LSL – Luffships Ltd. The Future Of Airships And LTA Technology

LuffShips Limited (LSL) is a UK business, founded to exploit the gift that nature provides us with for buoyancy from the atmosphere, enabling flotation in the air.

In this video we summarise our ideas and what we see as the future of airships and airship design.

We wish to enable the benefits of atmospheric flotation in compatible ways, while minimising any harm to the environment.

We believe aircraft generally should be that way. After all, our atmosphere is a precious thing that is essential to all life on Earth.

We believe that air currents are a natural way for conveyance that should be used as the main method for air-transport instead of jet aircraft.

LSL is working with numerous industry specialists, suppliers, and collaborators interested in making lighter-than-air aircraft a reality.

We believe there’s a good chance for success that will enable the airship industry generally.

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