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Ley Lines Map UK: Ancient Albion, Earth’s Heart Chakra

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I noticed some time ago that the search term ‘ley lines map uk‘ continues to be used as people seek out more information about the subject, in the UK in particular. I have previously written a post about ley lines and made a video version of it. The video continues to attract viewers and the occasional comment. So I was intrigued to watch the first half of David Icke’s “Albion: Heart of the Gods” recently on his family’s broadcast service since the trailer suggested that it would resonate with what I had previously read and written on the subject of Earth energies and energy lines.

Visiting Britain’s Sacred Sites

In this first 50 minutes of the documentary, Icke visits several of the most famous megalithic and spiritual sites around Britain; Stonehenge, Avebury, Glastonbury Tor, the Rollright Circle in Oxfordshire, and Scone in Scotland. He also flies over to France for a visit to the Carnac stone alignments in Brittany. Once he has laid the foundation as it were, he mentions the power centres of London; Temple, St Paul’s Cathedral, and the City of London itself, which is of course the oldest part of the nation’s capital.

He also mentions some of the ancient societies who had access to the ancient wisdom and knew where and how to build temples and other structures on node sites; the Knights Templar, and the Freemasons to name but two.

Glastonbury Tor - On Ley Lines Map Uk
Glastonbury Tor, A Powerful Node On The St Michael’S Ley Line

I noted that during his visit to Scone Abbey in Scotland, to point out the replica of the Stone of Scone, he was holding a copy of the book The Spine of Albion by Gary Biltcliffe and Caroline Hoare, which I reviewed in a previous post. When he visited London and talked about the ley lines that intersect there, he mentioned the works of Christopher E. Street, notably London’s Ley Lines and London, City of Revelation, a copy of which he carried during filming, and a copy of each I also possess. These books form the core volumes of any ley hunter’s library, along with Alfred Watkins’ The Old Straight Track.

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Unlocking the Mysteries of Ley Lines

Enter the fascinating world of ley lines, earth mysteries, legends, mythology, and the magic of ancient sacred sites

What you’ll learn:
  • An understanding of ley lines and their historical and cultural significance
  • A deeper appreciation for the legends and folklore surrounding these ancient mysteries
  • Enhanced knowledge of ancient sacred sites and their mystical attributes

Alfred Watkins wrote The Old Straight Track about a hundred years ago after having a vision of the landscape in which he saw straight ancient tracks linking sacred sites. Over time prehistoric monuments were added to holy or sacred places where one energy line crossed another and eventually these ancient trade routes became the roads of yesterday and today, and some are presevered both as street names and the roads that the Romans used which have since became A roads, B roads, and motorways.

The British countryside is rich in various historic structures that map out prehistoric Britain but ley hunters need a detailed Ordnance Survey map or a GPS enabled app to find the smaller, less well known ones as they are frequently hidden away, out of sight.

Ley Lines Map UK – Purpose?

C.E. Street

London’s Ley Lines

CE. Street

London City of Revelation


The Spine of Albion


Ancient Sites of Old Albion

Icke presents the theory that the reason ancient Albion was and remains such a powerhouse is because so many ley lines pass through these islands, intersecting multiple times and at various node points. Our ancient ancestors were aware of this network and marked it out, enhanced it, and manipulated it using standing stones, earthworks, and stone circles. They used these needles of stone as the dowser and author Tom Graves described them in his book of the same name, to maintain the optimum balance and health of the land, and by doing so, the health and harmony of those living upon it, much as an acupuncturist does, using the bodies energy meridians.

As the generations passed and this ancient wisdom was passed down through the generations, magicians and architects built their structures on existing node points, or they discovered new ones and built them there. Thus, alignments of sacred sites from different centuries were formed.

Some of those who mapped them and used them did so for the benefit of the Earth and the Great Work of the ultimate architect, God, but others noticed how the same energy could be used to manipulate and enslave the minds of their fellow humans and contrived to do just that by hiding the knowledge of the network and punishing anyone who betrayed their secrets. What was once exoteric became esoteric. The openly known became the occult.

Reptilians and Dragons

Where I sometimes find it hard to follow Icke is in his assertions about those who are and who are not under the influence of, or willingly in the service of, dark and sinister forces from the Astral realms i.e. the Fourth Dimension.

Yes, the lower Astral by all accounts is not the place you want to dwell. According to occultists, it’s the repository for all the malign and poisonous effluent that the collective human mind generates. It’s the source of our religious myths of purgatory and Hell and the home of demons. It’s the stuff of nightmares. You wouldn’t willingly go there unless you had a specific purpose and you knew what you were doing.

Dragons are a crucial part of the lore surrounding ley lines. There are the lung mei or dragon paths of China, and in British mythology, the dragon frequently appears as the keeper of power and energy or secrets, sometimes depicted as a damsel in distress that a brave knight must find the courage to rescue. The vanquishing of the dragon by St George and St Michael may be an allegorical depiction of the Church’s power over the energy system, or it could be a symbol of each of us having access to and the power to use this same system.

But what of Icke’s assertion that the sinister and cruel reptilian forces using Albion’s energy network to maintain their enslavement of not only the UK’s population but, as it’s the heart chakra of Earth, the rest of the world as well?

Time, events, and experience may prove me wrong but I’m not convinced that those families and individuals that Icke mentions are all willing servants of dark lords from the 4th dimension. If some are then others may be unwittingly duped into being so. They may be the useful idiots who are so often seen as virtuous and see themselves as such, sometimes as members of ancient British societies. I also agree with him that the vast majority of people are kept in the dark (in the spiritual sense) by those who want to feed off us, be it taxes or otherwise.

But if sites within the British isles, such as Mottistone on the Isle of Wight are the scenes of blood sacrifices by satanic cults then surely they would possess the atmosphere of such diabolical acts. Having visited this and most of the other sites that Icke has also visited for this documentary, I suggest that if such events occur whatever effect they have is quickly dispelled by the power of the ley line energy network which continues to operate strongly for the benefit of Earth and all her inhabitants.

If you know differently, please let me know.

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