How to start a dating website business

How To Start A Dating Website Business

In this post I’m going to explain how to start an online dating website business and establish a foothold in the internet dating industry.

What follows is a summary of the lessons available in an online course that I’ve created based on my 15 years of experience in this line of work. Take a look and watch the two free preview lessons. Once enrolled, you’ll have direct access to me and I’d be glad to answer any questions you may have.

  • So, do you dream of running a business from your laptop anywhere in the world?
  • Would you like to boost your monthly income with cash from a spare time business?
  • Would you like to start a business that requires little capital and is low risk?

Then online dating is certainly one to consider. Running such sites is one of those businesses that almost anyone can start and one of its great advantages is the fact that it’s another ‘work from home’ business that requires minimal equipment.

It is also very scalable, so you can start small and build gradually as your time and resources allow.

Additionally, it’s a fairly low risk business that requires only a small amount of capital to get started, so all in all it’s an attractive prospect for anyone looking for another way of generating a little extra income or building a business into something more ambitious.

Despite the dominance of the big players there is still lot of scope in this industry for determined and motivated people like you. There is still a lot of fruit to be found on the lower branches, ready to be picked by solo dating site webmasters.

Niche Dating Sites

The first thing you have to do is decide on a niche. A niche is simply a subset of people who share common characteristics or interests.

If you can think of single people who share a common interest and if there are not many dating sites successfully exploiting that niche then you could be on to a winner.

Dating Site Platforms

Next, you need to decide on a dating site platform. Broadly speaking there are three main types of dating site; self-hosted, white label, and affiliate site.

I go into the details about each of these platforms in my course, so if you’re ready to begin, enroll here. There are pros and cons with each and they each require different levels of commitment and effort.

Business Plans

How to start a dating website business

You will also need to create a business plan that includes cash flow forecasts. You can’t measure how well you’re doing until you know what you’re spending. Again, these are covered in much more detail in the course.

So let’s say you’ve chosen your niche and you’ve built a site in partnership with a white label dating company. Like any other freshly launched website that relies on traffic that it can convert into customers you’ll now need to optimise it for search terms and get it ready for marketing.

The search terms will have been chosen during the market research phase of your business plan.


You will also need to ensure that the site’s on-page SEO and off-page SEO is the best you can make it, without becoming too bogged down in this area. SEO is a vast subject that’s constantly evolving but you’ll only need to know the basics.


When you’re ready to enter into the promotion and marketing phase there are several options open to you, free and paid.

Free forms of marketing might include Facebook and LinkedIn pages & posts, Twitter and Instagram posts and stories, a YouTube channel, and blogging. Paid forms of marketing include Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, and conventional ad placement both online and in print.

Assuming your methods work you should start to generate traffic that converts into new registrations, and soon after your first subscribers. At last, all your hard work is beginning to pay off!

You press on and the site continues to grow. Perhaps in time it will grow enough to justify a re-negotiation of the revenue split. Eventually you may be able reduce the tasks you need to perform each day by outsourcing them to contractors. If one site is all you wanted then you can take your foot off the gas a little but you may want to expand into a portfolio of sites.

This is just a taster for over 20 lessons on the topics you need to know about in order to become a successful online dating website owner.

Follow this link to view and enroll on the course. I’ll be available to answer any questions you may have.

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