any prudish reasons but just so that you enjoy the flight itself.  Alternatively, sit and do some deep breathing or take a nap.  The right lounge can provide a quiet and comfortable space to work, relax, and refresh, making your journey that much more enjoyable.

Booking Your Lounge at Gatwick: A Step Towards Serenity

Booking one of the lounges at Gatwick Airport (LGW) is an excellent way to turn the start of your holiday into a relaxing and enjoyable experience. Free of charge for certain cardholders and available for a fee for others, these lounges have created spaces where travellers can escape the hustle and bustle of the airport.

Terms and Conditions: The Small Print

Remember, lounges reserve the right to enforce a smart-casual dress code and may refuse admission to anyone wearing inappropriate attire. It’s always best to check the specific terms and conditions of the lounge you’re planning to use. Most lounges also reserve the right to refuse admission if they’re at capacity, so booking in advance is always a smart move.

Best Lounge: A Matter of Preference

Choosing the best lounge at Gatwick depends on your needs and preferences. If you’re looking for a VIP experience, the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse or the Clubrooms might be the right fit. If you’re after a family-friendly environment, the My Lounge would be a great option.

Enjoying Your Stay in the Lounge

Find your way to the lounge of choice (look out for the signs, study the airport app, or ask at the information desk) and check in at the front desk. The lounge staff are there to help you find exactly the same product – relaxation, comfort, and convenience. 

Gatwick Airport Lounges
Photo by Neil Mewes on Unsplash

Wrapping Up: Gatwick Airport Lounges

The lounges at Gatwick Airport offer a haven from the busy terminal, providing a quiet place to relax, enjoy complimentary food and drink, and even catch up on work. Whether you’re a business traveler, a family on vacation, or a luxury seeker, you’re sure to find a lounge at Gatwick that suits your needs. 

Even if you’re not usually a lounge-goer, consider treating yourself on your next trip through Gatwick. From the high-end luxury of the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse to the budget-friendly comfort of My Lounge, there’s an option for every traveler. With a bit of planning, you can enhance your travel experience and make your time at Gatwick truly time well spent.

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