How To Focus On Your Goals. 5 Tips For Solopreneurs

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How To Focus On Your Goals. 5 Tips For Solopreneurs And Business Owners

In this video I give you 5 tips for keeping focus on your business goals and increasing your chances of success.

I have been running since 1998 so I have 20 years of experience to draw upon. I’ve learned through trial and error so here are a few tips I’ve picked up along the way

Both through experience and by listening to others. What are you planning for the months ahead? What are your short and medium term goals and ambitions?

What are you going to do differently in the next twelve months to make your business succeed and to help fulfil all your cherished visions of success?

One thing is for sure, if you keep doing the same things as last year you’re going to get the same results. So if those results fall short of what you had in mind then it’s time to change your approach.

So my first tip is one that is more important than all the others put together. This is the one that all those business gurus keep banging on about and for good reason. The first tip is this:

Spend at least 90 minutes a day on marketing.

Why? Because no matter how busy you think you are, no matter how many invoices you sent out or money you banked, if you don’t have more customers in the pipeline then your business will run out of fuel.

Customers are the fuel in your tanks and the power in your batteries. Even if you’ve got plenty of work lined up don’t be complacent. A customer’s plans and budget can change very quickly and what seemed like a definite order last week can be cancelled the next.

And we all know that the weather can have an effect on most types of business.

If you need help with marketing then check out my site, I can make narrated infomerical or advertorial videos in the format you’re watching now, and I can provide you with short promotional video clips to draw attention in social media and on websites.

Watch this clip coming up and imagine what your video would look like.

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Speaking of social media, here’s my next tip.

Stop wasting time on it.

Yes, I know, social media is useful in business but how much time do you spend aimlessly scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter feeds each week? How many YouTube videos do you watch which give you no useful information and are just a way of killing time?

Are you kidding yourself that you’re ‘researching’?

We’ve all done it but time is your most precious commodity. Rich or poor, young or old, none of us can create more time. All we can do is spend what time we have more wisely.

Focus and concentrate. Put a reminder up next to your screen that motivates you to get on with the priorities.

….continued in the video…

If you think about it, all these tips can be distilled down to one thing; being really efficient at managing your time and the focus of your attention throughout.

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