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How To Make Money With Drones

The UAV market is booming. Every day news stories from around world testify to the number of ways in with UAV (drones) are being used in all kinds of ways.

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Mention the word ‘drones’ to most people and they will think of aerial photography and videography, which is indeed a growth area, but there are many other ways in which they can be used.

Watch this video for an introduction to some ideas on how you can join the booming UAV business market. See for course links.

If you google for ideas on how to make money with drones you’ll find most of the results relate to opportunities for UAV pilots, and while this is the goal of many who are interested in this branch of aviation there are other business ideas with great potential in this rapidly growing industry. Obviously, the first choice for anyone with any interest in UAV is going to be flying them in some way or another.

Drone Pilots

A small percentage of the current generation of drone enthusiasts will seek out the paths that leads to qualifications that provide evidence of having reached a basic level of professional competency and piloting skill (see my post RPQ-s, BNUC-s, RPCL? for more on this subject).

Once qualified you can go freelance and set yourself up as a part or full time operator. Like any other business in which you are the sole proprietor you will have to take on the responsibilities for marketing your business and driving it forward. It’s not an easy task and you should write out a business plan before committing to this idea.

Alternatively, armed with your new qualification you could approach one of the companies looking for pilots to train and mentor into a specific role.
Drone Dealer

Professional or amateur, newcomer or experienced, people want to buy drones, spares, accessories, and new UAV when they come on to the market. If you have an existing hobby shop (bricks and mortar and/or e-commmerce) then adding a line of drones is the obvious thing to do. There are plenty of models to choose from now and more are becoming available each season.

The success of companies like DJI Innovations has been noticed by its competitors who are keen to grab a slice of the quadcopter market by designing, building, and promoting their own models. Some may regard this as inferior imitators of the DJI Phantom range, but there are some who have managed to design features features that are innovations of their own and which give them a competitive edge.

Adding quadcopters, backpacks, hard cases, spares, and accessories to your product range, or even starting a new online business selling these is an option that might suit you. Again, you will need to write a business plan and work out your costs for buying stock and marketing. There is some capital outlay in this option but the rewards are there for those willing to devote their energies to it.

Drone Instructor

The demand for drone instructors who teach candidates to fly commercial drones is increasing in proportion to the number of people seeking out professional qualifications. To be an instructor requires more than just a profound knowledge of a subject and advanced skills in in flying UAV. You also need to be a strong communicator who is able to put people at their ease. Your candidates will be from a wide variety of backgrounds and educational standards.

However, the high standards that such a role demands are matched by the rewards. You will meet a great many people, make new friends, and enjoy the satisfaction of seeing people develop and learn.

Drone Blogger

There are opportunities for making money online for those who build, fly, repair, and experiment with UAV in all their many forms. If you fit this description you could start a blog and post regularly with updates, tips, advice, and lessons learned with your own UAV. You could film your flights, rials, and reviews, then create YouTube videos with these films. As well as sharing them on YouTube you can embed them into your blog with accompanying text.

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