How to become a private pilot

How to become a private pilot and gain a PPL

Do you want to know how to become a private pilot, how to use your licence for fun and recreation, and how to start a career in aviation?

  • Is it your ambition to learn to fly in order to simply enjoy flight or to start a career in aviation?
  • Would you like to learn to fly for recreation and pleasure, flying light aircraft, sport aircraft, microlights, or gyrocopters?
  • Do you ever look up as aircraft fly overhead and wonder if you too could become a private pilot or pehaps one day an airline pilot?

I learned to fly 30 years ago and in this course I present you with advice and tips based on my personal experience of gaining Private Pilots Licence.  This is a course designed to inspire and motivate you rather than a technical course covering specific parts of the PPL syllabus.

Join me on this course as I introduce you to the wonderful world of the Pilot’s Licence, general aviation, commerical aviation, and the aviation industry.

How to become a private pilot
Once you start learning to fly you’ll wonder why you left it so long

People from all walks of life learn to fly. They come from every conceivable background and start at all ages. Some start in their teens and gain the PPL before they’re committed to either a career or raising a family. Some wait until their retired and the children have left home.

For others it’s the start of a career in aviation as they continue on to gain a Commercial Pilots Licence (CPL), Instrument Rating (IR), and then an Air Transport Pilots Licence (ATPL). This is the licence you need if you want to fly an airliner.

In my course I explain in plain English what’s involved and how to use your licence for recreation. I also describe the various career options and how to go about training.

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