How To Avoid Online Dating Scams And Romance Fraud. ID Theft Tips For Daters and Webmasters

How To Avoid Online Dating Scams And Romance Fraud –

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It is an unfortunate fact that with tens of millions of people using online dating sites each year there are a few peple who fall prey to the fraudsters and scammers.

Many victims are reluctant to report the financial loss to the authorities because they feel ashamed of being taken in and fleeced.

So can you, as a dating site member or a site owner, be more aware of the signs?

We are all familiar with the common sense precautions of day to day life. We lock our homes and vehicles, we zip up bags in crowded streets, and we have learned to be wary of suspicious emails and phone calls.

However, when people enter the world of online dating they sometimes forget their common sense and let their guard down.

This is because affairs of the heart and the emotions require that we open up a bit to strangers.

You can proceed to do so and enjoy great success with online dating.

Millions of people have met their partners (temporary or permanent) through dating sites but just as we take precautions when out shopping or opening emails so we must be sensible and wary of what we do online.

The key thing to remember is that most people instinctively want to TRUST and HELP others.

Good, decent folk are always willing to give a stranger the benefit of the doubt.

It’s what makes the vast majority of people on our planet kind people who are willing to help when someone asks.

But it is also the reason con artists succeed in defrauding us. They know how to exploit these instincts and feelings.

Know The Signs

First, the fraudster simply communicates with you for weeks or perhaps even months in order to earn your TRUST.

They behave just as you would expect. They are kind and attentive.

They respond to your messages and tell you all about themselves. They open up and encourage you to do likewise.

Unbeknwon to you, they may be sat at home or even in an office with a long list of people they are in touch with around the world.

This is the grooming stage. They regard you as a target that needs to be nurtured before they move into the second stage.

The second stage is when they have gained your trust. Then they will ask for your HELP.

It may be small sums at first. Perhaps it’s a few dollars for some school books for the children.

Who can resist the urge to help a sick child? They might ask for a few hundred dollars for medical bills.

And so it continues.

Take Precautions

The Golden Rule of online dating is simple. Never send anyone any money, no matter how convincing the story.

Never put your full name, exact date of birth, or any external contact details on your dating site profile where others can see it.

Always communicate with others through the dating site and defer exchanging email addresses and contact phone numbers until later.

Never reveal any of your financial details.

The fraudster may try to convince you that they have a sum of money they want to send abroad for safe keeping and trust you to look after it.

Once they have your personal and financial details you are at a high risk of identity theft and losses from your account.

They may also ask you to receive items they send from abroad for collection by a friend or relative later.

Never agree to this either as you could become the recipient of drugs or other contraband.

Useful Websites

Please visit one or more of these site and read more about romance scams. Arm yourself with the knowledge and you’ll stay safe.

Finally, like all discussion about crime and criminals it can seem a bit scary but as long as you take these precautions there is no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy all the benefits of online dating.

If you have any experiences with romance fraud and other online dating scams please add a comment below.

Please share this video with anyone you think might benefit from the advice. Thank you.

Good luck with your love life!

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