How To Prevent ID Theft – How to Protect Your Credit Score

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Identity theft is on the increase. It is a risk that we all face but with a few simple precautions and checks you can ensure that it doesn’t happen to you. In the unlikely event that you become a victim of identity theft or online fraud then help is at hand.

There is now a lot more information and support for people who have had their ID stolen and used to take out loans and other contracts. Companies are much more aware of the danger and the reality so they have trained people ready to listen to you. However, you can help yourself by being cautious in the first place and well organised in your actions if your ID is stolen.

You can help yourselg by developing the simple habit of never throwing away any letters, invoices, and statements (particularly financial statements). Always shred these before they go into the trash.

You should always use strong passwords whenever you register for an online account. Never use easy to guess passwords (the names of your children, pet etc) and use a password manager to generate cryptic passwords containing a combination of symbols, letters, and numbers.

The password manager will then store these for you in an encrypted file which you can synchronise between your desktop, laptop, and mobile devices. It will even even find the username and password and fill them in for you when you next need to log in!

Keep an eye on your credit score by regularly checking your credit report. If any fraudsters have tried to use your ID then you will see searches in your credit report and you can then check with the company if it’s legitimate (because it’s something you initiated by requesting quotes for example) or the sign of something illegal.

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