Jet Fighter Pilots – 10 Leadership Tips They Can Teach Us

Jet Fighter Pilots – 10 Leadership Tips They Can Teach Us

In this video I list ten characteristics of leadership that you can cultivate from the examples shown by jet fighter pilots.

Being a good leader is not something that can be taken for granted. It takes regular focus on self improvement to maintain a high standard. Strong leadership skills come with time, dedication, and intention.

So it’s always useful to have a quick summary of the strengths of character needed to be one of life’s leaders. It’s particularly interesting if the tips are based upon the examples shown by jet fighter pilots who, by the nature of their training and profession, are strong leaders.

Their personality traits usually include self-control, motivation, persistance, confidence, and patience. They are also opportunistic and calculated risk takers, so they make a good choice for showing us the way.

So here are ten leadership tips demonstrated by the example shown by jet fighter pilots:

(Watch the video for the explanations for each)

1. Be Dedicated.
2. Be Reliable.
3. Be an Inspiration.
4. Be Cooperative.
5. Be an Example.
6. Be a Motivator.
7. Be a Visionary.
8. Be Organised.
9. Be a Communicator.
10. Be Humble.

Learn from jet fighter pilots and keep this important tip in mind: great leadership is all about life-long learning.

Change is a constant so there will always be new skills and technologies that need to be mastered. The fact that you can admit that you don’t know everything but you’re curious and always keen to learn new things will make you appear more approachable. Passing on those skills and the new found knowledge will reinforce your status as a leader.

You don’t have to become a jet fighter pilot to be a good leader but you can learn from these examples.

If you fly any type of aircraft these tips may help you become a better pilot too.

Thanks for watching. I hope you found this video of interest and of use.

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Happy Landings!


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