How To Market An Aviation Business. How To Use Video Marketing To Generate New Leads

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How To Market An Aviation Business. How To Use Video Marketing To Generate New Leads

Your flying school had a busy summer but as the nights draw in you find your bookings are in decline.

Your flight training services are extensive but the range is not widely known.

You have a great website and perhaps you paid someone to sort out the SEO but there are no enquiries in your inbox from prospective clients.

Now, having worked hard to fill your order book you need new clients and you need them fast.

You know what they say, to make a small fortune in aviation, start with a large one.

One of the main causes of the high failure rate among businesses is the lack of attention to marketing.

My name is Ben Lovegrove and I obtained a Private Pilots Licence in 1991.

I now offer a video marketing service for clients who want to promote their businesses and generate new leads.

Video is fast becoming the preferred choice for people seeking information. Isn’t it always easier if someone just explains things to you in plain English instead of having to read 600 words on a web page?

Google owns YouTube so if you’ve got a good advert on YouTube the likelihood is that it will show up on both YouTube and Google search results.

Try googling for ‘ben lovegrove aviation’. Are there any videos in the search results?

In the results you see on screen now, it’s the video that occupies the #1 slot, above all the other website entries. I can help you and your business by creating a script based on the contents of your website. I will then make a video using still images from your site or those supplied direct from you.

I will then narrate that script over the images to create a marketing video that can remain on YouTube as your online advert indefinitely.

I will optimise the video for searches on YouTube and provide a copy of the file in a format suitable for your Facebook page.

You can then use this video in several ways; embed it in your website so that it plays automatically to visitors, share it within various social media accounts repeatedly, or use it as the featured video in your YouTube channel so that visitors can see and hear instantly what you provide.

The price for a 2-4 minute video is just £249, or if you provide the script the price goes down to £199 (prices exclude VAT).

To make a booking or to ask any questions visit and use the contact form or simply call +44 (0)1329 286169 and leave your details and I’ll call you.

Remember, marketing your business is the airflow that will generate the lift to keep it flying. Don’t let your aviation business go into an unstoppable descent.

Visit and use the contact form or call +44 (0)1329 286169 and leave your details and I’ll call you.

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