How To Be A Prepper With No Money. Guide To Prepping On A Budget.

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How To Be A Prepper With No Money. Guide To Prepping On A Budget.

In this video I talk about ways in which you can be a prepper if you’re short of money.

Let’s begin by discussing a few basic ideas and review what we mean by prepping and preppers.

If you’re already familiar with the subject you can probably fast forward a little to skip this bit but on the other hand you might want to listen to my description and if you think it’s incomplete or wrong post a comment below explaining why you think so.

Many people will be aware of the Scouts’ motto ‘Be Prepared’ and in Baden-Powell’s original explanation of the motto he says “…by having thought out beforehand any accident or situation that might occur, so that you know the right thing to do at the right moment, and are willing to do it”.

Prepping is simply being prepared for those rare but dramatic events that might impact your access to the essentials of life; food, water, shelter, and safety.

These events include things like natural disasters, war, civil unrest, pandemics, or anything else that might disrupt our access to the goods and services that we take for granted most of the time.

As we’ve seen in the Coronavirus pandemic it is possible that some shelves might empty within days as supply chains are disrupted.

Continued in the video…

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