Nigel Lamb

Nigel Lamb

Nigel Lamb was born in 1956 in Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia). His father flew in World War II as a Royal Air Force fighter pilot. This led Lamb to pursue a career in the Rhodesian Air Force in 1975. He earned his wings in 1976 and began flying helicopters and jets.

Lamb left the Air Force in 1980. He moved to England and joined the Marlboro Aerobatic team. During the last 30 years he has flow over 1700 shows as a professional stunt show pilot. He led the first team of civilians to fly demonstrations in China in 1996. In the British National Unlimited Aerobatic Championship series, Lamb has eight consecutive wins from 1986-1993.

From 2005-2010, Lamb participated in the Red Bull Air Race World Championship air racing competitions. His highest placement was third place. He enjoyed working with the Breitling MXS-R for the last few years of the championships.

He has worked Bruce Willis and other major actors. He also has flown historical aircraft such as the Spitfire, P-40 Kittyhawk, and P-51 Mustang in major motion pictures.

In the Masters of Acrobatics South Africa Lamb earned a silver medal. He has been a member of the British team in three World Aerobatic Championships as well as two European championships. Lamb has also been the British Freestyle champion four times.

Lamb has an aerobatic display company that he runs with his wife. In the aerobatic field he has been the Marlboro Team Leader 1985-1988, the Toyota Team Leader from 1989-1993, and the Golden Dreams Team Leader from 1994-1999. Lamb was a pilot and Team Leader with the Breitling Fighters Display 2000-2003.He remains active in the flight community and continues to enjoy flying historical planes spanning several eras.

Nigel Lamb Red Bull Air Race London 28July2007
By Aidan Pedreschi – originally posted to Flickr as Nigel Lamb, CC BY 2.0,
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