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The Ultimate Guide to Semi Private Flights & Private Jet Cards

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In the realm of luxury travel, semi private flights have carved a niche for themselves, offering a unique blend of exclusivity and efficiency. In the evolving landscape of air travel, they have emerged as a game-changer, but what exactly are these flights and why are they becoming the go-to choice for many?

What Are Semi-Private Flights?

A semi-private flight bridges the gap between commercial airline travel and private jet charters. Instead of chartering an entire aircraft, passengers can book individual seats on a private plane. This approach provides the luxury amenities and swift boarding processes typical of private jet travel without the associated high costs.  

They are surprisingly common. I live near the south coast of England.  There are two regional airports nearby and one in particular is frequently used by private jets flying to and from Europe.  In the same county, Farnborough Airport is a hub for private jet aviation. People fly into this airport in preference to the sky high fees and hassle of the larger international airports.  

Unlike private charter, where the entire aircraft is chartered whether every seat is occupied or not, private aviation companies offer flights on-demand.

Terminology: The term “semi-private flights” is commonly used, and some refer to them as “semi-private jet flights.” Both terms point to the same concept, but “semi-private flights” is the accurate terminology since the aircraft are not always jet aircraft. 

Guide To Semi Private Flights

What Do Semi Private Flights Cost?

Short Flights (Up to 1 hour): 

Cost: Typically, the cost for a seat on a semi-private flight for short distances can range from $200 to $500. This is ideal for city hops or short regional flights.

Medium Flights (1-3 hours):

Cost: For medium distances, the price can range from $500 to $1,500. These flights might cover inter-state travel or flights between close countries.

Long Flights (3+ hours):

Cost: Longer flights on semi-private jets can range from $1,500 to $5,000 or more, depending on the amenities, aircraft type, and the specific route.

Obviously it’s important to note that these are approximate figures, and the actual prices will vary based on the airline, time of booking, route popularity, and other factors.  For precise and up-to-date pricing, you’ll need to contact the specific semi-private flight providers or check their official websites which are usually designed to give you a quote once you fill out the details of where and when you want to fly, how many of you there are in your party, and how much luggage you want to take with you. Yes, you can usually bring pets along too.

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Guide To Semi Private Flights - Luxury

Prominent Providers of Semi-Private Flights

US & Canada:

JetSuiteX (now JSX)

  •   Fleet: Embraer 135 and 145 aircraft.
  •   Range: Short to mid-range flights.
  •   Seat Capacity: 30 seats.
  •   Amenities: Business-class legroom, no middle seats, power outlets.

Why Choose JSX?

JSX, formerly known as JetSuiteX, has made a name for itself in the semi-private flight sector. Operating Embraer 135 and 145 aircraft, JSX offers short to mid-range flights with a seat capacity of 30 passengers. The airline boasts business-class legroom, no middle seats, and power outlets, ensuring a comfortable journey for all its passengers.

Wheels Up

  •   Fleet: King Air 350i, Citation Excel/XLS.
  •   Range: Varies based on aircraft.
  •   Seat Capacity: 8-9 seats.
  •   Amenities: Luxury interiors, in-flight entertainment.


Surf Air

  •   Fleet: Pilatus PC-12.
  •   Range: Short to mid-range flights.
  •   Seat Capacity: 8 seats.
  •   Amenities: Luxury leather seats, free Wi-Fi.

Is Surf Air Worth It?

Surf Air, with its membership-based model, offers unlimited flights on its network. The airline operates regional domestic flights, providing an affordable private jet experience for its members. With its focus on regional connectivity, Surf Air has become a favourite among frequent travellers.

North Africa & Middle East:

JetSmarter (now part of Vista Global)

  •   Fleet: Varies based on availability.
  •   Range: Varies based on aircraft.
  •   Seat Capacity: Varies based on aircraft.
  •   Amenities: In-flight entertainment, gourmet meals.
Private Jet Nose

Booking and Airport Procedures:

  1. Online Booking: Most companies offer online platforms or dedicated apps for easy booking.
  2. Swift Boarding: With semi-private flights, passengers can often arrive just 15-30 minutes before departure, bypassing the usual long waits.
  3. Exclusive Terminals: Many of these flights operate from private terminals or lesser-known airfields, such as Farnborough and Biggin Hill in the UK, ensuring a more exclusive and efficient boarding experience.

What Sets Aero Apart?

Aero is another prominent name in the semi-private flight industry. With its luxurious leather seats and free Wi-Fi, Aero offers a premium flying experience. The airline operates a range of aircraft, ensuring flexibility and convenience for its clientele.

Why is Set Jet Gaining Popularity?

Set Jet, a membership-based private jet experience, offers flights on Bombardier Challenger and other high-end aircraft. With high-gloss wood interiors and premium amenities, Set Jet provides an unparalleled luxury experience. The airline operates in select regions, offering flights to destinations like Cabo San Lucas in California.

How Does Tradewind Aviation Stand Out?

Tradewind Aviation operates scheduled flights throughout the U.S. and other regions. With its fleet of aircraft, including the King Air and Pilatus PC-12, Tradewind offers both charter and scheduled services. The airline is known for its one-time security check fee, making the boarding process smooth and hassle-free.

How Do Semi-Private Flights Offer Value?

Semi-private flights offer an option somewhere between commercial airlines and private jet charters. They provide the luxury of private air travel without the associated costs. 

In today’s fast-paced world, where time is often equated with money, the allure of semi-private flights is undeniable. These flights, offered by some of the best semi-private airlines, provide a middle ground between commercial air travel and the luxury of chartering a private jet. For those who can’t quite afford a private jet but yearn for a more exclusive experience, semi-private aviation offers an enticing alternative.

Private Jet Charter - More Affordable Than You Might Think

More Affordable Than You Might Think

Many are surprised to learn that the cost of flying semi-private is more affordable than they imagine. While the cost of a private jet can be prohibitive for many, semi-private airlines offer an option somewhere between the high expense of private jet travel and the often unpredictable nature of commercial air travel.

With semi-private flights, you’re not just booking a seat; you’re booking a premium experience. From the concierge service that ensures your needs are met before you even board, to the luxury and comfort of the flights themselves, every detail is meticulously planned.

The Best Aircraft & Destinations

One of the standout features of semi-private flights is their ability to operate on-demand using a variety of private aircraft. Flights take place aboard jets and modern propeller-driven aircraft, ensuring passengers experience top-tier comfort and service.

Another advantage is the vast network of destinations. Many regional flights are available, covering both popular and off-the-beaten-path locations. Whether you’re looking to fly private to a bustling city or a serene beach destination, there’s likely a semi-private flight that can take you there. And with flights starting at competitive rates, it’s one of the most affordable ways to get a private jet-like experience.

Hassle-Free Air Travel

Beyond the cost and the destinations, there’s the undeniable appeal of privacy and exclusivity. In an era where personal space and privacy are at a premium, semi-private flights offer a respite from crowded commercial airlines. There’s no jostling for overhead bin space or enduring long lines. Instead, passengers can arrive just minutes before their flight, bypassing the usual airport hassles. Plus, with fewer passengers on board, the flight service is personalised, ensuring every need is met.

A Special Treat

For those looking to treat themselves or their loved ones to a special experience, or for business professionals for whom every minute counts, semi-private flights are a game-changer. They redefine luxury air travel, making it accessible to more people. So, the next time you’re planning a trip, consider the semi-private option. It might just be the special treat you’ve been looking for.

Private Jet At Small Airfield

Why Opt for Lesser-Known Airfields?

Many semi-private flights operate from lesser-known airfields, such as Farnborough and Biggin Hill in the UK. In the USA, with its huge network of regional airports like Aspen and Westchester, such flights are commonplace. These airfields offer a more exclusive boarding experience, free from the hustle and bustle of major airports.  They often have private terminals that are easily accessible and an exclusive lounge, further enhancing the luxury travel experience.

Also, the operators also don’t have to pay the sky high landing fees at the major international airports.  

Jet Cards: The Ultimate Convenience in Private Air Travel

In the world of private aviation, jet cards have emerged as a popular and convenient option for frequent flyers. But what exactly are jet cards, and why are they becoming the preferred choice for many?

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What is a jet card?

A jet card is a pre-paid card that allows the holder to book a specific number of flight hours on private jets. It operates similarly to a debit card, where hours are deducted from the card as they are used.

What companies sell jet cards? 

Several companies offer jet cards, with some of the most notable being NetJets, Flexjet, Sentient Jet, and Wheels Up. Each company has its own set of offerings and pricing structures.

How much does a jet card cost? 

The cost of a jet card can vary widely based on the provider and the number of hours purchased. Typically, prices start at around $50,000 for 25 hours on a light jet and can go up to several hundred thousand dollars for larger aircraft and more hours.

Who buys jet cards? 

Jet cards are popular among frequent flyers, businesses, and individuals who value the convenience and predictability of private air travel but don’t want to commit to owning a jet.

Where can I fly with a jet card? 

The destinations available with a jet card depend on the provider. Most companies offer a wide range of domestic and international destinations, with some even providing global coverage.

What are the advantages of buying a jet card over chartering trip-by-trip?

Jet cards offer several advantages:

  • Predictable Pricing: You know the hourly rate in advance, eliminating surprise costs.
  • Guaranteed Availability: Access to aircraft even during peak times.
  • Flexibility: Ability to choose the type of aircraft for each trip.
  • Consistency: Familiarity with the service quality and amenities.

What type of aircraft are available with a jet card?

Jet card holders can typically choose from a range of aircraft, from light jets to large cabin aircraft, depending on their needs and the provider’s fleet.

Who owns the planes I am flying with a jet card? 

The aircraft available through jet card programs are either owned by the jet card provider or sourced from a network of vetted charter operators.

Are there safety standards for jet card flights? 

Absolutely. Reputable jet card providers adhere to rigorous safety standards, often exceeding regulatory requirements. They ensure regular maintenance of aircraft and proper training for pilots.

Are there extra taxes when I buy a jet card? 

Taxes can vary based on the country or region. In some cases, jet card purchases might be subject to specific aviation taxes or sales taxes. It’s essential to consult with the provider or a tax professional for detailed information.

Can I get my money back if I buy a jet card? 

Refund policies differ among providers. Some companies offer full or partial refunds for unused hours, while others might allow the transfer of hours to another party. It’s crucial to understand the terms and conditions before purchasing.

Jet cards offer a seamless and convenient way to access private air travel, providing a host of benefits over traditional chartering methods. If you’re considering stepping up your travel game, a jet card might be the perfect solution.

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Semi-Private Flights Vs. Empty Leg Flights

Semi-Private Flights vs. Empty Leg Flights: Understanding the Distinction

Both semi-private flights and empty leg flights offer unique advantages in the realm of private aviation, but they cater to different needs and have distinct characteristics. Here’s a breakdown of the differences between the two:

1. Definition:

  • Semi-Private Flights: These are flights where passengers can book individual seats on a private jet, rather than chartering the entire aircraft. The jet is shared among a small number of passengers, offering a more exclusive experience than commercial flights but without the full privacy of a chartered jet.
  • Empty Leg Flights: Also known as “deadhead” flights, these occur when a private jet needs to return to its home base or travel to another location for its next charter, without any passengers on board. To offset the costs of these empty flights, operators often offer these legs at a significant discount to passengers.

2. Cost:

  • Semi-Private Flights: While more expensive than regular commercial airline tickets, they are typically more affordable than chartering an entire jet. The cost is shared among all passengers on the flight.
  • Empty Leg Flights: These can be significantly discounted, sometimes up to 75% off the standard charter price, making them an attractive option for those looking for a last-minute deal.

3. Scheduling:

  • Semi-Private Flights: These flights usually operate on a set schedule, similar to commercial airlines, but with fewer routes and frequencies.
  • Empty Leg Flights: Their availability is based on the schedule of the chartered flights. They are more sporadic and less predictable.

4. Purpose:

  • Semi-Private Flights: Designed to offer a more exclusive and convenient flying experience to passengers without the high cost of full jet charter.
  • Empty Leg Flights: Primarily a way for charter companies to recoup some costs on a flight that would otherwise be operating without any paying passengers.

5. Flexibility:

  • Semi-Private Flights: Limited flexibility as they operate on predetermined schedules and routes.
  • Empty Leg Flights: While they offer a significant discount, they come with limited flexibility. The departure times, dates, and routes are based on the needs of the original charter client.

6. Booking:

  • Semi-Private Flights: Can be booked in advance, similar to how one would book a seat on a commercial airline.
  • Empty Leg Flights: Availability is typically last-minute, and passengers need to be ready to travel on short notice.

In conclusion, while both semi-private and empty leg flights offer a taste of luxury aviation at a fraction of the cost of a full charter, they serve different purposes. Semi-private flights are ideal for those seeking a consistent and more exclusive travel experience, while empty leg flights are perfect for spontaneous travelers looking for a great deal on private jet travel.

Are Semi-Private Flights the Future of Air Travel?

With the rising demand for luxury and efficiency in air travel, semi-private flights are poised to redefine the industry. They offer a unique blend of exclusivity and affordability, making them an attractive option for many travellers.

Key Takeaways:

  • Semi-private flights combine the luxury of private jets with the affordability of commercial flights.
  • Airlines like JSX, Aero, Set Jet, and Tradewind Aviation are leading the way in the semi-private flight sector.
  • Booking is streamlined, with many airlines offering online platforms or dedicated apps.
  • Many semi-private flights operate from lesser-known airfields, ensuring an exclusive travel experience.
  • As the demand for luxury air travel grows, semi-private flights are set to play a pivotal role in the industry’s future.

Whether you’re a frequent flyer or someone exploring luxury travel options, semi-private flights offer a unique and enticing proposition.

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