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Where the Nord Wind Blows: Facts About Nordwind Airlines

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Nordwind Airlines (sometimes erroneously referred to as Nord Wind Airlines) is a low cost carrier that operates primarily in the Russian, Middle East, Far East, and European markets. It’s headquartered in Sheremetyevo International Airport (Sheremetyevo Alexander S. Pushkin International Airport) outside Moscow and was founded in 2008.

Nordwind Airlines flies to 75 cities in 17 countries, sending aircraft on over 500 flights per week to cities and destinations throughout Russia, the Far East, the Middle East, making it one of most popular airlines in Russia. They also fly to airports in the Mediterranean and Europe, though many of those routes are suspended at the moment (see below).

In addition, Nordwind Airlines fly to holiday destinations like Cuba, Jamaica, and the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean, and south east to the Maldives, India, and Thailand. There is also one route to Venezuela in South America. However, many of these holiday destinations are seasonal charter flights.

Nordwind Airlines Fleet

The Nordwind Airlines aircraft fleet currently consists of 46 aircraft:

  • Boeing 777-300ER – 4
  • Boeing 777-200ER – 3
  • Airbus A330-200 – 5
  • Airbus A330-300 – 5
  • Airbus A321 – 10
  • Airbus A321 neo – 2
  • Boeing 737-800 – 17

Cheap Flights & Flight Deals

Due to fluctuations in supply, demand, and other variables the cheapest airline tickets for any airline can only be found with a little peristent effort and patience. You may have noticed that the price changes dramatically when you query routes on an airline’s website from one day of the week to another.

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Nordwind Airlines flight deals, for example, can be found if you are willing to fly at less popular times or with a layover.

The prices in the table below and elsewhere on this site are updated dynamically so you’re always looking at the latest.

Cheap Nordwind Airlines Flights

To find cheap Nordwind Airlines flights, click on the links in this table and then change the search parameters you find on the page that loads.

Nordwind Airlines in the news

In 2013, during a flight from the Egyptian holiday resort of Sharm El Sheikh to Kazan, in the Republic of Tatarstan in Russia, the pilots took evasive action and avoided a catastrophe after surface to air missiles were fired at the aircraft when it was flying over Syria.

The missiles detonated close to the aircraft and it was reported that the quick reaction by the pilots ensured that the aircraft was undamaged and was able to land safely at its destination, no doubt much to the relief of the 160 passengers and crew aboard.

Nordwind Airlines flight attendants were voted among the best on the Skyservice international forum in 2018. Throughout that same year, its fleet continued to grow.

In 2020, Nordwind Airlines launched its frequent flyer reward program, Nordwind Club, and its network of routes continued to expand. In 2020 & 2021, the airline did not escape the downturn in air travel and the restrictions placed upon passengers.

Nordwind Airlines Routes Cancelled in 2022

Nordwind Airlines routes were expanding but just as airlines were recovering from the pandemic of 2020/2021 the war in Ukraine flared up. The Russian invasion of Ukraine resulted in economic sanctions against Russia including the barring of civilian aircraft in European airspace. On February 28th, Nordwind Airlines flights were cancelled on the following routes:

  • Krasnodar – Athens
  • Kaliningrad – Berlin
  • St. Petersburg – Frankfurt
  • Saint Petersburg – Berlin
  • Saint Petersburg – Dusseldorf
  • Saint Petersburg – Stuttgart
  • Saint Petersburg – Belgrad
  • Moscow – Skopje
  • Moscow – Belgrade
  • Moscow – Berlin
  • Moscow – Zagreb

Baggage Allowances

Hand Luggage Allowance

  • The Economy Class hand luggage allowance limit is 55 x 40 x 20 cms and weighing no more that 5kg
  • Business Class passengers are permitted a second piece of hand luggage of the same weight and dimensions.

Checked Baggage

  • Passengers flying under the Economy Light category have no free checked baggage allowance.
  • Passengers flying under the Economy Optimum category are permitted one 15kg bag.
  • Economy Premium passengers are allowed one 20kg and Business Class passengers flying Optimum or Premium are allowed a 30kg bag.

Sheremetyevo International Airport

Sheremetyevo International Airport is the busiest airport in Russia. It is located in the north-western part of Moscow, about 18 miles from the city center. The airport is home to many of Russia’s domestic and international airlines, including Aeroflot, Rossiya Airlines, and Nordwind Airlines. It has six terminals, four international, one domestic, and one private aviation terminal. Originally a Cold War military base, it was opened for civilian use in 1959.

Russian Aviation History

Russia has a long and proud history of aviation. In the early 20th century, Russian aviators were at the forefront of aircraft design and innovation. One of the most famous Russian aviators was Igor Sikorsky, who designed and built the world’s first successful helicopter.

Other notable Russian aviators include Valery Chkalov, who flew a Tupolev ANT-25 along a polar route to Canada and the USA in 1937, and Yuri Gagarin, who was the first human to venture into space.

Today, Russian aircraft are used by militaries and civilian airlines around the world, and Russia continues to be a major player in the aerospace industry, with innovative companies such as Sukhoi and Tupolev developing cutting-edge aircraft technologies.

Russian Airlines

Russia is a vast country with a diverse landscape, and traveling by air is often the best way to see everything it has to offer. The country is so big that it’s difficult to comprehend the distances involved. For example, a direct flight from Moscow to Vladivostok takes about 8 hours.

The Russian Federation is home to several civilian airlines, all of which are headquartered in Moscow. The largest and most well-known of these is Aeroflot, which is also the country’s flag carrier. Founded in 1923, Aeroflot is one of the oldest airlines in the world, and it currently operates a fleet of over 200 aircraft.

Other notable airlines operating in the Russian Federation include S7 Airlines, Red Wings Airlines, Ural Airlines, and of course Nord Wind Airlines. Together, these airlines provide service to dozens of domestic and international destinations.

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